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    Great Burnet,

    Nature related words Thistle The Motomasa

    • Crimson of rain
      Para para with, when you think, that the rainy kind of sound which can be repelled did stopping the Japanese-Chinese death which the cool wind comes blowing the cold which is not pulled rarely coming, because the stone not to stop, is like somewhat there is a heat, trying probably to return ahead of time, because the cod and the father say < [are], not taking - > the [tsu] [te], however [su])) way [a] [ta] ^т^ HKDRT the photograph about of title there is no [a], please see up it did [ne] last year with [kururu], when this rain of… burnets ends, summer comes, it is, don't you think? certainly

    • Retirement celebration
      Truth, [noriutsugi] and [rakanpanera] of the wooden strawberry, the burnet and the thorn, fall the color hydrangea

    • The [za] it is it does good morning
      The [a] ~~~ the ~~ it is the air [se] obtaining side which is done to do, the ~ it is with your [wa] master noon which would like to be side it comes returning with around the [i] sofa unless and… going to the hospital of the mother from the noon, the scale it is to do, because the older brother who with the parents' home lives alone is work going, unless cleaning between the [ru], the scale it is to do, when already one person I stay, the ~ [a], me of [pigu] calling, it is dense (the ≧▽≦) the [a], as for me of [pigu] dancing, stand wants is in [tsu] temporary palm part trap ゚ ゚ (≧д≦) ゚ ゚. Furthermore someone me it is small, it hits the rear end and the ~~ the [tsu] coming, it disturbs to the burnet house and is to wait after a long time being able to chat the delightful [ji] [yo

    • Offering
      The stand of Casablanca, pampas and lotus, water non month, burnet, [shinpijiyumu], Al veil white, lemon leaf

    • Run song tune, [chi] going*
      Don't you think? tune favorite of Asaoka Megumi you heard after a long time, with I like debut tune, the tune ♪ 1 which becomes the present air) as for my him the left effectiveness Asaoka Megumi 2) burnet Sugimoto 眞 person 3) at the sushi shop the [a] it was full and kept and 4) dusk Junko love again Akimoto 5) also Tokyo elegy Moriyama Aiko today was risen with the milk boiled rice, when it was and profit called the fact that the Moriyama Aiko milk of the guest is put on the boiled rice and said with in the boiled rice of sip from the tablespoon full milk it tries trying? Unexpectedly, it becomes habit, (' the 艸 `)

    • The Ghanaian new member to acquisition!
      Official announcement however it probably is today, almost with the book rule shank Urawa “decided the policy of making a contract 18 year old Ghanaian choosing a person hands in c contract to acquisition the [huoruka] [huinke] supervision of Urawa (61), after the practicing of 18 days which set the policy of acquiring the Ghanaian choosing a person hand of 18 years old where it participates in Urawa practice last month as the student from 14th, in anticipation of future,”, it is not the same war potential which was said, name and personal history etc of the same player whom it keeps rearing in c contract are not revealed yet <[nitsukan]> This case being published lastly even with comment of official [huinke], because to tell the truth yesterday which it increases, this player was not in practice there being question from the reporter, because he where this case is detected once returning home, preparing at the stage where contract is formed, because it is c contract treatment of the new member who is the thing that it faces to Japan, because with, as for performance of the African type kind of player who “the burnet” lives there is a part where you watch the eye, we would like to expect even with some roughing is the good opportunity where and, you look at the rearing power of [huinke] from something expecting greatly, it increases! Supporting this [burogu] of the ↓, when it can receive, the click which is grateful and is we ask!

    • Burnet (crack like this)
      [waremokou] (the burnet) the being less crowded which (is done thin to the month seeing of 15 night of fall when it receives [waremokou] from being placed next) and also it can apply, it seems, various Chinese character like those which cannot be missed “the burnet”: Because our country (Japan) with mind of wooden fragrance, the root has been similar to wooden fragrance, you say here, “wooden fragrance” with thing of the root of chrysanthemum course of the Indian original product, there is a strong aroma, the health. As a medicine and an insecticide it is used, “the burnet”: When also the crack which is used generally with Japanese ode and haiku etc and is crimson, meaning “our Japanese quince”: Because the Japanese quince (like this)” shape of the floret of [waremokou], has been similar to the pattern of the Japanese quince which inserted the crack with thing of the pattern where the nest of the bird and the Chinese race which displays the egg are round, as for flower word “attachment” “it is to presume [bo] [u]” ○ “burnet being too forward, the intention kana” ≪ Kobayashi one brown ≫○ burnet of the flower the being less crowded which is done as for the mosquito net Akikusa which is driven rust system coming you see and black out in you” the ≪ young “also mountain Bokusui ≫○ whether our 亦 (and) crimson (you do not give) the appearance the [hi] [so] and,” the floret getting together in the ≪ Takahama emptiness child ≫ top, the truthAs for the flower which attaches the spica kind of with the copper as for the petal to the end which is not reading grateful [burogu

    • Fall is
      However it is today and weather progresses and being very good, work [sakusaku] safe end weather continuing this way, should have given the rice plant cutting which today plans in me who am poor the alcohol where today it deceived the head which hurts and it carried back the grass flower which around the burnet and the house which are found with the bank of the rice plant cutting even then the rice field of deceiving has bloomed and beautiful the waist applying in the chair of [susumu] and outside, 暫 it did the full moon of the last night when you think as the fall shelf which is put in the vase the month seeing joked and sounded the John [be] which slowly, the full moon climbs slowly on the trees which surround around the house which is packed, drank can [chiyuhai] as for unusual monthThrowing the light of the fall, even now outside the window where side it does by [keiko] where the insect has sung the fall

    • Burnet
      issue , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      Whether for the first time there is what kind of fields and mountains grass while the framework framework to do, when it enters into hiking course to the mountaintop, [ominaeshi] (the woman 郎 flower), the man 郎 flower (with to do to exceed wealth curtain mountain hiking) [waremokou] (the burnet), [matsumushisou] (the pine insect grass) and the like was seen immediately, when unusual [nanbangiseru] that as for the [nanbangiserumatsumushisou] mountaintop vicinity, [matsumushisou] and [ominaeshi] outbloom, among those, (enlargement) [ominaeshi] (the woman 郎 flower) the man 郎 flower (with to do to exceed the photograph) near [waremokousawashirogikusawahiyodori] view area it lives upon to the root of the saw grass and the like with click, gaze butterfly flies about [tamurasou] which is similar to [azami]With butterfly [tamurasou] latest hiking which crowds in [matsumushisou] which attaches the one wheel and color, as for the next it is possible to peep through the wealth curtain mountain where the nature remains mainly beginning of spring and we would like to visit the wealth curtain mountain of early summer

    • The ♪ you grieve and hide, are confused simply and wander about, this worldwide ~~♪
      大量的日本當前主題 , original japanese letters , translated

    • Burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis)
      The mountain path ahead keeps rising “multi. . The burnet in the garden shook in the wind where the mountain of folk art mansion” 蓼 course the [re] comes from, (september 2009 Nagano prefecture Saku city Mochizuki Cho multi. . At folk art mansion)

    • Contest
      The contest which with the foot shakes in Siyuuhuu of the saw grass and the burnet… the world of the saw grass still it continues

    • Flower of 9/26 brown 
      <<The burnet so is the rose of sharon cherry tree is with the being less crowded which [hujibakama] is done >> as for this time, the flower of season to ahead to ahead to bloom, when with the manner which looks at the distance where they are the circumstances which have suffered hardship suddenly (also 70 years old are latter half) “the brain becomes pitted contact point state”, that the [bu] and he grows hoarse with, as for this you probably will not see, when random thing is done, intense flies firmly! “How to teach it has not done”, while the [a] [a] seeing and the [pe] [ro] [ri] and putting out tongue with the heart which you use, “there is no excuse”, that you say, but is, while doing the face which is said completely as for word of the face deciding which is astringent “shame are your own having”, as for me becoming to however many, there is no growth

    • 'Name month of middle fall'
      If October 3rd it goes. Because the invitation ticket it had received Fuchi flowing, around 5 o'clock you fall in love to every year Daisaku which goes to seeing to the Tenma house and the burnet which is sung even in the ballad which falls in love (the burnet) is widely used and being wooden flower actual of the various fall which remains in impression, is decorated and the meeting place fall drifts all the way and increases (the tower Fukuyama station of ntt) then you looked at the name month of middle fall and the way and there where it rises to the Fukuyama castle under name month, Atuko's Asano actor talking stage… “the invitation to the Japanese myth” because it is performed, the person of the multitude waited for raising the curtain in the open space before the castle tower (Photograph it clicks expands) the [ma] it is month of 15 night of circle gradually to the skies to climb the friend who is illuminated you watch freely and showing the stone wall of the castle tower which was enjoyed and name month of fall among these of month to also the mother who is 94 years old which when are in Kyushu and is hospitalized after…… you remember the mother

    • It is October,…
      September, work and the comic story volunteer, had various thing even with privacy,… the encounter the separation being complicated, when its own life keeps being made, keenly you feel this time of today when is as… 40th anniversary commemoration comic story meetings get near, you cannot practice sufficient comic story and impatience has arisen with the [ira] standing, but somehow you make rejoice in the day, in order doing again to introduce the air, if it does not keep raising motivation, with you think,… in the Friday of last week night, always you have taken care to Hirakata city station nearby wine bar “tiller”, is invited in n teacher whom goes after that goes the store whichWith the full house it had keeping accompanying for the first time at your favorite store of n teacher, that… the mother of your that store, took care very much during lifetime of the older sister, you say and truly is surprised “with the society wide way you are narrow”, that in order for the older sister who is the circumstance which is realized to go to that store in me, you treat and high how it is not certain, is, but good quality of personality of the older sister and the form which yearns talk and with “once in a lifetime” as important, in the customer who it is glad very much informs about the thickness of human feelings of the older sister and as a younger brother, the karaoke “burnet which the older sister likesIt was sung, remembered unintentionally and the tear did not stop, but without forgetting the favor which is received even from now on in order for it to be possible to return even at one, you try probably to keep endeavoring…

    • Buckwheat noodle touring
      Being the case that, it is the season when fall the buckwheat noodle is tasty as for the place where it goes to buckwheat noodle touring before that it is name many of the side highway buckwheat noodle of Kumamoto prefecture Minami Oguni Cho and this area, weather was well good in any case! Downpour of preceding day like lie very the morning when it clears up as for the place where it dampens in the road surface although it was, drying instantly inside, the back which is perfect touring day harmony because [kiyara] where it cannot accompany the fact that the mountains present partner of the [ma] common highway accompanies 2 off cars quickly at last well is different when it has rested with the rest house which is not manner the chopper heuristic front fork the almost same shout as the angle of the pillar entering to pillar or the [ge] of the distant building where the various motorcycle gets together it increases, however (w) with, also the essential buckwheat noodle the 喰 [tsu] it is, in 喰 [u] thing the photograph you take with absorption you forgot! This time “the burnet (also the crack like this)” with the buckwheat noodle which is said is the tastiness which the meal is done and when and it tries probably to return, the beauty you discover at the parking zone!! Instantly when it directs the camera, whether what being shy, whether it is absorption in the saw grass and the grass flower rear it was one day of ↓↓↓ refreshing fall which faces

    • Childbirth celebration arrangement.
      The cotton wool of the grass button which is Sweet old it made in the basket whose [gihutoarenjiepanuuirusutairu] of the childbirth celebration which is sent to the present arrangement friend is round and the image whose Halloween color match is easy shaking, as for bearing the child whom it increases and, raising, being very serious, as for being able to deliver of such cute start of important thing the flower instantaneously, very delightful being order thank you for enormously, is used flower material fall the color hydrangea rose (Halloween and Sweet old) grass button burnet [purumosamu] apple [erinjiyumu

    • Kanagi rhinoceros ([kinmokusei])
      When “the Kanagi rhinoceros ([kinmokusei])” it appears in this timewise garden which has the wood of the Kanagi rhinoceros which even in the parents' home which is largely was brought up in one of the flowers which I like, that the fragrance of the Kanagi rhinoceros was moved to the Chinese brown where the good fragrance has drifted, in addition the Japanese brown where the fragrance “of the Katsura flower brown” metallurgy wooden rhinoceros does and is “golden Katsura” and so on method of enjoying which is different being possible, it is pleasant, is and tremendousness (just a little in me over? ) The fact that effect is produced, Uchida virtue flavor of the cartoonist is from debut that time which is favorite with the writer, the flower and the event which are drawn in her work, the building etc., to be deep seems that takes root in my memory, (the ^^; “Burnet” “Halloween” “[mon] sun [mitsushieru]” and so on the comics which receive influence from her work to be thrown away in the mother of the parents' home. ゚ (no д `) ゚. It does not remain in labor assistant, but the large-sized book and illustration collection already the treasure of the lifetime which still important retains! When the Uchida virtue flavor it is in the work, with the stock work where the Kanagi rhinoceros appears well 'with liddle of the clock of the star' and so on, when you read to the fact that it has the Kanagi rhinoceros familiarly it is drawn very impressively partly due, inside the brain the fragrance it is bodily sensation it is possible you smell the fragrance in this timewise Kanagi rhinoceros (laughing) partly due to such a thing, memory of time of the child revives

    • The Sugimoto Makoto “burnet (also the crack like this)”
      日語句子 , original meaning

    • Burnet
      Quickly necessity to put out also cleaning with respect to the standpoint where once the grave which goes out with [kamisan] to visit to a grave of the actual younger sister of Minoru's who world is done is protected, you sitting down in the bedside, annoyance to put out, with arrives at the meaning grave which is said and, [kamisan] found the burnet shrewdly, it is rough, the burnet, when it is indifferent Minoru one person in the plant, mistaking for the weed, the insect [tsu] [te] the place where you put away the burnet it matches to the grave combining most, simply the point to do the incense stick, because there is no worry which divides song relationship is not on the other hand, the younger sister who lives together to the grave of the parents was touched off even commendably in popularity song south non Amitabha France

    • Japanese Letter
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • [amando].
      If you mention Roppongi, front of [amando], is the place of appointment, but now, [amando] was gone, it is being, I of direction tone-deafness, meeting before [amando], [amando] which it increases so the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] am after a long time, am the friend and something where it comes to drinking, but temporarily, lightly the recommendation, it is the green salad in the friend who is Italian ~ [nshishiria], but don't you think? the [e] ~, the green salad here it is tasty, is, but cucumber what while saying, searching the place of the salad with the menu, it is to stay but how seeing, the just a little ~ which is not that place pasta, the presbyopia the year when it does not passAbout 8 years old than me it is the older sister, but in any case, the pasta stomach of the basilico which is scatterbrain [anchiyobi] and the pizza of the garlic to do, after and others doing to obtain, the mother of snack 68 year old of the retreat being one person, because the master whom you do, whether it is ultra man rheo, because in the mother the photograph you take when you say, says that it is shy, it is similar and they are this year 20th anniversaries which are face picture when so, the left is 10th anniversaries, the pleasant mother where and, everyone who has everyone cry, it was [oshibori] and the [oshibori] ~ with the song, burnet which the mother right puts out and is mother of this year died, became one person but it is pleasantThe companions and the person who does not know at all there is a tear and with story and laughter of the ~ story of the pee leak [so] ~, is helped in everyone, truly the money I feel the feeling which cannot be bought with the skin

    • The jungle fowl head (it is to remove, questions)
      Thinking, that the cat whose walking on the way, is beautiful seems has bloomed when you tried getting near, it was the flower you have not seen until now

    • Result.
      To insert in the tank of the viewing [chi] [yu] singing and coming 1~5 number in order, attaching to 1 weekly bamboo vinegar water, when [aku] it does to pull out inserting the driftwood which comes with this which and the water. Way it becomes ill-smelling, if, because also the new filtration filter where the driftwood means to be used as the decoration of the fields and mountains grass rock garden is prepared, cleaning, after changing the water, it is to insert…… passing 3 hours which are the last time dangerous, as for the water it is transparent putting out 3rd day however. It did not become ill-smelling! And furthermore the copy water plant produces flabbily the air of 1 additional water plant 4 type attachments was made in the business which the copy stone and was bought to additional rear with 100 equals sticking the blue paper where, frequently you happen to see with the tropical fish store it became the sample tank like feeling which when this way is, for a while not to water not clean the [te] good quality blacks the droppings of coming which nice are well long thickly to have become something where it is because and, does the part transparent thin droppings the child which was to several days ago, unless it makes fasting, whether useless you thought, when it approaches, unintentionally [gohan] it stops wanting to lift,… well, the duck house. It was possible to stop becoming ill-smelling, it was good even then, of still, you cannot forget the tragedy that day, while the credit lap is attached……………… in the… interior it is such state in the ceiling, but outside as for morning and evening weather defective day still to be cold the [tsu] [te], in the semi- sleeve semi- pants the mountain hydrangea which is the 12℃ which is to become the duck skin (thing of gooseflesh) has received the full bloom being, as for the normal hydrangea now the burnet of the beginning of the year and pink bloomed when still color has not been attached and, just a little in stopping! Normally but [enji] color because pink lovely - ♪ this year still it has not bloomed, however the burnet of last year it has been similar, the [hu] where the pink which has not been similar is whiter the [hu] having grown, the health air the can direct? Because being this year, it ordered pink in state of the seedling, the next year when you try probably to bloom quickly certainly, 2 colors being even, with the fact that it blooms in the same time as a pleasure the [tsu

    • Good weather
      There was no pain where dentist simple expectation is largely shaved good weather morning it is easy to pass today but when future pain it puts out, because is troubled because the good opportunity morceau spreading/displaying of artist association of the city is done with that foot which comes to the point of remedying, one time going from before the observation returning, that because the buckwheat noodle which at the nearby side house which you think whether you will see, it made with the buckwheat flour of lunch various place buckwheat noodles Inokuchi whom you ate tastily was displayed something after the storekeeper a little story it was something such as Masuko's writer ones which draw the burnet with design it is funny while looking at the cherry tree of the street, to the house walking…… As for [someiyoshino] as for [ooshimazakura] of full bloom white as for [yaezakura] where the leaf comes out gradually while the cherry tree of 3 types shifting the time from now on, it makes enjoy

    • original letters
      Mountaintop parking. From altitude 1260m as for course around the west of climbing about approximately 1000m half it rose to the mountaintop being cut off, [shimotsukesou] and [metakarakouchiyousenkinmizuhikikooniyuri] and [ruritoranoo] of the pink which is the flower garden of the flower full Ibukiyama mountaintop? Is the flower of pink probably [mitsubabenkeisou]? The burnet (also the crack like this) is [shishiudo] in [sarashinashiyouma], or and rear still is course around the west Already a little in the mountaintop in pleasure such as view from the next mountaintop

    • And the case flower
      impressions , please visit the following link

    • The fall when it approaches
      Here several days, the [u] where morning and evening air temperature has gone down at once - summer it ended, don't you think? it is, being said, that there is no seasonal impression, it is long, but the [ma] [tsu] it does this time where the fall is felt in color and the wind of the sky facing toward the winter from this, the [gu] and others…Summer of this year, the burnet which has bloomed in the Owani Cho roadside which kind of today which it passed disappointingly it visits (the crack like this) as for the flower which realizes the quantity of the summer, when it enters into the [nouzenkazura] fall, while hearing the voice of the cicada where the gradually blue flower is conspicuous well, hearing the voice of the insect as for God at the time of problem of time, being truly sincere, as for the flora and fauna where the head goes down although it is gentle, just the human is selfish, don't you think? how you perform a handstand and pass, wins the natural providence the [tsu] that it does not come, it understands whether it is what, whether the [ru] to slide, but is, the burnet how plain flower thisUntil it is year, at all there was no either interest, but the dew grass, Kikiyou and saw grass… The maggot coming garden and changing weeding, so not to be hasty, whether the [te] are good

    • The Kumamoto itinerary first volume
      It is what, recently it is busy,… cleaning and washing. It is busy,… the father it is the [a] ~ it is the [tsu]!! We would like to appear in traveling, being the [o] ~ and the case that it is said, with everyone the starting ♪ first in Kumamoto travelling small. 蕎. The highway as for “because with the burnet” lunch ♪ lily, in the father tongue 'after this, the tea we would like to do at the white ball house, please does in just basket side the ♪' 2 people basket side with the single item as for the order father tongue completely with like pace of the lily,… as for the mother tongue the dessert attachment our 亦. The fixed food it is slow, it receives at all to water side, your this buckwheat noodle of the better callous, the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] is tasty!! Depending upon buckwheat noodle [tsu] [te] area, it is different at all, don't you think? although it is the delicate food, taste and the food impression are different at all after receiving your [tsu] buckwheat noodle, usual sort, search lily, [burogu] of time before me looking at hot spring town of the Kurokawa hot spring, when the white ball here would like to eat by any means, so… the snack after eating, the arrival relations staying 3 continual same ones has taken charge in the inn, also the optical tongue the father tongue changing clothes distantly in the bathrobe of the matching,… during optical tongue sleeping soundly which sleeps in the swift attack time of the night boiled rice, it was with the other side of the shoji lightThe tongue dividing into the room of the goo goo fireplace, and the room of folding mood optical tongue one person, has played in the pet bottle, the ♪ boiled rice eating, when the tail [ri]… (the photograph taking you have forgotten the [a] ~,) you sleep with the open-air bath of the room, tomorrow comes,… we would not like to return, the [o] ~ [tsu] and [ne] of breakfast which the lily properly the night 更 oak has been done forever, the boiled fish paste shape of the rabbit has done before the [a] ~ check out the souvenir picture lily rejoices very before the room with the way, whether from the [ru], in the child accompanying the consequence which the highest all the way slept, it was good! All. Leaving residing, when the truly good [wa] [a]… with, Sacchan is born in the child accompanying, in addition don't you think? it probably will go with everyone, the [e] ~♪

    • “Fall securely”
      From around the tray in the bank around the house the burnet had become vivid

    • Brown flower
      From September 1st as for the kimono as for the flower between the change of dress floor, Okutama [rengeshiyouma] and yellow [rengeshiyouma] (9/5) every week the teacher you can raise the flower of season personally in the single robe and in order to bloom in the field, that life [ke] [te] these 20 years vaguely you just saw name of the flower or without remembering well, recording forward above without (for dictating if memo is not taken afterwards, if it keeps forgetting) it was not the good pupil you want with you become aware, the teacher inserts heart from 70 generation latter half this and can apply and would like to absorb << 8/29 >> the burnet and 0 << 9/5 >>Inscription of the flower inserting legging I this am the non- bundle person who is called thing or [sunekajiri] which probably is the last time, * the fact that the photograph is taken from this angle was the failure

    • Flower of [waremokou
      [waremokou] (the rosaceae [waremokou] being attached perennial plant) the flower started blooming, in Chinese character inscription “of [waremokou]” other than the burnet our. Reaching this point where it is crimson, the burnet and our hair crimson etc are theories, but according to other version, “like this we would like there to be also the crack”, that including the thinking which is fleeting, when the question which is named you want, designating well, as for the dark red this flower that discussion there to be, that time that time when everyone respectively brown, the umber and purple etc you persist, in the selected person, from somewhere “well, I absolutely am crimson”, as for the selected person who is audible “because the flower says by my it probably is no color, you are not wrong, also the crack makes crimson”, with“Also the theory that it is, it became our 亦 crimson”, ('[uikipedeia] (wikipedia)' from) the circumstances where the flower keeps opening from direction ahead

    • Japanese talking
      July 4th (the Saturday) the occasionally rain and during clearing up have come extent to be good alternately, also the grass flower in the garden which is grateful and is one after another change… Now, the 緋 fan, the fall aronia which is quantity, 槿, the burnet, following afterwards to with egg-dimple, it is the pleasure, the thing noncentral returning main street (the colored paper) flower procurement. Bamboo flower. Japanese ginger, 篝. The grass, fall the interest 休 plum devil's mask wind furnace shelf ahead the aronia fragrance combination Yakushiji old material wind furnace. . Table water finger Hukai burning brown entrance old pine tree SI clothes large. Under paulownia tea set. The jujube (everyone it does to obtain, with the 蒔 picture of [kasasagi]) bowl Shigaraki burning (white), capital burning (Seikai. Colored picture), Masuko burning (flat bowl) brown 杓 [hototogisu] building water China copper (flat) cover position Portuguese make main candy Oume dried candy causing and ginger sugar candy vessel leaf shape plate (Hagi burning) round fan shape tray

    • original letters
      Whether or not as for tonight 15 night month is visible, furthermore the sensitivity as for walking in the current morning which is weather the flower shears and the troop hand, hanging the camera in the shoulder, you went out, because

    • Japanese talking
      Everything entrust the flower which made the arrangement which is the birthday celebration to the mother was, but it could put out the atmosphere of the fall, thinking, that is, the arrangement which it made it is accidental, but color, [hototogisu] and [waremokou] which the mother likes having entered, rejoicing very, don't you think? the flower which has the spot of purple which the flower which is on such as kind of center which it can receive the one, favorite this flower very with the flower which has color feature is more and is the flower of [hototogisu] current season it is to be the star color which this has feature but as for me as for [hototogisu] the brown flower which becomes favorite completeBut as displayed the Japanese appearance even, the burnet you write [waremokou] which can be thought it is, whether “our 亦 (and) becomes crimson and” with calling the crimson which it has teaching rather than, it is brown, but when the lump which in the thin stalk brown is round has been attached being lovely, it is one of the flower material where fall by all means we would like to use this, even in addition [chiyariburaun] of [karuserusupurebara] of the rose (<- this time you found for the first time, but the actual [bibanamu] compactor photograph whose [mirukutei] color favorite) is very red without taking well, what you took and many, (laughing)… carrying the keeperSome time ago, it ended safely, the ^^ which is very delightful and is speaking accurately, whether calling the keeper rather than, it is to be the stocker first it is to intend to make the type where the inside is visible with the glass, but the store or, the stocker is cheaper separately whether and the one which is not the glass surface is better unexpectedly,… with thinking, bloom adjustment and thing loss of the hand probably will decrease from now on and, also the stock extremely it becomes easy, how being hot, the [bukabuka] flower does not open, when you can use enormously - as for about 30 years which are the [ku] attractive without problem, it is thing, but… 30 yearsAfter, I being vigorous, probably am to work or!?

    • The schedule ♪5/4~ of re-UP
      May 4th (the fire) Calais of your 1 mothers (all the power pitch [wandahuo]) the piano of 2 mothers (the flavor hall) 3 thank you [u] it is (v6) 4 sun queues/cues. (dreams come true) the ballad which is lifted up to 5 mothers (sea support party) 6 elegies (elegy) (Hirai) 7 moonlight (ogre bundle [chi] wide) 8 thank you (smap) 9 kansha doing hard, (smap) May 6th (the wood) including 1 core, the bouquet ([sazanorusutazu]) 2… thank you…(The river 嶋 to meet) 3 burnets (it passes, the original [ma] with) 4 thank you (the Ohashi table 弥) 5 thank you (Inoue positive water Okuda national welfare) your 6 mother 7 sacks (Mori Shin one) 85 month 8 day (the Saturday) 12,345,678

    • Composer Sugimoto 眞 person
      issue , Japanese talking

    • Burnet
      If 斐 with the bank of the Italy river tributary the burnet now piles up and mentions 'the burnet' it passes and the original [ma] with likely the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] is, after all in my et. al generation, is Masashi who is,… it was not searched with youtube, it is with, with the baseball being connected it tried pasting this famous musical work 'Koshien'

    • [mu] [mu] [mu] [mu], muggy [tsu] ~
      Last night “the Japanese [u] it is” you see from 19 o'clock

    • Already alone Tomoko
      Em japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • 77777 result announcements
      Access analysis and around the counter are different completely, feel nervously? It had done, but the counter “77777” it arrived safely - the truly is favor of everyone who always is seeing thank you m () with m, in result announcement - the prize akira which is done, to do exact, because - front and back prize 77776 Hakata bloom, fukorin 77778 burnet it presents dispatches, communication - the people who paulownia turn are let escape regrettably, the next paulownia turn plan certainly 100000 is from the mail form which is under the [burogu] left, don't you think? (laughing) it probably is no year later? In addition when something it plans, swinging, don't you think? please participate, [burogu

    • Japanese weblog
      Yesterday, in the middle which goes to the post office, falling to the irrigation canal, you found the bill of content and the wallet where the card has been visible, if we would like to pick up you deliver, the bill may reach one percentage several thousand Yen, cannot get off was visible with, in the irrigation canal, assuming, that you jumped, considerably, you must rise to the high level, the water. If ten centimeters, only two meter rope it is from the road, gets off as for the person of the kana paradise dragonfly woman who still someone who becomes matter of concern which is picked up as for the shank man the [ho] it is with is with forcing, every day when you look around charge area which it seems is not and is, inquiring about “the burnet”, don't you think? training which you look of the Uchida Rintaro other person who remembers, so is the persevering thank you it increases to see, it tries and the [u] in full, being enormous, if shank now, six the bus of the car of the company internal travelling to Korea where the daughter has fallen asleep, with the yesnid counselor who is the entrance and exit prohibition which is total destruction like it says with the shank government office, the hygienic place it probably will put out, isSo, unless the police and the residential supply public corporation move, after it is useless like, but the social worker, I so what, whether furthermore, the text, everyone hears also the circumstances which a some communication than the mail give first, there is also a work which we would like to read it is being, don't you think? ...... Therefore as for the apartment complex if of ten works which are the 15th after the present schedule member magazine reading where one year which is to become the last expedient which is various is the reduced drawing of society is temporary information are not thought, taking a nap, to four o'clock the limit thing Yumi where “the Mito yellow gate” of first was troubled and rubs time is trivial nevertheless it is fragrant, but because it has not come out, whether unless tomorrow, with the Osaka person and Kagurazaka it has made the air, being written on the schedule, you forget, therefore it is, it is [ya] from year, 0

    • weblog title
      Arrangement of this day dispatch…… the rose (the chocolate) [seruria] [bibanamu] like this the [ri] [ya] it is [shinhuorikaruposu] in Shiga prefecture (the roller grass Fujibakama of the) opening [bo]… inside the wind street stall which has entered… today Sawayama's brown flower and branch ones where branch ones arrive… stone pomegranate. The plum faked and the [bu] [za] doing summer [ze] white. Purple Sikibu it hangs and the hamamelis sweat [bi] can [re] it is me… and so on flower ones… the aster [ho] you grind (the pine wind grass ill-smelling of the) red egg-dimple grass opening [bo] peony plum bowl grass it does not expose the [yo] well Fujibakama burnet cripes the [ma] my [chi] white flower is with white flower fall the discernment chrysanthemum… as for arrival every month third week, when arrival of the brown flower is most,… in addition to using with practice with the wind dew, uniting to the one for classroom, delivery… to arrange, with and so on and so on to be packed and order to be many, number oneIt is the week when it will be rushing, but the ^^ whose it is pleasant truly and is for Sawayama's branch ones and flower ones to be even,

    • weblog title
      Everyone, silver week how you passed? When jogging in every morning when it is the infrequent renewal which is the small flower shop ally flower store of Yamagata, it not to be from also somewhere pleasantly everyone and others, as for middle day of yesterday which feels Akimoto turn to meet the customer decreased with difficult signs of rain, but being able to point to the trade like the last year with total, to receive the fragrance of the Kanagi rhinoceros which drifts, the tray which can sell the commodity where the unit cost which is the place where it will have been relieved is large being from, different, in day of respect for the aged which probably is equinoctial week of the fall as for unit cost to be low, a little to like to include the seasonal impression in the French flower of the chrysanthemum of the fixed turn which the feeling which detailed order is many doesRegarding, both receiving and ordering of flower q from last year between to end of year, the spare time when in addition it is spare time vigorously, piece by piece, politely, the trading stripe [tsu] it designates the time as the spare time appearance, from now on is the feeling which our store amount where number of cases decreases was said little by the [yo] is! The Japanese [burogu] village use flower material: Chicken head, cosmos, rose, wooden strawberry, ivy and burnet, in addition

    • Scene saw somewhere
      issue , original meaning

    • 「よくわかる保険ガイド」と民間保険「介護保険」
      In addition to fire insurance and changeable price insurance against annuity and the nursing insurance which you have expressed that not only it has cried, assistance and the like of nursing cost should be examined in the song which is called to the contribution of the Asahi newspaper which has also the insistence that with program of yesterday nursing premium should have been increased, “the burnet”, the various insurance commodities of pet insurance and the like the quotation origin: Insurance daily news (02/26) with treatment improvement of the actual condition of interpretation and background 2008/1/17/2:10 nursing of article summary slows inflation and the importance 'promise' regular member and the contract employee of nursing insurance it was opened in Suita city, “meeting of the child swamp limits of the boar which thinks of senior citizen welfare? Actual place of nursing which how becomes with the second look at 2009 nursing insurance?”In the child swamp limits of the boar of Suita city which participated as for me, entitling “the second look and the problematical point at 2009 nursing insurance”, when providing the public pension plan, from 2000 nursing premium, medical premium has been deducted remuneration reform problem and main point nursing recognition second look problem from 2008 April, but when you try, that income tax and after pulling nursing premium, amount, probably will enter into the human old person facility which is less than amount of inhabitant tax from the human public pension plan and the like which, does not receive the payment concerning private inhabitant tax this from the pin there is to a paulownia, but being at home nursingBecause you cannot use nursing insurance excessively, from different when it is the father where the money is required, because there is an annuity and a pension of this person, somehow it has provided for the present with that, but when “the designated home nursing enterprise which is based on handicapped person independent support law” is, being simultaneously, “the designated visit nursing enterprise which is based on nursing insurance law” with the east corporation cooperation which is the helper insufficient, because it develops visit nursing of the ▽ nursing insurance which cannot expand service on the center, intellectual obstacle and mental retardation

    • 温泉三昧☆
      As for 9/15 our marriage commemoration day last year it is to go to usj, but this year closely… you received the day off at the place, went to the traveling 1 Tomari 2nd to the Kurokawa hot spring first, there is a side highway, “the burnet” you question and the stomach do at the fish buckwheat noodle house and others obtain and bottle tongue recommend truth “the house north” you questioned and went to the fish store it is, but regrettable name of the store has changed, furthermore because of quasi- Bicchu the modification area chicken side set coming out juice is enormous at your above-mentioned store which has been recorded before the abandonment drive guide the ~ [ku]Being at the point where also your satisfactory satisfactory stomach which was tasty and is filled up to the Kurokawa hot spring ahead let'sgo~~~ lodging “. Because with sound superior 彩” Kurokawa of the 峡 a little a little there was a time to the check-in which is the hotel of large texture, promptly Kurokawa town promenade & entrance. To purchase the bill, because 1 eaves 500 Yen which 3 can have enough the bath for 1200 Yen which enjoy the Kurokawa hot spring it is required, as for us who 300 Yen [otoku] 6 are month effective the base hotel the bath of the new discernment mansion the ~ which when full enjoyment both it was the bath appearance may be different it is warmed, cool ones ate saying, with thing as in the name which receives “the ice [do] and others” the ice 挟 waiting in the gong burning, [purapura] which it increases promenading, to the hotel babble of the river was audible from the check-in room and very it was elegant

    • 明日解禁
      Last night you look at the “song concert”

    • 桜の落ち葉と吾亦紅
      Now also morning is cold, - Japan and China seems that a little becomes warm, but… already, the other day which completely becomes care of the heater, at that schoolyard which goes to the game of the grandchild, the fallen leaves of the cherry tree which takes on autumnal tints cleanly were picked up, (the leaf [tsu] [pa] picking up, furthermore [ru] change…) starting boiling, about one week making round the scarf of the silk which you put round and round, binding with the rubber band, being something which something which becomes like the dirty blotch where the [so] [me] [te] you saw is attached is different once more, you intend to try dyeing but… be disheartened - the cotton dyes to pink system, it is, but the silk after all in brown systemDon't you think? only it dyes, - at the Kiryu atelier which some days ago goes you dyed the thread with the burnet, rather than being soft, the warp which is the thread of the silk which does not catch used the cotton thread which was dyed with the chestnut and the wormwood, it is soft softly, is

    • 一人 阿蘇び
      issue , original meaning

    • お茶を楽しむ 45
      June 20th (the Saturday) the wind to blow considerably became muggy strongly, if it clears up, it steams it falls, the skin it is cold in the rain unique appearance of the sky joy and sorrow… The leaf of [hotarubukuro] has not been attached at all but, securely to attach the flower bud, to the stalk, the health air I who am method of blooming without being defeated, if it does not persevere,… While being busy even, finding elbowroom of heart, a rest… Exception it is tasty, is, thing water it is clear. 翠 flower entrance Higo liquor botter flower bird foot [shiyouma], the 緋 fan, the tail, the glowfly sack, the wind intellectual grass wind furnace and the kettle road of the hydrangea, the burnet and the Oka tiger it is cheap the wind furnace, the Bandaiya kettle water finger Dutch copying brown beginning of irrigation drop SI clothes ten thousand leaf. Crest tea set gold wheel temple (蒔 picture of wild pink and cormorant fishing) brown 杓 glowfly hunt bowl. . Burning and capital burning (blue. Colored picture), capital burning (fish colored picture) building water China copper cover position Shippo main candy hydrangea dried candy plug fence, candy candy vessel four side. Plate (Masuko burning). . Tray

    • ギター弾き語り 「アコギで弾きたいJ-POPの定番曲あつめました。2009」
      “The fixed turn tune of j-pop which we would like to repel with [akogi] the [me] it increased thickly”, the latest edition recording also the up-to-date number sale 2009, fixed turn tune is one volume of full load! Number- The rainbow (kelp clo) /share the world (east God happening) /believe (the storm)/it becomes cloudy and after, fine weather (the Yano Ken is thick starring satoshi ohno)/moment (greeeen)/[kiseki] (greeeen) /milk (aiko) /wao! (Uni- cone) /stay gold (aqua timez)/rainbow (aqua timez) /366 days (hy) /ti amo (exile) /lovers again (exile) /hanabi (mr. children) Don't you think?/the irresponsible hero (Seki [jiyani] XXINF)/the umbrella (tokio)/the leprosy it is the heart (smap)/to you of letter ~ Dear Sir-Madam 15 the ~ ([anjiera] [aki])/it is in side, (Aoyama [teruma] feat. soulja) /i' ll be (yui)/it dyes, ([chiyatsutomonchi]) /love the world (perfume)/including love, the bouquet (superfly)/most love (koh+)/the planetarium (it went and the thing stopped wanting to return is temporary)/, (it goes, the thing is temporary)/[poniyo] on the cliff (Fujioka Fujimaki and Ohashi to desire)/the burnet (to pass, the original [ma] with)/becoming thousand winds, (Masasi Akikawa) /life ([kimaguren])/and [a] cruelty (Kazuyoshi Saito) /i am your singer ([sazanorusutazu]) /tsunami ([sazanorusutazu])/future prognostic chart II (dreams come true)/The cherry tree hill (elegance Osamu Fukuyama)/astronomic observation (bump of chicken)/it probably will cry, so (begin)/Sakura ([ketsumeishi])/the [u] of small love it is (mongol 800)/pure love song (the Shonan 之 wind)/, the expectation which also the sky it can fly (the spitz)/(the [yu] [zu])/[banzai] ([uruhuruzu])/you do not call once upon a time good bye, (Kazumasa Oda)/all the power boys (the opening switch)/the powder snow ([remioromen])/all the 46 tune harvesting/adopting 譜 & from arrangement Maruyama Masatane other [shinkomiyujitsuku] in the midst of sale

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