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    Smap Smap,

    Entertainment Broadcast related words SMAP×SMAP TVXQ Pussuma Nakai Masahiro Kusanagi Tsuyoshi Black Rose Christmas Market

    • Kindliness like thing @ [samuga] and the being frightened combination and the [sumasute] ~☆ which do not request the collateral, a liberal translation
      Nakai, your how much it put out, it is, like
      Nakai, Ihr, wie viel es heraus setzte, ist es, wie

    • The [tsu] which SMAP perseveres and increases!! The contents ~ 'now in Japan vigor and courage!'
      Nakai, also calling after the ending, is betrayed in Otake and passes, has called repeatedly so would like to see the ~~, a liberal translation
      Nakai, auch benennend nach dem Ende, wird in Otake verraten und Durchläufe, hat benannt, wiederholt also möchte das ~~ sehen

    • LADYGAGA championship.
      Nakai's next door, it was Takuya
      Nakais nebenan, war es Takuya

    • Space special service code: Detailed 'will believe [tamori] ×SMAP I future!'With, also calling Shingo*
      Nakai's thing comes out Presenting to Nakai, you broke ds which it receives, [tsu] [te] ~ Nakai, the [me] it is do…[tsu] [te
      Nakais Sache kommt heraus Darstellend Nakai, brachen Sie ds, den es empfängt, [tsu] [te] ~ Nakai, [ich] es sind tun… [tsu] [te

    • Present from 7 o'clock ♪
      Because Nakai was chairmanship, but instant just it moved after the staging the mj dance as for the other 3 people chaos coming out, the [ru
      Weil Nakai Vorsitz war, aber Augenblick gerade es nach der Inszenierung den mj-Tanz verschob, wie für das andere Chaos mit 3 Leuten, das herauskommt, [ru

    • The [ho] it is love
      Burning condition of two arms of Nakai's becomes matter of concern, “the [wa] - does the [o]”, the Nakai [tsu] [po] is and with say?, a liberal translation
      Brennender Zustand von zwei Armen Nakais wird Angelegenheit des Interesses, „[wa] - tut [O]“, ist das Nakai [tsu] [PO] und mit sagen?

    • Miscellaneous notes., a liberal translation
      When the chairmanship the Nakai plain gauze it is it might cry, it is not, it cries the [yo], certainly
      Wenn der Vorsitz die Nakai normale Gaze es ist, konnte er schreien, es ist nicht, es schreit [yo], zweifellos

    • [sumasuma] of yesterday
      As for the clothes and the upper body whose Nakai is black cute! Don't you think? the lower half body, just a little with a lot of popularity
      Was die Kleidung und den oberen Körper anbetrifft, dessen Nakai schwarzes nettes ist! Nicht denken Sie? der der unteren hälfte Körper, gerade wenig mit vieler Popularität

    • ai ga afure ru senpai nakai kun ������ kamisun tsuduki ������
      Nakai “already, doing with the individual,” so from former times? Nakai to “[u] it is, with, like the moth [tsu] [te] getting together” to be able to obtain, ~~ and [katsun
      Nakai „bereits, so tuend mit der Einzelperson,“ von den ehemaligen Zeiten? Nakai zu „[u] ihm ist, mit, wie die Motte [tsu] [te,], zusammenkommend“, um in der Lage zu sein zu erreichen, ~~ und [katsun

    • These are talking of Japanese blogoholic.
      As for the knee or the [tsu] which Nakai's thinking is confined, the potato which saw it is
      Was das Knie anbetrifft oder [tsu] das Nakais das Denken begrenzt wird, die Kartoffel, die sah, ist es

    • not alone, there is no one person, don't you think? the ~! With, child lith [sutosuma] ~☆
      All right, with being said by Nakai, kindly, with the [ru] way
      In Ordnung, mit von Nakai gesagt werden, kindly, mit der Weise [ru

    • kachoii nakai santoo chame na nakai san ��
      Nakai & [sumasuma] and the [ho] it is with in Japan thank you
      Nakai u. [sumasuma] und [ho] ist es mit in Japan dankt Ihnen

    • Comentarios japones en los examenes de blog, comentarios, problemas, la evaluacion, la reputacion
      Also Nakai, and others obtaining laughing densely, was the [ru] [tsu] [te] feeling, don't you think?, a liberal translation
      Auch Nakai und andere, die dicht lachen erreichen, waren [ru] [tsu] [te], Gefühl, nicht denken Sie?

    • These are a Lots of Japanese the most recent topics.
      Don't you think? Nakai we like, ~ Nakai we love, the [po] it is
      Nicht denken Sie? Nakai, das wir, ~ Nakai mögen wir lieben, [PO] es, ist

    • original letters
      Nakai's thing, it is to like to write, but
      Nakais Sache, ist es schreiben zu mögen, aber

    • Japanese weblog
      Nakai, doing the game seriously properly, the [te
      Nakai, das Spiel ernsthaft richtig tuend, [te

    • original letters
      Nakai was visible from always delightfully even so, (just me? )
      Nakai war von immer herrlich allerdings sichtbar, (gerade ich? )

    • original letters
      Nakai, looking at [dotsukiridorama], for the first time, you became aware in being able to use the handcuff it is even it is enormous, don't you think?, after all
      Nakai, [dotsukiridorama] zum ersten Mal Sie betrachtend beim In der Lage sein, die Handschellen zu benutzen, die es sogar es ist enorm ist, nicht wurden Sie sich denken bewusst? , schliesslich

    • Japanese Letter
      Circumstances of Nakai's photographing are ~~ this and, [katsuchiyoii] are, but the ~~, a liberal translation
      Umstände von Nakais Fotografieren sind das dieses ~~ und, [katsuchiyoii] sind, aber das ~~

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