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    Sogabe Keiiti,

    Music related words Sano Motoharu Izumiya Shigeru THE ELEPHANT KASHIMASHI Keiichi Sokabe BAND ZAZEN BOYS
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  • ○■ 曽我部恵一

  • ○■ September 4th (gold) 12: 00open 12:20 ~21: 00 emi meyer/gagle/the temporary [yu] it does, 58/[kimaguren]/coma-chi/gilles peterson/Sunakawa Megumi reason song/special others/dachambo/crane/doping panda/dragon ash/nabowa/that [wa]/hakata the Miho brhyssco/wind God thunder god/Hukuhara/black bottom brass Toshio band/Matsuura/green/rhymester/… and more September 5th (the Saturday) 11: 00open 11:20 ~21: Kenichi 00 Asai/[anchimujika]/Ueda Masa tree with sly robbie/the explosions/comeback my daughters/COOL wise man/kenji suzuki&gota yashiki super session band/gontiti/the Shiina purity flat & the small swamp way can be less crowded,/ska☆rockets/soil &” pimp” sessions/soffet/doberman/nontroppo/[hanbatohanbato]/flavor hall/majestics/your song is good/leyona/… and more September 6th (day) 11: 00open 11:20 ~21: 00 morning promontory Iku Megumi/the spring valley it does, the [ge] [ru]/board tail creation road/ego wrappin'and the gossip of jaxx/osaka monaurail/Jonan sea/zazen the hardness loyal retainer of boys/Sokabe Megumi one band/chihiro/chomoranma/the chord/Tokyo panorama mambo baud is Naomi with Watanabe ([buyonse])/tommy guerrero/the travellers/natural radio station/bagdad cafe the trench town/ban ban bazar/east rice field [tomohiro]/vijandeux/brown sugar/port of notes/maccafat/miss monday/metis/rickie-g/lecca/rock'a'trench/u-dou&platy/… and more

  • ○■ 01. The rock which rolls, morning falls in you,/asian kung-fu generation02. You look at the same month/going under ground03. Human bird elegy/tacica04. Desire/Lost in time05. Red yellow Kanagi rhinoceros/[hujihuaburitsuku] 06. Seven star/Nakamura reason 07. lucky/sou Parker 08. In [so] and others/concentrate ON popping09. It dyes,/[chiyatsutomonchi] 10. dolphin/Kimura [kaera] 11. Hummingbird/yuki12. The wind it waits,/grapevine13. Song/does14 which you like. Wave/nico touches the walls15. Heart of blue/Sokabe Megumi 116. The baby kind night coming,/sambo master 17. When [aoisora]/[suneohea] medieval times appear, the kana w which probably will be bought the movie we would like to see quickly the ~

  • ○■ (official page!!!)↓

  • ○■ By the way, my fixed turn becomes the album, but Otaki 詠 one 'a long vacation' shelf

  • ○■ * Even if August 13 sunri se orator saintly starvation demon II, kan, [tokumarushiyugo] and rovo, the chestnut coder quartet, tenniscoats and overgroundacousticunderground, the Takeda group, oneokrock, Shin Osada presentsbarmalpaso ([barumarupaso]) * sequential difference & August 14 sunrise orator Yazawa Eikichi, 9mmparabellumbullet, beatcrusaders, thehiatus, boomboomsatellites, does, thebackhorn and Sokabe Megumi one band, relativity, ego-wrappin'andthegossipofjaxx, pe'z, yanokami, takkyuishino, hiroshikawanabe, toby, djtasaka, shinnishimura, devicegirls and d.w. [nikoruzu], ovall, detroit7, the Seoul flower union and the Shochiku Co., Ltd. valley it is clear & [emason] Kitamura, Kawakami, with that [mudomeikazu], the van van bazaar, hifana and [oresukabando],suzumoku, Shiina purity flat &thesoulforce & sequential different [yahuniyusu] quotation

  • ○■ Pleasant surface and trou blesome surface

  • ○■ The most love lock being able to dance together in the world, it was maximum time

  • ○■ i have no time Yamaguchi ocean made in aso ~ solo acoustic vol.1

  • ○■ 鏈接網頁的書面日 本 ,

  • ○■ tommy gun the clash the s ingles

  • ○■ Exceeding the Sokabe Megu mi one [randevubando] night, - the ♪ exceeding, listening it rushes! [wa] Sokabe who is cute

  • 曽我部恵一

    Sogabe Keiiti,

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