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    Big Comic Spirits,

    Manga related words Weekly Shonen Jump Shogakukan Young Sunday Fri Ushijima darkness Shueisha Inc. Loan shark Ushijima-kun

    • Japanese Letter
      It is the big comic spirits seed7 story eye, we ask may drawing, it was the [te] pleasant time, helping, it is the free game of the net, ham shogi which shogi it does after a long time with the [ru] f your recommendation with it was the feeling which 1 times it can win 4 times “the open hand”

    • Tomorrow
      Em japones , Japanese talking

    • This week weekly big comic spirits of the number
      … What and this week in the big comic spirits which every week the fixed period have purchased in [neotona] introduction of the number crossing over 邉 Miki!! Fear being ky, shank ^^ September 2nd meeting is the pleasure with [ii]! Crossing over 邉 you approve also Miki [chiyaritei] seminar pachinko [paramomotarou]!

    • Magazine [tsu] [te]?
      En japonais , original meaning

    • Kenichi “galaxy Ginza” (3) ~ (4) (completion) Nagao 郎 (2008~2009, Shogakukan Inc.)
      [Amazon] big comic spirits serialization digression (prediction? ) Continues, but please persevere

    • [u] [hi] [yo] [] \ (゚ ∀ ゚)/birdie -!!
      [kita] ━━━━━━━━!! The fungus the arm it does, - the [a], it is after a long time renewal, -! So, you probably will write what,… (the ゜_゜;) Even if! That it is, recently was gathered it is the book which you have searched, it does not come, is, you found, don't you think? comic it is, - preparing your next day money at the second-hand book house, you buy that this!! The ↓ [yu] float [ma] you see, work 'iron arm birdie'… the… picture small [tsu]!! Σ (¯ [ro] ¯lll) with the leprosy it is to be to lift, the [tsu] plain gauze! The place where this it is perfect, it is tenacious, does not abandon, at the point where I am good the life who densely cannot be known is influenced if so you say, the alma mater (high school) school training? The [tsu] [ke] which is? That “perseveres, don't you think?, therefore the [ru]” was, it is what? Obtaining ~, all the 20 volumes!! 6980 Yen!! Well enough but it was high shopping, when we would like to read the [zu] ~ [tsu], because it is the substitute, completely as for regret after the reading which is not regret a little more than has not done the unsatisfactoriness… that? Unsatisfactoriness? Why? When it is, that it says with why, it is to be a shank and the continuation when the ↓ 'iron arm birdie evolution' publication magazine which this is changes and would like to buy title and delicately from change young Sunday, 2 volumes which are bought in the next day which is bought to big comic spirits with set, it is, but this store is to be sellout,… (the no _-.)Only [kuutsu] the [a] ~ to do, this next day! Telephoning to the other store, the collection item it did, it can obtain, of course while working, is? Also public and private matters mixture is extensive, because is but, circumstance is circumstance, (? ) There is no 致 manner! And the next day you bought! ↓2 volume eye!! Well it is quick (obsolete language? Because), [honma], a little more than already satisfaction and it is funny cartoon, also everyone by all means please - the ♪

    • The weekly [tsu] [te], it is enormous.
      And [a]! You inform everyone! It does not come, is just a little you said even with live mc, but it is December 14th Monday [kiyadebani] is recorded before the weekly big comic spirits of sale!!! (Say -!!!! [pachipachipachi]!! ) In the page of last one, cartoon of topic 'to be completed recently cripes with the society, because you talked with 3 people, concerning [punpun]' everyone it checks regardless!

    • Those which is the undercurrent
      The [yu] float [ma] which has been recorded before certain 'big comic spirits' in the discussion with seeing the parents' home the fact that the Obihiro airport is soon, read, but is, when farmer nobility ([uingusu] comics deluxe) (wings comics)/Arakawa Hiro ¥ 714amazon.co.jp this you read, the Tokachi stone is beat is the pot is you are wrong with the spinach, is the middle river of the field flowing, the salmon is travels upstream electric current flowing, the fence of the [ru] wire is in the winter in the land it is link with water direct seeding, already to hear and only the story which has remembering the parent inside has served at the propane companyHowever it is the proletariat, don't you think?

    • [kirekiyara
      You do not know whether or not there is “a [kirekiyara]” how word, but yesterday and yesterday which encounters to today and such a person went to the returning on the same day hot spring facility, but is, while the man about of 60 is exposure from 50 where you walk the corridor in the nudity in the woman of acceptance “the towel well well?” the [tsu] [te] which is solved winding the towel which the woman who caught transfers in the waist, when trying probably to return to the bath, “don't you think? here is strange”, because and so on with it asked agreement from me, “[temee] is strange, it is, you walk in the nudity and turn and” when with you say “? Doing?”With the [kire] [te] doing the [chinko] exposed man and the beating meeting which come,… with thinking, “it is not completed, when well” and so on with you say, it is what, today when perhaps it is the kind of drunkard which is agreed upon simply when lunch is eaten at the coffeehouse, with the yell where the man of tremendous dignity is audible in the store “the boss” has approached in the person who becomes, perhaps, I who am [yakuza] while reading big comic spirits, ate Calais, but voice being too large, you cannot read either cartoon, “it is to act playfully well, more gently margin!”With it may say it became, but in order to be the rule in the parking zone which and others has been obtained densely, Benz of black waited stopping, very, recently, doing the kind of big fight where I become [kirekiyara] once upon a time, you feel the danger, whether it is not to be done plop-plop most. Obscenity

    • 156 'me it is [chi] all the' Nishihara Rieko first edition 2003
      Me you have known with like this you laugh the time of the [yu] [u], it is and summary, “when the place where I have been completed -/only the mountain and the sea or -/dies in [zu] kana town and goes steadily it becomes poor,/that most pee/is my house, -” the older brother of the stomach difference, one it appeared thickly suddenly, being beautiful, the older sister and Kamiko where easy year leaves (the saw) and “as for many large people of this town which me”, two thickly lends the gold which sells the body which sells the medicine collects, as for the cartoon which has lived to such a manner from 1995 extending through 1998 Shogakukan Inc. 'bigBecause it was introduced comic spirits' (the youth cartoon magazine) you were awarded the 43rd Bungeishunju Ltd. cartoon prize which is serialized as the book which is the favorite name speech of opportunity & object & the thought Kojima celebration child analog which are read the Sakura taste ★★★★☆ which it tries reading

    • The devil of D
      Essa opiniao , linked pages are Japanese

    • “SHOP your own” all the 6 volume Yanagizawa coming fairways (1999~2001, Shogakukan Inc.)
      Field 々 island Naoto of big comic spirits serialization 29 year old (alias [chiyoku]) it is shaken in the sweetheart, as for [chiyoku] which becomes the desperation where also the company which has been served goes bankrupt, it calls “shop yourself” impulsively with opportunity, in the building where the 1st floor can use the store and the 2nd floor with the house rent of cheap as the house encounter lie densely the various people, the guitar shop, ceramic art and the accessory, as for [chiyoku] which attaches the abandonment to the white-collar worker life which manages the chemical-free vegetables and the store etc of the glass technical art, the shop their own store mean to begin one debt and the old clothes house

    • Ultimate weapon her
      japanese means , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      < The coffee life of img src= alt=kuma - also apartment complex border=0/> Approaching to the bookstore, getting today cartoon! < img src= alt= good! /> It is in the midst of serializing with big comic spirits, small. “Also the apartment complex” of the door is 11 volumes

    • Japanese weblog
      Yesterday which is the big comic spirits “seed” 10 story eyes [mario] 3 was done after a long time with the Family Computer, remembering well enough, the [te], still it can enjoy those about of 20 years when also the finger moved ago, you think that it is enormous thing,

    • Japanese Letter
      Yesterday which is the big comic spirits “seed” 10 story eyes [mario] 3 was done after a long time with the Family Computer, remembering well enough, the [te], still it can enjoy those about of 20 years when also the finger moved ago, you think that it is enormous thing,

    • Cartoon BAKUMAN tapir man.
      日本語 , for multilingual communication

    • weblog title
      As for me who am [wa] lie sometimes, becoming drunk when mood is good, however it is to draw this picture in the paper napkin and the like without either especially meaning, when some days ago it does the new member and story, “[wa] lie how you do not know, whether them whether” it is with shank “obtaining? [wa] lie, you do not know whether?”“As for Yoshida tank?”“The contagion [ru] it is?”“… What it does, that” generation gap was felt [wa] lie is the large hit 4 scene work 'contagion which the cartoonist, Yoshida tank draws (the [u]) the [ru] is,' in the big comic spirits which are the character which appears it is serialized from 89 to 94, when I am the university student, the friends and also greatly the hammer [tsu] it is it becomes that time kind of boom which is the thing, in Harajuku “the character shop, such a 'contagion [ru] which is popularity of the extent which or the [wa] lie house” opens it is,' passing the time, now it can download it is with the how digital contents with the shank furthermore,This absurdity where 105 Yen 1 sections… this, when you read enormous after a long time, was funny after all with optimistic download and is, level it is rather high, the one which is and to be is interest with optimistic download all the 25 sections, please 'the contagion [ru] is' as many as 105 where is Yen to tell the truth this 'contagion [ru] is from this which is in the midst of selling,', this time also animation conversion is done, it is, don't you think? from this June which some days ago has been recorded before the newspaper it starts animated picture transmission in for the portable telephone, the official sight which dvd sale schedule puts out from August and is this is

    • Sato
      japanese means , original meaning

    • popularity drama of Okada associate one starring cartoon conversion Kanagi one period original, with “spirits” to serialization
      popularity drama of Okada associate one starring the cartoon conversion Kanagi one period original, January 25th 4:0 transmission everyday Okada of newspaper idle group “v6” with associate one starring, the drama “sp Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department patrol section Imperial Escort Division fourth person in charge” which November of 07 ~08 year was broadcast to January (the Fuji Telecasting Co. affiliation) to cartoon was converted to serialization with “spirits”, that from “big comic spirits” (Shogakukan Inc.) 9 of February 1st sale it is serialized, as for the original which in the same magazine 8 of 25 day sale had become clear, it managed the original idea script even with drama directYou say that Kanagi one period of the wooden prize writer, the original part is added to the story of the drama where the ash field medicine (cusp anther) of cartoon “Warring States basara” takes charge of drawing, as for “sp”, Kaoru Inoue who belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Imperial Escort Division (Okada), at instant phenomenon can remember obtains information from “photographic memory” and as image the footprint etc which is left, freely using the special ability “of tracking” and so on and the flesh which was forged with martial arts and grapple skill etc, it guarded VIP such as prime minister experience person, it drew the form which fights with the terroristsAll the 11 stories are broadcast, book wide 克 line “of the large scanning line series which in April of 08 this fall when also “the special encore special compilation” of 2 hour 10 parts was broadcast, drama dances” entire supervision, with supervision of the Hatano your sentence which the drama “of sp” you take charge the movie open schedule Okada and the embankment truth one, the Maki way the child and Matsuo 諭, the God tail 佑 and others other than the regular member, Kagawa illumination 之 perform

    • Japanese weblog
      Essa opiniao , Feel free to link

    • Dji Yane different people I should apologize?
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Japanese talking

    • Talk nonsense comic ☆ u0026quot;black gold Ushijima-kunu0026quot;
      Recently, we have been fixed to various cartoons, when as expected you buy every one and this, it goes bankrupt and the [chi] [ya] bears and it stops with it has checked, it is, but yesterday the new publication has been issued to the occasion where you stop is with those where you read is the cartoon which with” darkness gold cow JMA”” big comic spirits” has been serialized, but as for contents if it expresses is decisively in one word, [egu] it is rather and is, but why gouy gouy it pulls it is the story which is packed going bankrupt don't you think? the [e] characters the money borrowing too much keeps in the 漫 喫 and/or and/or, in the yak the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] is the [ri], in this wayWhen you write, they are heavy contents, but as for development tempo of the story it not to be with somewhere, also lightness it is, because perhaps in no story basket the story ends shortly compilation, it is to think as kana, but well there is no story which with the story of opening is ended with the happy end, it is with Good Heavens here recently, so speaking, the protagonist safely life, does also the air where the kind of story which re-has been started is many in that appearance, but temporarily as for the thing, trying reading with trial, it is funny, whether that* Cartoon say, color it is there is a human pattern, before thinking that it rubbed, while with some information sight, introducing this cartoon, actual black market financing circumstance how it picked up, but there where such as system of financing it is like in that appearance it is drawn to real and, is not with somewhere and pulls and whether it is one of the points which are packed it is the digression which is, but read this with why my men” pool shark” suddenly are remembered, (laughing) industry of this hand of Shinjuku = from many like conception, arrives to him unintentionally, it is with such pool shark sponsorship which probably will beBecause, 3/13 (the Saturday) it is like the event is done at Shinjuku, it is the cousin whom this checks*

    • 「奈緒子」についてみんなが調べています!
      'As for Naoko' (furthermore densely), “big comic spirits” of the overland cartoon work Shogakukan Inc. issue due to Sakata Makoto Hiro original Nakahara Yutaka drawing being similar, 1994… Naoko who reads the ≫ continuation The person who searches “all the Japanese figures” increasing,… it is the information regarding “village original small month”! Degree of attention of the “media pocket” rising, [ma]… “benevolence. Akiko” is observed! Everyone wishing to know concerning “forming sea Aki” now…

    • 今、書道が熱い!?
      Calligraphy is becoming abruptly boom!? Usually, it is I who almost do not look at the Japanese drama, but this drama is funny! Stop leaping [tsu]! The bell village high school calligraphy section original has still serialized the cartoon which is in the midst of serializing in Shogakukan Inc. [bitsugukomitsukusupiritsutsu] (, don't you think?? ) Cartoon is almost not to be read, but as for interest the Takeda pair cloud calligraphy as for the title which we supervise is the basis of calligraphy in regard to the contents which are, whether you stop” and “, “it will leap” when the mother inside the empty has can make the teacher of calligraphy and room working learning it will try with about you think, it is the drama where interest of calligraphy has come out very, ♪ broadcast every week Thursday, already broadcasts to 3 where from 20 o'clock it is in the midst of broadcasting with NHK stories and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] is but this seems like good point and day tele zoom in superIt became from plan in filming kana? “Calligraphy [garuzu]!! This year our Koshien” with forming sea 璃 child starring like release schedule in the May this year, calligraphy is hot abruptly whether!?

    • 闇金ウシジマくん
      You know cartoon “darkness gold cow JMA, or” the darkness gold (the illegal interest 貪 [ru] [yami] circulation of money) you manage the protagonist which is the cartoon which is serialized in weekly big comic spirits. 嶋 (Cow JMA) is, but as for story the people who in that darkness gold live with base of hammer [ru] society the story which now when it is developed on the center just is the under way in the pachinko the hammer [ri], lives with the mother and the cartoon tea drinking which make the fund with [terekura] prostitution, the story mother of the daughter who after all prostitutes not only the pachinko, to insert in the man of the wife and children having, with just his own prostitution does not overtake more and more, with the daughter the daughter who starts prostituting with 3p feels doubt in such life, keeps collapsing mentally… as for this cartoon, violence and the personUgliness being drawn strangely to real, also the characters are the above-mentioned sort, rather poorly being, from very such place, Adachi Ku was chosen in the stage to seem, this time at random the view which has recognition appears, the photograph was taken around the bamboo no mound, but in addition also the area of north thousand residences, “the [a], there are”, that many point which understands immediately was drawn, when you can laugh at all, when simultaneously, and [tsu] [pa] Adachi Ku is the hammer [ru] is, the strange feeling figure 1 figure 2 figure 3 [ma], you are not wrong, don't you think? is

    • おー
      En japonais , original meaning

    • 毎日毎日
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , original meaning

    • MA-SONO
      En japonais , original meaning

    • 今週の長編:岩明均「七夕の国」全4巻、96年~
      Big comic spirits serialization, to the latest rock discernment which probably is to owe extremely expectation with the long piece which follows the “parasitic animal” being destroyed the fist large sphere which can be moved freely, those which to tell the truth moved the industry where the pride is cut off completely, to the strange space shave the object in the shape, after, it becomes clear to question, you did not know and the space ahead the changing what kind of ones, but the university student south circle which only is expressed “that way” can do that industry, there is some meaning, you entered into those like the super power circle at the time, circular God professor disappearing, himTo the circle companion and circular river Cho there is also strange handing down in circular Kamiyama which is visible from town concerning the lecturer river beauty which you yearn and the same ability person as the south circle being if in circular river Cho this power according to the manner of utilization can produce VIP assassination and enormous sphere, when it becomes also the war weapon, “the parasitism animal” common rising was expected, but as for incident focusing inside circular river Cho just a little regrettable

    • 6/3レンタル解禁トピック
      Comentarios sobre este , please visit the following link

    • 映画『20世紀少年 最後の希望』
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , original meaning

    • 主人公はガチャピンさんで
      With big comic spirits during popularity serializing, Kawai 克. The same name comic drama conversion of original

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