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    Endou Masaaki,

    Anime Music related words JAM Project Kuribayashi Minami GRANRODEO Kageyama Hironobu Masami Okui Anisama Fukuyama Yoshiki Yonekura Chihiro
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  • ○■ 遠藤正明

  • ○■ Details of application me thod are stated in the application paper inside the album

  • ○■ When you express current feeling in your own word, “super [kimochiii]!!” It does also www small “10,000 that it puts out and is being, the shank! When the [ma] it is” just we would like to be that it does, wwwwww small “the tune which now is sung merely is the tune, rainy sound

  • ○■ Endo Tadaaki + Hanazawa + [korabo] w of [mikuru] it is strange and the w [tsu] [te] prattling rather, the [ru] it does and the w following tune this is! To the between approximately ○ sufficiently w with being the case that it is said, filter and [souruteika

  • ○■ 'god knows…''The song' area of the bird however you can understand,… Why 'the sketch switch'??

  • ○■ Www that after all [rante isu] so, why the flying orchid blends in such, that the flying orchid probably will be sold, being desperate, the shank

  • ○■ So, being able to make th at time this tune

  • ○■ Today is Tadaaki's favori te Endo birthday!!! Therefore today as for the west ball profit which has birthday live ............It cannot go, but when orz we would like to go, the ~~ certainly [ekoka] ゙ inter- ゙ - singing, turning round and round with [aha] ゙ [renshi] ゙ [ya], mosquito ゙ mosquito ゙ mosquito ゙ it has done, it is probably will be…Very next year certainly!! Something anyhow Endo! The ~~ which keeps being attached even from now on you question is with your birthday [me] and!!!

  • ○■ Coming out orator: Shadow mountain [hironobu]/Tadaaki Endo/it came even Hiroshi/Misato to open,/Siyuuhei Kita/the Fukuyama 芳 tree/inner part well Masami/Omi knowledge long the /jamproject/ cormorant island benevolence sentence/rice granary Chihiro/the eagle promontory health/field sub- your /o.n.d/ Aso summer the child /rey/ Kuribayasi everyone truth

  • ○■ Messiah 03.battle no limi t 04.rocks yozuca* 05. [sakurakiminiemu] 06.s.s.d of jam project 01.victory 02. steel! Only shoal name 07.never end wonderland 08.tsubasa [guraru] [naitsu] 09.signal mosaic.wav 10. strongest ○× plan 11.amusement pack does 12. densely and [chi] [ya] now [yo] other medley Aso summer Mai Mai child 13.programming for non-fiction yozuca*&coorie 14. [sakuramiraikoiyume] coorie 15. [usotsuki] 16. sentimental Nakahara & Shimizu love 18. secret [doruzu] Shimizu love 19. description 17. anemone Nakahara. Mansion 21. of rose garden field Aki 20. dead spirit how it will do? ceui 22. emergence 23.mellow melody rey 24.burning hero 25.rescue dream! rey& Endo Tadaaki 26. environmental superhuman [ekogainda] milktub&ur@n 27.happy go!! 28. [kira]* [kira] Endo Tadaaki 29.carry ON 30.life marble 31.violet 32. meteor record Iwata optical middle 33. as for me 34. where you have lived the children 43. 堕 heaven 國 declaration of war plain twill 44.love★gun 45.super driver 46.riot girl [u] of [oshiri] Morikubo Siyoutarou 35.parallel world 36.home sweet home Ono Daisuke 37. rainy sound 38. [kinmokusei] bell village Kenichi 39.intention 40. mitochondria ali project 41. saintly girl territory 42. shivering which are lovely - it is, being after all delicate, the shank

  • ○■ animelo summer live 2009 - re: bridge-[tema] song cd

  • ○■ Vinculado paginas web es tan escritas en japones ,

  • 遠藤正明

    Endou Masaaki,

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