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    Broadcast related words Hamonepu Fuji TV VS嵐 hamonep league

    • So, if you say, you have forgotten*
      [buroguneta]: During one word participating densely it is in the new adult, it is the [wa] (the ●´∀ `Because -)/today while [nepurigu] seeing with the day off, there was a thing which nothing today when the inside of the ~ [ri] which it waited is *kay* write, and being like the arrest person is present with the person of the new adult with [buroguneta], shank each time you think, but it is, the ~ doing, scuffling and/or driving recklessly and/or raging and/or the various scene flowing with the television however the [ru] the true adult the [a] [a] the thing which is said do, whether [yame] [ru] that there is no first step [ji] [ya] to the adult at [kitsupari] and a teen applying thinks the [u] to tell the truth *kay* the younger brother this year was coming-of-age ceremony,… the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] you have forgotten the [yo, a liberal translation
      [buroguneta] : 在一个词期间密集参与它在新的成人,它是[wa] (●´∀ `由于-) /today,当[nepurigu]时看见与休息日,有什么都的事,当它等待是*kay* ~ [ri的]时的里面今天不写,并且是象拘捕人是存在与新的成人的人与[buroguneta],小腿,每次您认为,然而,但是它是,做的~,鲁莽混战并且/或者驾驶并且/或者发怒并且/或者各种各样的场面流动与电视[ru]真实的成人[a] [a]说的事, [yame] [ru]是否没有第一步[ji] [ya]对成人在[kitsupari],并且青少年申请认为[u]告诉真相*kay*弟弟今年是成熟礼仪式,… [我] [tsu] [凯爱] [ya]您忘记了[yo

    • �� muriyari �� neta �� kurisumasu ��
      [buroguneta]: “Christmas!”The photograph, showing! In the midst of participation
      [buroguneta] : “圣诞节! ”照片,显示! 在参与中间

    • Month ~ gold, favorite order
      [buroguneta]: Month ~ Friday, arranging favorite into order! In the midst of participation ①Thursday…Because there is a drama “boss” ②Wednesday…Because there is a drama “appearance” ③Because Monday… there is “[nepurigu]” ④Because Friday… there is a “[pochi] cartridge” ⑤Tuesday…Because the program which we would like to see there is no at all
      [buroguneta] : 月~星期五,安排喜爱入命令! 在参与中间 ①星期四…,由于有戏曲“上司” ②星期三…,由于有戏曲“出现” ③由于星期一…那里是“[nepurigu]” ④由于星期五…那里是“[pochi]弹药筒” ⑤星期二…,由于我们希望看那里的节目是没有

    • happy december
      [buroguneta]: Directing on end of year, schedule, teaching at a stroke
      [buroguneta] : 指挥在年底,日程表,教在冲程

    • 味噌スープ
      [buroguneta]: You see as soup, the [so] juice, either one the favorite? As for participation Nakamoto sentence from here
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    • うっしッ!!
      [buroguneta]: Memory of love, it remains in eyesight? It remains in the sense of smell? It remains in hearing? In the midst of participation, a liberal translation
      [buroguneta] : 记忆爱,它在眼力保持? 它在嗅觉保持? 它在听力保持? 在参与中间

    • 好きなアナウンサー
      [buroguneta]: As for the announcer that “we like this announcer”? While lover participating after the Fuji Telecasting Co. Nakano Minako announcer who the announcer always is seen with the [me] [chi] [ya] lover the shank announcement with Itoh [anaunsanepurigu] is easy to hear very and those where the [tsu] [pa] talking is good are the announcer, don't you think? with f-1 and it is easy hearing with horse racing most don't you think? with [a] horse racing blue 嶋 is, run the tomorrow which appears to also the cartoon of [makibao] with voice Satuki prize
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