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    Chocolate Friends,

    retail sales japanese culture related words Lovelle Valentine Obligation chocolate Chocolate Valentine Favorite chocolate His chocolate White Day

    • Happy Valentine ♪
      Today today, as for February 14th various Valentine such as the friend chocolate opposite chocolate which Saint Valentine's Day is recently seems a certain way, but in the woman very very the pleasure it is day in the man, don't you think? the woman staff had the many chocolates even with decora don't you think? and even from the customer in the staff with our staffs who love the truly receives the many Valentine chocolates thank you chocolate please pass the full are true with feeling of appreciation with cute Valentine night
      今天今天,至于为2月14日各种各样的华伦泰例如在圣徒情人节最近是的巧克力对面的朋友巧克力似乎某一方式是否,但是在妇女非常非常乐趣它在人的天,您是否是不认为? 妇女职员食用了许多巧克力甚而与得体您不认为? 并且甚而从职员的顾客有爱的我们的职员的真实地接受许多巧克力感谢您的华伦泰巧克力请通过充分是真实的充满欣赏的感觉与逗人喜爱的华伦泰夜的

    • White Valentine ♪
      In such a wind as for recent Valentine, girl? Not only calling the boy as for, the girl of the [te] and? It gives to the girl, the friend chocolate* As one becomes main current, you think, a liberal translation
      在这样风象最近华伦泰的,女孩? 不仅告诉男孩至于为,女孩[te]和? 它给女孩,朋友chocolate*,当一个成为主要潮流,您认为

    • Did you find the information you're looking for? This person may know the things that you want to know.
      Because today the Valentine day, as for everyone is risen is as for the combining [e] pad which probably will be this year the friend chocolate of the older sister was gone some reason, that - also the [tsu] [te] the easy chin ♪ [wa] last year is Valentine that it lifts to the certain 2~30 person having babbled, the [a] it is after all to do, the hand shopping of the material and to put out to the predicament which is spread very much, giving to the first such many people are serious don't you think? because the [chi] [bi] this year you did not call at all, that when you think, whether it is good with it is the question, with the question
      由于今天情人节,至于为大家上升是至于为大概今年将是更老的姐妹的朋友巧克力的结合的[e]垫去一些原因, -也[tsu] [te]容易的下巴♪是否是[wa]去年它举到唠叨某一2~30的人的华伦泰, [a]它,在和投入的所有做,材料的手购物对非常之后传播的困境,给第一这样许多人民是严肃的您不认为? 因为[凯爱] [双]您根本今年没有叫,那,当您认为时,是否是好与它是问题,与问题

    • アーモンド
      Today (≧▼≦) today the almond chocolate was made, ~ [reshipi] this reader simple cooking you have registered candy five provision well, the [tsu] [chi] it is to direct to [burogute] ゙ [subarentain], Sawayama [chiyokoretoreshipi] being raised, it increases, is I made coating doing the chocolate just a little was difficult to this almond, is
      今天(≧▼≦)杏仁巧克力今天被做了, ~ [reshipi]简单烹调您的这个读者很好登记了糖果五供应, [tsu] [凯爱]它是指挥对[burogute] ゙ [subarentain], [chiyokoretoreshipi]被上升的Sawayama,它增加,是我做了涂层做巧克力少许是困难的对这个杏仁,是

    Chocolate Friends, retail sales, japanese culture,

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