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    diverting videos - Nico Nico Douga,

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    • <[minsaga]>The aunt of 20 generation latter halves perseveres and increases That 49
      Challenge to jewel B strike that 1. Directly turn of battle! 27: With per 10, and sound died away with the error of PS2. (The no ∀ `) BGM of replacement is being inserted, but there is no SE. There is no excuse, is. But atmosphere changes so with presence of sound, it is with the shank. The sound [tsu] [te] [ho] it is with important matter…! … 50 it is sm11425599 which <48 are that…* [minsaga] real condition… mylist/14053773 in addition UP animated picture summary… mylist/12038472>
      Возможность для того чтобы jewel забастовка b которая 1. сразу поворота сражения! 27: С в 10, и звуком умерл прочь с ошибкой PS2. (`∀ нет) BGM замены вводится, но никакой SE. Никакая отговорка. Но атмосфера изменяет поэтому с присутсвием звука, она с хвостовиком. Ядровое [tsu] [te] [ho] оно с важным делом…! … 50 это sm11425599 которое
      Défi pour jewel la grève de B qui 1. directement tour de bataille ! 27 : Avec par 10, et bruit est mort loin avec l'erreur de PS2. (Le `de ∀ de non) BGM de remplacement est inséré, mais il n'y a aucun Se. Il n'y a aucune excuse, est. Mais l'atmosphère change ainsi avec la présence du bruit, elle est avec la jambe. Le sain [tsu] [te] [ho] il est avec la matière importante… ! … 50 c'est sm11425599 qui

    • TAS raises [ichiro]<[pawapoke] 7>part6
      It is the Koshien compilation. The tournament because it is the [tsu] temporary, there is no surface growing light, is, (' A `) it is long, is, the my list ⇒mylist/10851702 which but being next, part11⇒sm11498021 which is the rust it does is not
      它是Koshien编辑。 比赛,因为它是[tsu]临时的,那里是没有表面生长光,是, (' `)它是长的,是,但是下的, part11⇒sm11498021是铁锈它不是的我的名单⇒mylist/10851702
      Составление Koshien. Турнир потому что он [tsu] временные, там никакой поверхностный растущий свет, (' `) Он длиннь, мой список ⇒mylist/10851702 который но был следующим, part11⇒sm11498021 которое ржавчина оно делает нет

    • TAS raises [ichiro]<[pawapoke] 7>part6
      To be unusual the baseball is the central time. This development hot [tsu] it does. Because as for [pawapoke] 7 rather than participating with the tournament, victory is important, charm reflecting that you do not play with result concern. The my list ⇒mylist/10851702 which part10⇒sm11497894 it does and is not
      Pour être peu commun le base-ball est le temps central. Ce développement chaud [tsu] il fait. Puisque quant [pawapoke] à 7 plutôt que participant avec le tournoi, la victoire est importante, charme reflétant que vous ne jouez pas avec le souci de résultat. La ma liste ⇒mylist/10851702 que part10⇒sm11497894 il fait et n'est pas
      要是异常的棒球是中部时间。 热这的发展[tsu]它。 由于至于为[pawapoke] 7而不是参与与比赛,胜利是重要的,反射的魅力您不使用以结果关心。 part10⇒sm11497894它做并且不是的我的名单⇒mylist/10851702

    • TAS raises [ichiro]<[pawapoke] 7>part6
      Thank you for viewing to here. [pawapoke] it is long, is. As for hero game becoming tired, orz which becomes suitable there is no excuse in the one which has been expected. [pawapoke] 7 being popular, [te] truth it was funny, is. When the air faces, the other work (her? ) With something we would like to try doing, is. The my list ⇒mylist/10851702 postscript which it does and is not: Everyone who views this animated picture thank you. It extends to here with unintentionally being the latter half suitable, finishing regret orz
      Obrigado vendo a aqui. [pawapoke] é longo, é. Como para o jogo de herói que torna-se cansado, o orz que se torna apropriado lá não é nenhuma desculpa em esse que foi esperado. [pawapoke] 7 que são populares, verdade [do te] era engraçada, é. Quando as caras do ar, as outro trabalho (ela? ) Com algo que nós gostaríamos de tentar fazer, somos. Meu postscript da lista ⇒mylist/10851702 que faz e não é: Todos que vê este retrato animado agradece-lhe. Estende a aqui com involuntàriamente ser o último meio orz apropriado, terminando do pesar
      Gracias por ver a aquí. [pawapoke] es largo, es. Como para el juego de héroe cansado, el orz que llega a ser conveniente allí no es ninguna excusa en el se ha esperado que. [pawapoke] 7 que eran populares, verdad [del te] era divertida, es. ¿Cuándo las caras del aire, la otra trabajo (ella? ) Con algo que quisiéramos intentar hacer, somos. La mi posdata de la lista ⇒mylist/10851702 que hace y no es: Cada uno que ve este cuadro animated le agradece. Extiende a aquí con inintencionalmente ser el último medio orz conveniente, de acabado del pesar

    • TAS raises [ichiro]<[pawapoke] 7>part6
      It is the various climax. Her baseball. When it is recreational area [tsu] [te] [pawapoke], the combining which is to be the special place? The my list ⇒mylist/10851702 which part9⇒sm11497757 it does and is not
      Различный климакс. Ее бейсбол. Когда рекреационная область [tsu] [te] [pawapoke], совмещать который быть специальным местом? Мой список ⇒mylist/10851702 который part9⇒sm11497757 оно делает и нет
      C'est la diverse apogée. Son base-ball. Quand est-ce secteur récréationnel [tsu] [te] [pawapoke], la combinaison qui est d'être l'endroit spécial ? La ma liste ⇒mylist/10851702 que part9⇒sm11497757 il fait et n'est pas

    • TAS raises [ichiro]<[pawapoke] 7>part6
      “The Christmas night, in her, you take the physical strength”, =??? This time it is the rear being full time. The event too multi it is in every season, is. Temporarily, to explode, dissolving. As for the episode of Mr. principal and Motomura being privately favorite. The my list ⇒mylist/10851702 which part8⇒sm11497516 it does and is not
      „Die Weihnachtsnacht, in ihr, nehmen Sie die körperliche Stärke“, =??? Dieses Mal ist es die Rückseite, die ganztägig ist. Das multi Ereignis zu ist es in jeder Jahreszeit, ist. Vorübergehend explodieren, lösend auf. Was die Episode anbetrifft von Herrn Direktion und Motomura, die privat Liebling sind. Die meine Liste ⇒mylist/10851702, die part8⇒sm11497516 es nicht tut und ist
      “A noite de Natal, nela, você toma a força física”, =??? Esta vez é a parte traseira que é a tempo completo. O evento demasiado multi realiza-se em cada estação, é. Temporariamente, para explodir, dissolvendo-se. Quanto para ao episódio do Sr. director e Motomura que são confidencialmente favorito. Minha lista ⇒mylist/10851702 que part8⇒sm11497516 ele faz e não é

    • TAS raises [ichiro]<[pawapoke] 7>part6
      1 days it was less crowded by circumstances but it is the continuation of [pawapoke] TAP. Subtitle is “the protagonist 0 book it is thrown away, volume”. So please do not throw away together to the birthday present (the tear. Generally the event of [kiyara] other than the pear child is overplentiful. The my list ⇒mylist/10851702 which part7⇒sm11497267 it does and is not
      1几天它由情况拥挤,但是它是[pawapoke]轻拍的继续。 它被丢掉的副标题是“主演0书,容量”。 因此喜欢不一起投掷对生日礼物(泪花。 通常事件[kiyara]除梨孩子之外overplentiful。 part7⇒sm11497267它做并且不是的我的名单⇒mylist/10851702
      дни 1 оно более менее было о обстоятельствами но продолжение КРАНА [pawapoke]. Субтитр «книга он брошен прочь, том протагониста 0». Так угодите не бросьте прочь совместно к подарку на день рождения (разрыву. Вообще случай [kiyara] за исключением ребенка груши overplentiful. Мой список ⇒mylist/10851702 который part7⇒sm11497267 оно делает и нет

    • Devil May cry live play last time
      It is last! Already what was stylish is not rubbed, but, it could push down battle ultimately, it is. To here viewing, thank you for. Chasing, we inform the new series. part11→sm11420537 new series -> August 1st schedule mylist/19505536 other real conditions →mylist/10152173
      Оно последн! Уже что было стильно не трет, но, оно смогл нажать вниз сражение в конечном счете, оно. К здесь осматривать, вы для. Гнать, мы сообщаем новый сериал. новый сериал part11→sm11420537 - > план-график mylist/19505536 1-ое августа другие реальные условия →mylist/10152173
      Il est dernier ! Déjà ce qui était élégant n'est pas frotté, mais, il pourrait abaisser la bataille finalement, il est. Ici au visionnement, merci de. Chasse, nous informons la nouvelle série. nouvelle série part11→sm11420537 - > programme mylist/19505536 du 1er août d'autres vrais états →mylist/10152173

    • Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! <[orijinarupu]>
      Because yesterday [arietsutei] you saw, being touched off somewhat, that thinking, whether you will try making even with animation, you saw, however, if you thought, it was there is no such sense in me. End. Because mylist/4009728 it became painful, gradually to breathe, we have decided to replenish sufficient oxygen concerning once more deep sleep. Then everyone, be completed cripes. As ([miku] is not sung, perhaps, it is audible, but in beginning and ending the [ya] we have really sung in the [ya])
      Weil gestern [arietsutei] Sie sahen, weg ein wenig berührend, denkendes das, ob Sie versuchen, sogar mit Animation zu bilden, sahen Sie, jedoch wenn Sie Gedanke, es waren, gibt es keine solche Richtung in mir. Ende. Weil mylist/4009728 es schmerzlich wurde, stufenweise zu atmen, haben wir uns entschieden, genügenden Sauerstoff hinsichtlich des tiefen Schlafes noch einmal zu ergänzen. Dann ist jeder, abgeschlossene cripes. Wie ([miku] wird nicht möglicherweise gesungen es ist hörbar, aber am Anfang und an Ende, die [ya] haben wir sind, wirklich in gesungen [ya])
      Porque ontem [arietsutei] você viu, sendo tocado fora um tanto, isso que pensa, se você tentará fazer mesmo com animação, você viu, entretanto, se você pensamento, ele era não há nenhum tal sentido em mim. Extremidade. Porque mylist/4009728 ele se tornou doloroso, para respirar gradualmente, nós decidimos reabastecer uma vez mais o suficiente oxigênio a respeito do sono profundo. Então todos, seja cripes terminados. Como ([miku] não é cantado, talvez, ele é audível, mas no começo e no término [ya] nós cantamos realmente no [o ya])

    • Summer and the corridor and the flower garden
      It is [machige], we fear the night of summer, is. The corridor of evening of the summer we fear, the shank. “It comes and as for the karaoke whose having is good” to original tune summary [machige] HP→ http://machigerita.web.fc2.com/ original tune summary →mylist/4713790 [machige] the list →mylist/5274521 which it tries singing
      Il est [machige], nous craignent la nuit de l'été, est. Le couloir de la soirée de l'été où nous craignons, la jambe. « Elle vient et quant au karaoke dont avoir est bon » au résumé original original →mylist/4713790 [machige] d'air de résumé d'air [machige] HP→ http://machigerita.web.fc2.com/ la liste →mylist/5274521 qu'il essaye de chanter
      它是[machige],我们恐惧夏天夜,是。 夏天的晚上走廊我们恐惧,小腿。 “它为有是好”对原始的声调总结的卡拉OK演唱来和至于[machige] HP→ http://machigerita.web.fc2.com/原始的声调总结→mylist/4713790 [machige]名单→mylist/5274521它设法唱

    • Recent nighttime animation correction scene collection
      You happened to see recently, picture correction example with nighttime animation (the pause, arrow indication inserting in the place where it is difficult to know, it increases). “It is the squall as though!!”As for [nagi], it is not correction and “modification of [te] production” there is no either not saying, is, but abbreviation of the eye of the flower water caltrop pulls too much. By the way, as though “it is [hayate]! The school calendar” (the desk top) as for September second week, the flower water caltrop “troublesome thing is large [kirai]”, is. It is [hayate] as though!! 1 stories and 2 stories are raised to in addition to.
      Vous vous êtes avéré justement voir récemment, exemple de correction d'image avec l'animation de nuit (la pause, indication de flèche s'insérant dans l'endroit où il est difficile de savoir, il augmente). « C'est la rafale comme si ! !  » Quant à [nagi], ce n'est pas correction et « la modification [de la production de te] » là n'est aucun ne pas dire non plus, est, mais abréviation de l'oeil des tractions de caltrop de l'eau de fleur trop. D'ailleurs, comme si « elle est [hayate] ! Le calendrier d'école » (l'ordinateur de bureau) quant du deuxième à la semaine septembre, le caltrop « chose ennuyeuse de l'eau de fleur est grand [kirai] », est. Il est [hayate] comme si ! ! 1 histoires et 2 histoires sont augmentées à en plus de.
      您偶然最近看,图片与夜间动画(停留,箭头征兆插入在知道的地方的是难的,它的更正例子增加)。 “它是急风,好象!! ”至于为[nagi],它不是更正,并且“[te]生产的修改”那里是没有或者不说,太多是,但是花水caltrop拉扯的眼睛的简称。 顺便说一句,好象“它[hayate]! 学校日历” (桌面)至于9月二日星期的,花水caltrop “麻烦事是大[kirai]”,是。 它是[hayate],好象!! 1个故事和2个故事被上升对除之外。

    • Gundam series protagonist MS first embarkation and first aggressive scene collection
      But at the time of first aggressive scene collection [domon] and [hiiro] and thin and so on first appearance of the Gundam series protagonist, clearly the scene of the loran which is excluded whether or not you can call battle, the sensitivity to feel [kiyara] which stacks experience as a pilot,①[amuro] ray ②[kamiyu] [bidan] ③[jiyudo] [ashita] ④[shibutsuku] [ano] ⑤[utsuso] [evuin] ⑥[garodo] run ⑦Loran [seatsuku] ⑧[kira] Yamato in addition animation-related →mylist/19393121 postscript: As for [garodo] certainly doing from contents of conversation, the mobile suit it has been accustomed to also riding being like, the shank. You heard completely and let escape and increased.
      Mas na altura da primeira coleção agressiva da cena [domon] e [hiiro] e dilua e assim por diante a primeira aparição do protagonista da série de Gundam, claramente a cena do loran que é excluído mesmo se você pode chamar a batalha, a sensibilidade para sentir [kiyara] qual empilha a experiência como um piloto,①raio [do amuro] ②[kamiyu] [bidan] ③[jiyudo] [ashita] ④[shibutsuku] [ano] ⑤[utsuso] [evuin] ⑥[garodo] funcionado ⑦Loran [seatsuku] ⑧[kira] postscript →mylist/19393121 animação-relacionado de Yamato além: Quanto para [garodo] certamente a fazer dos índices da conversação, o terno móvel foi acostumado igualmente à montada estando como, a pata. Você ouviu-se completamente e deixou-se o escape e aumentou-se.
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