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    White Day,

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    • March 16th (gold) [bu] and coming, a liberal translation
      09:12 from twitter for android (re: @kendootk) When you use @kendootk that, inevitable inside the company today 1st with made clothes wearing the shank (^ω^;)As for that…Without being bad, the shank (`Ω ') on the other hand so we would like to do… Well 09:14 from keitai web it will go to… pc taking
      从慌张的09:12机器人的(关于: @kendootk),当您使用,不可避免在今天公司第1里面与佩带小腿的@kendootk (^ω^的做的衣裳;)关于那…没有是坏的,小腿(“Ω’)在另一只手,因此我们希望做… 从keitai网的好的09:14它将去…个人计算机采取

    • March 15th (wood) [bu] and coming that 1
      08:12 from keitai web @rockstar_1124 @c_toma11 @cat_risa @takamy00 @onsentour @johnny_shingo @punky_neta the inside [yu] floating, it does
      从keitai网@rockstar_1124 @c_toma11 @cat_risa @takamy00 @onsentour @johnny_shingo @punky_neta的08:12漂浮的里面[yu],它

    • March 14th (water) [bu] and coming that 1
      #brz_subaru ow.ly/9cyeq ([tsuito] of brz) 01:08 rt from web jx, in Miyagi prefecture Ishimaki city opening earthquake disaster correspondence ss…Clears up actual proof start goo.gl/fb/tlflw via @responsejp ([tsuito] of the response) in the range whose such as oil supply functional immediately restoration also 01:10 from gooblog production snowscape goo.gl/ldfti 01:10 rt from web 14 day is wide tenki.jp/forecaster/dia… which Today focusing on the Pacific Ocean side the sunlight fell
      #brz_subaru从网jx的ow.ly/9cyeq ([tsuito] brz) 01:08 rt,在宫城县Ishimaki市开头地震灾害书信ss…在也实际证明开始goo.gl/fb/tlflw通过从gooblog生产snowscape goo.gl/ldfti 01:10 rt的@responsejp的范围清理([tsuito]反应) 01:10从网14天例如石油供应功能立刻恢复是宽tenki.jp/forecaster/dia…今天集中于太平洋边阳光下跌

    • March 14th (water) [bu] and coming that 1
      08:07 from keitai web (re: @sas_bot) @sas_bot good morning it is
      从keitai网的08:07 (关于: @sas_bot) @sas_bot早晨好它是

    White Day, japanese culture,

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