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    • http://ameblo.jp/fxbrowser/entry-10975435004.html
      [The Amsterdam 4 day Reuters] the financial major company ing of Holland 2nd quarter although paper loss of the Greek government bond which is possessed 310,000,000 Europe was appropriated, the profit of insurance section recovered balancing of accounts, substantially, became the profit which exceeds expectation, a liberal translation

    • As for Greece within 2 years new debt reorganization necessity =S&P
      [The New York 26 day Reuters] standard and [puazu] (s&p) on the 26th, Greece the possibility of doing new debt reorganization within 2 years becomes high, reorganization scale larger, that the viewpoint was expressed
      [纽约26天路透社]更大标准和[puazu] (在第26的s&p),希腊做新的债务整顿的可能性在2年内变得高,整顿等级,观点被表达了

    • UPDATE1: Financial affairs phase of the European sphere, redeeming the Greek government bond with 50% of face value examination =FT the German edition
      [The Frankfurt 13 day Reuters] the German edition financial times (ft) according to the paper, financial affairs phase of the European sphere examines the fact that the Greek government bond is redeemed with 50% of face value

    • The European committee, in the Greek downgrade of [huitsuchi] regrettable statement
      [The Brussels 14 day Reuters] the European commission which is the executive organ of the European Union (eu) stated the mind of regrettable on the 14th, vis-a-vis grade company [huitsuchi] [reteingusu] lowering the Greek grade on the 13th, a liberal translation
      [布鲁塞尔14天路透社]欧盟(铕)是行政器官的欧共体陈述了头脑的遗憾在第14,关于降低在第13的等级公司[huitsuchi] [reteingusu]希腊成绩

    • Concerning the European sphere financial affairs phase assembly of 11 days and the part default admission of the Greek government bond to conference =FT the paper
      [Tokyo 11 day Reuters] the English financial times (ft) according to the electronic edition of the paper, as for the authorities person of the European sphere, the prospect that it confers concerning the plan which is admitted with the European sphere financial affairs phase assembly which is held on the 11th, for Greece as a part of secondary support plan, part default of the government bond of the same country (non-fulfillment of obligation), a liberal translation

    • It offers the bloggerel of Japanese.
      [The London 26 day Reuters] in the European short-term credit market of 26 days, Europe libor of 3 month ones which become index of counter party risk (the London interbank offerred rate) with ois ([obanaito] index swap) the spread expanded to the beginning of the year coming largest level, a liberal translation
      [伦敦26天路透社]在26天上欧洲短期信贷市场,欧洲3个月libor成为索引逆党风险的一个(伦敦银行间的offerred率)与ois ([obanaito]索引交换)传播扩展了对年以后的最大的水平的起点

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