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    Mobile Suit Gundam SEED,

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  • ○■ 機動戦士ガンダムseed

  • ○■ Well, interview ending, f rom the afternoon her and the ~ test copying meeting which does to the test copying meeting of the movie was from 19 o'clock, it is with a little more quickly speaking, Fukuoka wander it is ~ (digression, but because, 'there is a name snack, Hakata wander',) [animeito] -> with and others the hole -> she who goes with the Mandala [ke] was unprecedented in Fukuoka tension rising, it increased, when movement soldier Gundam seed new type of cover, buying dubbing artist [animedeia] where favorite the dubbing artist is riding with the ~ Mandala [ke], you rejoiced with, going to the meeting place of test copying meeting, you looked at the movie, (as for thought of test copying meeting tomorrowWith you write don't you think?) how, midway the hand ~ just a little [guro] which the 握 [tsu] [chi] [ya] is to be, it is to have scene what but… In the it is it is [bi] strongly to grasp the hand, it returns! It is what?… The ~ which was lovely and is it returned and became feeling bad with consequence of just a little [guroshin] and increased but… Excursion with the new two people it was pleasant, is!

  • ○■ As for this, 'no shelf… just of strike Gundam of movement soldier Gundam seed'

  • ○■ 2009-12-20: Not yet clas sification:

  • ○■ From 08 ultimate weapon h er, [chi] [se

  • ○■ 06 [bokaroido] Hatune [mi ku] ♪ [hujiko] ♪ as for the clothes this, being devised enormously, when the [te], the flash it does, fluorescence reflecting, it is what, becoming groovy, the ♪ which you think

  • ○■ 04 [huainaruhuantaji]ⅵF rom as for left [teina] = [ru] right [serisu] = from [kiyara] of music [sohutobokaroido] of 05 topics

  • ○■ 02 now, from new century [evuangeriwon] of topic* From the left, Maki wave Mali [irasutoriasu]. Mediating/helping type wave [asuka] Langley pleasantness it is anchor [shinji] non- stationary twill wave [reihaiji

  • ○■ 儚 [ku] permanent [kanas hi] (Gundam seed destiny op wind)

  • ○■ Because [feature it is th e] non ionicity material, in the soiling at forcing percentage of water content 38.6% relatively forcing price to be cheap in the dry impression, furthermore it can purchase until now with simple method of sort [the lens material] [gurupuwan] hema percentage of water content 38.6% [lens design] bc8.7mmdia14.0mm announcement responsibility limited meeting… [gandamupuramo] hg slim underpants stretch conversation sneaker high cutting movement soldier z Gundam animated picture movement soldier Gundam seed dvd [pumabebishiyuzukodohuriku] psp cord/code marriage ring marriage ring [yatsutamandokuroringukatsutosoburizu]

  • ○■ Free capture method of Gu ndam 3 is acquired

  • ○■ Video recording movement battleship wild pink #5 (recpot) at-x

  • ○■ Digestion giant after the videotaping killing#13 (dmr-bw850) bs hi

  • ○■ Again next the continuati on 'movement soldier Gundam ms igloo2 gravity front'

  • ○■ Pages Web liees ecrit en japonais ,

  • 機動戦士ガンダムseed

    Mobile Suit Gundam SEED,

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