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    Internet related words twipple

    • [bu] and coming February 10th (Friday) that 1
      by suginee ON twitter, a liberal translation
      由suginee ON慌张

    • March 17th (Saturday) [bu] and coming that 1
      bit.ly/azarra (Shiraishi Chuji [tsuito]) by tainuke ON twitter, a liberal translation
      bit.ly/azarra (Shiraishi Chuji [tsuito])由tainuke ON慌张

    • [bu] and coming February 28th (Tuesday)
      The 23:55 from paper.li daily sentence 藝 the yaminave “withtwitter” paper was renewed! bit.ly/e83oyv? This day
      从paper.li每日句子藝的23:55 yaminave “withtwitter”纸被更新了! bit.ly/e83oyv ? 这天

    • March 25th (day) [bu] and coming that 2
      bit.ly/gnflfn 22:28 rt from unintentionally knee kicking explosion in the Tosu game of the [tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple Nakamura 俊 輔, a liberal translation
      从无心地膝盖踢的爆炸的bit.ly/gnflfn 22:28 rt在Tosu比赛[tsu] [pu] [ru] /twipple Nakamura俊輔

    • Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.
      21:42 rt from twitter for android Fukushima 2 the machine and the pressure container temporarily to 82 degrees rise s.nikkei.com/yyqvdr ([tsuito] of the Japanese economic newspaper electronic edition) 21:46 rt from twitter for android 2 “in machine 80 degree super, safety there is no problem”,…When preservation institute j.mp/zygl3k ([tsuito] of the Yomiuri Shimbun Company yol) 21:48 rt from twitter for android Fukushima 1st nuclear plant 2 reactor temperature of the machine, the possibility the thermometer breaking down in 82 degrees is high, the viewpoint the fnn.jp/zcgj4y #fnn ([tsuito] of fuji news network) 21:52 rt from twitter for android Fukushima 1st nuclear plant which is strengthened: 2 machine temperature 80 degree breakthrough bit.ly/zpmm1r (everyday [tsuito] of jp news bulletin) 21:53 rt from twitter for android it is young. Insistence of the Fukui newspaper which holds nuclear Ginza, a liberal translation
      从慌张的21:42 rt机器人福岛的2机器和压力容器临时地对82度上升s.nikkei.com/yyqvdr ([tsuito]的日本经济报纸电子编辑)从慌张的21:46 rt在超级的机器的机器人的2 “80度,那里安全是没有问题”,…,当保存学院j.mp/zygl3k ([tsuito]时读卖新闻公司yol)从慌张的21:48 rt机器的机器人福岛第1个核工厂2反应器温度的,可能性身体垮下来在82度的温度计高,观点从慌张的fnn.jp/zcgj4y #fnn ([tsuito]富士新闻网络) 21:52 rt机器人福岛第1家核工厂的 哪些被加强: 2个机器温度从慌张的80程度突破bit.ly/zpmm1r (每天[tsuito] jp新闻板) 21:53 rt机器人的它是年轻的。 举行核Ginza福井报纸的坚持

    • Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.
      by usa_cham ON twitter
      由usa_cham ON慌张

    • [bu] and coming January 24th (Tuesday) that 1
      by obckbs1102 ON twitter

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