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    diverting videos - Nico Nico Douga,

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    • Slow the live play OF THE YEAR 2010 second volume
       The first volume ⇒sm13397689  TOP30: mylist/2,282,547,712 rank ~59 rank: mylist/2,282,542,336 rank ~100 rank: mylist/22,825,422,848 rank ~: mylist/22825480 ━━━━━━  * Ending tune: ⇒nm11848653 * year slow the live ranking ⇒sm13220980 ■YOTY2009 (the last time) ⇒sm9285430 ━━━━━━  * Temporarily slow: mylist/16754864 * the non track slow excavation party: mylist/19174270 * the month slow live ranking: mylist/20337400

    • When it is Abe ogre, - you do not do or, 5-
      With homo- ogre famous [huji]. * Playing with the friend freely, taking with the [ru] feeling, it increases. Acknowledgment. →sm13363586 next →29 day Saturday before previous production Abe ogre →sm11230780 Part1→sm13256818 morning 6 o'clock my list →mylist/23019231 [komiyu] entering, don't you think?!! →co217323 live play part1 link new work () →mylist/15923690 [kiyo] [tsuitsuta] such as blue ogre -> http://twitter.com/kiyo_saiore [huji] [tsuitsuta] -> http://twitter.com/fuji_saiore
      Com o ogre do homo- famoso [huji]. * Jogando com o amigo livremente, tomando com o sentimento [ru], aumenta. Reconhecimento. →sm13363586 o próximo →29 dia sábado antes da manhã precedente do ogre →sm11230780 Part1→sm13256818 de Abe da produção 6 horas minha lista →mylist/23019231 [komiyu] que entra, você não pensa?!! →co217323 vivem a nova obra da ligação do jogo part1 () →mylist/15923690 [kiyo] [tsuitsuta] como o ogre azul - > http://twitter.com/kiyo_saiore [huji] [tsuitsuta] - > http://twitter.com/fuji_saiore
      Con el ogro del homo- famoso [huji]. * Jugando con el amigo libremente, tomando con la sensación [ru], aumenta. Reconocimiento. ¡→sm13363586 →29 el día próximo sábado antes de la mañana anterior del ogro →sm11230780 Part1→sm13256818 de Abe de la producción las 6 mi lista →mylist/23019231 [komiyu] que entra, usted no piensa?!! →co217323 viven las nuevas obras del acoplamiento del juego part1 () →mylist/15923690 [kiyo] [tsuitsuta] por ejemplo ogro azul - > http://twitter.com/kiyo_saiore [huji] [tsuitsuta] - > http://twitter.com/fuji_saiore

    • The protagonist passing, hit and miss fearful zombie game DEADRISING: 14
      Waiting it was long. Contents: Being strong, new game Lv50, the route: As for the ending A+OVERTIME aim CASE most priority, [saiko] everyone defeat and rescue other than [saiko] to be entwined basically it does not videotape cutting compilation & normality rescue, you do not aim [seinto], * the last time: sm13338106    Last time: <1/31>   part1: sm12720482    [detsudoramairisuto]: mylist/22112638 all animated picture ->: With mylist/13284908 [komiyu] mainly chat raw information and private of the →co328709 renewal which has been active as for the [bu] and the coming twitter→ http://twitter.com/Gatchman666
      Esperarlo era largo. Contenido: Siendo juego fuerte, nuevo Lv50, la ruta: En cuanto al CASO de la puntería de la conclusión A+OVERTIME la mayoría de la prioridad, [saiko] cada uno derrota y rescate con excepción de [saiko] que se entrelazará básicamente le no graba la compilación del corte y rescate de la normalidad, usted no apunta [seinto], * la vez última: sm13338106    Vez última:    part1: sm12720482    [detsudoramairisuto]: mylist/22112638 todo animó el cuadro - >: Con principalmente la información cruda de la charla mylist/13284908 [komiyu] y privado de la renovación →co328709 que ha sido activa en cuanto el [los BU] y twitter→ que venía http://twitter.com/Gatchman666
      Es zu warten war lang. Inhalt: Starkes, neues Spiel Lv50, der Weg sein: Was den FALL anbetrifft Ziel des Endes A+OVERTIME videotape die meiste Priorität, [saiko] jeder Niederlage und die im Allgemeinen entwirrt zu werden Rettung anders als [saiko] ihm nicht Ausschnittkompilation u. Normalitätrettung, zielen Sie nicht [seinto], * das letzte Mal: sm13338106    Letztes Mal:    part1: sm12720482    [detsudoramairisuto]: alle mylist/22112638 belebte Abbildung - >: Mit hauptsächlich rohen Informationen des Schwätzchens mylist/13284908 [komiyu] und privat von der Erneuerung →co328709, die aktiv was das [BU] und kommende twitter→ anbetrifft http://twitter.com/Gatchman666 gewesen ist

    • Daily chain rice thing
      It is [shimesabatsuisutazu]. It is bound daily with the chain. It is not stopped. Writing the lyric composition: [shimesabatsuisutazu] (mylist/10395993) illustration: Noodles children (http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=118276) animated picture: Contradiction (mylist/13671011) MP3 and the karaoke, to that the base is not the sound source [u] p was done in PIAPRO, -> http://piapro.jp/mri_kk
      Оно [shimesabatsuisutazu]. Он прыгнут ежедневно с цепью. Он не остановлен. Писание лиричного состава: [shimesabatsuisutazu] (mylist/10395993) иллюстрация: Дети лапшей (изображение http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=118276) оживленное: Несоответствие (mylist/13671011) MP3 и караоке, к тому основание нет звукового источника [u] p были сделаны в PIAPRO, - > http://piapro.jp/mri_kk
      Il est [shimesabatsuisutazu]. Il est lié quotidiennement avec la chaîne. Il n'est pas arrêté. Inscription de la composition lyrique : [shimesabatsuisutazu] (mylist/10395993) illustration : Enfants de nouilles (image animated de http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=118276) : La contradiction (mylist/13671011) MP3 et le karaoke, à celui que la base n'est pas la source sonore [u] p ont été faits dans PIAPRO, - > http://piapro.jp/mri_kk

    • Weekly VOCALOID ranking #173
      ○ totaling period: 2011 January 17th 5 o'clock ~2011 year January 24th 5 o'clock ○ totaling method: The number + of playbacks (comment several × correction values A) + (my list register several × correction values B) (correction value A…Ratio of numbers of playback several + my lists which are occupied in point total) (correction value B…Up to the my list ratio ×2 upper limit 40 which is occupied in the number of playbacks) the ○ totaling object: From RSS edition official ranking    Within playback comment [mairisuto] each 1000 ranks    Within PL playback comment [mairisuto] each 100 ranks: mylist/3271200 weekly #172: sm13339148
      ○ Totalingzeitraum: 2011 17. Januar 5-Uhr ~2011 Jahr 24. Januar 5-Uhr ○ Totalingmethode: Die Zahl + Play-back (kommentieren einige à — Korrekturwerte A) + (mein Listenregister einige à — Korrekturwerte B) (Korrekturwert A… Verhältnis von Zahlen des Play-backs mehrere + meine Listen, die in der Punktgesamtmenge besetzt werden) (Korrekturwert B… bis zur meiner oberen Begrenzung 40 des Listenverhältnisses ×2, die in der Zahl Play-back besetzt wird), der ○ Totalinggegenstand: Von der amtlichen Klassifizierung der RSS Ausgabe   Innerhalb der Play-backanmerkung [mairisuto] jede 1000 Ränge   Innerhalb der PL-Play-backanmerkung [mairisuto] jede 100 Ränge: mylist/3271200 wöchentliches #172: sm13339148
      período da totalização do ○: 2011 janeiro 1ő 5 horas ~2011 anos janeiro 2ô método da totalização do ○ de 5 horas: O número + de playback (comentam diversos valores de correção A) do — de à + (meu registo da lista diversos valores de correção B) do — de à (relação do valor de correção A… dos números de playback diversos + minhas lista que são ocupadas no total) (valor de correção B do ponto… até meu limite superior 40 da relação ×2 da lista que é ocupado no número de playback) o objeto da totalização do ○: Da classificação oficial da edição de RSS   Dentro do comentário do playback [mairisuto] cada 1000 Rank   Dentro do comentário do playback do PL [mairisuto] cada 100 Rank: mylist/3271200 #172 semanal: sm13339148

    • Deep-red [mirukii]<[mirukiihomuzu]>
      Deep-red [mirukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii] some days ago, “it sprouts recently and with only animation burns, animation amount at least,…”With, when it goes to consultation in police station and the detective institute, when ζ* `д´) Ζ “you grow tired to sprout of animation, it burns and should have made animation it is not!”Because (the ✤♡✤ field and, it was said,…It is with [tsu] [te] something, - previous production sm13242818 ▩ waffle bakery mylist/19001204 relative animated picture not to be deep-red and pink sm13393920 which made in 20 village teacher burning still and/or don't you think? the [e] covering, as for one to this winter first severe heat sm708254
      Vor tiefrot [mirukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii] einigen Tagen, „es keimt vor kurzem und mit nur Animation brennt, Animationmenge mindestens,…“ mit, wenn sie zur Beratung im Polizeirevier und im Detektivinstitut, wenn ζ* `д´) Î –, „, das Sie zum Sprössling der Animation müde wachsen, es brennt und sollte Animation gebildet haben geht es nicht ist! “ Weil (das ✤♡✤ Feld und, es wurde,… es ist mit gesagt [tsu] [te] etwas, - vorhergehende relative lebhafte Abbildung der Produktion sm13242818 ▩ Waffel-Bäckerei mylist/19001204, tiefrotes und rosafarbenes sm13393920 nicht zu sein, das im Lehrer mit 20 Dörfern bildete, der noch brennt und/oder nicht Sie denken? die Bedeckung [e], was eine anbetrifft zu dieser ersten strengen Hitze sm708254 des Winters
      Deep-red [mirukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii] certos dias há, “sprouts recentemente e com somente animação queima-se, uma quantidade da animação pelo menos,…” com, quando vai à consulta na estação de polícia e no instituto do detetive, quando – do д´) do `do ζ* Î “que você cresce cansado ao sprout da animação, ele queima e deve ter feito a animação não é! ” Porque (o campo do ✤♡✤ e, se disse,… ele está com [tsu] [te] algo, - retrato animado relativo precedente da padaria mylist/19001204 do waffle do ▩ da produção sm13242818 não ser sm13393920 deep-red e cor-de-rosa que fêz no professor de 20 vilas que se queima ainda e/ou você não pensa? a coberta [e], quanto para a uma a este primeiro calor severo sm708254 do inverno

    • When the [sune] husband does proud story, it tried attaching the picture to the tune which is flowing
      The ∑_ (the `∑´) [jiebanni] being “in the acquaintance of the father, expelling the assignment of summer vacation because of me, it made, it is!”It is the my list of the acquaintance of the mylist/7259543← father!
      ∑ _ (`∑´) [jiebanni] “在父亲的相识,逐出暑假的任务由于我,它做了,它是! ”它是mylist/7259543←父亲的相识我的名单!
      _ ∑ (∑´) `[jiebanni] находясь «в знакомце отца, вытесняя назначение каникулы лета из-за меня, оно сделало, оно! » Мой список знакомца отца mylist/7259543←!

    • IS< [inhuinitsuto] [sutoratosu] > - STRAIGHT JET
       `STRAIGHT JET '  Song: Kuribayasi everyone actual composition versification: Chrysanthemum rice field large mediating/helping IS< [inhuinitsuto] [sutoratosu] > subject song
       « GICLEUR DROIT »  Chanson : Kuribayasi chacun versification réel de composition : IS< de médiation de gisement de riz de chrysanthemum grand/de aide [inhuinitsuto] [sutoratosu] > chanson soumise
       “平直的喷气机’  歌曲: Kuribayasi大家实际构成作诗: 菊花米领域大斡旋的或帮助的IS< [inhuinitsuto] [sutoratosu] >附属的歌曲

    • Monochrome ~ version de l' apprivoiser
      With the version where this was used with TV shank full ver→sm13402779
      Mit der Version, in der dieses mit Fernsehschaft volles ver→sm13402779 verwendet wurde
      Com a versão onde isto foi usado com pata ver→sm13402779 cheio da tevê

    • Monochrome/air multi shrine maidens (door pine far)
      綺 羅 star* It is full ver of the star gong insertion song which the [sakana] thing air multi shrine maidens sing. The sound quality is delicate. If you can hear, just the k [tsu] [te] person please TV version (version de l' apprivoiser) This →sm13402851
      綺羅star*它是星锣插入歌曲的充分的ver [sakana]事空气多寺庙未婚唱。 品质优良是精美的。 如果您能听见,请k [tsu] [te]人电视版本(version de l' apprivoiser)这→sm13402851
      star* 綺羅 полное ver песни ввода гонга звезды которую девушки святыни воздуха вещи [sakana] multi пеют. Качество звука чувствительно. Если вы можете услышать, то как раз k [tsu] [te] персоны версия TV пожалуйста (версия de l' apprivoiser) это →sm13402851

    • kurororororoko!
      Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya of Shiroi Kurosu × fashion! When so it is the 17th work economy, the loop the sir ten www which is not done        It seems to be the sir ten www field tune way which is the going on board aim completely: It is sm11509720 pioneer: sm13367931        It is 佐 heaven: sm13310701 first spring is: Your nm13381612 older sister well well to well to the [a] to the [a]!!: Furthermore the sm13393134 sm13278253← 16th work, danger thing something of the brothers (the ry new work -> undecided is mylist/15566488          Older sister! Announcement thank you!
      Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya de mode de — de Shiroi Kurosu à ! Quand ainsi c'est la 17ème économie de travail, la boucle monsieur dix WWW qui n'est pas fait        Il semble être la manière d'air de champ de monsieur dix WWW qui est aller à bord du but complètement : C'est sm11509720 pionnier : sm13367931        C'est ciel de 佐 : le premier ressort sm13310701 est : Votre puits plus ancien de la soeur nm13381612 bien à bien au [a] au [a] ! ! : En outre le travail de sm13393134 sm13278253← 16ème, chose de danger quelque chose des frères (les travaux récents de relais - > irrésolu est mylist/15566488          Une soeur plus âgée ! L'annonce vous remercient !
      Shiroi Kurosu à —时尚Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! 当如此它是第17工作经济,圈没有完成的先生十万维网        它似乎是完全去在目标上的万维网先生十领域声调方式: 它是先驱sm11509720 : sm13367931        它是佐天堂: sm13310701第一春天是: 很好您的nm13381612更旧的姐妹井对很好对[a]对[a]!! : 此外sm13393134 sm13278253←第16工作,危险事某事兄弟(ry新的工作- >未定的是mylist/15566488          更老的姐妹! 公告感谢您!

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