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    Andy Lau,

    Movie related words Records of Three Kingdoms Jackie Chan Kaneshiro Takeshi Infernal Affairs Shaolin Temple Red Cliff Tony Leung Jet Li 男たちの誓い ウォーロード

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    • recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,
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    • http://ameblo.jp/lcing/entry-11096997458.html
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    • http://blog.goo.ne.jp/a0ry38e30/e/193ad4238cce50500ace26551b4410b2
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    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
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    • Nouveau petit ★★★★☆ 121.201 de temple de forêt
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    • [bu] and coming April 6th (Friday) that 2, a liberal translation
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    • Jato [ri] (jato Li)

    • New little forest temple
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    • Until that day comes, it will continue to dance
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      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

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    • „Neuer kleiner Waldtempel /SHAOLIN“
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    • Throwing description/oath of war load men
      When with carrying to everyone of viewing the ◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆ and others and others [po] which pastes [burogupatsu] in pc edition - with, you looked at the leaflet in some air, you did not understand clearly, but the Asian [po] it was and there was a leaflet of feeling taking when you see, the [andei] [raujietsuto] [ri] Kanagi military affairs which part and the [burogu] companion have introduced, '. . The official sight 邦 subject which is the leaflet of condition' goes certain, the war load being full translating? Or game. The road (kendo, judo like) with translating? The Asian wind it probably will go more with 邦 subject! It goes to the seeing which is May 8th ~ screening of course the [o] ~! 'Sangokushi' and being simultaneous, on. As for the mansion whether it is little,…

    • Movie appreciation 'ink attack'
      The Liu virtue bloom ([andei] [rau]) the ink attack which borrows the movie 'ink attack' of starring with optimistic rental [dvd] the selling agency: [amiyuzusohutoentateinmento] sale day: Details are verified with 2009/01/28 amazon.co.jp. The leather separation which is the house ([andei] [rau]) the protagonist. The house, idea group philanthropic principle of the scholars whom the ink child revives in the Chinese age of civil wars the time, “non attack” is put out,… quite, Gandhi of the Chinese age of civil wars the… time China of B.C. The country becomes may be attacked by the 趙. King. Requesting help from the house, doing. As for the leather separation which is leather separation of the house using all conceivable means, from the large troop of the 趙. It tries probably to protect the country but is,…

    • Your Chinese gift (∀)
      japanese means , original meaning

    • Good man array
      The jet [riandei] [rau] Kanagi military affairs movie started, something which seems as for this face whether it is not good man array, jet [ri] action is enormous don't you think? name of time before the certain is name what which is different, don't you think? when jet [ri] you see, although is not possible at all, the body is the eddy, don't you think? moving unskillfully, the muscle being able to hurt is falling and

    • War load/oath of men
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , linked pages are Japanese

    • 'War load/oath of men'
      kanji character , Japanese talking

    • The movie which was seen in GW
      With saying, but just 1 if at [tonshin] supervision movie festival 'the bond of [puroteji]/the lie' you see the movie after a long time, and it probably is the [tsu] [pa] 彦 ancestor/founder, with the [tsu] lever '[inhuanaru] [ahuea]' later, as for any generally known “disappearance criminal investigator things”, in the disappearance criminal investigator which searches the kind of Hong Kong heroin market which establishes one genre the 彦 ancestor/founder, in the boss of the organization where he disappears with [andei] [raun], [anita] [yun] it does in the pregnant wife of the boss, it is having become extremely Yutaka Mitsuru, if you say that the [wa] which is surprised you were surprised Lewis Kuu and [chiyan]Also the John key husband and wife of [jinchiyu] does, it is you applied, or especially, Lewis Kuu the sense which also the tooth is made ragged you will insert being, first “entirely?”With as for the extent person who is thought producing the hand to the drug from the nothingness impression ......If is, the drug being bad or the nothingness impression being bad?......With this work which starts with monologue of the 彦 ancestor/founder who was said has drawn, with the movie where beginning and ending and the nothingness impression drift, the drug how keeps ruining the person (furthermore, that there is no just this person who produces the hand to drug, it reaches to also the human around,) politely and, also process of heroin production very with real, that it is the work which can be made truly good whether you say that it was thought and [n], [watakushi], what which the unsatisfactory [tsu] is done -, it was too possible even excessively, the fake [me] was conversely, luxury saying, in the subordinate who increases and to be relies on tradingTransferring, by himself aged and the [ma] where the make-up matching [andei] [rau] good performance supervision itself appearance this and, good taste had put out with superior part of the 彦 ancestor/founder and, before the man only the 彦 ancestor/founder most faces we look at the boss of the organization which you think that kidney transplantation will be received in America, as usual and can increase and does are > the 彦 ancestor/founder so so, the hammer and the mouse considerably were shocking, - * in the book-reading 'deceased of this day praying' [huei] [keraman

    • Oath of war load men
      Production year: 2008 production country: The Chinese/Hong Kong supervision: Peter [chiyan] why, [riien] (shoe [jinrei]), whether the pan which has become die on the road as the straggler (jet [ri]) it probably helps her after passing the woman one night that together, thief group Alph ([andei] [rau]) with leaving home repeatedly many degrees it was from the village which lives, not to call at all, because the pan which it visits in the village it is to go out eventually, [uyan] (the Kanagi military affairs) with being invited it is such an introduction section which means to meet again, her influence reaches to the faith of three men who exchange the pledge of the brother-in-law younger brother and the story which draws the betrayalBut it makes expect, that probably will be, her intention that “we would like to do better”, rather than, seeking what, whether you have lived because it is indistinct, the pan where existence of [riien] does not float Alph as for it tries to punishing, for her to the last not to be because of righteousness, also there is no episode regarding her who is the expectation which is, can think hindrance in drama of these three men that it was not,

    • 'Oath of war load ~ men'
      大量的日本當前主題 , for multilingual communication

    • Star star same 學 會
      日本語 , linked pages are Japanese

    • Safe. . .
      Sliding safe! Extremely the movie “war load” ticket which it has received before easily without going, this way, when is,… the [te] the [a] which is good being able to go to the seeing which is feeling (^o^) 3 brother-in-law younger brothers who age, participated clearly in the rebellion of Taihei heaven (jet [ri], [andei] [rau] and the Kanagi military affairs) living like the China where you live in story justice, as for supervision Peter [chiyan] which the story of the human where in the disturbances of war where the slaughter which gushes out is repeated, love, reliance, hate, trouble, discord and the various thinking are piled up, can force cold-hearted decision and 濁 unite clearly keeps being drawn with machine minute rise of heartThe hard bond where the scale of the emphasis aggressive scene, also the stirring impression is rubbed in the wave of beautiful history, keeps deteriorating… the respective tear excessively was impressive

    • 仔 [ibe] ♪
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • LOVERS
      Because you say, that lovers (China) in the work of the 2004★★★☆☆☆ Hari art 謀 is not funniest you feel the wife whom, would like to look at the Kanagi military affairs, starting pulling from dvd which former times was videotaped, human relations and the love-hate play that the deceiving which you appreciate together, it is deceived, are to be funny, but when supervision most we would like to draw, the Hari art where the place is not visible 謀 it seemed, image was beautiful, the especially latter half, the part where the green which is clear is designated as keynote was about the [mu] of breath in spite this boredom, at one time social group style of the Hari art 謀 which probably is the nun lowered the shadowIt is consequence or, therefore however at the place, as for the recent Chinese movie title of katakana is many, the same Chinese character cultural sphere what you thought that it is as for title as field subject we want leaving it is '[rabazu]' [tsu] [te] what! As for the Kanagi military affairs anyhow, as for [andei] [rau] in this movie it was not good excessively, (cs)

    • Sword customer 之 love
      En japones , for multilingual communication

    • Taiwan our 爱 你
      Em japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • War load/oath of men

    • Japanese talking
      En japonais , please visit the following link

    • Beginning Hong Kong③
      日語句子 , original meaning

    • It is too funny the [i] ~!
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon Feel free to link

    • [inhuanaru] [ahuea]/non bypass
      The Hong Kong black masterpiece police and the Mafia confrontation which are released in 2002, and as for starring which is the suspense drama where trouble of heart of 2 men whom it disappears respectively is drawn in two large actor [andei] [rau] and [toni] Leone coaction of Asia 'as for the supervision where the [ansoni] won of exile/bond' is performed [andoriyu] [rau] and Alan [matsukuhariutsudorimeiku] 'as for per Ted D which is done' allcinema which acquires Oscar

    • The thing ♪ which has been made because of beauty care
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Japanese talking

    • The Shanghai international exposition PV coming out orator 2
      ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- World. . The hat wearing with pv of virtue ambassador Shanghai international exposition, name of the person whose [te] song is good understood at last, 刘. 华 ([andei] [rau]) is! When the picture you see, therefore the face the same when wiki which you are not wrong sees even the actor singer of Hong Kong “the [andei] [ra]” [tsu] [te] inserts with ~ [guguru], it comes out with related keyword together all the way and it is!! The [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] famous person and it is ~ Σ (゚ ∀ ゚ *) just intellectual viewing and it is in Taro shy wwwwww Kawano the chestnut [so]! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for the world Hiroshi healthy ambassador next. Don't you think? 宁 ([ri] to be) 1st with, Σ (゚ ∀ ゚ *) we love, 楊 瀾 singing next, as the [ru] old boy original gymnast seemed, song being delicate, item it was even in wiki where it is the case that it is not accustomed to either the camera eye line and this and the famous person you saw, when -, appearing in that pv, don't you think? it was the [ru] human everyone Chinese star, wwwwww---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Shanghai figurative generation word person. Sho (the [ri] [yu] [u] it did and the [yo] [u]) the track and field player it waived it was this person with the Beijing Olympics which remembered, it is with pv which is just one person w which is synthesis being busy!? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------World Hiroshi 慈. The 爱 heart ambassador Japanese plum 冰 冰 (the [ri] - bottle bottle) whether the actress red dress even human 34 year old where it wears about www 24 the www saying too much which is thought? w enormous as for the song which ~ Chinese [tsu] [te] everyone young is visible however it is not good to there, facial deviation is value approximately 70? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------World. Until it introduces, there is no [jiyatsuki] chain of the figurative ambassador, don't you think? it comes out and knowing, whether the orator is what kind of people after all the world which it will be clear. The figurative ambassador 楊 瀾 it is lovely, (; The ´д `) being similar to [haahaa] someone, however the [ru] you cannot remember

    • Between [inhuanaru] [ahuea] III ultimate nothing
      Large the Hong Kong black as for end “of the [inhuanaru] it hits [ahuea]” series 3rd work third section work [yan] [andei] [rau] focusing on, 3 people who add Leone [rai] and chain [daomin] to the character which appears newly the main cast call this time when [rau] after the dying in harness and [yan] before the dying in harness which is not drawn with the 1st work are drawn the official sight where of course also [tonireon] and Kelly [chiyan] are performed

    • Lead cliff
      Partⅰ,ⅱThe ~ which was seen!! Looking at [inhuanaru] [ahuea], the hammer [tsu] [te] you put away completely in charm of the Hong Kong movie, but the lead cliff privately large hit!! It seems that is for and against both theory, but as for me because Sangokushi is not known completely, the part which could be enjoyed ratherⅰYou looked at the Japanese blowing substitution which some days ago Sunday is televised at the Western painting theater, but as for this the one which is not blowing substitution to try borrowing dvd which is lowering soon because the ~☆ - - - - - this ↓ [tonireon] which is favorite the movie, also Hu 趙 cloud part of [andei] [rau] and the lead cliff [jiyun] coming out, well enough is complicated it increases, not to be 1 times, 2 time 3 time there is new discovery by the fact that the time is repeated, [inhuanaru] [ahuea] [dvd] ¥976 amazon.co.jp [inhuanaru] [ahuea] II nothing. Because overture [dvd] between ¥1,995 amazon.co.jp [inhuanaru] [ahuea] III ultimate nothing [dvd] gw of ¥925 amazon.co.jp this year the master is work, after a long time is the schedule which with 1 people is passed freely and easily in inside and [kore] the kana ~☆ which will be seen

    • AFM3
      Furthermore be it is from the one which does to afm it is to hear story, but whenever 'as for the new little forest temple' of [beni] [chiyan] supervision, unless it is [rimeiku] of the jet [ri] starring 'little forest temple', as for part of the [jiyatsuki] chain which becomes the special performance which is thing with the cook of the temple, there is a thing in [andei] [rau] of the leading part, after the part which says that the advice [me] it does it puts out and being there was also a drama work where jet [ri] plays the father of the intellectual handicapped person so is, but because this is not the action movie, the Japanese company startsWhether the difficult work recently, he similar to the [jiyatsuki] chain, being enthusiastic to charity, before this, was the extent where name of that fund is inscribed in ended credit of several works which were seen at Tokyo & Chinese movie week, but don't you think? whether such you will think and therefore probably will be, like this taking the initiative even in [yu] [u] drama, it probably is to perform, whether you say after all, some book you buy any Korean things, so is, but don't you think? the Chinese sphere seems that almost does not produce the hand

    • CREA ~ good man large picture book ~.
      But you bought with “crea” how life 2nd time “the good man large picture book!”Being attracted, the buying [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was, however there is a similar ranking to “an.an”, therefore “an.an” the result of being different don't you think? it is funny, with, however as for Fukuyama the [wa] which is large popularity - (the concert which goes to ^^♪ August cute was it is big river drama you have not seen, next year appears the kana ~ Sato Ken which will be seen but and after all (? Don't you think?) “crea” is, also the ~ there are “man over40 how times when it is good,” don't you think? Hiroshi ~ Sawamura one tree and Sato Hiroshi city and Abe rises to higher rank, in addition to that “densely - it came?”, [tsu] [te] there are also times when you say and “roughly, as for this person it does not enter, it is, however… [tsu] [te] the stripe which is also the times when you say, 40 generation man show biz celebrities, cute one all the way it is, don't you think? ♪ me Sawayama there is a self-confidence which is listed don't you think? (laughing) also how “athlete” [tsu] [te] to write is feeling “the crea” [tsu] [te] adult, the “sport player” nowBut, as for the result “the [a] ~ the [tsu] [te] you feel after all” the funds player of the Nippon Meat Packers, Inc. the ranking in [tsu] [te] as for those where you say however the ~ which is unexpected it is groovy privately is Inaba player group, but you do not know “the writer” and the “agitation un star”, [andei] [rau] ranking in without having done as for Miyao of the unexpected ballet being groovy, “the good man…” with you see unintentionally even with the shank and [chi] [ya] [u] with the general people, furthermore “married unmarried” and “her you are, it is not”, the eye the is line [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] (laughing) the general peopleAlthough with say the [do], depending on the eye how not to be it is equal, when you see (laughing) the [ma], regardless of that it is funny well enough, it is, don't you think? [katsukoii] working, [ru] one being many, cute it puts out, don't you think? this the [e], with a kind of healing something Good Heavens

    • Just a little, it is news before, but
      Because at the time of a certain, aimless [andei] [rau] appears in the studio of tvb, that time photograph the actors of tvb became accidentally the eddy of frenzy, so everyone who is surging in un D, sign will be received and/or the photograph trying probably to be taken, it becomes mayhem, while smiling wryly, responding un D, it is with inhaling, to the actor of tvb after, this body cod [ku] [andei] [rau] [tsu] [te] it is enormous truly, it is… By the way, as for un D, has come to meeting in [miukiuwai] the time where [miukiuwai] which seems is the businessman of 100,010,000 millionaire, as for the only hobby of un D strict him of security and [miukiuwai] which is to do the boring together returning to the show biz celebrity, to tell the truth the fact that most you grieve perhaps him

    • Movie “war load”
      kanji character , original japanese letters , translated

    • 2009 May 29th (Friday) it clears up, temporarily the rain
      * As expected, also 2 days defective day, feeling honestly in week…So, today the day off was taken honestly, as for the truth that, before the going to theater the movie…With you think it is, but, in order for study of bookkeeping official approval to think, advancing or, it is what, because it seems that shopping from 10 o'clock is a variety, to be attached to the mother, will try to go to shopping…With after the going to theater movie…With also the choices which are said met, it is, but, returning quickly, you will sleep quickly…With, it stopped, anymore, 'the war load' is not seen,…The movie of [andei] [rau] which is, 2 continuing, view it comes to the point of letting escape, (>

    • [inhuanaruahuea]
      At last the last chapter view [re] it increases, however it is you have heard in rumor, being plainest with third section works, you thought that most it is the work to which the strain was full of, (ⅱBut so [era] so in the habit which slept), it limits the movie of this hand to [ikemenchietsuku], (laughing) the oak and others where somatotype is suit direction in the silver edge glasses and the dark suit of Leone [rai]? Well, problem of method of choosing and from the back you do not apply on the west and the line just perfect he, the white shirt & the dark suit of looks and [andei] [rau] of the [toni] Leone's leather jacket also the actor of the COOL Japanese would like to do such looks truly, (-> no way) as for the recent young person suit large texture the person is not somewhat many, it does? Especially, don't you think? from the back per west in the body as for the exactly suit when it returns to the story of the movie main thread which you think that degree of front of the man is three extras,… Although being the amusement work, being hard boiled, however either the movie development which cannot feel flattery is not speedy but as for [andei] [rau] which is the strain always before the man thinking, that it is the actor whose, expression is thin it increased, but it is the intense hammer [ri] in the human who in abnormal circumstance little by little keeps deviating with the long-term infix growing hoarse callous and compunction etc of conscience, “when you want to become the good man”, the tear cold-heartedness of the clean rust cruelty… When without having the refreshing impression leaves after effect conversely at the theater wants to look at the oak viewing 3 section work,

    • Change ring
      If with 2 back numbers from today also the [ze] which is “war load” release, with morning o'clock of 1 and past night 9 just 2 times the [ze] which is, are with Yamagata, the [wa] which goes to the first time of first day -! … Morning 9:30 it is the parking zone, - to guarantee the entrance recent space where either the [re] does not wait stopping, now then from the parking zone private exit… the key of the [tsu] [te] parking zone exit closing, don't you think? the [ru] -? The employee coming still, well or [atsu]! … Recovering the air, don't you think? it escapes from the theater direct communication mouth, the employee is - entering into the anther theater which it commutes, it sits down and… the [a] where is the customer - the [re] it is not, it is and good saddle mini- theater system saying, jet [ri] and [andei] [rau] and the Kanagi military affairs coming out, the [ru] it is it is, in order for the customer not to be with this, you put away the Chinese movie,… with making rounds came screening time 1 minutes ago, because “[ano] “war load” viewing it is or, the poster of the entrance which is not completed to put making a mistake, increasing,…” the poster of the war load was placed on the screening mansion of next door, it was, (- ┬┬-While) with becoming, when it tries entering to next door, the good customer to question, being high, in addition as for the Yamagata cinema because one disturbance ten thousand height happening increased, following to [jiyatsuki] which is, to the jet in the deviation from action route the line [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te], furthermore super heavy becoming story, the Chinese action boundary how becomes, it is probably will be,…

    • Oath of movie “war load men”
      'Reason' it makes order spread is to rule grimly and with make through the long older brother (jet [ri]) 'feeling' feeling which is done the current work 'lead cliff where younger brother (Kanagi military affairs) 'lead cliff' similar and the Asian top star which are faithful to the oath of next older brother ([andei] [rau]) 'loyal' two older brothers and the brother-in-law younger brother who are devoted the people are even' likely second section works or, 'the lead cliff' likely clean or, 'the lead cliff' likely the flow of history front and back ignoring or, 'the lead cliff' the Kanagi military affairs simply likely'Contents being plugged directly than the lead is not the clear soup cliff,' the [ru] it does, also message characteristic is high and, John Woo who forgets the Chinese heart whose expression is direct compared to, being directly Chinese, ugliness of war, description of the battlefield which conveys the meaning of the heart which is believed accurately, the person went the right lazily and/or the left, was a stirring impression the sufficient 'lead cliff which has gone' compared to and, the mud it does to smell, 'lead the place where the production which from something which action action it is good having done, three people of the leading part pull accurately and stand is done is good cliff part1'When being, 'the Kanagi military affairs of k-20' were better being the stirring impression and, 'lead cliff part2' clarifying, the Kanagi military affairs just of the [ru] compared to, crying, laughing, getting angry, fighting, the Kanagi military affairs of the [ru] 'war load', it is not defeated to [danzen] cute jet [ri] or to [andei] [rau

    • Throwing description.
      'Admiring the war load/the oath of the men'

    • The story which becomes matter of concern
      Opinion , linked pages are Japanese

    • The Shanghai international exposition PR song “such as 2010 你 to come”, as for keyman of plagiarism disturbance this one!?
      The Shanghai international exposition PR song “such as 2010 你 to come”, plagiarism disturbance, in Okamoto Makoto night ten thousand. When sign I with the notion that where, temporarily situation may be settled, side did the use application of music, hear one time, to remember directly, “无 论 你 什. The 语 word ~” being the mouth careless directly, one case the side which is to put away, [atsusari] ten thousand. Side did use application, when you look at mv of PR songs, the reason you knew, as for the people who have been present 郎 the bright (run run) of the pianist, 姚 discernment of the nba basketball ([yao] [min]), Sho Liu of the overland 110m hurdle which is waived with the Beijing Olympics ([riyuu] Shaw), now the Japanese plum which manages sport brand lining 寧 ([ri] [nin]) and in China so so the plagiarism problem which such as [andei] [rau] is the 々 barrel personnel and [jiyatsuki] chain of the actor not doing, conclusion when international exposition starts, these people, saying nothing, increase it is with the original gymnast use of videoIt is not unable to call either stop, because it is the campaign which is lifting in the first place country which as for the especially [jiyatsuki] chain which you say well and probably will be many years from before pirate edition (stealing edition) and the plagiarism doubt how main person who the time where I who am to be cooperative to the campaign of false brand item prevention have lived in Beijing has appeared in the television cm of pirate edition prevention with [jiyatsuki] and [shiyuwarutsunetsuga] permits in China and cannot boil don't you think? but the Japanese plum 寧 which has the sport brand (logograph some has been similar to Nike) as for going in such a doubt it cannot receive when you mention the infringement of copyright which the overseas brand and the work of the foreign country is the victimThe way it is visible, but as for the first victim there are no artists who have been active in China, don't you think? as for dvd which is bought in the Chinese country because you do not know whether probably will be, either one with the real thing either one pirate edition that [jiyatsuki] it began, even because the pasteboard dump of the coming out orator is maintained, shaking the major company in international exposition commencement, in order to be able to use, large it must take the move urgently even in order to make be in time, it is I who imagine selfishly

    • LOVERS
      [chiyan] [imou] supervision, the Kanagi military affairs, appointing [chiyan] [tsuii] and [andei] [rau], the gorgeous luxurious action movie which is managed

    • original letters

    • 映画「三国志」を観たよ
      Because with the “lead cliff” it was fixed to Sangokushi is (you did not know roundly to that, why, but with the notion that where you say, movie “Sangokushi” you saw with dvd, link of consecutive roundly Sangokushi my boom (laughing) [andei] [rau] coming out with 趙 cloud part, the Sangokushi [tsu] [te] which is [ru] Sangokushi saying, it is long, because, whether there is an excessiveness in the like just a little title which it makes Sangokushi which designates the 趙 cloud as the protagonist? Because but don't you think? the approximately 1st century to start speaking Sangokushi, this time, the 趙 cloud passing, the leading part, what with non defeat/miss General surviving to end, because it increases, the overhead person and the granddaughter of 曹 virtue becoming the C in C like, being clean, cruelty, with showing just a little feeling, the [tsu] [te] which fights with the 趙 cloud how [andei] [rau] of the 趙 cloud part which probably is what the older brother the person of the part which you yearn it is overhead, die with, this part in this movie around the important part it is, don't you think? the helpless [wa] however (you cannot say with [netabare],) parenthesis good quality of [andei] [rau] which confronts to the game which is defeatedThere is no [tsu] cod, is, in Siraga something the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] the other than over there just a little??? But very [wa] that they are contents one frame of Sangokushi just was drawn the scale it is huge, (the advertisement just was enormous simply the oak and others? ) “Lead cliffⅰⅱIf” after seeing, just a little the unsatisfactory oak and others… with, the Sangokushi fan unless you hold down, don't you think?!

    • 三国志
      belief , Japanese talking

    • いろんなお知らせ
      En japonais , linked pages are Japanese

    • 門徒!
      japanese means , linked pages are Japanese

    • 香港蝋人形館
      However with the Hong Kong sight-seeing the friend there is a wax doll mansion even in the madam [tatsuso] wax doll mansion Tokyo tower which rises greatly, the Hong Kong way it touches freely and as for taking the [tsu] [te] photograph which is sown it thinks, that it is ng,… (; ^_^a Hong Kong and the free shelf ~~~ [yon] way the corner it has been less crowded the empty to play, [ri] ↓ [nadenadeandei] [rau] which is sown, super being similar, the [ru] [tsu]!! However with you thought, when you see from the fan, it is not similar, it seems so the kana ~?? The eye of the fan is harsh, don't you think? is, it is Σ (the ^_^;)Although it is not the fan, clinging, the photograph taking, [gomen] with spirit unintentionally in addition in Princess and Beatles Diana and [teresa] ten and [jiyoni] [detsupu], innumerable extent famous person such as such as blood [pitsudo] and Michael Jackson take in Madonna and the [ri] which is sown play and although [ri] high it sows, most it is the expectation where [reonrai] satisfactory satisfactory blues [ri] of the ↓ “love song” which rises is without meeting, the doll is changed every regrettable season the oak and others? By the way the wax doll of the Japanese was 2 bodies of Shigeru's Chishiro Fuji and Yoshida

    • 09全仏ドローーォ。

    • イケメン夏祭り!若手俳優40人勢揃い〜!!
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    • 負ける事は恥ではない、戦わぬ事が恥なのだ!と言われましても…
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    • 上海③
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    • 10年の封印を解き、ついに解禁!!劉徳華演唱會1999
      * Make wait it did very much for a long time, rather than saying, that it waited already and became tired even waiting the people, far side of forgetfulness, and already China to withdraw completely from the world, the foot or the hand without the predecessor [ku] [ma] washing. Perhaps, with being completed, completely in the star of the country of the kim chee in the person of heat the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [ru], but the [ma], in any case, seal of 10 years finally. It tore, so 1999 November 11 when is, Tokyo was held, with Tokyo international forum of Yuraku Cho, “Liu virtue bloom [andei] [rau] performing singing/stating 會 ' private interest of 99”. The quail chick which the second volume of the complete reappearance report, is longer than as many as 2 parts of all compilation, publishes with 3 parts, attending quail [tamago] of hindrance, boarding to Tokyo, it inhales the energy of the performing singing/stating 會 completely and it is all record which is taken 'it whirls, China' -> [performing singing/stating. From report] -> [report Liu virtue bloom performing singing/stating 會 andy tour 99] please view (quail [ma] it is chief editor)

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