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    • These are talking of Japanese blogoholic.
      recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

    • O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • http://blog.livedoor.jp/takaoni/archives/51889303.html
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

    • These are many word of blog in Japanese the most recent topics.
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • http://ameblo.jp/michikusadays/entry-11284945144.html
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • http://blog.goo.ne.jp/saisyohagoo-tshj/e/49cff0ccb2c216063bae77e81beb3d65
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • http://blog.goo.ne.jp/saisyohagoo-tshj/e/91adc39876f641c18cba4d4c1035fd46

    • Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

    • recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

    • These are many word of blog in Japanese the most recent topics.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • These are talking of Japanese blogoholic.
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • 2012 nen 06 gatsu 24 juushoukyousou
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • Flat world
      If the [chi] paragraph [yo] - cultural festival of the [o] and the alma mater you want to go - even the orz spiritual internal medicine line it is not, whether [giri] it could go, when (crying) there was also a school when going to no no orz spiritual internal medicine, because just a little it arrived quickly, you loiter it is me who am so it does around…So when it does, the [bu] [tsu] [chi] [yo]…(Crying)… me, you encountered to the [bu] [tsu] [chi] [yo], it is the honesty which is, at the time of the bean jam most you did not want to meet in the world, because, 'with something [aitsu], it is in such a place, it is?'Because the [tsu] [te] it was thought difference it is not, I passing, as for the [ru] spiritual internal medicine, it is on the extended line of my attending school road, however it is with… where is, you cannot look at the instant which enters into the like building which has also the attending school road of the [bu] [tsu] [chi] [yo] on the extended line the [te] it was good with think -…Don't you think? [e]? Without fail it is hateful to be able to look at the instant which enters into the building even [datsuse] it is <- habit of the high school student doing, because the spiritual internal medicine it does not solve, ww really as for the patient only the aged person it is don't you think? and with ww…, with the shank, always 'as for [chiyari] protecting keep to the left' [tsu] [te] in [richigi], the [ru] [bu] [tsu] [chi] [yo] is disliked today becoming right side transit, the [te], as for everything the left side me who have passed to be bad to the habit of the pedestrian the [tsu] [te], and [tsu] [pa] me, -? The [tsu] [te] it was first of today when you think, * oh, sound semitone going down in the side effect of the medicine, it is audible, it is the [ze] which is \ (^o^)/

    • weblog title
      [hokusu] 3-5 [marinzu] (34,336 people) [yahu] d daily type score h● Takahashi 秀, inside God, Wada, paddy field, horse field - m○ Watanabe Tagami 俊, s Shiko skiing - village promontory

    • To climax series*
      Opinion , for multilingual communication

    • (Non subject)
      If there is a spiritual internal medicine [tsu] [te] in Ibaraki, or is possible, however we would not like to go, spiritual state just a little that and the kana which the empty will try doing the [ho] is already the store manager who is the well store too hateful is enormous, it withstands the empty pressure which corners and is cut off and the side [a] - may become 鬱

    • Record Tenzin
      En japones , Japanese talking

    • 1/2 “it is New Year's Day! From [hokusuterebi]” pitching staff discussion.
      Em japones , please visit the following link

    • [sohutobankuhokusu] compilation
      It is dense, it is, it is - (≧ω≦) today the [tsu] which it tries speaking suddenly! Selfishly today of commencement order time eye .........After becoming Akiyama new system, the [tsu] which is Fukuoka [sohutobankuhokusu] which aims toward first victory! While every year rising to favorite, going away long from victory, now the shank (= Ω)/with ......... Because second Honda short circuit Kawasaki first Japanese plum inside the dh Kokubo left multi village center Hasegawa catcher Tagami light/write castle places & the Egawa third Matsuda pitcher cedar * state of the wound becomes matter of concern, being able to meet, as for the Matunaka player when of the line of the batting order which is removed is thought as for multi villages and Hasegawa whether opposite don't you think? * As for the pitcher as for [rote] candidacy inside the cedar you aim toward the left arm 3 person and revival of including Wada large next door, promising stocks of the new fence young man, the Ooba 巽 two-digit as for the ♪ time Settsu time which is expectation in the participation which wins as for the horse field and rear appearance of the relay left arm may become the key just thoroughly, don't you think? is* Inside God and forest. When the final stage 1 inning can be left to hitting, being large, after the shank - (≧ω≦) [saidosuro] Kume, Takahashi to somewhere being finished in commencement, don't you think? [ru] kana (≧ω≦) and the wound of operation and the Matunaka player of the Saito harmony 巳 pitcher of the mental support becomes matter of concern, when this year now of draft rank the shrine health the player rises to final stage privately thickly, however pleasantly everyone it is, don't you think?

    • Present result
      Today all-inclusive [pe] coming tomorrow inside 6 hour cerebral surgery and God spiritual nose and ears fairing and the [ro] - breaking away from the rhythm of day and night reversal, tomorrow at 10 o'clock it occurs

    • Beginning, reform edition
      日語句子 , linked pages are Japanese

    • After, just it waits for commencement…
      The practice tournament with the present hawks Shikoku Kyushu il selection victory is done pleasantly with 6 −0, pre- season match all ends! For the commencement of 3/20 it just waits already! Now because the present star men where the commencement 1 troop member almost is visible were the same as the Hiroshima game of 3/14 the kana where this is the basis? Simply, because 'Nobuhiko' is like 2 troop starts are decided, as for fielder position Honda, Kawasaki and [oteizu], Kokubo, multi villages, Hasegawa, as for Matsuda and the Tagami other things on Yamazaki and the hall, [i] [bomuho], Morimoto, Akashi and the 柴 field, the castle place, Muramatsu kana? As for pitching staff inside the cedar, Wada, the hole ton, large next door, Fujioka, forerunner [rote] 攝 as for the sbm relay of Tsu, [huarukenbogu] and the horse field Ooba, forest luck, inside God, Kume, it probably is the place such as the paddy field with the 巽? However almost it is the same as 09 season, veteran color is a little dense kana…? Even among such '巽' 'on the [bomuho]' 'hall' also the newcomer increasing, 10 season whether how it keeps becoming feel nervously, is [dokidoki]! Such a present 'Yamada large tree' was registered under controlling! As for back number 343 it waited the worth which oh the seed! The large-sized left arm which also Chairman king recognizes (189cm 90kg) seeing even in the crimson white game, it was the [te] enormous pleasure and participation you have expected greatly!!

    • W Knockout
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , please visit the following link

    • Foam/home commencement ~ disturbance volume ~
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , original meaning

    • With just name is unreasonable
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Feel free to link

    • Japanese Letter
      The mother who can be made serious good, the [hanamaru] lifting [chi] [ya] it is, because 祐 just it did not win thickly, it is enormous, is to worry is today when is sphere dignity did not fall to end don't you think? and, also control was good, it is the next with this condition persevering, don't you think? it is o (the ^▽^) notice forerunner software bank Wada Lotte Co., Ltd. Kawagoe [wa] [tsu] [chi] ............... of o tomorrow(w_-; Although the bamboo, it is the [wa] [tsu] [chi] killer, [i]…| Wall |д) Kawagoe, the tomorrow fog [tsu] [chi] [ya] tournament result April 7th Fukuoka software bank game [yahudomuro] which will be|1,200,002,048 Soviet Union|0 [ro]|h: 8 e: 0 Soviet Union|h: 4 e: 0 Large ridge 1 victory 0 defeat/miss 0s 巽 0 victory 2 defeat/miss 0s◆ [batsuteriro]: The ○ large ridge = village promontory Soviet Union: - 巽 Inside God, the shell rattan, paddy field = Yamazaki, Tagami oh Japanese [burogu] village which at the time of what kind of supports the Takehara direct Takashi player ardently

    • Blockade being defeated.
      Ahead 4/7.vs [rotsuteho] 0 - 5 [ro]. 巽 -> Inside God -> the shell rattan -> the paddy field = star men =1 Hasegawa 83 Matsuda 9 in playing Kawasaki 22 Honda 3 left [oteizu] 41 Kokubo 5 finger Matunaka 6 right multi village 7 捕 Tagami the mask (^ω^) long separation (∀) <- does the [a] after all Tagami one firmly from Yamazaki 8 time and takes it is kana? The 巽 still no kana, the rock 嵜 the ~ (the ゜∀゜)? When the [tsu] [te] you thought, viewing you applied to 1 troops and…But after so long a timeThe right p insufficient (´д `) the inside of God was good, don't you think? the ~, method of taking the point was disagreeable simply, (laughing) the fact that it is taken with 犠 hitting call it is at all; Paddy field quaintness! However batting line-up completely silence and it is not, don't you think? it was silence, (_) resigning, when the sect -> or Kokubo Kokubo -> you do with batting order of the sect, about 1 points coming off, don't you think? the [ru] however (laughing) it is too rash, (laughing) at all shaking of the sect viewing the [a] subordinate batting line-up which applies there is no vigor -…(' Ω `) tomorrow Wada! All-inclusive throwing doing, the ~⊂ (^ω^) the ⊃ it is the [gi], doing, weak [wa] ~…Soccer (laughing)

    • Japanese talking
      Comentarios sobre este , please visit the following link

    • 4/7 Fukuoka [sohutobankuhokusu] 0-5 Chiba [rotsutemarinzu
      ■4/7 Fukuoka [sohutobankuhokusu] 0-5 Chiba [rotsutemarinzu] * software bank - the Lotte Co., Ltd. 2 game (1 victory 1 defeat/miss, [yahudomu], 18: 01 and 23404 people) 123,456,792 meter Lotte Co., Ltd. 1,200,002,048 software bank 0 ([ro]) large ridge - village promontory (the Soviet Union) 巽, inside God, shell rattan, paddy field - Yamazaki, Tagami (Victory) large ridge 2 tournament 1 victory (defeat/miss) 巽 it reached the point where 2 tournament 2 defeat/miss large ridge you can use the curve of blockade length seeming the cause width of pitch spreading the cutting system which seems today of zenith with the baseball, “the curve” [tsu] [te] of starting point revolution is good, is, don't you think? you think that “the sphere [tsu] [te] whose change the length is loose” it is effective, without looking into the Saitama Seibu Lions bank pitcher, it is, don't you think? change up hits to that, however it is probably will be, various sphere throws and the [re] [re] also the day when condition is bad the error to demon becomes the expedient which is converted don't you think? When large ridge you do to stand single, or it is not calling

    • Again destruction by fire
      Yesterday to cause, multi villages of forerunner everyone hit forerunner return returning, also the best condition Matsuda there are no times when you say with, we would like to say but because protection God with appearance, while again oh with saying, the [a] which, is already laughed unintentionally - the combining which is what temporarily, batting line-up the tapir hearts did no out loaded bases [kore] in the last time, we will assume that it is good, and, present forerunner however it had become outrageous thing, very today asks Wada return game, whether from the place for business trip the [tsu] throwing, when it returns, attaches the television… 3 8−0 [tsu] [te] inside God destruction by fire it seems throwing again with that and somethingEven the [ru] form you saw and the [re] increase it is were

    • A battle which it cannot be defeated⑥Wada going to the mound
      From 4 charts, Wada goes to the mound! Inside God was not bad, is, but to change the flow in order, pulling Wada long? You felt power to straight and held down to better seed beautiful three person mediocrity retreating/quitting!!! If Wada is packed to call the flow,…If and, the victory is attached,…

    • [hokusu] (the Lotte Co., Ltd. 2 game) blockade being defeated (>_<)
      kanji character , Japanese talking

    • Takahashi, it was defeated in multi villages!
      issue , please visit the following link

    • The long-term vision which it has missed
      belief , original meaning

    • Hiroshi Kobayashi nice pitching
      大量的日本當前主題 , for multilingual communication

    • Third opens in the Watanabe 俊
      日本語 , linked pages are Japanese

    • Good bye, “[kimutaku]” of our baseball manias…
      kanji , Japanese talking

    • Being cut off?
      But the Seibu 6 −0● software bank team 123,456,792 r software bank 0 Seibu 50,010 x 6 forerunners [jiyamano] opening tolerably non mistake, it was caught in 4 times and 5 points behind with action 5 mistake current batting line-up [kitsui], the inside of God 1 mistakes did to 7 times, everything the batting line-up which rests 4 was hit was blockaded in the sail foot and with here 3 tournaments of 3 successive defeats 3 scores… orz feeling was cut off or, the Nippon Meat Packers, Inc. won and opened games behind in “4.5”… 9 successive battles 4th games were defeated blockade and well, 3 successive defeats Kokubo present results… hit before the 1st at bat center -> standing in runner left on base 2nd at bat first racketeer 3rd at bat short racketeer 4th at bat short racketeer 4 at bats, were 4 at bats 1 hits, < regular game total > the batting average .275 (the 477−131) home run 18 stroke 75

    • Because 1 defeat/miss are 1 defeat/miss
      Score of Nippon Meat Packers, Inc. 16 −5● software bank team 123,456,792 r software bank 1,000,000,000 Nippon Meat Packers, Inc. 410,000,000 x 162 reverse sides is 10 where it is not the mistake, 10 (tot) as for the hole ton of forerunner the first time [dotabata] Kokubo being timely, furthermore furthermore from the 2nd those which 1 point preemptive it has doing tie furthermore from 1 dead loaded bases are won immediately with the infield racketeer dead 2.3 bases 2 people before the back net of the returning alive Sapporo dome are too wide with the wild pitch, (difference) 2 times which continue the sinking relief did with attack of the Nippon Meat Packers, Inc. surging waves, the [tsu] pouring the oil, in large fire closing [garagara] if the [a], it becomes like this, hitAs for the person who is not strike the hit as for the person who is not thrown yet coming out, it is dense and the [tsu]! With to 1 times, being the case that it is said, following because [pon] as much as 2 hit [hi] [gu] [ma] the hit bomb is 11 hit 5 scores where hit appears to also Hasegawa in 2 hit last times, it can return to Fukuoka, somehow with star which does not have many problems men everyone “batting average” increasing Ejiri which burns in [ribenji] of yesterday to the blood celebration, 4 score this were large to 9 times, is pitching staff insect drying relay execution, as for the [tsu] 3.4 times inside non mistake God 5.6 times as for forest luck just non mistake Kume 2 mistakes did 7 times in 8 times, but wellBecause, they are commencement 3 successive battles of the league champion with the enemy country, don't you think? if center commencement can be faced with [e] 2 victory 1 defeat/miss net win, it is ok, whatever point being taken, 1 defeat/miss it puts out 1 defeat/miss, (↑ sour grapes) Commencement 3 successive battles of the best condition! As for the Kokubo present result whose also today is multiple… hit before the 1st at bat left! -> Being timely, stroke hit of 1 runner left on base 2nd at bat left fly 3rd at bat left ago! -> With [getsutsu] of multi villages standing in 2 base 憤 dead 3 at bats, they were 3 at bats 2 hit 1 strokes, < regular game total > the batting average .545 (the 11−6) home run 0 stroke 4

    • Harsh actuality
      Software bank- 5 - 70 Chiba Lotte Co., Ltd.

    • original letters
      Em japones , Japanese talking

    • Japanese weblog
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Feel free to link

    • original letters
      日本語 , Japanese talking

    • Suddenly started doing something
      Suddenly, when “[kiyarasoto] it goes with the work of [kiyara] which forms Sangokushi inside mind, how it probably will become?”Because with you thought, [kiyarasoto] doing individually, about half the [tsu] that thinking, the place where the preliminary arrangements it has done rather than the preliminary arrangements, whether the [ri] it probably will cut, especially favorite [kiyara] facing, when either one how doing, just it weakens, it puts out but, there is also dc, it is shelf and [kiyarasoto] three as for strongly respectively stretching 1 rank as proper, from there as for several people when it is the top-rank matching it faces truly, with the meaning that, plan “the Imperial Guards [kiyarasoto] east vs 咲 you do not understand even by your how it becomes, in tries building vsdc” as for how to make simple where, having the source from [kiyarasoto], memoTo stick to the register, when the place of [kiyara] name is replaced favorite to name is left over, to turn off, when it is not enough, because increases and with html with retention this the handmade [kiyarasoto] completion [a] [a], from [kiyarasoto] east the source pulls in me who am unreasonable well does not understand, because the beginner if you do not certainly understand bleach or the empty probably will be recommendation excessive thing it is not written altogether that it pulls, when it returns to the house, the source pulling, even at the time of the compilation following night shift that once, being excessively serious publishes the latest [kiyarasoto] result with postscript, whether the spare time crushing probably will do the [te] and others, you did not think, it is with, there to be a well enough strange part, because even the head it is painfulAt this point [noshi

    • Excerpts from todayu0026#39;s baseball camp information
      kanji , please visit the following link

    • Hawks, like intrasquad game `s ...
      En japones , original japanese letters , translated

    • 牛折神!
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • 無言のファルセット…

    • 毎日王冠
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

    • 9/21(月)競馬検討
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • 菊 花 繚 乱
      Opinion , for multilingual communication

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