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    Akiyuki Shinbo,

    Anime related words Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Sawashiro Miyuki Sakamoto Maaya Nishio Ishin Saitou Tikazu Kamiya Hiroshi Bakemonogatari Arakawa Under the Bridge

    • 2010/02/12 (gold)
      * “Conversion story” bd&dvd sixth volume/the brim the cat (under) according to [jiyake] release new room Showa 之 supervision special interview, 14 stories increase, thing of completion schedule waiting freely and easily during next week, until it is with agreement it goes, please do Amazon: Conversion story sixth volume/the brim complete production limited edition under the cat [bd] [dvd] * beginning 7 minute of new work ova “Gundam uc” no charge transmission ■psp “sunflower - pv release for the pebble in the sky-” store * '[ikapukon] limited edition of super strike IV' John sale ■ds “[esutoporisu]” new information automatic generation Don “it is and can do and [santora] of cave” other ■ds '[esutoporisu]' records also sale decision and drama 6 story!! * The sword smithery guide book of the saintly sword, Koutarou's Yamada spin off recording * most [rurushiyu] r2 of lottery [puremiamukodogiasu] rebellion - romantic variation - renewal * “it is and the [tsu] does and the [ri] which is made the [yo] - the [pi] it is the [gu] poult densely official holding pillowcase” [a] seeing [a] seeing limitation sale stock revival & dawn works up-to-date work announcement it knows to be, the Satoshi fan disk? ■amolphas new project starting! Sisters brand 'kai' notification page release * the caramel box 'virgin loves to the older sister, - [eruda] 2 -' the official sight open ■liquid 'black animal - it comes nobly and the saintly woman dyes to the white 濁, -' something related to release: In case of characteristic life of the [meronbutsukusu] ■vanadis 'demon daughter - [aruraune] -' main picture release & April 16th sale decision * the studio or the [gu] and master which 'is the older sister' rise & trial version release ■chien 'rgh - love and the hero and school -' the web trial version open ■primrose 'super time aerial bombing love story - door☆pi☆chu -' the web trial version open ■mana '[meameamea] sp' trial version open ■lump of sugar 'prismrhythm' cast & sample voice release ■c: drive 'hypnotic life' master rise & event cg renewal & sample scenario release each heroine ed song 5 tune action release * the mink 'it does to do, it is - being less crowded - [mu] 2' something related to countdown voice start & event cg renewal: d-dream * it does or, the new work of the expectation where [ji] serves entire direction after 6 years appears! 'It comes splendidly, everyday life - discontinuous existence -' March 26th sale!

    • Under bridge…?
      Comentarios sobre este , Japanese talking

    • 'Conversion story' sixth volume [jiyake] picture arrival!
      “Conversion story” sixth volume/brim cat (under) As for decorating the jacket of the ♪ last volume where jacket illustration is released Oshino patience (the plain twill) there is no modification in sale day of last volume which is and 2010 March 24th (the water) it is sale like, two postponements are unpalatable as expected, is, don't you think? w well the [a] - nevertheless 'the [jiyake] picture of the conversion story' each time each time is good, Watanabe gj who works! When it becomes rear sometime, that as for 14 stories of topic according to the interview of the new room Showa 之, as for 14 kind of stories which 100% have already been completed whether the net it is transmitted assuming, that it was transmitted, will 15 stories how probably become? It is in time,… truly in sale day it is probably will be? By the way from 13 stories the span to 14 stories w which is 3 months

    • Spring animation.
      impressions , original meaning

    • Arakawa [andazaburitsuji
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • Thought @ animation “Arakawa [andazaburitsuji]”: 4BRIDGE (25th - 31 stories) * there is [netabare],
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • Conversion story bravo
      Animation -> [sugee] which is taken in order of the original! The [ke] [tsu] [te] ~ it is in [tsundere] of [tsundere] of this year! (< Bosom or abortive grain) the [te] you say or, because animation is funny excessively, as for the original animation advances to at the place where stop and in the bookstore of the university continuation 'copy language' etc the younger sisters of the protagonist of main work of the flat stacking spin off! The Nishio restoration probably is [ranobe] brain completely! So probably will be! 抱 stomach stopping falling down and it is beautiful concerning animation, but when you just saw you think accidentally after a long time well, new room Showa 之 & the animation [tsu] [te] of the shaft always it is such feeling, don't you think? this time just a little fear applying, however the [ru] the strange mono just blue ray how it will do, whether the… [te] you say, “it can obtain with two story recording which with the Amazon reservation discount pass even 5400 Yen the ~” is original value something 7000 Yen exceeding is! The [ro] which [bori] it passes and is! Just a little, in the once 'inserting desired thing list', after the interval putting, being possible and 'also canaan' it is blue ray candidacy what, to burn in the first place Yazawa hd machine the fact that you will think, while > inquiring 'about [santora] of sp', walking, you become aware by yourself where the [ru] and [monosugo] [ku] look become bad while certainly '[santora] of old field duty Saburo' hearing, walking, while to do the cod implication laughing, it does the kind of movement which peers the person from under it is probably will be [kiyatsu]! Because feeling bad [kore] it is not seen almost, recently it is seen from after with anything which will be borrowed with [tsutaya

    • In case of [nino]. The theatre/playing word 1~ concerning ~ Arakawa animation conversion
      Also today when it is silence and as usual is rain month while topic throwing out is the school from this, but the stomach which is not made the air being painful, the enemy trap to be, well… well the Arakawa animation conversion! Becoming matter of concern ever since impact, becoming matter of concern, this time of today when at all the varieties it has been troubled entering the body is, <- as for production as for shaft supervision new room Showa 之 with by the fact that you say as for expectation that chaos condition of the just original which expands is reproduced the oak and others… and animation how and the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] is with some tension in day as for the fan of the [ya] sister whether furthermore to somewhere it increases explosively <- with animated picture furthermore everyone it may be beautified being in about 3 extra, the framework framework it has done everyone whom the [ri] it does well enough estimate of the dubbing artist melting, being the [ru] like, the shank [e] (Ω) New room to put out, the shaft to put out, because is,… in conversation with the friend “as for [riku] Kamiya” theory has become powerful, but as for… village headman regardless… even with some overstraining, <- having Akio Otsuka, you want being, the shank 'wastefully good voice: Akio voice' in actuality! As for the dubbing artist of rear [nino] without applying, we want the how to feel [kiyapikiyapi] is done excessively,… the oak and others which the official sight is not opened quickly…

    • 'Arakawa [andazaburitsuji]' it is funny!
      Tardy, Sunday now of nighttime you looked at new animation 'Arakawa [andazaburitsuji]' of cool with video recording, it is funny!! The original it is not read, but (as for the original 'saint* It is and' Nakamura light), perhaps interest of the original as for this rather than as expected, new room Showa 之 × shaft something in addition to that it does not have the expectation which does not become funny with extreme interest this of the character to of the eccentric it probably has utilized, “desperate teacher” and the “conversion story” it is and the luxury that the interest like the cousin taking (at this point in time as for cv Kamiya Hiroshi history suitable part it is actual) you use the Sakamoto true twill with such a part, and, also good quality of the tempo which the broadcast of 1 times says 8 story constitution, with generally feeling is good Perhaps, large it transforms, you recommend this, (next notice; “The [ke] it is and is!”If 2 periods do not see are viewed) (video recording quickly)

    • Conversion story net transmission 14th story thought
      Conversion story net transmission 14th story brim cat 其 no four thought It was behind, but… - staff - supervision: New room Showa 之 series constitution: East 冨 耶 child [kiyarakutadezain] entire drawing supervision: Watanabe Akio series director: Tail stone Tatuya visual director: Takeuti Nobuyuki music: Kamimae dawn acoustic supervision: Tsuruoka positive it is thick the fine arts supervision: Iijima 寿 Osamu color setting: Takizawa it is, [zu] seeing visual effect: Sakai basic photographing supervision: Eto restraint Ichiro compilation: Matsubara Rie animation production: [anipuretsukusu], Kodansha publishers, Ltd., shaft - Cast - you flatter and are good the 々 wooden calendar: Kamiya Hiroshi history battlefield field [hi] boiling: The Saito thousand harmony 89 temple true early evening: Kato Suguru Biri God Hara Suruga: The 沢 castle you see and keep thousand stone wild pinks: Flower 澤 fragrance greens feather river wing: Horie reason robe Oshino [meme]: 櫻 well filial piety Hiroshi 1op: staple stable song: Saito thousand harmony 2op: The way back song: Kato Suguru Biri ed: The story song which you do not know: As for nagi conversion story 2 volume perplexity my my thought dvd the intention in the future of keeping buying! Because as for the article of 1 volumes the inside conversion story of that - with the Nishio restoration animation project official sight, as for abundant related information considerably there is [sutatsuhuburogu] mural pv and the like, when it passes through the eye, it is good whether!! Conversion story 2 volume bd 39,000 of the reason which could be sold was thought, you were surprised as expected, the ^^; So much it can sell, with! While being desperate teacher, the expectation work appears!! When you look at the [kiyara] picture, as for the kind of feeling which adjusts the [kiyara] picture to voice doing consequence kana of the air? As for being serious from the cast member comes being the 櫻 well saury which understands well with, old shaft position to the [itsupai] ^^ following page

    • Animation summary 2010 spring
      belief , linked pages are Japanese

    • 'Broadcast day and time & subject song information of Arakawa [andazaburitsuji]'
      'It is broadcast day and time & subject song information of Arakawa [andazaburitsuji]' TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. 2010 April 4th (day) 25: 35~ tvq Kyushu broadcast 2010 April 5th (month) 26: 23~ television Osaka 2010 April 6th (fire) 26: 05~ television Aichi 2010 April 7th (water) 25: 28~ television [se] and 2010 April 8th inside (wood) 25: 58~ television Hokkaido 2010 April 9th (gold) 26: 00~ at-x2010 year April 10th (the Saturday) broadcast start every week Saturday the 8:30 ~/22: 30~ every week Wednesday the 14:30 ~/26: 30~ Original: Nakamura light (publication “the young ringing” [sukuuea] and [enitsukusu] publication) plan: Kouzi Taguchi, Atsushi Moriyama supervision: New room Showa 之 plan cooperation: Atsushi Kitamura, the warehouse it is heavy Nobuyuki, the Sato [emi] producer: Inn interest hardness [animeshiyonpurodeyusa]: Mitutosi Kubota series constitution: With Akao densely [kiyarakutadezain] drawing entire supervision: Sugiyama. Hiroshi [shirizudeirekuta]: Happiness Yutaka Miyamoto fine arts supervision: East thick Osamu color design: Takizawa it is, [zu] seeing [bijiyuaruehuekuto]: Sakai basic photographing supervision: The inside village lucky occurrence flat compilation: Rie Matsubara acoustic supervision: Tsuruoka positive thickly sound effect: Nozaki Hiroshi tree sound recording: Shrimp. . Example sound recording assistant: . Garden dance acoustic production: Musical tone building acoustic production charge: Sugiyama good beauty music: Yokoyama 克 music production: [sutachiyairudorekodo] music production cooperation: TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. music cooperation: Ganges, [kuorasu] animation production: Shaft production: The Arakawa ub production commission [nino]: Sakamoto true twill city no shrine line = [riku]: Kamiya Hiroshi history village headman: Osamu Hiroshi Fujiwara star: Cedar rice field Satoshi harmony sister: The child it is cheap Takehito Mary: The 沢 castle you see, the keeping stele: Saito thousand harmony margin: Otsuka 芳 loyal p child: Komigawa Chigira iron man sibling Tetsuo: Yuuko Mikame iron man sibling iron 郎: Riyouko Shintani city no. Product: Hill Rikiya Takai: [chiyo] island promontory: Rie Tanaka op theme “[vuinasu] and [jizasu]” song: The anther it does and obtains roundly and is dense ed theme “upside-down bridge” song: As for [suneohea] ⇒ “Arakawa [andazaburitsuji]” related commodity this (amazon.co.jp) Click we ask to ●starchild “Arakawa [andazaburitsuji]”

    • ダンス イン ザ ヴァンパイアバンド #01「プロムナイト」
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • 【バカとテストと召喚獣】男抱き枕カバー発売!【木下秀吉】
      'It adds the fool and the test and summons animal' commodity information!! The Kinoshita Hidekiti holding pillowcase, summons animal sewing involving Hidekiti is the man, there was no the conception of the w man holding pillow <2009> Don't you think? 2 and others - Christmas Don't you think? as for the Christmas pleasure 2 and others - the Christmas picture of the wife it is to see? As for objection the great achievement where the cartoonist of the weekly boy jump which is not recognized draws the nipple of the beauty girl with the color! It seems that next week Mr. Yabuki it finishes to read in jump of the number, is published! This independent production animation is enormous! (2009 edition) certainly enormous 'pleat ball sketch * * *' New room Showa 之 supervision special interview publication! As for shaft conversion story? web transmission already after everyone forgetting [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [ru] w “hunter hunter” approximately 1 years up-to-date 27 volumes, from this day sale next year serialization reopening multipara ministry “cabinet k tie is thick the [me] tie” Hatune [miku] and [korabotemasongu] release and [korabo] which illustration collection how is said!? 'In [huainaruhuantajivuerusasu] xiii' it hides and “as for message as for Nomura sce cult” [vuerusasu] when it probably is sale what? ///'We younger sister so lovely' the paulownia which is not reason. Follow-up story of multi-layerization plan!! __/\ [kita] ━━━━ (゜∀ MARU) ━━━━ [tsu]!! The paulownia 乃 it is it is the д `;)[haahaa] д `;)[haahaa]/\/\ for retention for admiration for conveyance/(-) (-) \ As for the paulownia 乃 minimum of 3 way you buy, [kiritsu] | (_ _ human) | ______ \ `⌒,/| || No \| || / | || |l | | /¯¯ \/_ no \ | ( -) (-). | Because (the _ _ human) there is no your gold, the [ro] which only one body you buy and is… |`⌒ no. | } [mihi] ゚ [kotsu]. REPT} [mi]/\, ☆__ & no \ \/\/[ku] \. /\/─ ─ \ |`- one ⌒)/(-) (-) \ |i ¯¯¯ \ | (_ _ human) | \ _ `⌒//\

    • ひだまりスケッチ×☆☆☆ 第1話 「2月27日~3月4日 真っ赤点」他 レビュー キャプ 新作アニメ(3期)
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , for multilingual communication

    • アニメの話【8】1月からの新アニメ
      japanese means , for multilingual communication

    • pink monsoon
      Because the mother transferred [paso], the animation best 10. [ke] which this year calling after are thought at last it is the [pu] fur, it was the lily animation which was done too much but, because it is dubbing artist animation, never it passes and the [zu] properly…! 9. 懺 Good bye in desperate teacher never 3 periods, this well enough shank this year 8. [ke] which respect new room Showa 之 supervision and the shaft it is with dubbing artist animation and is! Well, it is the brand, don't you think? as many as 2 periods decision the [ya] it is intimately in 7. it is dense! The cat, the kana which is shank what with favorite something - favorite the (*´▽ `*) 6. everyone seeing [ke] ~ collar ~ this 3 periods? The shank - by the way with 5. ball [a] † [ho] [ri] [tsu] [ku] new room Showa 之 supervision and the shaft combination where the impression calling [chiaki] is lovely comfortably supervision Fukushima prefecture graduate! Delightful 4. aerial swing Irabu it was good doctor, although <- simply… the 櫻 well calls that face with that part, however you think, that because 3. continuation Natume friend registers which do not withstand (´△ `) perhaps it is faithful to the original the fact that the ghost which loves the air impression it melts and says cartridge viewing 2. main point ones to be and the [ji] reaching and ed after ending, drawing knowing the picture, when you try seeing! 1st it is the pot (*´▽ `*) the representation which will have been secure… Yukari rear music Hasimoto! 1. Conversion story this is new room Showa 之 supervision and the shaft combination, the dubbing artist animation [tsu] [te] saying, or… Oshino [meme] what passing with the truly good dubbing artist, it was 1st, but when we would like to insert in various ways, it is to have, but, the [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was in such a can [ji], because - (´△ `) well they are private ones, (=´∇ `Jun =)

    • 非情パラレル非常
      'Conversion story' original Nishio restoration production shaft supervision new room Showa 之 in the funny theatre/playing word series the neck [tsu] fungus [tsu] are in the Nishio restoration being I, the Kodansha publishers, Ltd. box the chemical material and the sword and the scar it was read, (that also fake, you think there was but) with, these two works animation conversion one. The intention of checking production being rather good, with seductive 'desperate teacher' being rather charmed good bye, it is the new room supervision which has become favorite, but if making color taste be effective even with the conversion story, you list the [hitotsu] example which it increases, there is production of photograph taken on the spot image, but when person photograph something where processing as in the Showa magazine joins goes in animation feeling it is bad, it is, don't you think? with that uniqueness “it is tasty”, that just it has not done, this work you say, or you supervised Mr. Nishio and the composition which is written hobby new room supervision hobby, it is tasty, it is strange, the [tsu] [te] feeling Also those where word is skillful in the Nishio novel familiarity are thing, but as for word play of the conversion story being at all larger than the other work of the person, as for the dubbing artist it is serious, however how you thought, you thought the professional being the professional, the enormous main person the “rear abnormal play [ri]” being similar, speaking, that about you are surprised you can talk on site, does and the dubbing artist Kamiya Hiroshi will of the calendar that it is the cool work at high tempo, there is also about the [ma] mud [tsu] filter [ku] you think well, somewhat from the original but from something with that voice furthermore the battlefield which is moving you love intently in the field [hi] boiling, the “蕩 [re]” reasonBut is, patience, love

    • 化物語 壁紙
      The anther it does and obtains roundly and is dense “as for [jieni] mood licking” pv release… the storm of the new work tv animation “summer which is due to the new room Showa 之 supervision which “is completed cripes and paradox” tv animation “good bye desperate teacher”, manages the “conversion story”! ? Spring summer during the winter?”… October 22nd is broadcast with TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. system as an opening subject song (the wood) 22:45 - [entame] synthesis ([sachina])

    • 素晴らしき日本のロック C面
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • 化物語 壁紙
      Relativity, the anther it does and obtains roundly and is dense in special single October release! … Furthermore, title tune “it is completed cripes and” 'paradox good bye desperate teacher', 'is due to the new room Showa 之 supervision which manages the conversion story', from October at TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. system the storm of the new work tv animation summer of broadcast start schedule '! - Spring summer during the winter -' opening… August 31st (month) 16:11 - music (vibe)

    • 化物語 二話の感想
      You saw, as usual tempo does furthermore the acceleration stripe and it will recognize the fact that it is faithful to the seed original! But because the [wa] can there was no shaft impression, the same production company to trial (the shaft) the same supervision (new room Showa 之) the same dubbing artist (protagonist part Kamiya Hiroshi history) the same publisher (Kodansha publishers, Ltd.) you tried finishing to look at the animation of desperate teacher who is entirely, well… the shaft [tsu] lever [u] or [a] ~ like you say certainly letter using all the way, the [ru] densely being the same, the shank comparatively the conversion story it kneads the photograph in animation and densely is with the [ru] don't you think? the [tsu] [te] which the plain [tsu] [po] is in image and has the flower you call or, (Saito's of the impoliteness and [hi] boiling part voiceThere is no strange feeling, voice of the shank calendar as for Kamiya first somewhat was surprise, but is accustomed normally with two story eyes the nice thrusting [kiyara] [tsu] [te] image which that [ya] now made unexpected simply and seed this time finally is strange the main thing which it did and the form of the crab came out, but shape of the crab it was displayed with letter, it lets escape, when you applied with the shank…… normally you draw the crab what don't you think??'special thing' [tsu] [te] image is ruinous, because the calendar in the other person not to be visible, the [te], it is visible in only the [hi] boiling, such most atmosphere and the shaft seems the constitution whichElement clear to do, you applied, is, then you thought, however it is, the [aho] hair [tsu] [te] of the calendar it moves well, when it is the wwww truth, with just the [aho] hair where the form of the calendar it does not appear in the shot which most it has become wwwwww moves rather in the air and moves just the circumstances where the [aho] hair moves appearing, is many the [ru] and is coming off, reaction the [ru] it does and [huaiyashisutazu] 1/3 of gag after [aho] hair to put out is cut and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] increases don't you think? it relates to jas○ac after all, it is probably will be, it can combine and (joke well the next perplexity my my story considerably is a gag, it is with as for compilation into one book of that gag stopping. It cannot shave!! Well, by the fact that you call to the next time expectation!!

    • 新装開店ようこそ
      issue , linked pages are Japanese

    • 反正都是雜記(&amp;#21890;
      # our thought 玩 11eyes (掀 right theory our and it falls, 5pb. Pit Ryo (the 掩 aspect asriel our happiness 歡 (the # 媽 媽 it stays thickly and thickly arriving at August with respect to nature main point is quick intellectual road engaging in. Information design level Ryo (the super distress on 哭 level super long our (掀 our yes from here running hall yes from here running hall yes from here running hall yes from here running hall wwww (. . Dead #pm projection. Festival completion Ryo (默 heat. . . End 於 cos integral private capital falling entrance k corporation. Pit Ryo wwww (毆 # most. 畫 The mark 圖 one integral 變 condition wwww good good our approval our right 變 condition wwww (炸 red month it is it is Morohosi it is it is we wife [tsu]!!!!!!!!!! (Heaven sound: Ryo? # sea one integral 歡 樂 wwww watching ep2. Exceedingly beautiful flight 當, true super 歡 樂 mark wwww. . Unexpectedly 還 right original tips ratio. 獵 Oddity �wwww (blast # conversion story! Nishio restoration! New room Showa 之!!!!!!!!!! (掀 靠 north new room. Mixed register (這 right 讚 prize) 挑. 觀 Mark perseverance power!!!!! (Hardship Ryo insane mode Kamiya wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (above wwww nuclear blast

    • 化物語 第1話「ひたぎクラブ 其ノ壹」
      大量的日本當前主題 , Japanese talking

    • アニメ新番組評価
      issue , linked pages are Japanese

    • 化物語:新アニメ
      When the present term most the animation [tsu] which has been expected the original which is done is very funny, therefore the company the shaft staff character original idea: vofan supervision: New room Showa 之 series constitution: East 冨 耶 child [kiyarakutadezain] entire drawing supervision: Watanabe Akio series director: Tail stone Tatuya visual director: Takeuti Nobuyuki music: Kamimae dawn acoustic supervision: Tsuruoka positive it is thick the fine arts supervision: Iijima 寿 Osamu color setting: Takizawa it is, [zu] seeing visual effect: Sakai basic photographing supervision: Eto restraint Ichiro compilation: Matsubara Rie animation production: The shaft cast you flatter and are good the 々 wooden calendar: Kamiya Hiroshi history battlefield field [hi] boiling: The Saito thousand harmony 89 temple true early evening: Kato Suguru Biri God Hara Suruga: The 沢 castle you see and keep thousand stone wild pinks: Flower 澤 fragrance greens feather river wing: Horie reason robe Oshino [meme]: 櫻 well filial piety Hiroshi letter. Appraisal op: ed: The main part which does not threaten: As for drawing to make the air as for the necessity it is not don't you think? there is no problem, as for voice when it is the [tsu] dust, if main [hu] especially feather river the case part it advances this way in about 3 stories, kbgm, battle (? ) With [maji] from [katsukoii] opening, the [tsu] [te] first from the [tsu] the gooseflesh no that which passes, we fear bgm of the scene with [maji], however [katsukoii], that exceeding we fear! Geometric pattern of the wall or the floor is enormous as usual, don't you think? the shaft [tsu] [po] [ku] [te], the scenery of the new room [tsu] [po] [ku] [te] classroom would like to closely resemble the green onion [ma] but and -, in various ways simply being regrettable enormous production is enormous with the [ma] [ji] is as for one Oshino, the genista of [pokemon] has imagined the fact that it is like, but the [e]… you speak with the [tsu] lever and the friend it is, it was not imagined that so it is slim, when it is, to before the animation broadcasting but you think it is, when you try seeing, unexpectedly, as for that with that, good taste coming out, [ru] thatBeing well with that, short www20 minute questions and is “oh” well!

    • CANAANとか、アニメ。
      Month princess to whom as for having observed those two people of type month charge image conversion, produce script and [kiyaradeza] three >canaan “428 - Shibuya where it is blockaded -” as a bonus scenario, are, however awfully it was the thing, op which you can expect this and may it to be possible, the action scene of 1 stories saying also such a voice of [wa] thousand harmony Mary who is not it is lovely > it is well-known new room Showa 之 supervision with conversion story knowing desperate teacher from before the broadcasting you have expected fate it can put out, it is… It understands that the fact that image of [betsuki] or [aika] is too strong is cause but as for the person who becomes matter of concern which takes hat off in height of quality of first [panchirashin] looking at one story by all means, would like to receive > that desperate Mr. desperate teacher never 3rd season and the splash! But as for broadcast tonight you bear in other things and the cat and the bearing thing abnormal play [ri] the seeing cat which is applied correction the w [do] just is hard in Miki's Ito filth, the phonetic equivalent where name of the w characters is difficult to remember the [tsu] temporary bearing thing abnormal play [ri] [tsu] [te], roughness… of the pachinkoIs, don't you think?? But the reason which unfolds the transformation + battle viewing to 2 story, the next time teaches someone concept of this animation like the time which will be been nonchalant,…> The first first number machine reckless driving scene and the [yashima] maneuvers which looked at [wevua] trembled

    • 今クール総括っす
      belief , original meaning

    • 【録画メモ】平成21年7月3日(金)
      * It is private video recording memo of Oguro's - New program relationship 7/3 (gold) 23: 00 - 23:30 tokyomx conversion story - Movie 7/3 (gold) 21: 00 - 22:54 Japanese television Friday load show “[wevuangeriwon] new theater edition: Beginning tv edition” tv animation pickup 090629 new room Showa 之 supervision tv series, 2 work simultaneous starts

    • 【録画メモ】平成21年7月1日(水)の新番組
      * 7/2 where it is private video recording memo of Oguro's (the wood) 01: 20 - 01:50 TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. we is the angel! - no angel no luck- 7/2 (wood) 01: 30 - There is no 02:00 [chibaterebi] bearing cat, time 7/2 (the wood) 02: 08 - 02:38 Fuji Telecasting Co. blue flower tv animation pickup 090629 new room Showa 之 supervision tv series, 2 work simultaneous starts

    • わーい
      The [wa] - it is and 3 period desperate teachers don't you think? it is like it decides from even July as for title '<. >Good bye, even desperate teacher does' from shaft 'conversion story' July, don't you think? supervision was the new room Showa 之, don't you think?… Being busy, the shank!! The various [gugu] [tsu] [te] cod similarly 'the elemental hunter' you say from July, don't you think? funny so being you do, such science which you think that setting is good, we like the work n (eet) h (ikikomori) k (youkai) you do 2009.04.19.sun | In addition | com: 1 | tb: 0 | top -

    • 深房×シャフト×神谷
      The chicken which is and is not the thing of ~ desperate teacher* Well it is the salad, 'the conversion which is broadcast from July story' is, but don't you think? cast information being released, it increases, the ~ you flatter and the 々 wooden calendar Kamiya Hiroshi history 89 temple true early evening Kato Suguru Biri God Hara Suruga 沢 castle see carefully and keep thousand stone wild pink flower 澤 fragrance greens feather river wing Horie reason robe Oshino [meme] 櫻 well filial piety Hiroshi battlefields the field [hi] boiling Saito thousand harmony original: Nishio restoration “conversion story” (the Kodansha publishers, Ltd. box) character original idea: vofan supervision: New room Showa 之 series constitution: East. 耶 child [kiyarakutadezain] entire drawing supervision: Watanabe Akio series director: . Stone Tatuya visual director: Takeuti Nobuyuki music: Kamimae dawn acoustic supervision: Tsuruoka positive it is thick the fine arts supervision: Iijima 寿 Osamu animation production: ~ Kamiya whom the shaft it puts out and is the shank ~ still this original is you have not read with leading part something, but it is the pleasure taking the Nishio restoration as we which becomes densely in the theatre/playing word series! Furthermore because music is Kamimae, don't you think? ~ this and in the pleasure! Furthermore…It broadcasts this properly even in Fukuoka, it is! You did, because (the ^0^)/from July it is broadcast in Fukuoka, the fact that it is attention this and 'main point' is the combining ~ Fukuoka bad harvest which is rank!

    • 新番組色々
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , please visit the following link

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