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    Feast of Dolls,

    japanese culture related words Peach festival Chirashi sushi Hina hail Paper lantern Hinamatsuri Hina doll Dankazari Baby's first annual festival

    • Poult waiting [yu] [ri] - ☆★, a liberal translation
      - With thing, it decorated also the pad, the ♪♪ dolls ~ (≧ω≦) the/☆★ well the ~ much…Because of [atashi]…(∀)?? Celibacy…Because the [a] it is to do they are 1 people, don't you think? the [e] ~ (the ¯∀¯;)Hanging, ......Marriage wish, completely it is not, however it is, don't you think? REPT (the ゜∇゜) the no!! And, celebration speaking once, with thing* As for present night boiled rice…!! The [chi] it seems the [a] which had become the sushi - (the ≧∇≦) the b♪♪ [a] [a] ~ it was good, DREPT (the *~▽~) the no ♪♪ and…It overate ......(; ∇;)Well - day of girl it puts out,* ~o which probably will permit by your (゚ ▽ ゚ *o) (o* ゚ ▽ ゚) o♪♪☆ 彡
      -与事,它也装饰了垫, ♪♪玩偶~ (≧ω≦)很好the/☆★ ~…由于[atashi]… (∀) ? ? 独身生活…,由于[a]它是做他们1个人是否是,您不认为? [e] ~ (¯∀¯;)垂悬, ......婚姻愿望,不完全地它,然而它是,您不认为? REPT (゜∇゜)没有!! 并且,庆祝一次讲话,与thing*关于当前夜煮沸了米…!! [凯爱]成为了寿司-的它似乎[a] (≧∇≦) b♪♪ [a] [a] ~它是好, DREPT (*~▽~)没有♪♪和…它overate ...... (; ∇;)它投入的十分的天女孩, *将由您大概允许的~o (゚ ▽ ゚ *o) (o* ゚ ▽ ゚) o♪♪☆彡

    • Paragraph phrase of peach
      , a liberal translation
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

    • * As for March third…*
      Poult enshrining! With the home where the daughter of society is with the notion that where you say will the dolls will be decorated, the [chi] it seems you eat the sushi and celebrate are probably be?…Well, at the Matsushima house there is no either space which decorates the dolls, there are no either dolls itself ([];)Unless it can go to the wife who is not put away quickly distantly just a little so image it puts out fearfully,…Three color dumplings and the cherry tree rice cake of male [so] reason eating from the friend, that just a little just you tasted feeling,
      小火鸡奉祀! 社会女儿与概念的家哪里您说将玩偶将装饰, [凯爱]它似乎您吃寿司和庆祝大概?…很好,在松岛房子没有装饰玩偶的任一空间,那里是没有任一个玩偶([];)除非它可以去没有迅速被投入遥远地它投入可怕地的一点的妻子,因此图象…三个颜色饺子和吃从朋友的男性[如此]原因樱桃树米糕,少许您品尝了感觉,

    • Poult enshrining, a liberal translation
      Already, extremely being able to decorate, increases the dolls is just the stomach is poult enshrining feeling, when * according to thought of yesterday when correct answer of the point ear medicine is not recognized it arrives to the inner part of the ear, [gasatsu] [te] sound doing, (tremendously - [ku] feeling is bad) the being audible of the ear becomes bad, (the tympanic membrane is filled?)So, about the thing 5 minute which it waits…Because completely there is no atmosphere where the medicine is absorbed the feeling which it cleans with the cotton stick and is not [chi] [ya] [u] meaning? <- Someone the person who is understood it isn't?
      已经,极端能装饰,增量玩偶是胃是奉祀感觉的小火鸡,当*根据昨天想法,当点耳朵医学的正确应答没有被认可时时它到达对耳朵的内在零件, [gasatsu] [te]做的声音, (巨大地- [ku]感觉是坏的)生存可听见耳朵变得坏, (鼓膜被填装?)因此,大约它等待…的事5分钟,由于完全地没有医学被吸收感觉它清洗与棉花棍子并且不是的大气[凯爱] [ya] [u]意味?

    Feast of Dolls, japanese culture,

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