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    • Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

    • Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

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      recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

    • Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

    • Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

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      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

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      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • Raw test/
      With [sukaipu], kasumi and the kyat doing, when it becomes [te] case Gaea story and the inside, puts out favorite dead or alive name, “also the breast it can go, when it is the w [tsu] [te] which is”… everyone, the [dedoara] [tsu] [te] you call, the breast and the breast, the breast [tsu] [te]… that the game system is funny, it is!! Because such a time and the [ro] [tsu] and the [ro] [tsu] participation just bought to the kyat became story of the microphone, because that way, it tested live broadcast with ustream.tv,/“the [dedoara] = breast being thought likely, the [te] [ku] palm to be, the [zo] [tsu] which dead or alive 4 is and the cousin it shows!”Although (video recording) http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1400020 (approximately 50 minutes)… [tsu] [te] you thought from the middle, all skill forgetting, if [hurubotsuko] >< on that, it is and the cousin the expectation which it introduces talks and mentions [ru] contents, because the [pa] it is the [pa] it is… well it is test broadcast, as for w first 30 minutes “the expectation which designates at the looking which before kasumi is accomplished as [hurubotsuko], as for volume remainder of killing a would-be avenger” “story mode the leash don't you think? with clears” volume the distortion of usb sound adapter sound did not come out, as expected excessively moving, roughness of the picture at the time of the [ru] already helpless kana w w which by the way is not next broadcast schedule to the last Because it is the account which is taken in order to videotape the pc game!

    • [shinborupokemon
      It is it is the alphabet + which how appears in the shoes! +? There is a type! Joining. It was the monarch of the tower and/or it came out, well it came out, when you inquire about the raw transmission of the senior, it has become ^p^ various and ragged the night opens it does also the air, but being pleasant and to throw away and say, or sleep from my this the outside of [re] [ru] oak and others ^p^ becoming considerably bright, the [ru]! As expected, it is visible that it gets near to the summer! (The [a] rice less >> [karu] seniors using the ustream [tsu] [te] densely, don't you think? the [ru] the one one which is like… there is a variety, - spare time the time it tries inspecting, well with kiai somehow at least cripes do sleeping to 10 where you sleep o'clock with the accompanying and raw transmission what, whether it becomes story of cartoon and/or already is… the cartoonist, all right -

      Announces the quarrel mix of m-project and [gachi] with previous x-treme hard dj bug which, at this evening ustream from around 21 o'clock live mix ON air!

    • Dismantlement of “life-size Gundam” starts
      - Life-size Gundam, as for dismantlement start attendance person 3 times that expectation (information origin: itmedia +d lifestyle) Tokyo in life-size Gundam which is installed in the stand place, dismantlement start dismantlement job the person who is relayed lively with ustream life-size Gundam dismantlement starting on September 1st at the beginning approximately 3 times 4,250,000 person of expectation visits, because it could not go to the seeing which stripe now is after all the w green tokyo Gundam project >> which if the combining [e] which is not installed regrettable somewhere is close and being pay, goes

    • Chopper
      kanji character , original meaning

    • SONGS
      The special edition of glay now is in the midst of broadcasting, but the [tsu], x 'this year did revival live, don't you think?' it is the [tsu] [chi] [yu] [u] which is not -, it is!!!! Revival live as for doing last year the [i]!! The NHK [yo] - about some [bo] yoshiki you chase and the seed are!! The [a] which is from the sabotage [tsu] [te] [tsu] ever since the thin phonic concert!! So the yoshiki seeing [re] [te] highest where within of one week moves!! It is renewed to ustream the ♪ where also the French of yoshiki is good

    • Japanese Letter
      When 18:30 you do extent in aim and the [ma] - the stomach which does the stomach you are not to 18 where the game which enters into the eye which is the transmission which would like to be is done:30, as for the one hearing please inspect gomashouyu with ustream whether you do not do,

    • Article ofWEB December 15th becomes matter of concern
      The article which with web-related [burogu] which has been subscribed with rss becomes matter of concern the pickup was done, (you combining also your own memorandum) with personal computer [ma] [me] knowledge life hacker “'ustream' from iphone 3gs live image stream broadcast! ” Material or design or idea*idea “yahoo! The generator” designwalker which, google and the twitter [tsu] [po] is and can make logograph “being free, wordpress which you can use

    • iPhone video camera comparison
      But as for me, 3gs, because the daughter and the son are 3g, application for video photographing comparison ivideocamera depends on the performance of hard to seem, with 3gs, as for ustream live broadcaster which is taken much better than the specifications of app store, live release is sale function of main, but videotaping, waiting for the photographing with 3g which can do also retention locally, you appraise, but ivideocamera for 115 Yen, ustream live broadcaster is free, calling clearly, with same download the shank! With you wrote, but please examine 115 Yen, respectively with sense of value at 3g&3gs the test * the video recording test _iphone standard camera<3gs>* Video recording test _ivideocamera<3g>* Video recording test _ustream live broadcaster<3g> * Among those, as for the test image which is raised in youtube at here everything 3gs the test * the video recording test _iphone standard camera<3gs>* Video recording test _ivideocamera<3gs> With ☆3gs, the hard specifications being good you take well however, with appstore, as description below it is written, * if you have a 3gs you dont need this app * you already have a video recorder! * Video recording test _ustream live broadcaster<3gs>The [chi] and, is dark and is combining

    • From between 8 tatami mats 2000 human live RT @okadadada: However there is only a wall before the we, it is pleasant highest!
      okada01 (@okadadada) regrettable you inquire about ustream transmission, as for the refrigerator inside the beer (the giraffe pale 麗! Although) it is night of eve which does not become cold, until it exceeds 2,100 people whom 2,100 people or more has heard, 軌. Fish 拓 (picture [kiyapuchiya]): 3: 04 = 1,569 viewers 3:10 = 1,704 viewers 3:16 = 1,804 viewers 3:21 = 1,900 viewers 3:29 = 2,011 viewers

    • Practice of transmission
      Opinion , for multilingual communication

    • Just a little difficult story
      Nihongo , linked pages are Japanese

    • More and more. .
      Don't you think? tomorrow while year before last [bikubiku] which is the party of [eureka] which I organize to do going to play for the first time to club, last year dj debut and, organization this year the 1st shot big party the party [tsu] [te] which by his organizes also the fact that you say it is what, there are just a little deep emotion deep ones, however w truth and color is the air which throws the thing does, it should have been pleasant, don't you think?! Although it is 2nd organization, also the splendid guest coming and, it is the truth pleasure!! The day using the animated picture transmission system, ustream, has planned web relay, because is, Osaka how it is not good, the fool! If pc is opened even with the [tsu] [te] person, there becomes the meeting place, the ^^12 which once, also the timetable does the paste: 30~13: 30kemis 13:30 ~14: 30b☆b 14:30 ~15: 30dj 536,415: 30~16: 30yas 16:30 ~17: 30 [saoririsu] 17:30 ~18: 30☆kazu 18:30 ~19: Because 00special b2b truth and which time rub the [tsu] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] it is funny, ust transmitting expecting, the [te] with, when it cannot relay with pc environment of the day, the [me] it is do (the ' Ω `) as for tonight at [dokidoki] half framework framework half to sleep, the [re] so alima plug w (Hari ones of the day just being able to prepare simply)

    • Japanese talking
      [buroguneta]: Now, the participation Nakamoto sentence which this person likes is dj taro from here! You attach and melt and are full and the [ya] are starting working, you know the existence of j-wave, various funny program the heuristic stripe it is the hammer [ri], it is the case that everyday it does not become work in the interest of the mark, but we love especially taro even in w! Voice and want favorite tension and the favorite face letting flow with favorite j-wave entire country! However you can hear with the net, or mac correspondence still to preparation gradual that radio what and what one which is heard with the empty radio, well it is wmusic plus and the [yu] - as for program doing also breathing picture transmission with ustream, [te] image to see, when the [re] [ru] it is the burn - there is an image, w this which him who also tension rises animated picture is transmitted by the way even privately with ustream and the main thing it does, -! Rather than [ma] viewing tv seeing, it is at all good! It is? It is even in ameba??? Being fixed in any case, being fixed, but hammer [tsu] [te] [ru] reason you think that and it does not cool down! Considerably, there is a self-confidence, ww meeting once upon a time, without fail like it does, would like to go taro mc [ibe]! While being close and Tokyo taking the field and the [tsu] [ma] - with this being connected even in dj becoming interest Tsu 々, with [ru] reason the shank! The [a], there being ne-yo of course, but is, www

    • Ring ROY
      The free of Shinjuku motion x disk union being live in the July last year, the ring roy which simultaneous is done, the Nanao traveler who is in the midst of album audition meeting holding with ustream is cute now Kentarou's work participation Takahashi demonstration is enormous, that when you think, already going out, the page of myspace which it increases

    • Animated picture of wide stripe boy post horse observation
      With previous contribution, the streaming we conveyed the effect which is transmitted it is the image which [kakukaku] is done excessively with ustream with iphone, it is increase it is you had taken simultaneously, by the digital camera because 1 Ku which also, introduces passing it is instantaneous, “after so long a time seeing…” it is the [tsu] [te] feeling, but connect photographing by canon ixy digital 510 is [tasuki]! - Large Yagi Hiro discernment - the man who built up the scene large post horse/raw river possession two ¥1,575 amazon.co.jp

    • Apple Tablet Night in Tokyo ON USTREAM: While looking at real time web relay with everyone, while only the liquor and the like joy and sorrow. Conference
      apple tablet night in tokyo ON ustream: While looking at real time web relay with everyone, while only the liquor and the like joy and sorrow. About conference rear 15 minutes…

    • KNNnow ON USTREAM: the smallest digital TV station in the world. The Web
      knnnow ON ustream: the smallest digital tv station in the world. the web

    • TL of the grandchild is funny
      That you think whether “time line of the direct closely grandchild at the time, in the future probably becomes the entrepreneur would like to become the manager whom you think that 16 years old, thinking if as for, it threw the how dictum which is not either instant,” the steed goes being excited, “already the tear came out, -!”How announcing, that the plain gauze it is and with sees, “relays the balancing of accounts announcement of this corporation lively with ustream” if you think that it boiled the follower, “by mistake the rehearsal the [tsu] which appears” how to fall and the [ya] [me] trying showing phase and/or the follower among such “being whoever in the chart going/participating road, the studio of ust which you can use making,” when with you say, “comprehension! It will make!!”How, account this of the ww grandchild whom it promptly decides and/or don't you think? as for tl of the grandchild truth is funny

    • Road
      Finally, because the road before the home was newly paved the after all new road the feeling difference potato, even with the shank, although it is the expectation which last night walked certainly to look at the starry sky where does not perceive completely, “it is clean, while,” no Tetsu [bu] and coming, you are walking it probably is empty, also the fact that you walk the road which was made newly it is feeling difference potato, but after all I would like to walk while the road which is not the road, making the new road! Perhaps, the walking [zu] leprosy it does and tumbles and the wound does being, certainly it keeps being cut it becomes the road where the one step one step is new and it has walked, so, if it does not sneak away from the dangerous safety zone which you can think! So, it is promise, but [antonio] Inoki fighting spirit navigation of shout! Portable Nabi fighting spirit Nabi…¥29,800 optimism * Mobile non corresponding [bakayaro]! (When ↑ this just wants to do, entry?)(Sweat), nevertheless, ustream, twitcasting, in addition they are new age, well, (↑ once it president entry) (cascade sweat), if it does not continue to run in order to make the new road!

    • To f m Tama and closed bureau
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , for multilingual communication

    • It tried buying the Ustream T shirt of topic!!
      The story which even before shops with googlestore, the story which has buying the goods of the shop of the Microsoft Seattle head office you wrote, but there is no eye me, especially pc/it industry and the broadcasting station which like the type of logographic entering novelty goods of enterprise mono to in regard, it is with, now, becoming bridge topic of those two industries as for the sight itself anyone animated picture transmission sight ustream.tv well enough it is from before and, it is to be stealthily regularly used even in the Japanese, but the grandchild with the flow, the software bank which is led head shareholder at a stroke, furthermore from JapanThe user has increased, -> my channel I who have been established without the [ri] [ge] recently every week producing to the program of Morley [robatoson] in the Tuesday night, it increases, but this ustream there being an official store in the nook of the sight, because it can order goods such as t shirt and back from Japan, you bought right away, -> ustream.tv official store what passing, when it is the other side, because the size which wears even with [debu] is prepared normally don't you think? (wry smile design two kind, the t shirt which has also the color abundantly is the straight ball game where just logograph enters is to call, this it is to call furthermore as for the price which is oneApproximately 18 dollars some color collecting temporarily, because the postage which tries buying also the one for present to the person next collectively is required also 37 dollars collecting temporarily, unless you buy, don't you think? because it is ups, if it goes well, it may, when reach about during this week, it reaches and the report stripe shank

    • From tonight 21 o'clock without being disgusted with Ustream, live program furthermore being release raw
      … However after all it is 3 week continuation, don't you think? it appears in the i-morley live program of ustream from tonight 21 o'clock, -> fruit juice 100% of the Morley uncle as for the official sight this week the usual studio springing out, release it broadcasts raw from the Harajuku certain place coldly so to put out, because perhaps, the rain it falls, is may with end time undecided being, Takuya Kawai which is @himanainu_kawai thing digital Hollywood university full-time professor who is the schedule which also the guest whom it negotiated furthermore via twitter causes -> as a representation of [himanainu] in the net boundary well-known and in the person in “the order which one person @dfnt thing me was already seen”Doing, @ NHK _doga thing “scoop! The contribution do picture” throat [u] - [yoshinaga] which is the designer!! When it is adopted for ↑ program, if the portable cleaner which can be received -> the order which I saw you say these two, now, “making the studio of ustream in grandchild president of the @masason thing software bank!!”With to offer, really moving, being the case that it reaches, the [ze] [tsu] [te] which really will try thinking of the story of there from actual place we would like to speak -> the process where the grandchild keeps deciding the studio making to collect, because -> there should have been such a ustream studio the place handle inevitably release it becomes, of course, the one which has interest does not care, you coming to play, please participate by all means free tv: ustream

    • [tsuitsuta] where the truly enormous person is prominent
      After the news that comes out, the software bank invests to ustream, balancing of accounts announcement of the software bank was done, but when with [tsuitsuta], we want grandchild Masayoshi making the ustream studio, vis-a-vis request, “it will make”, that immediate answer furthermore as for exchanging the link that they were several minutes ago which, enter into the meeting place of balancing of accounts announcement: With the behind scene of balancing of accounts announcement ustream studio establishment had been decided in 2 minutes, - the link where also thing of the Miki valley Hiroshi history person of optimism is written on real time web .jp and the same sight: The case which with the spirit where the Miki valley of optimism is enormous in demand from the user has replied on twitter - after reading real time web .jp this, some time ago is, but liquidwave of the Sendai residence with [tsuitsuta], addressing to the Miki valley person, like this the [bu] and @hmikitani Miki valley which is densely it is, is, in Sendai optimistic [igurusu] since establishing [atsu] [ku] from this season when you have supported domestic biggest large-sized vision is born in k star Miyagi of center, but when the plan which entwines with twitter well it goes, it probably is not to be epoch-making? Vis-a-vis this, the Miki valley person “will do” after that approximately 30 minutes, that the grandchild person or the Miki valley person one word replying is done, as for being in common, whether first, [tsuitsuta] is what, as for by his appearing there, there being some meaning, by your how do not behave there and the [te] understands perfectly just whether it is not good, and it probably is to have shown that with conduct and as the backbone which can do that conduct, as a manager quick break as for [tsuitsuta] which is the gallbladder power which can be promptly decided, just simpleIs after the shelf it thought that the truly enormous person is prominent, and at least, does what, the kind of enterprise whose consensus system and meeting are necessary, coming out in [tsuitsuta], does not make the partner, probably will be, it is to be,

    • We would like to improve mechanic with Ustream dispatch thing 2010 February presently
      The ustream3 step stomach well in 1 weeks 3 rapid fires: In the war between my ustream3 day software story was written, because we would like to append on the one hand even mechanic a little, 1 where memo it does collectively) as for 3 legs necessary kana? Because height of the camera changes the impression of animated picture unexpectedly, is cheap, because it is good, one we want! 2) In fixing of the web camera the resin tape, the scissors as for necessary this you do not have to forget, 3) somehow, if something camera which can be used with Mack as for this which we would like to know because at one unit the transmission monitor possibility, presently transmission (in external monitor output impossibility) even then ustream is pleasant in the net book, we would like to keep challenging to the [ma] [me

    • ?
      impressions , for multilingual communication

    • The thinking which is heavy
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , linked pages are Japanese

    • [bokunenzuato] Tokyo [riniyuaru] [opuningupatei] participation report (continuation)
      It was born as the multipurpose space which is the continuation from the article before and changed, block print house name. . When you see from the picture gallery “[bokunenzuato] Tokyo” outside of Minoru's, such a feeling (↑) entrance entering, the good wind where the wall which is in the immediately place was removed, to the inner part, reached the point where you can foresee at once entering, before the remodelling similarly in the wall on the left on the other side of the door which is rivaled “. . This the shellfish” was applied. . Shellfish, name. . When it is the present from Minoru with Okinawa, it decorates it probably will put out to the entryway as a demon excluding, don't you think? is, well, it is to be pleasant [opunningupatei], but because it was holiday opening in the middle of week, after in returning to the quick time zone returning home, while [arekore] handling, you looked at the circumstances of the party with ustream, so, circumstances of the live relay which is to be relayed lively, such you feel the circumstances of the party, (↓)

    • GODSGARDEN#2 opening
      Opening notification of the strike 4 2nd godsgarden which you think that privately, it is the existence where now is closest to the professional in Japan, does the completion stripe finally and commonly, as the reason where is close to the professional 'the prize conference and the like being risen in the foreign country, at the same time can win the Japanese, if' it mounds in clogging Japan which is, it probably can ride in the flow that way, to question, because lie it is there is also a reason, inserting power rather, below being cooperative, the notification with tgn that way the tokyo game night 16th night godsgarden #2 subject game: Street fighterⅳ(xbox360/ps3) meeting place: Shinjuku loft plus one opening schedule: 2010 March 6th (Saturday), 7 days (day) ticket: Advance sale 3,000 Yen and 3,500 Yen in day (1 drinks it is attached) start finish time: 3/614: 00 opening places, same 15: 00 start ~ 3/704: 00 ends, same 05: 00 closed place godsgarden#2 conference prize victory 100,000 Yen 2 rank 50,000 Yen 4 rank, 5 rank 20,000 Yen 3 rank 30,000 Yen 6 rank ~8 rank 10,000 Yen day conference (participation register necessary) godsgarden#2 day preliminary round godsgarden#2 character limited conference day event online opposition meeting for lady's beginners' class person conference godsgarden#2 home (future collect) for the beginner the opposition stand, details such as free opposition stand concept match and the conference rule which also the player who is invited to godsgarden#2 decides please check the godsgarden official sight ------ I appearing in the sum nail of ustream, as for [ru], w which is consideration of the editor

    • To 2/21 bee cartridge live starts ago
      In helping of 13:00 ~ Chinese noodles park idling!!! With the notion that where, the member appears, the form which the helping member of this day [yazawa] phone Kyi something phone Kyi has helped early distantly to the stand place, the [ho] it is with being the salesman like, did not have strange feeling, is, (the ^◇^;)When being your own turn, it makes pulling out selection of the bowl, [yazawa] pull, but it comes off after all, (the ^_^;)However from last week 3 cups you ate with total, because well entirely the end it was, the Chinese noodles although you ate, considerable time… with being the case that it is said to bee cartridge live of the night, around [urouro] it has done it is, excessively spare time of the thing, temporarily, when the bee sometimes stage it goes to seeing,… it was the place where the rehearsal starts exactly, (the ^^;)That? While the [riha] [tsu] [te] general customer of the bee cartridge is from, you do the [tsu] [ke]? Well with special care to see, the [re] [ru] to do, when with you say, because as for present live rearrangement the rear has decided number, you looked at the most tune of those which were not seen to end and the middle, [setori] of excitation is ascertained and/or it is the red sandal wood, but (the ^◇^;)By the way, content of [riha] left, naturally without writing on [burogu] and twitter, it is, but… increasing gate p and [riha] image to ustream, the [ru] it is (the ¯. ¯;)The combining [e] which you call the live twitter real condition, this [tsu] [te] how is… article url [komentopeta] article summary | Cover comment [the comment entry column probably will be sent indication] the comment contribution comment entry column is indicated in, please pushes the below-mentioned button * the present together the browser opens newly in another window! /You question thank you with the [me],/the support encouraging/news item article summary | You become the reader of this [burogu] of the cover, (check) new twtr.widget ({version: 2, type: 'profile' and rpp: 10, interval: 5000, width: 'AUTO' and height: 265, theme: {shell: {background: '#378da0' and color: '#ffffff'}, tweets: {background: '#ffffff' and color: '#000000' and links: '#3a84c1'}}, features: {scrollbar: true and loop: false and live: true and hashtags: true and timestamp: true and avatars: false and behavior: 'all'}}) .render () .setuser ('riruka594') .start (); Courage [rabumajitsuku] fever petit-petit of s.o.w. [sensuobuwanda] palm [amebaburogu

    • 5days REC!!!!
      It is recording from today, - REPT (∀) as for the menu of main day of no while the drum and based sound recording Hiroshi taking the direction of recording, me and as for clear justice song of recording tune. While checking correction and part melody lastly, the occasionally [pashi] and others [re] [te] the lead bull which it increases buying, the [ru] it does clear justice! [uke] [ru]! The [a] the [a], the curtain was closed with previous mosaic broadcast, “cherry tree no rain @ustream” is, but this month it does, -! Because very orz this time laughing in various ways dadaism lets flow incomprehensible image <- we publish the details which are from night 9 March 6th o'clock to this, because as for the one which time comes off you can sing the propriety propriety ^^ last time and this month when similarly, it broadcasts from my house with graduation ceremony of the school which whether the same as last year wordily it is dense of, is thrusting, the [ku] - the [ho] it is, the recording return [ma] [hu] REPT (∀) no article url

    • SAK. [susume
      You call your sak. friend of the friend, year leaving rather, increases but (laughing), with woman Takao who with hgc (hyper gospel choir) which is the important woman whom it should respect has been sung together, in some [ma] in the woman of the cute adult! Her song being truly truly cute, is very to become happy feeling, sak.official site where it may be sucked by the world of strange ~ her song it becomes and/or my body and in heart the blotch crossing all the way, it may overflow becomes and/or still by all means wants the one which is not knowing, trying inquiring about the song of sak.: sak.myspace: (It can view)* This day March 3rd (Wednesday) 22: From 40 time, it is live broadcast live with ustream

    • How to pass the Sunday
      If Sunday of this time, so, in the Sunday which devised of the method of passing March 7th, densely is not as for the viewing mission sending the work of the prevention of disasters weekly wife of the spring when it goes into… fc Gifu commencement game observation Gifu citizen ball parks to receive well, the night night watch of the prevention of disasters week after doing, the wife goes to receiving, it is good, however it is with it is non problem, it is the spear chestnut of the noon, as for problem as for the fc Gifu tournament from 13 o'clock the [tsu] [te] thing skin, if 11 o'clock in the stand line it is not in the memorial, there is no what, it is, the bacon. 喰 We would like to be and, Calais it is to eat to view, sign meeting average in is dies in the Gifu citizen ball park, with opening ceremony of the Kusano sphere league, the microphone as for the equipment the verification plug also the time limit of viewing try-wimax last Sunday with something, the test of ustream wants you can use something, perhaps, the ball park curator is with thinks to evening, but it is because there is no definite promise, whether ahead of time line if it is not, the [tsu] [te] thing skin, whether during morning [a]… Morning we would like to make lazily that appearance and… When you go out from during morning, when it becomes, work starts from around 13 o'clock sending the wife where the [ku] [tsu] [te] mission… And the [tsu] [pa], the wife the ↓ bacon which is sent to work in past noon 串 with abandoning Calais, fc Gifu observation ↓ evening, praying the fact that the curator is, it goes into the citizen ball park, but the true [tsu] the conduct which this husband should take? It is the ~, as for fc Gifu tournament start very limit and… Although the bacon 串 with Calais you buy, lining up, time it is required and… There is also a risk of sellout and… Lining up, between the [ru], it overlooks the instant of valuable kickoff of 2010 season and hate puts out [chi] [ya] [u]… The curator of the citizen ball park, thinks that the tournament the non [ke] [ri] [ya], perhaps, returns at the ball park, it is, you see to current season and evening the [tsu] dust baseball do and the [ru] cannot think and… And the [tsu] [pa], the selfish foolish husband who prefer your own pleasure one day performing slyly only it is, you obtain, don't you think? the [e], just one day… When morning, the eye awakens, you look at the mask rider, after that the Osawa boss 喝! The wife who goes to ↓ fc Gifu which goes into the ↓ Gifu citizen ball park commencement game being one person, going to work to work, waiting,… The [me] it is, perhaps, it becomes so… There is no excuse… [0 times

    • “CHANGE” that 139
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • With USTREAM live related to BiND3
      Yesterday, lively having been transmitted related to bind3 with ustream, the plain of digital stage unintentionally, story is funny, nearly 3 hours the truth which it drinks in to be enormous by your now are to be in the world, that - you realize

    • Music program free download
      En japones , for multilingual communication

    • Sample department store way RSPin Shinagawa ♪
      It is dense, it is, it is March 12th is the [wa] rose (the gold) the venus beauty aura underpants it is introduced, in sample department store way this time when rspin Shinagawa beauty [ora] venus does synthesis mc in President and simultaneous Asuka of the sample department store, well at [tsuitsuta] the real condition also propriety everyone who is relayed please uplift the pattern of the meeting place where it does together! At ustream doing also animated picture transmission, because it increases, it cannot participate in this event and as for the one where also the [te] does [tsuitsuta], if it looks at this, also the [bu] and coming participation is possible,* Don't you think? please see by all means by all means* We ask may The venus beauty aura jacket and the venus beauty aura belt and viewing be able to receive with the sid=47 sem_id=101695503 key=semi_97047c7cd069a8e4db79575f341995c2 hashtag= meeting place, limitation sale being able to point at that place, because the absence of stock close just commodity which it receives, when this comes in at this opportunity of everyone and experiences feeling and to receive, liking, can receive is delightful, you can view the [bu] and the coming of the rose which enjoys that it can meet to everyone who is, even from this

    • Ustream
      Video relay of the real time, ustream is risen recently. Relaying individual and symposium and dj etc, it is something which can debate thought with twitter, in regard to that. Fairly well there was a system which broadcasts image with Internet of this hand, from former times. In addition, also approximately youtube which is not real time was popularity. When the various people and story are done, as for the interest of ustream, simplicity of delivery the sender, receiving with, with the gearing with twitter, it may there be a structure that both parties are easy to be obtained the response, is. The camera standard is equipped in recent mac and, you can buy also the camera of external for several thousand Yen. It just can connect that, it can make live relay truly simple. Recently relay is possible even from iphone. In addition, when there is funny live relay, someone writes in relation in the time line of twitter. Tracing that, looking at live image, when it returns the response for that, in addition looking at that, it becomes the circulation that the other person gets together. For a while, before, relaying the recording fm of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Tsuda large mediating/helping from midst of the studio, it reached, relayed dj of club and it observed at that it has done to reach, but you saw funny with the contents which are rich in suggestion truly and the [re] increased. “The television does not need anymore”, that you remember that you feel strongly. Recently because directivity has diversified, taking greatest common divisor, making television program, it has become something which no one likes e.g., hit tune becomes difficult to come out. It included also such youtube and the like conversely, the kind of air which is faced to the contents production which coincides to the needs whose picture transmission with Internet is detailed has done. When you try seeing with point of view of sending area, if only it discharges simply, because message cannot be conveyed to the person who is seen, in order for ability of the compilation which the chitin rearranges that very to become important, you are moved. Perhaps also such, “structure” changes.

    • Tomorrow is [auei] Nagoya game….^^; V
      En japonais , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      It just began with [tsuitsuta], Ryuichi Sakamoto it is to follow in a state that, but because it was in a state where the [bu] and coming renewal of tonight and Sakamoto just a little are strange, you try seeing ahead linking when, “how this person participating with [tsuitsuta] vis-a-vis ustream (broadband animated picture broadcast) which the copy band of ymo does, [tsutsukomi] is being inserted”! Sakamoto from broadcast and ny of the people of [kopiban] “doing, tune” “easterly wind doing!”“Happiness Hiroshi, occurring, the [ru]??”And so on with [tsuito] which is said sees simultaneously, with [re] [ru] reason becoming bidirectional, [ru]…! The people who look at the ust, at the stage which I access about 2000 was, but at the time (extent kana which participates in [tsuito] with [yukihiro] saury) of peak the copy band, with this person, and 2500 people, it is joint ownership what in about 2500 night to past 3 o'clock, through the net, in enormous thing!! This copy band [kopi] [ri], being enormous truly, as for the professor rejoicing well enough, happiness Hiroshi who is [tsutsukon] is, or, writing in fairly well, coolly the better shelf is abruptness, “celebrated and” was suddenly you experienced the essence of [tsuitsuta] where, but also this person including, but “it was connected and” was very funny and is whether!?

    • It crosses over,
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon for multilingual communication

    • The tea set by the first-rate ceramic art writer
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • 2:33 AM. Clearing up.
      * External storage same period doing my folder of the work place, also the personal computer of another work place same period with this which it could point being wherever, the [tsu] [te] which it can work with the same environment, with something we, until now this it doesn't do? * If already it did also 1 weeks, spring course began and the [ma] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it bore, but yet timetable does not get off from on by your may be given, even just the subject, gradually the text is made the one which appealing shelf self defense and self defense ...... * It started test from this week, “[rajiko]” sound being clean, there where the amateur whose ustream is funnier than that fresh feeling simply existing program is not funny at all is funny producing the face to the professional, it is what, being linked with twitter where every night every night tremendous experiment is unfolded, something which creates strange current foreboding which is creating new ones - Meal morning/noon/toast of this day, coffee night/fermented soybeans ground meat frying and kim chee

    • As for tonight Minato Cho*
      It is the gearing plan of ☆ustream which is infrequent radio performance sound perfect by all means, please enjoy with radiko DREPT (the @°▽°@) the no Furthermore, in the area which cannot hear fm Osaka line out pattern information! How, program radiko of the ip radio ([rajiko]) with it reached the point where the fact that you hear it finishes to be possible, so is* (* The Osaka & Kyoto Hyogo Nara) we would like to have hearing by all means in many ones, is! As for details this ↓↓ ━─━─━─━─━─☆…Radio information…☆━─━─━─━─━─ broadcasting station: fm Osaka 85.1 broadcast days and times: 3/19 (gold) 25: 00~25: 55 program names: 'The minatomachi sound market ~ Minato Cho music market ~' * performance Ueda only in large waits for the message and request from everyone* Don't you think? please send earnestly!!! pc: Carrying:

    • Paradise drinking meeting
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • Transmitting, the ♪ which it increases
      Essa opiniao , Feel free to link

    • 2:32 AM. Cloudiness.
      * Don't you think? first day by all means the [tenpatsu] [te] [ru] person one person something, at all being like it does not become work, when you look at that, passing also the fact that the stomach stands, indeed is pitiful, this indifferent, 蕭 々 and class * Recently, nighttime framework today of the twitter→ustream [tsu] [te] flow web jazz tea drinking of broadcast writer tonakan - Meal morning of this day/2 bananas, mineral water noon/night/[supagetsutei] [mitososu] - Taking in lp this day billy taylor one for fun (atlantic)

    • It does,
      japanese means , Japanese talking

    • You looked at the software bank event with Ustream
      Will everyone probably know the sight, ustream? Because yesterday, as for me as for the reason which clung before this sight, pattern of the event of the software bank was raw broadcast, well - the grandchild the highest!! But with ustream, on the left side live image, also itself being enormous to let flow the raw live image which indicates the time line of twitter in the right side in real time, [re] [ru] thing and in the enormous television to look at the reaction of the person who looks at image on the time line of twitter of the side and be able to transmit image unilaterally to the living room but, with ustream because, the clogging ustream which the person of the living room which image saw can convey his own reaction on photographing side reacts bidirectional photographing side looking at the time line, and now it puts out pleasantly, it is,If there is ustream which is thing, through the tv company the [te], clogging my, it is the case that it can transmit program even with the kind of ordinary citizen who can transmit program furthermore the place where recently, Internet circuit is connected to tv it is many, because is, is not pc and the combining which enormous here tea toward the advance to between to story of reverse side seven aiming, program makes this which is thought and that also the day when program can be transmitted to tv is close something how is? It is not necessary to gather everyone where it transmits to the person who is limited news item, the [bu] and has being with twitter about thought inquires how is, the Yamada leader! Pursuit Noboru yesterday, photographing the monthly animated picture was planned, but a certain one drank too much preceding day to seem, the [re] [zu] which starts, we postponed photographing day inevitably, how is, the Yamada leader! As for tarou flickr as for [kochira] twitter [kochira

    • The software bank is free as for Ustream private studio utilization
      As for the software bank group being below article contents March 28th, ustream private studio “ustream studio 汐 stopping”, if to the ustream studio 汐 stopping which is the schedule which even in Shibuya where it establishes in the software bank head office 25 floor which is in Tokyo 汐 stopping opens the ustream studio in 2 places, installation applying the mini- live space and the talk space and the dj booth etc in advance, it passes to examination, being free, be able to utilize, as for the continuation which supposes the utilization in talk show and concert and the event and the like this ↓

    • The [so] it is
      [a] ~! The software bank has persevered too much, (t▽t;) As a iphone user it is about considerably to become matter of concern… ((((((no ゚ ⊿ ゚) the no next also radio wave circumstance how in the software bank, it is to like to have doing but when… with, you think, the schedule which is improved it is like, (the ^▽^;) Because having making at [purezen] of the grandchild look after it is the fan of the grandchild with ustream, the [mu] the [tsu] [te] we would like to receive, is, (the ≡^∇^≡) today there to be an errand throughout the city, because the company business car (the motorcycle) with it was dispatched (the *^ - the ^) the no you stopped properly in the stop wheel place, the shank (o^- ') the park which is the b vicinity sporadically the cherry tree has bloomed in one relief! [a] ~! How probably will be even with the original rubber stamp, the [a] ~?

    • Unless it compensates either other program
      issue , linked pages are Japanese

    • Cram school [aizu], the private information private school raw 1,602 from home PC of employee by way of Winny outflow (hot line)
      As as for the corporation hot line as for this which it announces that March 26th, portion of customer information of cram school [aizu] which the same company possesses flowing out was ascertained, when March 11th, at Internet bulletin board and fax customer information is flowing out on the net, warning is received, detailed investigation the result of doing, at the thing same company which is ascertained this case is notified to the police, you carry back customer information because same company employee who has established the private consultation window works at the home when work at home pc, particular pc having been infected to the virus causesFurthermore so, the same information flowed out with file exchange software “winny” going by way of as for the customer information which flowed out, entire number of cases 1,602 cases such as private school Ikina of cram school [aizu] and ahead communicating telephone number, you say that viciousness there was a mischief and the harassment, attendant upon the latest information outflow The apology regarding customer information outflow it is distant the news (the pdf file) Cram school [aizu], the private information… private school raw 1,602 9 tenths or more “informal decision cancellation” fear - - student… ustream the day releasing bird [toki] egg laying which becomes “normally”? “Not getting near to the nest,” with protection… Releasing bird [toki] egg laying? “Not getting near to the nest,” with protection…

    • THE R.A.Y.S. @ new Daita FEVER
      ◆myspace music bank convention live ver.0.5 March 31st (Wednesday) 18:30 opening 19: 00 start admission no charge however drink generation. . In March of 1000 (2d) new Daita fever last year it just opened below being the place with live music, from Kitazawa with the head line of the well in Kitiziyouzi direction before 10.03.31 “the new Daita” station of one stuffing (wed) myspace music bank convention live ver.0.5the r.a.y.s. /newness/Yuuko Matsui/umibachiopen 18:30/START 19:00 charge: free!! (must 2 drink order) music of the myspace register artist, the promotion is done at the record company and cm production company and the ad agency etc which search tune, myspace official service mmb for the composer (myspace music bank) you start in February, but the circumstance where application from the artist who already exceeds 2,000 groups has reached, this music bank holding the first convention [raivu] event! As for schedule of the event March 31st (Wednesday), becoming the meeting place as for Tokyo new Daita fever performance the r.a.y.s. newness, you called Yuuko Matsui and umibachi, because, from acoustic to the band of the disco house, this time as for the drink charge to which 4 groups which are elected from midst of the artist who applies to mmb announce performance although it catches, furthermore as for pattern of the event which becomes admission free, using ustream, as for music of the mmb applicant who is broadcast live it is something of the not yet register in the copyright management group when it consists music of the artist where [raivu] relay and without problem, bgm which is in the midst of converting are elected from mmb goes with every single, as for ♪the r.a.y.s which thing thing, on April 7th the beginning mini-Album “keep ON dreaming” is done release, but yoshiki and rino doing to sell the hand at the meeting place, the [te], having inserting sign, the ♪ which it procures more quickly than everyone

    • Grandchild justice LIVE2011 Part.3
      Grandchild justice live2011 part.3, grandchild justice live 20,112,010 /3/29 international forum hole a softbankcorp ON ustream. Customer 8 percentage 5 minute in this meeting place of conference iphone user 98% using [tsuitsuta], beginning [ru] yahoo, as for the Japanese citizen where 98% where 1 years later you hear in the student used yahoo using still 90% [tsuitsuta], the [ru] everyone where, the people of the sensitivity bottle bottle which is here where you cannot say 98% using, the [ru] are delightful and are understanding, as for the portable user of the [ru] world 2010/3/28 where from 700,000,000 it increases to 1,000,000,000 person Mobile Internet which the telephone company where [tsuito] of 10500 comes at just this time which in the ustream entire world which begins “the list which will be done” lets flow the balancing of accounts concert of 70,000,000 person or more with ustream did From now on as for Chinese gdp where those which control Asia where age change control the world as for the software bank which reaches worldwide 2 rank 9 tenth online liquidation shares which take the share of 90% or more with e commerce between enterprises (the ant payment 2.7 hundred million people), auction sight share 78% 3,000,000,000,000 Yen ([taobao] taobao sb and [aribaba] at a time 50%), sns share 1 rank (the connected connected 1.3 hundred million people) user 600,000,000 [chiyainamobairubodahuonberaizonjiru] in China (the president of 4 joint corporations which include the software bank the grandchild) this gate of the person who does not know the geometry where presently would like to become the gross sales 2.7 trillion Yen [sohutobankuakademia] first principalIpod touch where ipad which as for the condition for being necessary for the leader of the software bank which it does not should pass with stock option 10,000,000,000 5000 software bank groups which we would like to prepare as for the person where become current 800 corporation presidents who would like to make most someone first making the company as for “the companion who eats the pan together” provides the origin of a word of company which is Riyuuma Sakamoto to the person where becomes the president of the software bank which “high will” everyone everyone has chance in 5000 man-day books and is already sold immediately unexpected it had become cheap, if it waits for a while, also ipad reaches this extent is probably will be or, (laughing) the apple ipod touch 2nd generation 32gb mc008j/a up-to-date model

    • [tsuitsuta] and Ustream
      Last week, 'software bank open day' entitling, opening and the grandchild of the employee dining room of the software bank head office and, in addition panel discussion of the work expert was done, to tell the truth, me of the extent grandchild freak who is done to also theme of thesis of course, you applied to also the latest event, is, but it cannot meet and defeat… it means that is application only of the top of [tsuitsuta], but total number of the applicant to exceed 20,000, magnification ratio was 10 times or more, but so is, when for the person who this time is defeated, with ustream, live it transmits, because it was thing, this time when of course, it views for the first time, ustreamIt utilized, but while because are funny the [bu] and the coming of everyone are indicated in the side of the one word picture, quite, with everyone, the [wa] being and the [wa] being and making a noise 'also happy falls to the hallucination which you see animated picture' so is however, the kind of air where this becomes main current… ustream which by the way, adopts API of [tsuitsuta], the kana ~ which comes from happy animated picture, me expects television, of future the way, how it is good, (laughing) then, it perseveres and the [ma] [tsu] does today and tomorrow and the [yo] is!! If 'it becomes for the other nursing teacher companion, however it is troublesome, because' it does not care even with such a you will contribute feeling, the word-of-mouth communication register you ask * from carrying, the case where you can register,①Hospital name,②Address (metropolis and districts),③3 points of word-of-mouth communication, from this, at the mail the register m (_ _) m

    • Tragedy of radio star
      In America ipad became sale. You wrote on [burogu] even before, but as for the product of the recent apple that very thing compared to designating the business model as the axis, as for the product it has become the positioning, device which symbolizes that. In case of ipad, it means that becoming the nucleus changes the circulation of the contents which relate to visual. In other words, it is the match that it will complete the circulation of the book and the circulation etc of the video which it has begun to do with apple tv, on the bit. The varieties it is rumored, but it probably is to become this direction as a big flow. By the fact that such bit conversion advances privately, the unit of contents production keeping becoming small, it has interest in diversification being born. When the book of the paper is printed at the publisher, when you sell with .ibooks where risk of early investment hangs on, lowest. If author one person is, production of the contents is possible. In addition, risk such as early investment and stock rather small is potato. You think that in production the actual place editor and the designer become necessary, but even then until now size of necessary organization extremely becomes small. Not only ipad and, the tool of information dispatch with individual such as ustream has come out the varieties. It probably is at that time, the fact that it is necessary not to be technical skill, to be [chikara] of the broad design which comprehensively can produce the contents. As for title of [burogu] looking at .ipad which is hit tune name of the band of famous [tekunopurodeyusa], this tune floated in the head.

    • From windows mobile the transmission to Ustream
      You combining memo to also your own, as known widely, ustream there is no pc, in the transmission with of windows mobile whose program transmission is possible from iphone and android it probably won't correspond? According to the official forum of the u corporation, as for schedule of correspondence the ↓ that completely is not,

    • Grandchild justice LIVE2011 Part.2
      En japones , please visit the following link

    • The television “[natari] TV” establishment where the net where the laughing and can enjoy cartoon and music is new
      “[natari] tv”, in open first day April 14th is established the music news sight “[natari]” which [natashiya] manages and comic news sight “[komitsukunatari]”, as the service which crosses laughing news sight “laughing [natari]”, to receive 4 people of bump of chicken in the guest, 22: Program on air is done from 00, with “[natari] tv”, ustream and livestream are jointly used, offers also the mechanism where the viewer can share thought via the stress which cannot be connected to program by the fact that the same image is let flow is eased and, [tsuitsuta], “[natari] tv” is developed for the time being as the irregular contents

    • Event notification*
      The flier data of April event 'xgroove' rose! In month the event of one time, information interchange and stress cancellation of same trade, coming to play in the customer, participation we waiting, it increases e.g., it makes enjoy! As for friend and customer etc with invitation card. . At 1000 in at this event which you can enter, on time animated picture transmission of the American animated picture sight 'ustream' enters! 'ustream' ->

    • 3 o'clock in the morning. Clearing up occasionally cloudiness.
      The announcement event multitasking of ▼apple corporation iphone4.0, folder management of application became possible that, the varieties enormous functional full load it seems, but iphone there is no relationship in we which does not have .........The [ma] [ji], iphone which can be used with au it makes and just rumor ill-smelling * this time the Kobe junior high school student does the simultaneous translation real condition in the same way with “voice of ustream and broadcast of the one button” 2000 [biyuwa] gathers forgetting the pain of the [sutsugee] age shelf neck hernia the [wa] which participates in the apple celebration of nighttime it is, - Meal morning of this day/mustard discernment Crown Prince, kim chee, fermented soybeans noon/night/flax old lady eggplant, miso soup, mustard discernment Crown Prince, Calais remainder and [shiyuumai

    • Emergency notification!!!
      From around this day and night 10 o'clock with ustream with experimental, it is but [2side1brain&fake kingz@ Hong Kong] we deliver live with live program!!! If [tsuitsuta] is used, because it loads also message, using by all means, don't you think? when ~▼2side&fake @ Hong Kong (live broadcast) * the seeing [re] it is not, it is not completed!!

    • 4/10
      Although trial and error it did with the setting which does the test broadcast of ustream, the unexpectedly good sound stripe shank where somehow it could put out sound

    • ustream checker it solves it is information!!!
      It is ustream checker!! ustream checker how how is!? Click www.rakuten.co.jp seeing now, profit anticipation information full load!??? Animated picture of popularity ustream checker [tsu] temporary you gathered!???? By all means one time illuminating viewing that!?????

    • You slept too much. . .
      It is this day to go to bed, but about 15 hours originally [shiyotosuriha] ゚ which sleeps - for the sake of, usually such a long haul you do not sleep, it is but schedule there was no when and, well it occurs, when you think that even with the movie with the saddle [i] remarkably there is no relationship with the day off, 15 hours w naturally now completely drowsy wwww< tomorrow work w night shift but w it is, while ustream hearing, you work [te] ゙ [sa] ゙ in of blog to some extent you grew tired however and, it has tried making the fact that the top picture it is new, because something it is good established, whether it will make be in time in the [ya] emergency ridges on the side of a sword which it is not possible also, however you thought, the air does not ride excessively, because is, leaving generally,When it makes new, when it becomes, adjusting to that, either the top picture width or [te] ゙ [sa] ゙ in does not become the [ya] in thought after and [te] ゙ [sa] ゙ in which it turns to the origin thinking, it probably will make, when so it does and ustream opens in the [u] no day photographic fog it is such a time and the [tsu] [pa] it is funny* - The stomach it was less crowded, that when you think whether - tomorrow the lunch it probably will carry after a long time, www which the United States is not buying, when the oral [ya] [konhi] ゙ [ni] boiled rice [tsu] [te] you eat densely excessively, because physical condition it destroys because - furthermore now excessively there is no quantitative eating [re], when it is normal, the quantity is many, it is, therefore this fat quality wwww [so] [o] which either [tsu] connection does not lose weight on the 20th the face to come out well to the store of the friend however it is good even alone it is oral [ya] what, the fungus to do after a long time, your inviting

      Schedule is [to] is the [tsu] is with ustream seeing, it increases, (the ↓ which is the next generation target media strategic coconut of laughing magazine survival age

    • GAGLE in watermelon evening tale
      It is to converse doing, perhaps, the midst of session however it is quick - the session of suika band, the [chi] [yo] it was and with the peeping [re] it was said to hunger which it increases, it is understood in only the [ru] human, but thrilling instantaneous me it has highest and the [yo] is and with after the quasi- Bicchu (^^), [ustream] the road to suika tv~ (temporary) atom and [dahutopanku] tomorrow, Thursday from about 24 o'clock, it is experimental, in addition and others the [tsu] the details which are begun the ******************************************************* which is published here talking with the tele tele with 1 people, the [jiyangurureideiwo] April edition renewal which it increases Whether schedule summary 4/17 of April May [takeuchikazutake] Saturday Kyoto capital elegance capital elegance [takatsukibandoraibu] w/z to see, easily 4/22 Thursday Japanese-Chinese Meguro solfa solo 1 performance live 4/30 Friday Shibuya [buenosu] suika live 5/6 Thursday the Roppongi stb139tokyo.panda× Matsumoto tomorrow live 5/8 Saturday [takeuchikazutake] birth 35th anniversary commemoration day 5/9 Sunday Kusaka Kitazawa 440 [takatsukibandoraibu] 5/16 Sunday hall island river forum a hundred birds sextet with ten live

    • From USTREAM 23:30 live program
      Tonight, using ustream from 23:30, from the home dj play live program!!! Alone stealthily, the tail [ri], the family being even with two people, please enjoy ustream “funk city” ↓ seeing freely, by all means don't you think? - REPT (* ' 0 ' *) the [ze] ~ [tsu] which [tsu] selfishly is possible to notiify, doing, doing, doing, ~ article url

    • 4/16 (gold) theme
      Don't you think? spring of this year when it has been about that half will pass also April, air temperature does not stabilize and the [te] is troubled truly physical condition management or easily change of dress is not possible to put out very much,…Even with among such the new society member post changes, everyone who this spring begins new life being the time where little by little it is accustomed or, the student and the person and the person who begins what being accustomed quickly, don't you think? please persevere! Well, it is the latest theme, but “not being accustomed easily” being whatever year which is,…Whatever degree doing,…Becoming whenever,…It is not accustomed! With this time please teach the fact that you think yesterday, going to Shinjuku, it is [urouro] to try promenading around the station after a long time, but without being accustomed to the abundance of that person, shank…Don't you think? after all, avoiding the person, because you walk, (laughing) everyone also by all means, please teach “that it is not accustomed easily” whether with utmost effort was! As for the mail, as for 839@ fmsagami.co.jp fax, 042-776-0839 message, fm which we wait you see, “Friday of 83.9mhz Huruya fragrance hamming” every week Friday 16: 00~19: 00 live program ♪ don't you think? the area which can be heard please hears also broadcast! In addition, “fmsagami” please try searching with the sight of ustream which also the transmission of animated picture and sound is begun with ustream

    • Already immediately
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    • This day! 22 story broadcasts! Writing also kyat participation method, the [ma] ~ the ♪ & (* Ω) the human (Ω *) no
      impressions , linked pages are Japanese

    • In light
      The pad is adsl, but in addition to being distant from base station, the railroad track the obstacle exceeding, because the [ru] it means that transmission speed is slow, the net is used normally, it is inconvenience not to do, but to see ustream, it is harsh…There is no other choice but to make being disgusted [ya] light?

    • 4/18  Why?
      Yesterday that “, cannot be” the Fukui friend from high schools which drink from during the being attached of 1, already being also 15 years, well, in recent condition of mutual work circumstance of that talk about divorce that while thinking, in chat, it made i phone, about 2 months ago the mail met, it is with, me we want when you think that and it makes touch! As expected whether what cover apple mark it was, probably is not this, [gachiyapin] which is not [zaku]? “Well, this is to call”, that twitter or at all ustream there is no application even with rapture! It is interest met, however it is with 290 happy circle liquor stores of Ginza you called what kind of, with even sure enough terrible [hotsupi] the low-class distilled spirits? With feeling? Furthermore don't you think? with taste, the low-class distilled spirits drinking again in corridor town, the one [tsu] [te] of play of returning home 30over limited it is the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u]? one love and [shinji

    • Friday event relay
      issue , original meaning

    • One [hi] and others
      * Because [life] to become cloudy 5 where the blue sky is visible o'clock delivery end it had become cloudy before, don't you think? as for end of the kana next week there not to be times when it is cold from now on either the dawn is not cold so those which already are May yesterday to sleep, however the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is, leaving ustream safely with be possible iphone [deisukabari] to be able to return, when the just a little eye awakens, when you saw, as for the shuttle being on the land, as for [deisukabari] which is the place where the person of nasa has received interview this time in last shuttles 30 years, in America development had become blank, because (it met, but it is)[obama] to correct the divider, being able to fly many degrees, after low as for expedient of the iss round trip where shuttle expectation of cost enormous cost caught to maintenance [mente] as the shuttle where becomes just Soyuz expectation sleeping a little in the evolution of htv which has the same engine system, to the byte 2 section

    • The live broadcast with Utsream
      26 days (Monday) 11: From 00 “worldwide that truth? Today using the live broadcast system “ustream (u stream) which” is the symptom of the craze which is broadcast live the recording scenery of meeting”, it goes to Nifty in the previous arrangement

    • USTEAM live program
      Using ustream from tonight 23:30, you do the live program of dj!!! As for tonight all unnecessary by all means, one time please try looking the register and the login etc which you think that it becomes “the rest in peace guru” [tsu] [te] feeling, ustream “funk city” ↓ article url

    • Business categorization: 2nd feature object business it is decided,/Internet live relay cooperation enterprise decision (administrative renovation meeting)
      kanji , please visit the following link

    • To the next!
      Well, well, warm cold don't you think? with what the doubtful weather continuously increases, very “spring full enjoyment -!”Because it is not accustomed to like feeling, lonesomely - the [i] [tsu] it does, while (the ' Ω `) with saying, already also April the latter half! Oh with while saying, summer it comes and the [chi] [ya] may be! Because last week this ustream which just a little [raivusutorimingu] tries doing the live performance of kurosawadaisuke withbis with new attempt making use of ustream has been linked to twitter, notification and the exchange of message being possible in real time, very funny this time with the first time in large quantity there was a margin of improvement in balance and production etc of sound, but color is possibility was felt, in order also for ustream and localizing into Japanese which (* ゚ - ゚ *) very funny thing completes with one circumstance of using and is to be close, there was also [raivu] of the omoo with sign Higashi Kouenzi in the future furthermore may to keep rising! As for this don't you think? it seems that can be bought with this which with the [tsu] [te] thing where the split board with 3 band combinations comes out is sale schedule in the event 5/15 - (゚ ▽ ゚ *) well -, every band degree of metamorphosis being rather high, the parenthesis it was good! Don't you think? (laughing) [hevui] [rihu] ones please try checking favorite one by all means and with mix of the recordings of seema the again to Shimoda as for the night after splendid mix ending color is the person coming, with everyone the launch! But, when, by your you say because there is work from morning of the next day while fighting with night running drowsiness that way, as for the Izu of midnight [kunekune] road as expected harsh [a] [a]! So cute cd probably will complete, because is, it will do well and will do (^ω^)

    • Ustream☆
      Yesterday, participating in “[tsuitsuta] woman meeting”, (in word, woman there to be a little resistance, ustream which rises very) there being, it can transmit to real and/or can videotape animated picture it seems someone who becomes to be enormous matter of concern of the potato kana this which you do not teach with opportunity, whether, the [zu] taking the teacher, the [a] it does not solve and as for the tv performance or delusion of the teacher it spreads being, the [zu] that the teacher would not like to be conspicuous, trouble of my Mass phosphorus which knows also that it has said whether continues

    • from yamato 5110 _04_23
      But at business categorization ustream of cloudiness governmental renovation meeting “categorization” in the midst of being broadcast live, as for this with this important matter but as for essence the word whose impoverishment of the bureaucratic system which continues from Meiji when there it is not basic walking alone dismantlement and compulsory abolition, crossing prohibition offensive is good when this is executed that way, the many elite carriers being proportionate to the population ratio of opposite triangle of this country, possibly outrageously naturally such a it increases talent (the excellent talent, with high giving to take) bureaucratic [kiyariashisutemu] and this system fatigue which continue from Meiji there is no problem “of big government” of the current problem which it cannot support drasticIf improvement you did not set, one dimensional claptrap coping which is not passed through from the limits of the performance which business categorization how after all faces to election as for performance to some extent stopping quickly, when fundamental 260 years which want “the reformation which foresees 100 years the other side” the Edo era which continues becomes also final period, the system fatigue was extreme, also the world situation where the system collapsed here and there, plucklessness of the present government which is connected historical ones already to valuable king 攘 barbarian motion and the Meiji restoration which also result external pressure helps the chaotic system and the system old already became not be able to correspond to the present time steadily changes joining, circumstance getting near that at that time steadily, the [ru]Mass communications reporting which also the air kind of is done (the especially television and the newspaper) believing, unless you must try not to be let flow, in especially random period one polar reporting to which big power moves by all means (propaganda) big ideology exists by all means on the reverse side

    • (No ゜Д゜) eight (゜Д゜) no newspaper
      Em japones , Japanese talking

    • The experiment of Ustream! Funny [ze]!

    • Sometimes.
      En japonais , original meaning

    • It participates in study meeting
      Participating in the study meeting which was done with yesterday Tsukuba large Otsuka campus Sumitomo God preservation town building, the briefing and the like of class utilization of high school of [doritoru] which it receives and as for circumstances of the study meeting which is wheel reading meeting of “mind storm” being lively relayed with ustream, and twitter not only contents of study meeting, (if thank you for I where I received, being foreign almost, to stay in that place, [re] it is inserting was very happy, in also very it is exciting study meeting coffee hour,) after that participating very received also valuable information participating did not strive for study more, with and it felt keenly privately as for programming studyHow the material which you think that it has been similar to cooking, being good, method of cooking as for those useless will not learn trying to do the same cooking method without of being possible if the cooking instrument is different, as for taste of those which it is possible the material which is different not to be good the [te] depending upon the cook preparing the material and the cooking equipment perhaps, various processes blending, it reaches perhaps, that it makes cooking which is tasty it can make enormously good ones, it is possible, but as for being able to make cooking which is splendid in the extremely 1 sections as for one me in order to be able to teach programming which is tasty, we would like to persevere,

    • Movement
      During small travelling one Tomari second already just a little ustream and [niko] raw easy to see with iphone is should have become is, but it is natural, but difference of environment of home pc being large, frustration it accumulates, that - the contribution from iphone

    • It is to see be softened it is
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • [raivuchiyatsuto] of period village valley harmony supervision that 3
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , please visit the following link

    • USTREAM.
      You said, however - also the ustream day before yesterday of the field [bi] having tested and broadcasting because the [bo] - the [tsu] you just see increase today it came out densely, no plan it passes differing from the test broadcast where the air being agreeable which is seen suddenly is different and/or (blast) but passes slowly being, it made rub and guitar repelled densely and [ru] saw and the [re] [te] was delightful! Starting repelling quietly,…However super it was unskillful, (laughing) play' [tsu] [te] which why 'is prohibited being heard, “because only that it can repel”, becomes the extent… whichHowever it was delightful with the valuable form which is understood (laughing) don't you think? the keyboard sprouts after all, the ultra man who increase is decided that densely draws the picture and the hippopotamus -> is understood -> the Mickey which is understood -> simply the murine and others [bi] member -> who? [kamenraida] -> something you do not understand already and that [morikoro]! Huh…With [momonga]? Therefore as for [morikoro] which the nao artist fears compared to with as for nao [morikoro] like you do not know whether it is good, although [morikoro] you see it is expectation all the way in the Aichi international exposition,…Well the [tsu] [te] (laughing) which draws that well the next time followed how becoming once, you said, therefore - for following but almost leaving, (laughing)

    • Transmitting the pattern of the hot war of 2010 FIFA world cups!
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    • The news which becomes matter of concern
      April 27th (the fire) fee of the fixing telephone can be paid with the phonecard seems! Perhaps, well the fixing telephone after so long a time how, but after, when it approaches to 10,000,000 person of [tsuitsuta] visitor 7,500,000 breakthrough mixi, thing well here several days trying using, but in the feeling which makes the kyat cost which is funnier than mixi something decisively close resemblance such as pleasant furthermore [horiemon] and grandchild justice the feeling which is conversational with the famous person it becomes and news of the television whose information is faster than what, as let flow news [tsuitsuta] of the famous person as a source, now [tsuitsuta] doing commonly, as for the [ru] famous human list after [kochira], when the [bu] and it is, the pickled plums trader accesses the thing of the pickled plums, [tsuitsuta]There is also a store which develops the service of user limitation with, use rather in business it may, when the person who is increases, however it is from the [wa], after, when the Japanese sight of ustream which can transmit animated picture lively as for this sight of opening the television sees sensuously you think that in the future it is popular, in the friend, and simultaneous the game refers to Showa when it becomes the feeling which is done, the television putting outside, when the feeling [tsu] kind of [te] which looks at professional wrestling with everyone you say, the kana which knows how it becomes? However [niko] raw is funny, after the amount where the picture does not become dirty, easy to see w, file outflow of personal affairs of the Nippon University medical department

    • weblog title
      Some days ago, the koala where the parents go to Australia in travelling of the company of the father was carried! The south cruciform star sees and the [re] is! When gift story was heard, I stopped wanting to go! Once upon a time, as for one time the ~ which tries going it is! Well it is one association of such a place, finally it comes and Golden Week holidays start from weekend being long, it is to become consecutive holiday of 1 weekly rank it raised the schedule which probably will bite? Making use of consecutive holiday, perhaps, the one which goes to travelling it is, don't you think? with, however we would like to go, going the ~ it is! Such a one it is many fairly well because?? With the notion that where you say, this time at least, please try travelling with delusion (laughing) as for the latest theme “delusion travelling” is, the place and such a thing which would like to travel would like to do! (Laughing) doing as another, please teach concerning like travelling I whether and so on it is possible really, whether it is not possible, in Australia the koala also carrying so is, but while looking at the clean sea with the Bali island, about one week intently, we would like to melt indeed freely and easily, in the extent which grows tired!! The casino it is good in gorgeous Las Vegas, at the familiar place, when the Hakone hot spring concentration the [a] [a], it starts thinking, there is no paulownia…(Laughing) as for everyone, some travelling would like to do, is?? As for the mail, as for 839@ fmsagami.co.jp fax, 042-776-0839 message, fm which we wait you see, “Friday of 83.9mhz Huruya fragrance hamming” every week Friday 16: 00~19: 00 live program ♪ don't you think? the area which can be heard please hears also broadcast! In addition, “fmsagami” please try searching with the sight of ustream which also the transmission of animated picture and sound is begun with ustream

    • original letters
      Making 2 types of smart phone is series try which au sells from this, there being an opportunity which it receives -> the au is series official sight already extremely it has passed from announcement because and, also information the large quantity it has come out, after so long a time is, but first material feeling of the one frame of sharp make smart book is01 of keyboard loading having done the thought which touches to my appearance roughly, certain design carrying which cute former times used the operation impression of is made, android closely resembling os when it is accustomed, did not try comfort [sekaikamera], but ustream apparent. Because and as for broadcast [kihodo] although it is shallow, because it pointed with the click impression honesty netwalker z1 which, will be been secure be disheartened if the sharp [tsu] [te] you do, child something which it is possible it took a second look whether the experience, doing with [bu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke] iphone rather than it is good, with as for netwalker resigning, the keyboard and the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] flap [do] (as a telephone wry smile once the [tsu] [po] which you can use it is and is, but when it tries doing, something remembering pc110 of former times, the humor bt headphone using to be the correct answer [tsu] [po], is, to be able to obtain, with being the case that you say, is the au main user which is the terminal which you make think that we want after a long time, honesty it is perplexed beingBecause the smart phone thinking as sub, has made another circuit, the kana which how it will do next as for one this of Toshiba make is02 as for os as for the windowsmobile picture certainly, being wide is easy to strike the easy to see, the eye which slide type keyboard very, saw compared to having been directly secure, this and in human something which chases after the shadow of the first generation w-zero3 the male be completed however from the point of view of the body which already is accustomed to iphoneos and the android os being too harsh, it associated from or less abbreviation windowsce1.0, but already the unreasonable air does, with says, when ce it makes make, Toshiba in just the product ce/windowsmobile system even the favorite in oneDon't you think? with being the case that it is said, full keeping, appearance the smart phone of au it is possible to expect, that iphone which runs ahead you think whether it is good, whether it is it is not, dividing there, following to xperia which enters, it may rush in the times when the domestic portable 3 corporation fights honestly by the smart phone is, furthermore the good terminal should have sprung out from the hardwork such as that is, but the sharp net walker 5 inch Mobile Internet tool white pc-z1-w publisher/the manufacturer: Sharp media: Electronics

    • weblog title
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    • Japanese Letter
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    • vistlip today, LIVE!
      That when you say in stylish wave extra '10 [rahuoremiyujiamu] Roppongi the shank [tsu] and, you write the sense power article on this time with something, present 10 o'clock to around at the time of the ~17 pattern to construction ~ raising the curtain of ↓ stylish wave extra with ustream” dadaism it leaks,” with live broadcast no charge transmission (pc) * Because we do not transmit stylish wave main part, please acknowledge it seems beforehand, with the notion that where, directing to [rahuoremiyujiamu], is, if sense power vistlip which it throws you obtain to everyone who participates and the [e] - are and [tsu] (Ω) /--=≡ ((([kirakirakarahuru] sense power everyone enjoys with the smiling face, certainly all right [tsu] o (`д ') o [un]!! Today cute [raivu] the ~ 瑠 the Italy finger becomes quickly good, - the [tsu

    • weblog title
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    • Diddy & Dirty Money Ft. T.I. “Hello Good Morning
      Essa opiniao , Feel free to link

    • Japanese talking
      Yahoo which uses twitter and ustream which have challenged to the new attempt where the Hamazaki walking used web! Live talk,… more… which are official myspace “Hamazaki walking [burogu]” with various [burogu] search ≫ “Hamazaki walking [burogu]” with the newspaper sight search ≫ “Hamazaki walking [burogu]” with Amazon search ≫ “Hamazaki walking [burogu]” with optimism search ≫ “Hamazaki walking [burogu]” with 2ch the search ≫

    • Japanese talking
      Yesterday, opposing to the advance my expectation which watched at the ustream program “discord” of the Kano 淳, you wrote “consideration the previous article which is enormously good broadcast with on the contrary concerning ustream interview” at all there was no “, feeling trick for exposing interview to the most eye” laika came back car valley Kouzi's who answers to interview in the true 摯 expression, conduct, word and atmosphere being transmitted truly, as for this interview of the bump of chicken which the last time when you think that you cannot taste with other things, was seen after all, inexperience to twitter and ustream of bump side and irritation being transmitted, me who am seenYou think that trick of atmosphere was given, then the latest way while concentrating in 1 to 1, while the interviewer there is an artist conversely also it is large not to be the environment which you speak relaxing if it can speak, about ustream as for the media which is superior you think as the media which broadcasts that even, that it is not, under the same conditions there being restriction in time, only sound the thing and the time when you cannot hear being free, when we assume that it chooses the thing which also expression/conduct/atmosphere can see how it does? I choose ustream without being perplexed

    • Bobby Valentino “60 Minutes”
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • T-Pain? “Kiss Her”
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    • R.I.P Malcolm McLaren
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    • Suzanne Vega x The Roots “Tom's Diner”
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    • To two indigo romance band @ Narita ~REC.
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    • You think in the space shuttle launch
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    • Not be able to understand, don't you think? it is [te] 'regrettable' study
      Now concerning “Ayaka Sato” of reputation, in the Asahi evening paper during “[medea] sudden change”, “discussion program it is made”, although participates the participation of same young woman of the [soranoto] corporation public information which is announced the event interview discussion and the like where it was broadcast live with the net developing those which, 'debate' causing Tahara entire Ichiro other than execution example, with [korabo] of net live broadcast and [tsuitsuta] it became large-scale ones, seems the story which “comes and anyhow really, the [bu] and” when it looks, < the social television >ksorano NHK collection of data!! As for the grandchild in May () localizing into Japanese such as relationship of the manual promise intimately, [sorano] receiving collection of data to NHK, from [tsuitsuta] of ksorano where like “voice dadaism it does to leak”, it puts out, ustream may go at once is quotation: The reverse side curtain the way?? Because [koriya] being what (^-^) certainly also foreboding where the mass communications change does as it is now 'as for becoming useless' discernibly, in Ayaka's the Sato of 22 years old where it probably is perhaps good direction what conception super expectation!!

    • Japanese weblog
      When twitter is begun, furthermore renewal leaves to stagnate with news the American young people [burogu] tend and something the air which understands [burogu] one opinion is dispatched when, becomes in the tool in order more to enjoy composition the oak and others? So, when it can be linked various types, don't you think? it is good, yesterday looked at [purezen] of grandchild president of softbank with ustream, clearly, and it is easy to understand, mixing joke at the time, the time inserting also the advertisement of iphone, the feeling crossing over [purezen] persuasive power and the power which moves the person there is no fragment around now [sugo] of it the circumstance which we have realized of course there is also a demerit, however probably will be, but twitter or ustream [tsu] [te] [sugo] it is and it is possibility something funny thing it may it be possible, today there is no hand which you do not use and probably will be [jieiraibu] the new sightseeing [re] so in the pleasure where also announcement of new style of Tokyo [komedeisutoajiei] from March which is promptly! So, next week 6-dim+live! It becomes [tsu] presently this year the first Hirose [yu] is performance high, this year is live with first 6-dim+ everyone move everyone of the Hirose fan 4200 all together please the [tsu] ticket which is without anymore -! Don't you think? the can which is not the Capa 100 person of many [se] [kuroko] -! It is valuable, -! After, workshop information the [do] which is renewed don't you think? please verify, -* The [ho] - from carrying how to peruse message please from this -

    • Software bank OPEN DAY ・・・☆
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    • Grandchild justice LIVE2011
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    • The animated picture of grandchild president
      Perhaps engaging in which looked at the grandchild president ustream animated picture “grandchild justice of the software bank live2011” life for raw company explanatory meeting kana time is 141 minutes, (especially the young one where, but there is a value which is seen) as for “grandchild justice live2011” animated picture this

    • “Will of grandchild justice high”
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    • Pillar festival
      Harada pillar. You draw, - to adjust to the Suwa Taisha pillar festival which starts on Harada Yasushi Osamu fine arts museum 142nd, Suwa city. At the Harada Yasushi Osamu fine arts museum of the promontory on the 1st, other than the pillar festival where “the Japanese festival which Osamu Yasushi Harada draws” starts, 22 points such as celebration, custom and event inside and outside the prefecture which Harada Yasushi Osamu (69) = Suwa city = draws to exhibition July 4th the [a] the pillar festival which starts! The news of &ustream: Misaki - the Genesis - that outer space is born as for the instant in us… It keeps us conveying the scene which remains in daily heart of sinker ゙ [sonku] ゙ lighter/writer Misaki's,

    • Japanese Letter
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    • Japanese Letter
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    • [file-491] “Book” and “UI” unified the electronic book the contents which need” operation” - [katachi] of the new book (62)
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    • Japanese talking
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    • (´゜д゜ `) newspaper
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    • Jerez day three was a busy day things ~!
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    • つぶやきシロー復活
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    • 粒谷区立ツブヤ大学特別講座『軍平ナイト』をダダ漏れしました
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    • ウェブ学会@東京大学、Twitter、民主主義2.0、初音ミク・・・・
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    • 女子大生、0円、日本縦断の旅。/団体向...
      The plan that is begun, the girl 1st grade it commutes digital Hollywood university there which can do to study web design and cg etc, the Doi snow river moves all metropolis and districts at money in hand 0 Yen, so as for this plan which is in 2010 January 31st start schedule, on the move when it is the schedule which transmits circumstance with communication service 'twitter' and 'ustream', such a she of thing has already begun 'twitter', as for the one where we would like to know her thing more “when id of yukie0339” it follows, her [burogu] 0 Yen perhaps it is good, 'So the Japanese nationwide intersection! Intention of plan and details are written on amateur woman Oobu's charge interview traveling', so in the [burogu] which is “Japan the fact that it goes around was dream from the former times [tsu], is with the shank -” with, her word is written and, it has made purpose, that it interchanges with many people in the middle of travelling, obtaining the cooperation of the various people, the notion that where you support it advances with the method that, it continues traveling! So, with something in such a cold time…If you say that you support, at this store the group way you requested this time when you have supported, the compilation stripe wooden pail order thank you for appreciation doing the t shirt of [huamiriuinzu] harmony! ↑ popularity [burogu

    • STRESSッ!
      Center test ended, this time in spite, and you must persevere with the term-end test, ...... otl someone starting helping from this test chain, .....................! Well with in heart w which is [bu] anther mbu, it approached also 27 days (at the Japanese time 28 Sunday) when the event of apple is opened and probably will be, keeping vigil, whether ustream kana it is, it is the real condition we would like to do, but difficult to meet, that day being the test, ......(As for the real condition relaying with ^^# all-night vigil as for w which may become instead of without being possible to study with all-night vigil is [a]…With something 2,3 sentences, just a little stress w which is thrown out it does not come from… orz this only such a time, “is when and it does the score report of center test, as for you entering to the university immediately the leaving school shelf” saying and, everyone of [ru] teacher…Before as for that speaking easy as one pupil, however perhaps, [ru] densely the [chi] and others we would not like to end the life who is only one which passes in such a wind, entering from it is such a thing so easily! Emission end [tsu]! Yesterday there being a just a little event, it is to go to the university, but in the story which is heard there, that also the seniors who enter after all with nomination admission examination suffered hardship rather, you hold down the differential and integral calculus which is thing without fail, it should, when is, “don't you think? it is the difficult thing where probably to make the level where in also just differential and integral calculus surpasses to general admission examination raw to April which is pushed sense you try simply”, (the [e] [tsu] [te] it may be said from by near note death, is, but if and it is it is not, it begins and it was the [gu] shelf composition which with [ma] viewing immediately is the [tsu], your good year when, but today contribution of the contribution frequency income is ended with this!

    • ツイッターを見直した
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    • Exotica の音声配信
      kenji and exotica which dj kia have organized is this day being, this time using ustream, it does audio transmission, so is

    • ネットで実名を出すことが、なぜそんなに大事なのか?
      kanji character , Japanese talking

    • 8月11日、ブエノスアイレスのヴィゴ(2)
      It was done on August 11th, in this of facebook of cceba (centro cultural de españa en buenos aires) which sponsors this presentation which is addition of the photograph and the video clip regarding the presentation” of antología de la nueva poesia argentina” the photograph 3 (it becomes large with click, according to the caption of the 2nd photograph among these where it is), 5 people lining up, from the left which has been taken, the curator ricardo of cceba ramón and the Spanish ambassador rafaél estrella, [kevuin] power of the fine arts critic (it appears in this article with [gusutabo] [ropesu] and the queue/cue ray tar which compile [vuigo] and anthology, anthology of this poemThe shank) the 3rd photograph yesterday which is the place where fernanda laguna of the poet where the work was recorded in this anthology recites original poem introduced with the one which conveys story to [vuigo], it is the video clip of ustream.tv, but what [vuigo] does story in around 20 minutes, being the end, if according to this article of latin american herald tribune where [vuigo] itself has recited (around 23 minute 50 seconds) (being English,), title has become” la cuesta”, but according to the story of the one where the Spanish of viggo-works is recognized, [vuigo]Work collection” recent forgeries” is, when it seems like the Spanish version” of hillside”, the latter half of the presentation which is thing, already 1 teaching the video clip to shank and eriko in the original recitation meeting by only the poet, with this of tv ig which it receives, you can view the video clip of the shape, news

    • Apple iPadを発表!! 全ては計画通り
      Comentarios sobre este , linked pages are Japanese

    • 飲み会とウォーキング
      Because one it gets over big [yama] of work, yesterday to the bar which becomes the meeting place where New Year party of the workplace has after the fixed time from the company about 50 minutes is required with walking, but cooking which keeps walking even in order to compensate for motion insufficiency is the hormone pot, because so, the just a little fat which is mentioned for the first time was many, wari- papa eating the vegetable mainly, in news item of the topic which it increases, tried trying just a little live relay with ustream of iphone, quickly raw to transmit street live approximately 50 minutes walking also the return of the New Year party which stops wanting to the house, the middle which returns, the elevator test which is always visible in the distance. When the roller stand without growing tired to here where it is the day off reading, can receive, also kana yesterday which becomes after a long time the tower has approached nearby good motion when [pochitsu] it can receive, m (_ _ which becomes encouragement of renewal) m -> tag: Walking New Year party Return [wakehaichi] of alternation of the fan heater eye drops be able to persevere, it is kind in the earth the stomach fullest capacity

    • 本日のBGM
      Because as for the eminem/“stay wide awake” New Year one-shot eye as a selection of music of the first day of the year for work which is put out from refill completely there is no relationship, it is [arubamuosusume] depending, yesterday, it is already to be the pre- first day of the year for work with thing, but zeebra using ustream, doing original redio show, increasing, hip hop of former times night flight dj hasebe the guest performs with skype which is like, mc enters, can request with twitter and… someone to do, however you think, that you yearn to ready male t Shaun and the callous are taken it is what, it was times when it can make simple is thought as the shelf with, zeebraAs for [sugoi], execution power and listening. Including, the power which involves around (centripetal power) as for he who is mounding the scene you think that you are not wrong, and,

    • 「科学における情報の上手な権利化と共有化」
      kanji character , please visit the following link

    • 今いちばんおもしろいメディアは『ケツダンポトフ』な件
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , please visit the following link

    • サマーウォーズに見る、ネットとアニメのコミュニティ論
      Em japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • こっそりテスト
      During the previous test broadcasting of ustream.tv it became topic, that time “of drawing coming live program”, the operation of pc becoming heavy, it probably is unreasonable, because… the [tsu] [te] expectation has appeared, it tried drawing the simple picture in trial, “[tatsunoko] vs. While http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1406964 which tries drawing the roll of capcom” (approximately 1 hour 50 minutes) talking. Because drawing it is not possible, entering, increase it is “[basutoamubu]” (the game of ps) letting flow tune to the beefsteak toe, it increased, voice don't you think?… it is heavy after all, because >< you drew rather simply, although layer number it is the little licking, brush size trying to change, it changes very unless, entirely, processing being, may stop when dangerous w bgm and you verify afterwards, being warped, when saving the orz video recording data which it increases operation of the browser did not stabilize and the data of title and the like was recorded and increases was (this whether condition of the server of u strike side just was bad,…) after allAs for drawing coming live broadcast the unreasonable [tsu] [po] it is and the ^^ where >< by the way, use [kiyara] of [tatsukapu] may become roll, and [aretsukusu] is

    • データベースソフトウェア
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , original meaning

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