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    Cerebral Vascular Disorder,

    Health related words Myocardial infarction Arteriosclerosis Cerebral hemorrhage Heart disease

    • Brumby in mourning as father dies
      JOHN Brumby has suspended all public engagements to mourn his father who died and aged 84, after suffering a stroke. As for John Brin B, after the stroke in 84 years old death. In order to mourn the father, all public. Contract has been stopped
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    • Kim Jong-Il 'has chronic kidney failure'
      North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is suffering from kidney failure which requires dialysis and also has partial paralysis following a 2008 stroke and the head of a state research institute said Wednesday. The Kim Jong-Il General Secretary of North Korea and Korea, this doing also after the stroke 2008 from kidney obstacle, part the flax. Dialysis necessity it suffers, head of the institution of state it announced, a liberal translation
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    • FDA Mulls Pulling Diet Pill Linked to Heart Attack, a liberal translation
      WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal health scientists are considering pulling Abbott Laboratories' diet pill Meridia OFF the market, based ON data that it increases heart attack and stroke. Washington (AP) - the federal healthy scientist [merideia] pulling the pill of diet of the [abotsutoraboratorizu] corporation from the market, on the basis of the heart seizure and the data which increases stroke, it examines, a liberal translation
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    • original letters
      Please note that the linked pages are in Japanese.
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    • Japanese talking
      The Guardian's health editor introduces our health factfile - and the FULL dataset behind it• Get the data• Tomorrow: politicsHealth and as the work of Professor Sir Michael Marmot most recently eloquently demonstrated, is in no small part a function of where and to whom you were Born. The most deprived communities, where jobs are low-paid if not scarce and those who make it to university are a talking point rather than the norm, are also those where cancer rates and heart disease and strokes are high. One government after another has been uncomfortably aware of this and made promises to do something about it. It has always defeated them. But while the health inequality gap persists and the UK's health overall has been getting better. Comprehensive childhood immunisation programmes have virtually wiped out some diseases. Smoking has become the number one public health target and although we still struggle to get certain groups - Young women and people in those deprived areas particularly - to quit, the public smoking ban and high taxes and campaigns have had an impact that must show up in lower rates of lung and other cancers and reduced heart disease. Diagnosis and treatment of cancer has improved - even if we still trail much of Europe in death rates. The politicians (and the drug companies) argue that is because we don't buy the newest and most expensive cancer drugs. The cancer tsar, Professor Mike Richards, will tell you it is because we are slow to diagnose the disease and especially in those deprived areas (again) where men and women do not stride into the GP's surgery demanding attention. In recent years, the health gap has become visible, manifesting itself in obesity, which is often most rife among those with less money and less education and who are more likely to buy affordable a As for healthy editor of guardian our health factfile introduction - with on back, data•Tomorrow: As work of the politicsHealth professor sir Michael marmot shown recently eloquently, please procure? The complete data set when it is function in extremely part, was born in the partner
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    • Japanese talking
      Women with stressful jobs face a 40 percent higher risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke or need surgery to open a blocked artery and a new study has found. In addition, job insecurity, or fear of losing a job, was associated with risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, increased cholesterol and excess body weight and said the study unveiled Sunday at an American Heart Association meeting in Chicago. The woman who has the work whose stress is many, being blocked, the heart seizure and stroke and necessity operation suffering in order to open the artery, in the face of the risk whose 40% is high, in new research, was related with the risk primary factor, found. Other than In, increase of the heart blood vessel disease of the hypertension and the like which is a possibility of losing employment insecurity or job, cholesterol and excessive weight, in research, announced Sunday with assembly of the American heart association in Chicago, a liberal translation
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    • Revealed to little acclaim - the pill that prevents cancer
      If Big Pharma had unveiled a brand new drug that would stop 20% of cancer deaths, the hype would be enormous and the pressure to buy it, at an inevitably high cost and huge. But it exists - it's called aspirin, it costs almost nothing and the revelation of its potential failed to make most front pagesOn my way home from work last night and I stopped at the chemist and bought a small plastic tub containing what appears to be the world's first genuine miracle drug. Low-dose aspirin. The tub contained 100 small pills and each one 75g. It cost just over £1. If a team of researchers at Oxford University, publishing today in the Lancet medical journal are to be believed and taking one of these a day for at least five years and preferably much longer can cut your risk of cancer by 20% or more. You would have thought the bunting would be flying from the lamp posts and champagne popping in the street. The Big C is supposed to be everybody's biggest dread. We are constantly exhorted to stop smoking and eat more fruit and vegetables and cut our weight - all of which would help save us from cancer and but which so many of us seem to find so hard to do. And now we have a once-a-day pill that can substantially reduction the risk - in the case of gastrointestinal cancer by over 50%.And yet the coverage has been relatively subdued and the excitement level low. While the BBC's Today programme led its news bulletins with the story and Sky News did a package and the newspapers - with the exception of the Express which carries a weekly miracle pill story - failed to run it ON the front pages. My story, under heavy competition with the latest from WikiLeaks and made page 8.Why is this? Familiarity breeds contempt and they say. We already know aspirin can help prevent heart attacks and stroke. People may feel they have heard As for the major medicine manufacture company, when 20% of the death due to the cancer is stopped announces the new medicine where, as for extravagant advertisement, enormous as for the pressure which is accustomed, at high cost, it purchases enormous that inevitably, a liberal translation
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    • Japanese talking
      US research suggests popcorn prevents cancer - can this be true and should I let my kids eat more of it? I read a research study, presented to the American Chemical Society and that popcorn is good for preventing cancer. Can this be true? Should I  let my children eat a  lot more of it? There's a big problem in extrapolating from results reported in animals to human beings - and the popcorn story comes from an interesting but solitary animal study. We  are very far from knowing how popcorn might change the risk of cancer in people and if it does at all. But we do know, from years of experience and our knowledge of nutrition, that excessive intake of popcorn can lead to obesity and probably also to overdosage of salt and which can induce high blood pressure. So if you encourage your children to overdo their popcorn consumption, you almost certainly won't change their cancer risk and but will probably increase their chances of heart attack and stroke. When we know a bit more about the reason for the apparent influence of popcorn ON cancer in the laboratory - such as from a particular chemical in the mix - then we might be better able to  make a judgment. For the last three years or so and I've often woken up in the morning with  a severe stiff neck that means I  can't move my head to one  side at all. The stiffness lasts for three or four days and is relieved only slightly by painkillers and there are no other symptoms. Could it be a  virus? Should I be worried? There's no evidence that a virus infection could lead to three years of  symptoms like yours and so you have to look for another cause for your stiff neck. The fact that you wake up  with it this way suggests that your posture when asleep isn't right - is your pillow firm enough to support your n As for the American research, popcorn stopping. The cancer is prevented, - this can do true thing, as for me as for my child it seems that eats above that? As for me, reading presentation research and study in the American chemical society, as for that popcorn, it prevents the cancer it is suitable
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    • Japanese talking
      A new trial of the Red Heart polypill, four drugs in a single tablet and launches today to assess whether those at risk of heart attacks and strokes will take it regularly and whether it will saves lives. As the world changes and so do patterns of disease. Heart attacks and strokes used to be thought of as the burden of rich countries. Increasingly and cardiovascular disease is spreading across the developing world. In rich countries and those at risk of a heart attack may be offered a whole load of different protective pills. But in developing countries, there is little in the way of preventive medicine and most pills are expensive and few patients take the sort of daily drug cocktails that keep some people well in the west. But the polypill could change all that. A major new trial launches tomorrow to find out whether the Red Heart Pill, as it has been christened and could be a simple solution. It is four preventative drugs in a single, daily and cheap tablet. It contains low dose aspirin and a statin and two blood pressure-lowering medicines. All of them are cheap generic drugs. Some think the polypill has such potential in preventing heart attacks and strokes that it ought to be widely available in Europe to those who have even low risk factors and such as overweight and high blood pressure. But there are issues around dosing healthy people with drugs - particularly aspirin. But people who are at high risk - those who have already had one heart attack or stroke and for instance - are a different matter. And in countries like India and there are many people in that situation who have no chance of medicines - they are unavailable or too expensive. The vast majority of people have to pay for treatment. The UMPIRE trial (Use of a Multidrug Pill In Reducing cardiovascular Events) launches today in London in t Lead heart polypill is new with the test whose, as for four medicines of 1 locks, these heart seizures of today and dangerously the plate of stroke whether or not whether or not periodic, will lives. Retaining the modification of as world, when it starts in order catches and to appraise, pattern of the sickness is done
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    Cerebral Vascular Disorder, Health,

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