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    • The word which remains in heart, a liberal translation
      (c) dreamnikon|Heart of the person of the photograph material pixta seeking road is bright, a liberal translation
      (c) dreamnikon|Herz der Person der Fotographie materielles pixta suchenden Straße ist hell

    • As for the person who sells life insurance
      (c) goethe|Photograph material pixta recently being said by the person who is, 噛 you see again and have closed
      (c) goethe|Fotografieren Sie das materielle pixta, das vor kurzem von der Person gesagt wird, die ist, 噛, das Sie wieder sehen und geschlossen haben

    • The companion is important
      (c) jazzman|The photograph material pixta our insurance business man in a manner of speaking is to be the private thing proprietor, but it does seminar together even with the same trader and/or information interchange
      (c) Jazzman|Das Fotographie materielle pixta unser Versicherungsgeschäftmann in gewissem Sinne des Sprechens ist, der private Sacheeigentümer zu sein, aber es tut Seminar zusammen sogar mit dem gleichen Händler- und/oder Informationsaustausch

    • * For the individual about consulting *
      (c) joze|As for photograph material pixta schedule 12 days (the water) 10 o'clock ~ 14 o'clock ~13 day (the wood) 10 o'clock ~ 14 o'clock ~20 day (the wood) 10 o'clock ~ 14 o'clock ~25 day (the fire) 10 o'clock ~ 14 o'clock ~27 day (the wood) 10 o'clock ~ 14 o'clock as for ~~ details you hear such a thing well concerning this ~ 'private consulting'
      (c) joze|Was Fotographie materiellen pixta Zeitplan anbetrifft 12 Tage (das Wasser) das 10 Uhr ~ 14 Tag des Uhr ~13 (das Holz) das 10 Uhr ~ 14 Tag des Uhr ~20 (das Holz) das 10 Uhr ~ 14 Tag des Uhr ~25 (das Feuer) das 10 Uhr ~ 14 Tag des Uhr ~27 (das Holz) das 10 Uhr ~ 14 Uhr was ~~ Details anbetrifft hören Sie solch eine Sache gut hinsichtlich dieses ~ „private Beratung“

    • Sugar compared to flower
      (c) lui|As for photograph material pixta American Valentine it is many for the man to send the rose to the woman, is
      (c) lui|Was Fotographie materielles pixta amerikanischen Valentinsgruß anbetrifft, den es viele ist, damit der Mann sendet, stieg auf der Frau, ist

    • Plan “the favorite” “it is possible,” it shakes with interim
      (c) mojoca |Photograph material pixta, a liberal translation
      (c) mojoca |Fotographienmaterial pixta

    • The word which remains in heart, a liberal translation
      (c) nohe3|Photograph material pixta you throw our body because of those which are loved and, the [u] [tsu] [te] fight
      (c) nohe3|Fotographie materielles pixta werfen Sie unseren Körper wegen deren, die geliebt werden und, [u] [tsu] [te], Kampf

    • The word which remains in heart, a liberal translation
      (c) tone|After photograph material pixta you step on the road to be life once and remove with there is only straying
      (c) Ton|Nach Fotographie materiellem pixta treten Sie auf die Straße, um Leben zu sein einmal und mit dort zu entfernen läuft nur weg

    • The ★by Takashima analog which recognize by your
      (c) It does should the [yo] [u] |Photograph material pixta
      (c) Er tut, wenn [yo] [u] |Fotografieren Sie materielles pixta

    • * New yoga& aroma lesson, a liberal translation
      (c) Blessing @ remote island |Photograph material pixta
      (c) Segnung @ von Ferninsel |Fotographienmaterial pixta

    • Memory of center test
      (c) Eagle |Photograph material pixta
      (c) Adler |Fotographienmaterial pixta

    • Of the end of the month which dreams “salary discovering system introduction”
      (c) [nakamuratakeshi] |Photograph material pixta
      (c) [nakamuratakeshi] |Fotographienmaterial pixta

    • The word which remains in heart, a liberal translation
      (c) [hatsuseru]|Photograph material pixta untruth and the humble heart which throws away step and pride
      (c) [hatsuseru]|Fotographie materieller pixta Untruth und das bescheidene Herz das wegwerfen Schritt und Stolz

    • The word which remains in heart, a liberal translation
      (c) [hiro] wreck|Photograph material pixta game is decided with first spirit, a liberal translation
      (c) [hiro] Wrack|Fotographie wird materielles pixta Spiel mit erstem Geist entschieden

    • The word which remains in heart, a liberal translation
      (c) Piece|What purpose of photograph material pixta life as for? Becoming the “victor”, it is to become “happy”
      (c) Stück|Was welchen Zweck anbetrifft Fotographie materiellem pixta Leben? Dem „Sieger“ stehend, ist es, „glücklich“ zu werden

    • These are many word of blog in Japanese the most recent topics.
      (c) Morley |Photograph material pixta
      (c) Morley |Fotographienmaterial pixta

    • Silence you question
      (c) Star river|Photograph material pixta
      (c) Sternfluß|Fotographienmaterial pixta

    • The ♪ which is schedule of the classroom to March
      (c) Field tiger|Photograph material pixta * presently because of fixed capacity, only the one which is introduction has accepted the application of participation, so is, a liberal translation
      (c) Feldtiger|Fotografieren Sie materielles pixta * momentan wegen der örtlich festgelegten Kapazität, nur die, die Einleitung ist, die Anwendung der Teilnahme angenommen hat, ist so

    • original letters
      (c) mo |Photograph material pixta, a liberal translation
      (c) MO |Fotographienmaterial pixta

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