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    Reportage related words Hanshin Self-Defense Force Kobe Luminarie Magnitude Tokai Earthquake Great Kanto Earthquake Tsunami Warning

    • Be wretched
      Exactly from Tohoku University earthquake disaster half year, a liberal translation

    • National difficulty…, a liberal translation
      With east Japanese large earthquake disaster, we received big impact to heart

    • , a liberal translation
      In northeast district it damages also the top and bottom aqueduct extremely with east Japanese large earthquake disaster

    • Already 17 years
      Tohoku University earthquake disaster March 11th in the afternoon 2: 46 minutes, a liberal translation

    • Contribution gold?, a liberal translation
      As for the contribution gold which is delivered to the Japanese red cross in case of east Japanese large earthquake disaster, at just domestic amount as of March 22nd 22,902,780,018 Yen, a liberal translation

    • Thing of large earthquake disaster
      East Japanese large earthquake disaster a little more than two months which probably will be entwined passed

    • Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.
      In novel after the east Japanese large earthquake disaster [ru] kana, a liberal translation
      在东部日本大地震灾害[ru] kana以后的小说

    • It is too slow! So the patient of the suffering area which fights with the patients incurable diseases of relief artificial dialysis at last… it was good.
      East Japanese large earthquake disaster: 410 artificial dialysis patients of Fukushima evacuates from evacuation Fukushima prefecture inside capital and when at the artificial dialysis patient and family and others = Tokyo Shinjuku Ku of the multitude which arrives at the building for Metropolitan Government Office 2011 March 17th 3:8 PM, it is Miura Hiroyuki photographing “this way in suffering area, dies”
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

    • Persevering, cultured man
      East Japanese large earthquake disaster: “The nationalization of Governor Miyagi fisheries”…Revival meeting
      东部日本大地震灾害: “州长宫城渔场”…传道会的国有化

    • It is good making provision for Tokyo & Tokai M8.0 class major earthquake coming, it is not strange!!??
      The Meiji Aomori, Iwate, and Miyagi Prefectures earthquake which east Japanese large earthquake disaster is contrasted (1896 /m8.2) the 2 months half later, big land feather earthquake (m7.2) occurs in the inland section
      Meiji青森,岩手和东部日本大地震灾害被对比的宫城县地震(1896年/m8.2) 2个月半最新,大土地羽毛地震(m7.2)在内地部分发生

    • Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.
      One month passed from east Japanese large earthquake disaster, but, a liberal translation

    • Earthquake prediction (the contents which are not unable to be received wild rumor are included)
      Assuming that on east side of the focal region of east Japanese large earthquake disaster, the possibility enormous earthquake of magnitude (m) 8 classes occurring is high, the group of institutions are advancing analysis
      假设,在东部日本大地震灾害的焦点区域的东边,极大的地震巨大(m) 8把发生分类的可能性是高,小组机关推进分析

    • shino juyou
      With east Japanese large earthquake disaster many people became sacrifice and, the crane truck thrust to the line of the pupil who also yesterday is in the midst of group attending school and many lives were lost, a liberal translation

    • May be linked to more detailed information..
      In regard to the suffering area revival of east Japanese large earthquake disaster, the person, Kazuo the Hayakawa of Japanese residence welfare academic society chairman had answered to the interview “to of the Yomiuri Shimbun Company conquest” April 8th as follows, a liberal translation
      关于东部日本大地震灾害遭受的区域复兴,人,日本住所福利救济学术社会主席Hayakawa如下回答了对采访“对读卖新闻公司占领” 4月8日的Kazuo

    • Northeast Kanto large earthquake disaster - 31 day news reading desultorily -, a liberal translation
      The support goods of northeast Kanto large earthquake disaster - 31 day news reading desultorily - suffering area, seeing with news, such as temporary dwelling and plan of revival that you think whether job has advanced gradually, but it seems that still is not sufficient and, it cannot grasp the entire image better than something

    • haru ha kuru ����
      With Tohoku University earthquake disaster, you suffer and in the people, and all creatures which die, you display the mind of mourning

    • In disaster revival by national aggregate power…, a liberal translation
      Also northeast Kanto large earthquake disaster probably becomes turning point of the Japanese history

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