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    Boys Festival,

    japanese culture related words Peach festival Carp streamer Acorus calamus bath Children's Day kashiwa mochi

    • April 22nd (day) [bu] and coming that 2
      #himi ([bun] the summer when (the upper sentence) [tsuito]) 23:43 from twoitter (the new key) the fireworks festival is attached thickly thickly in last day although “the [hi] it has been about you will see and you will enshrine and” probably to draw the story which is made theme…
      #himi ([小圆面包]夏天,当(上部句子)时[tsuito])从twoitter (新的钥匙)的23:43烟花节日在最后天厚实地厚实地附有,虽然“[喂]它是关于您将看见,并且您大概将奉祀和”得出被做题材…的故事

    • April 23rd (month) [bu] and coming
      #shimane #amatown 00:27 from togetter. @moindex “ The birthday cake photograph of the foreign country it collected and” made favorite, a liberal translation
      #shimane从togetter的#amatown 00:27。 @moindex “它收集外国的生日蛋糕照片,并且”做了喜爱

    • May 4th (gold) [bu] and coming
      #otacity #fb 21:57 from twoitter (the new key) being vivid, the shank - ♪ rt @fu_mi_mi @kotone326 promptly is, but now, (laughing) of the taking building, it is the lawn cherry tree of red, \ (^o^)/pic.twitter.com/h50yecs8 21:59 from twoitter (the new key) the specialty item of the Japanese radish island, being enormous, don't you think? shank ♪ rt @izumoyuuki so is! The Japanese radish island of peony production Japan 1 (the ^_^) in v Izumo without hearing, it does, don't you think? it goes to seeing to the Japanese radish island, the [e] -
      #otacity从是的twoitter (新的钥匙)的#fb 21:57生动的,小腿- ♪ rt @fu_mi_mi @kotone326及时地是,但是现在, (笑)采取的大厦,它红色, \ (^o^)/从twoitter (新的钥匙)的pic.twitter.com/h50yecs8 21:59草坪樱桃树是否是日本萝卜海岛的专业项目,是极大的,您不认为? 小腿♪ rt @izumoyuuki如此是! 日本萝卜海岛牡丹生产v的出云日本1 (^_^)没有听力,它,您不认为? 它去看见到日本萝卜海岛, [e] -

    • [tsuitsuta] speech collection 20,100,500 - 0505
      From #nhk 5:33 pm may 4th twitbird iphone, a liberal translation
      从#nhk 5:33 pm可以第4 twitbird iphone

    Boys Festival, japanese culture,

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