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      <Country >○ undecided* The Bank of Japan monetary policy decision assembly and policy interest announcement after the ending (expectation: In 0−0.1% deferment) 15: One tomorrow silver President 30☆ Shirakawa, regular press conference < foreign country > 18: 30◎ October English employment statistics (expectation: Unemployment rate 5.1%/unemployment insurance application number of cases transitive 21,000 case increase) 19: 00☆ October European sphere consumer price index (hicp) reform value (expectation: Against the previous year 3.0%) 19: 00◇10− December period south African economic laboratory (ber) consumer reliance impression exponent 19: Silver England bank in 30◎ England, price report (inflation report) 20 every of quarter: 00◇ September south African retail gross sales (expectation: Same month of last year ratio 6.5%) 21: 00◎mba housing loan application exponent 22: 30☆ October American consumer price index (cpi and expectation: Front month ratio stability) * The core finger which excludes energy and the food, a liberal translation
      <国家>○ undecided*日本银行货币政策决定汇编和政策在结尾(期望以后感兴趣公告: 在0−0.1%延期演习) 15 : 一位明天银色总统30☆ Shirakawa,定期新闻发布会<外国> 18:30 ◎ 10月英国就业统计(期望: 失业率5.1%/unemployment保险案件传递21,000个案件增量) 19:00 ☆ 10月欧洲球形零售价指数(hicp)改革价值(期望的应用数字: 反对去年3.0%) 19:00 ◇10− 12月期间南非经济实验室(误码率)消费者信赖印象方次数19 : 30◎的英国,价格报告银色英国银行每四分之一(通货膨胀报告) 20:00 ◇ 9月南非零售销售总额(期望: 同样月去年比率6.5%) 21:00 ◎mba住房借款申请方次数22:30 ☆ 10月美国零售价指数(cpi和期望: 前面月比率稳定) *排除能量和食物的核心方次数(期望: 往美国证券投资趋向(期望的前面月比率0.1%) 23:00 ◎ 9月: 汇集数额排除短期债务) 23:15 ◎ 10月美国采矿和制造生产索引的40,000,000,000美元(期望:

    • It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.
      The 15:30 (France) 3rd quarter gdp bulletin value [against the previous year] previous +1.7% expectation--16: The 00★ (Germany) 3rd quarter gdp bulletin value [prior-term ratio] previous +0.1% expectation +0.5%16: The 00★ (Germany) 3rd quarter gdp bulletin value [against the previous year] previous +2.7% expectation +2.5%16: 45 (France) 3rd quarter non agricultural section employer bulletin [prior-term ratio] previous +0.2% expectation--18: 30★ (England) October consumer price index [front month ratio] previous +0.6% expectation +0.2%18: 30★ (England) October consumer price index [against the previous year] previous +5.2% expectation +5.1%18: 30 (England) October retail price index [front month ratio] previous +0.8% expectation +0.1%19: The 00★ (the European sphere) 3rd quarter gdp bulletin [prior-term ratio] previous +0.2% expectation +0.2%19: The 00★ (the European sphere) 3rd quarter gdp bulletin [against the previous year] previous +1.6% expectation +1.4%19: 00★ (Germany) November zew perceptions of the state of the economy investigation previous - 48.3 expectations - 52.519: 00★ (European sphere) November zew perceptions of the state of the economy investigation previous - 51.2 expectations - 55.319: 00 (European sphere) September balance of trade previous - 3,400,000,000 eur expectation + 2,000,000,000 eur22: 30 (the United States) October
      15:30 (法国)第3处所国民生产总值公报价值[反对去年]早先+1.7%期望--16 : 00★ (德国)第3处所国民生产总值公报价值[预先期限比率]早先+0.1%期望+0.5%16 : 00★ (德国)第3处所国民生产总值公报价值[反对去年]早先+2.7%期望+2.5%16 : 45 (法国)第3处所非农业部分雇主公报[预先期限比率]早先+0.2%期望--18 : 30★ (英国) 10月零售价指数[前面月比率]早先+0.6%期望+0.2%18 : 30★ (英国) 10月零售价指数[反对去年]早先+5.2%期望+5.1%18 : 30 (英国) 10月零售价格指数[前面月比率]早先+0.8%期望+0.1%19 : 00★ (欧洲球形)第3处所国民生产总值公报[预先期限比率]早先+0.2%期望+0.2%19 : 00★ (欧洲球形)第3处所国民生产总值公报[反对去年]早先+1.6%期望+1.4%19 : 00★ (德国) 11月经济调查早先- 51.2期望- 55.319:00 (欧洲球形) 9月的贸易平衡的状态的经济调查早先- 48.3期望- 52.519:00 ★ (欧洲球形) 11月zew悟性的状态的zew悟性早先- 3,400,000,000 eur期望+ 2,000,000,000 eur22 : 30 (美国) 10月生产价格指数[前面月比率]早先+0.8%期望- 0.1%22 : 30个(美国) 10月生产价格指数[核心: 前面月比率]早先+0.2%期望+0.1%22 : 30个(美国) 10月生产价格指数

    • 18:30 English October consumer price index announcement!
      15 day fx quotation circumstance November 15th 19: 00 European sphere 3rd quarter gdp…November 15th 16: 00 German 3rd quarter gdp bulletin value…November 15th
      15天fx引文情况11月15日19:00欧洲球形第3处所国民生产总值… 11月15日16:00德国人第3处所国民生产总值公报价值… 11月15日

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