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    • Non subject
      Opinion , Feel free to link

    • Worried worried grommet [pa]… “persistent [wa]!”
      Nihongo , linked pages are Japanese

    • The orchestra [tsu] [po] it was and made
      Because by his [kiyara] which is used respectively with the online game, ff xi which is done with the friend because in material the game is made with rpg [tsukuru] seems, in order to increase tune the varieties there is the reflection in his own ff which is made because, with, because the [ma] it is you did not want to do to [ma] trace or cover like thing, the aggressive field which we have decided to make that [tsu] [po] [ku] original (while drawing up) doing orchestra [tsu] [po] potato properly there was no friend, however it is thinking, that it is the good opportunity, when it tries doing, unexpected it becomes that [tsu] [po] [ku], it rubbed,With you thought, however there is also a feeling which already just a little would like elaborating, when time is spent excessively, because it stops impossible, to do in other things, while compromising without without with, but being the feeling which you say and others is also a [ku] music doing and doing it is intolerable, the leprosy which goes gives the time when it is troubled with the thing being lazy which we would like to do and the gold, someone (laughing) the tag: Music The Brazilian [tsu] [po] it is after a long time with sound garageband and the cord/code [tsu] [te] the Brazilian wind dance pop which probably is what kind of

    • Thing forgetting…
      Em japones , please visit the following link

    • [kakatsu] and capture
      Gradually while capturing white -> after completing the drill, individual 2 routes →ture well thinking stacking [ge] as the [tsu] which probably will be finished ahead of time, when it digests holiday lazily, already after being the night, 1 hours while being, blue Monday the chill stopping, the [ku] putting out [a]; ; As for [tsu] [te] [ru] this which the east positive and negative principles iron you see in some air after the feeling where we would like to evade the chore which it befalls with gorgeous [batsukusutetsupo] sow… [ii]! With effective use of rpg [tsukuru] normal presently the humble shelf which was seen - it is enormous - you yearn up to 15 and the [chi] [ya] [u] - [burontopurohuairu] whose [buronto] dictum infection ratio is higher than the certain virus of the pig

    • It is dignified
      The patience cartridge it videotapes you forgot, - it was orz present what kind of story, it is probably will be, (/ω; ) 17 periods it overlooked for the first time!! When dvd it comes out, as for the kana - 16 periods which probably will be bought it is not seen, because the story which is not videotaped are about 40 stories, we want, it sets aside that, the title which does the pc game of free it was made with rpg [tsukuru] extends, thickly biohazard…(Laughing) fairly well famous it seems being, because the shank my pc game was not done completely, the recent knowing better shelf it is to extend, [jiyaian] it is dignified thickly, w it is possible and cedar your face [yaba] does to be and rear [orikiyara] protrudes rather and or [] whose [ru] w furthermore degree of hardness the [me] [chi] [ya] is high and can clear!? With by the fact that you say, the fungus it does for the first time, this which it tries drawing consequence all the way \ (^o^)/

    • DCXLIX - Japanese plum white one 斗 poem hundred volume
      Dinner going to the ↓ lath boss who starts doing lock man 9 with wii of the ↓ laboratory which returns to the ↓ laboratory which goes to eating in [saizeriya] which is in distance of speech ↓ approximately 60km, that □□□□□i am still alive. with 4 people of the ↓ laboratory where your flow stomach from the question is less crowded ↓ aoyan0510 would like to go to “[saizeriya]” to the meal, there is no e can and azumaro which looked at abandonment ↓ everything with side thought clear (outside of the window is already bright,) ↓ what the ↓ item where we starts doing [mario] 3 it is not in the restriction play the clear ↓ the ↓ 14:00 which returns (morning 8:30) The wake-up ↓ rest room ↓ finishing to become tired in the ↓ 25:00 returning home ↓ 09:00 stomachache which fumbles the ↓ after effects which makes ↓ 16:30 school ↓ [purezen] occurring a little the ↓ 12:30 which sleeps ↓ something which occurs the game of rpg [tsukuru] downloading, as a method of using the ↓ 17:00 school earth day which starts playing the worst category author: 7bit

    • * [nikooke]* VirtualConcert which you saw with 02. everyone and w w [gi] w [tsu] w [te] w you saw
      Population density the latter half is the effort red sandal wood even with abnormal this ......Don't you think? the deformation [tsu] [te] it is difficult ......First because first the first volume (sm7782352) the previous production sm7496643 which recommends that you see (the rpg [kiyara] [tsu] [po] paragraph [te] looked at Hokkaido [dansazu]) by degrees was popular, it tries doing the whole category which tries dancing in the object, increase passes and it is the person and the person who becomes aware thinks that you become aware immediately, but arranging [sanpurukiyara] of rpg [tsukuru], making, after increasing, the people summary →mylist/13307577 which this time when it is defeated to last one you draw in addition those →user/1507497 which were made

    • Examining [pokemonshirizugemu] compilation?
      This article releases the whole, densely it is, it is to be August, is released to the better seed past the work which think of transplantation in rpg [tsukuru] vx furthermore the characters who, are [pokemonshirizu] and [dejimonshirizu] etc, transplantation edition keeps examining thinks of release at the present stage which, whether it produces just while examining you do not understand, everyone and together or, it is possible to make newly, is, how it does, in the future examines as for the story which as much as possible, is familiarity in everyone, we would like to do to kind of that is and, we would like to insert also the event being, furthermore the shank, in vx encodes the system whichIt is, but because we would like to receive in everyone, in reference of game compilation everyone and you think that it is something which together it does not do to encoding grows * [satoshi] game description does not release, (perhaps…)

    • Non subject
      As for rpg [tsukuru] or well can be managed the person who being enormous, the shank no to try doing, we would like as for being, patience orz

    • It is dense, it is, it is…!
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , for multilingual communication

    • Happy RPG download method
      Это мнение , linked pages are Japanese

    • It was full of
      Today smile you see, while inquiring about the music of the east up-to-date work, the novel writing, because you are your own [kiyara] which it increases it is easy to move, but it is… Because something after having become the quarrel which does not understand well today it has made a noise rpg [tsukuru] but perhaps you buy if the rpg [tsukuru] 2000 reason -> it is cheap, <- simplicity it seems to that whether and a little outdated atmosphere, but, so it put out funny, don't you think? is, being [rire] small, when you do, because it dies being face [gura] and the dot, with the tool of free the error to demon it means to convert, about face [gura] it is possible to draw, but one person most. Being joy and anger grief and happiness normal, when it makes 5… The [u] it is, the human necessity when <- by any means is only, unless it reworks it does, it can die, also the fact that you do not think it is, well still it is delusion, but in addition now, it is the stage which plays with the room making tool well, those you sleep, or recently would like to see with smile, being little, but regrettable <- with my sun the unskillful rear, expectation what which is it is somewhere, it is the [ro]… whichIt tries searching?

    • The [ru] struggle description which rides - outside transmission -
      Combined plan of rpg [tsukuru] of the cylinder × cylinder well to stop, the [tsu] it is favorable, leaves about the event and the monster well, at this event is the monster, don't you think? when… conditional judgment is scenario divergence is Cori it puts out, there is no paulownia, well, the [saku] [tsu] and you do, but you saw as the absolute [dare] [ru] with text compilation even the keyboard and kana and others still to do also letter choosing with the controller, don't you think? the decisive [tsu] [te] thing [tsu] [so] time it is required, is, we would like to lose conversation to the utmost, it rubbed,… well, how doing, if it does not adjust to payment date between

    • Diary 462
      Sound. You search the material and turn and inside the [ru], look at rpg [tsukuru] 2000 from the disk case and it is [tsu] beam certain free and you can use, (… As for expectation use permission lack of confirmation) the material has entered the [tsu] [ke] to think as the ~, when the air where it cannot go installation that is attached, the material you search and with that removing with the sample game you play as for the sample 6 works entering, however it is [ru], 'as for the abyss diver #0' you think, even among them that it is the masterpiece, it is, don't you think? are you say or that sf check cartridge viewing that, reopening we want world view sending with the next generation machine as fps or action Gaea, I probably making selfishly or, (laughing) as for the development library of the software for xbox360 microsoft is open if and, the person meets, start directly it maySo, if you say, &hellip which rather unreasonable painful brown the thing made the time when you have been absorbed to [tsukuru] 2000 and rubs; The enemy which utilizes topography id apparent. The system of decision, the enemy which stays in far side of the wall calculating the shortest route in order to face to the origin of the prayer, moving the system which it comes pursuing, the map, the enemy is attached securely and the [ru] system being satisfied at the point in time when every one the system is made to complete, [matomo] it did not become the game, but (laughing) the notch where in the first place I start doing cg and programming was rpg [tsukuru] 2000, it is, when it did not encounter with that, perhaps, the picture how you did not draw, probably will be, die … … With it tries thinking,

    • As for this game [gachi]!!
      impressions , Feel free to link

    • The nocturne which echoes in the month night
      It is dense, it is, well it is, or densely it is, with the article the shank… is rpg! Being similar, the honest story which dl you could point “the nocturne which in popular work month night echoes”, the member (free) to a software it is possible and is splendid is, (the ´ω `*) as for the point which can be appraised it being in addition to, bgm very good! Because appraisal of the ♪ story which is still is opening, you cannot say at all, but…

    • The seeing [yo] it is to see, the [yo] it is to see, the [yo] it is
      The [tsu] ♪ it is delusion weapon [kokona] which you walk, w today the book in buying to [animeito] r18! 2 volume [haruhi] 4 volume [bakatesu] 7 volume [te] ゙ [isuka] ゙ [ia] purchase [u] and others van! As for 2 volumes it was not sold, after that as for approximately two temple ☆5 as for the clear ☆6 [torupazu] [doyutoumoro] was cleared with [gao]! At the house the book you read, rpg [tsukuru] do and/or you see in desire and the night of darkness where delusion drifts and you are to a [tsu] [ku] seeing [ku], ♪ day off [ku] [noshi

    • Japanese talking
      Point! Also title is troublesome, the [nu]! The [a] [a], in addition and the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is, the second clothes of [kojimusa] are made a note forgetting, it is running around with the [kiyatsuhoi] [te] horse…But is shank what with Kotarou [te] [eroboisu] person… of that [ee] voice which Also Hanzou is [ee] voice! Another! Don't you think? don't you think? “it is the good child don't you think?, the [e]” [te] being said, it is the [ru] scene lover, (the [tsu] [ke] which is dramatic? <- It is remembering, don't you think? delusion it does in the [ro] and or the selfishness where where something, you endure and is chummy at random and is the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is the [ri] don't you think? is lovely <- as for [kojirou], “or it leaps there”, the [te] thing “you were”, that the delicate place coming, [kiyunkiyun] also Musashi which it increases is different voice “lovely, it is, the [o]!”The [te] <- “the face the [imaichi]” [te] was said to the parent, lovely it is! Such a lovely child it is not! It does also the back lovely! It is cute even with the head which was lowered even with the pineapple head! The [te] the third clothes are the hideout of the 萌! <- Breaking [kojirou] the third clothes appearance is too good! With that appearance that. It spits, therefore it is, when you say lovely, it is not! If 1 day construction length of chocolate construction it becomes [kojirou]? The [te] we would like to call, voice…Imagawa after all the angel of the pad! Lovely when (the ^-^ [a], today the directly third clothes it put out you have forgotten city it puts out, the [ya] it is densely? It stopped instantaneously .........As for the grandchild the grandchild who would not like to think whether somewhere is different, transforming too much your favorite country already is lovely, in order the [te] to think it turns [orochi], with the umbrella also Kotarou where the fact that is my boom turning, it became the [kiyatsuhoi] [te], <- what kind of it is today it goes to the reconnaissance of the Gaea plug! [geo] we would like to go, but it is, oh it has been recorded before [huami] the [beyonetsuta] [te] [tsu] [te]. It is enormous… That limits although you see,…It is difficult, because before doing first, you are prepared the [a] Mega ten so, don't you think?…However it is good,…As for other because you do not understand without the fragment… As for this time being good rpg [tsukuru] ds!! Former times you did, - bosom forcing, it begins and the emperor the ogre is groovy! Hit and miss the [ge] which is done -…What the tiger or giraffe like it is! It is lovely! Hit and miss [kiyara] has done [kirakira]…

    • [ku] [so]… [ku] [so] [tsu]!!
      Domesticated fowl and animals raw…! If the test of music… rear 5 minutes… rear 5 minutes it is,… the [tsu]!! Although the [yu] or the phosphorus which is drawn in the problem paper had completed… the [tsu]!! (After all, it begins to draw, but while is end problem paper collection it does not turn off, it received the light jab where (the present test extremely was all right with it seems like the preservation body of shank yesterday, after was not thing of the feeling where the impact of 2t enters into the dove tail and being as for the demon animal which remains 1 bodies… as for believing [re] [ru] already the blade finishes grinding, only power of oneself! Fish [o] [o] [o]!!!!! The varieties making with rpg [tsukuru], however the [ru] because how to put the initial position of the protagonist is not recognized, even in test play k (ry

    • If test 2 ~ same test [bakatesu] calling ~
      The [tsu] ♪ it is delusion weapon [kokona] which you walk, w today the book in buying to [animeito] r18! 2 volume [haruhi] 4 volume [bakatesu] 7 volume [te] ゙ [isuka] ゙ [ia] purchase [u] and others van! As for 2 volumes it was not sold, after that as for approximately two temple ☆5 as for the clear ☆6 [torupazu] [doyutoumoro] was cleared with [gao]! At the house the book you read, rpg [tsukuru] do and/or you see in desire and the night of darkness where delusion drifts and you are to a [tsu] [ku] seeing [ku], ♪ day off [ku] [noshi

    • The year opening the game is the pleasure
      It came with worldwide tree 3! It is the sea or, [hi] [ya] [tsu] one! Occupation entire you take and substitution huh the [te] enjoy too much! Is the child of that sheep, or is the shepherd or!? So serves some purpose… The shaman [tsu] [po] of rear [dokutoru] sinking plan it is and now does the seed! But the shaman [tsu] - wilder it was [bushido] or [ganna] lover where, also the star teacher like child becomes matter of concern but it is, [shinobi], other pattern is what kind of, it enjoys and shelf March enjoys too much! Ds of rpg [tsukuru] which appears in January before that is the pleasure! The [tsu] [te] you say, or game [muso] 3 would like to do, it is the [ze] which is!

    • [u] and others van!
      The [tsu] ♪ it is delusion weapon [kokona] which you walk, w today the book in buying to [animeito] r18! 2 volume [haruhi] 4 volume [bakatesu] 7 volume [te] ゙ [isuka] ゙ [ia] purchase [u] and others van! As for 2 volumes it was not sold, after that as for approximately two temple ☆5 as for the clear ☆6 [torupazu] [doyutoumoro] was cleared with [gao]! At the house the book you read, rpg [tsukuru] do and/or you see in desire and the night of darkness where delusion drifts and you are to a [tsu] [ku] seeing [ku], ♪ day off [ku] [noshi

    • We [ku] accompanying [burogu]? When the air is attached, with DS RPG [tsukuru
      Doubles clean (alias ds) with 2009 October certain day rpg [tsukuru] is made the name “rpg [tsukuru] ds” as for we where shelf wwwwwwwwwwds does not have well enough normally always sort “rpg [tsukuru] 2000”, but wwwwwwwww the commodity introduction wwwwwwrpg [tsukuru] ds [me] it is temporarily from the [do] habit obtaining [huami] in explanation to be patient, only hard of wwwwwwwwwwwds wwwwwwww which is two types in the habit which does not correspond usually at edition and the special edition place “edition” [tsu] [te] what? Because something as for ds there is no keyboard, when letter striking, but very much so wwwwwwwww which is (also psp so, therefore wwwwwwwww) with touch the wwww problem whose relatively letter so is simple how does one “material?”To do, and others well wwwwwwwwwwpsp there is no ms likely, because it retains in the thick software where the [te] it has been blocky ww recent ds the sd card the [tsu] [po] which corresponds being and without being, or wwwww (dsi dsill wwwwwwwww) inserting in sd and using? (Intellectual viewing is wwwwwwwwwwww) pc as for the person who does not have the wwwwwwwww material which is not miserable shelf wwwwww worry the [tsu] [po] which has entered into the software and to transfer with communication it is possible the game which after thing ww wwwwwww (to limit too much the [ro] wwwwwww which is) even the habit which is thicker than the sd card doing, capacity being maximum, only 40mb weakness is not wwww how hits the software of ds even the forest have no other choice but to 32mb it made it is even as for wwww sale day

    • Latest [rupan
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • This week however there was AOU, as for this there is no at all
      En japones , original japanese letters , translated

    • Even the adventure game it is to be able to make
      Because today the animation dubbing artist who is s is not detailed, also being pleasant, to make the last time and the game which are made game news item “rpg [tsukuru] vx” was accepted, but if you devise this “rpg [tsukuru] vx”, it is the adventure game to have and to give

    • Condition is bad
      The feeling which is strange doing, it means that the joint and the head which the kind of air which is not usual cold does are languid, but saying, that the head which is not painful reason does the saddle saddle it is glaring, it is not something like the halo, it moves too much, when it is [ri] Hari it tells the voice which was lifted, the heat which is the extent which a little echoes in the head the place where you do not know whether it destroys physical condition and the better shelf it is whether there is a minute heat and a heat serving, the around, this state where it has gone back and forth is continued about three days, but it has not gone to the hospital, the one which is and does is good condition of the kana ☆☆☆ semicircular canalBeing bad, because it may it be possible there is no game of 3d, with memo of the paper which fumbled rpg [tsukuru] which former times it made and double collaboration of the flag inside the game management our being random, if how it does, until you remember whether the character is indicated without problem, about one hour the system which is required the speech changing day, is to be something like the romantic love simulation where story keeps advancing, but therefore those which do that with rpg [tsukuru] looking at the speech which by his of the former times when it has meant complicated thing made, thinking of such a thing, it hurt, with being surprised, it reached to turn off the person who is not liked, the new personWhen it is additional, character being bad beautifully, being dark, only the person who is masochistic, by his stops being making, however it is pleasant, lets do to the person to want, it is not, the ☆☆☆ > arc rain

    • [niporaji] [u] p
      [u] p! The game doing, the [ru]? [saka] of psp it is attached it is to do from last year, but it is representation it leads, “[akarisuratsushiyu] Konosu” reaching safely worldwide ranking 1 rank, you stopped already and the time with the kana ~ [tsu] lever you produced the hand to rpg [tsukuru] ds, but being troublesome, the shank! This time the software, that with the [tsu] lever which can transfer to also the person who does not have “rpg [niporotsuku]” probably will be made it is the red sandal wood, but comparatively as for the material where restriction of size catches being the same, gradually motivation…When the one which is motivation it is, because you lend, someone please make!

    • PSP we want
      Well with such gymnastics clothes the droppings the [ri] you returning,… After eye mass would like to do quickly and it is it was the ranch story [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] lover which likes such simulation system from the former times when is the [pu] the [pu] it melts and as for the oak Tet lith that it is poor, it says… The [pu] the [pu] we liked [shiezo] -! Also [aruru] being lovely, we like, -! [teiruzu] plays only [etania], but it is [etania] knowing, as for the game of ps which does not encounter the [ru] person excessively and most first buying by the way although rpg which is rpg [tsukuru] you have not done why…Small 4. Puzzle [ihurito] which it passes the time. Don't you think? it has set with the animal the empty, www well wwwwww

    • Japanese weblog
      Therefore if me, this year [pikachiyuu] which is made the [pi] or [chi] [yu], the proud picture it leapt and somehow it reached the point where you apply, just, there is no slump a little, the [ru]? Therefore like the rehabilitation which temporarily, the novel is finished striking, don't you think? with celebration happiness, furthermore as for any… bl things to there where it does after a long time, it was and the [chi] [ya] was and the [chi] [ya] could not point but well, tinted autumn leaves news item,… it is slow, however is, don't you think? the age of civil wars, you knew that it is difficult to choose word, well, you abandon word and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] you want something of the modern style would like to make… We want the ds edition of [a] and rpg [tsukuru], something which is making, because like next year sale it seems, next year doing, a little pc which is the pleasure the [ru] and the hand become cold, don't you think? you think that the novel, already one like this what you should have written, - the [mu] - spare time

    • Japanese Letter
      * The impolite stripe it inhales at actual size size, it is it is dirty!! It is what, however it has failed, there… such it is the picture which was lifted to the friend being dirty with as an air, whether the [hu] whether the [bu] sticking the left hand little finger which it does not inhale with the cutter, rather than saying that you scooped out, while “painful wwww blood [i] www” laughing instantaneously the slice wound it does, by your it keeps betting on the origin of the parent the shelf and the reconfirmation cold which are the after all funny human you are terrible, it is with the just a little fool to do, throat which is languid and is pain it begins nevertheless suddenly, is with the puzzle solving of the blue ogre which is the surprise highest being too difficult, you fought truly, but today (with yesterday of the name which is said) with it ended! The extent cockroach which you are moved by the existence like goddess in regard to the blue cockroach where as for the blue ogre coming out whatever degree doing, it is not accustomed, however why last one comes appearing in the affinity annex, it is lovely ((!? Even, living other than Hiroshi, the [te] it moves riding, because excessively it is not,… (laughing) and something we would like to try doing being, when the shank voice real condition (previous article reference), it is good, don't you think? please try hearing, >< the [so] [ge] [hurige] knowing fearfully, when [ru] one it is, please teach the [ho] it is by all means with today a certain meaning, when the game which is not forgotten day to tell the truth returning from the house of the friend, being able to let do to the friend of the parent, playing, it increased, because (laughing) it could clear at one hour half, the compact game which is surprised? ((Difference because as for the place where dl it is possible by the way we cannot assume that the data of the blue ogre game which this is and there is no two of rpg [tsukurudeta] because please pay attention don't you think? with, it is good time, (with you say, because it is the morning when you probably will bite) we would like to drop gradually,

    • original letters
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      Almost, the game being possible, if then lines of the character are inserted, while it understands and that at the place, completion, user's registration is needed,… producing the register post card 'the puzzle game?'Rpg [tsukuru] vx edition having tried probably to make, 3 aspects being the same as the time before from 1 aspects, you are trying to change into new stage from 4 aspects and the varieties it is to do, but… condition in order to clear originally for large is sweet setting, that the stage which is done properly probably will be made repeating test play, and the like although it makes 4 aspects at on, also 4 days caught, if * it arrived to the stairway of goal, because as for setting up the middle for setting that it is good ignoring, when… power that time when it runs out, making rpg [tsukuru] 2000 edition, the material which it made was found, it made to make rpg [tsukuru] 2000 edition Because how it replaces the mechanism which as for collapsing, made the production of rpg [tsukuru] 2000 edition in mirpgmaker edition with rpg [tsukuru] not to think either the part it could not go the [te], in the past, the self switch, there were the details that it was changed to rpg [tsukuru] xp where, the part of that is conceived but because… to be different from that time, the method of replacing the self switch to the switch floated in a flash in the head, it was possible in about 2 days, 唯, because after that the data crashed, one time it has already recreated then with, is adopted in rpg [tsukuru] vx edition indication of the key which stage is indicated and is acquired and rpg [tsukuru] 2000 edition and rpg [tsukuru]On-board stripe it does even in xp edition and passes in to be title 'was changed into the tyrant twin tail', when * original news item understands, rather than saying, that it is enormous, below is shy and being it is each picture

    • weblog title
      It is lie and today when you could not read 8:30 it occurs properly and is great well doing there is no news item with the same something as yesterday, is forcing, if you call, 20 minutes were spent the thing kana where the levelling up maneuvers which crumble easily with back attack of the sealed dragon the loss impression passes the body after a long time with remodelling and ffv the [tsu] is ~ [hahaha] ~w my 20 minutes return!!!!!!!! While with saying, throwing the controller gently, after the present game play which finishes because midi of rpg [tsukuru] revived even miraculously, when it keeps advancing compilation, because it is trouble of the fresh force who why becomes not be able to rush in the aggressive picture state being defeated Umehara whom this you threw halfway (volume note [iiii]!!! ) In this way, [umeharaaaaa] where the new face of smile is born!!! So [noshi

    • Japanese weblog
      And the [a] field Shigeru who returns 1 weekly renewal was purged (in movie title expression of the blue cat type robot), but that when you say something you did, term-end test of the national language expression which is collected was taken, '[wevuangerion] new theater edition: [evua] which looked at beginning'. The mark as a thought “it is? When your [tsu] [tsu] (^ω^)” the scene was many, Lami l it is strengthened the extent kana [ra] “[kiyuuuuwaaaan]” field “Lami l which is surprised especially it is it is about [katsukoyosu]” ...... (memory of 1 weeks how such it is without the fragment, after the [o] allowance of the extent light which draws the dot picture below now. Cannot grasp, although devotion this it is drawn, it advanced to somewhere, that when says, when setting of the script is earnest, densely there is rpg [tsukuru] vx, but it is, when [tsukuru] 2000 being, with, in comparison, although picture size became the deca- [ku], accompanying, in the past you used the dot picture which became unable to use (tat) the [za] well as for www> enemy [kiyara] always sort it is small even with the above-mentioned dot, the [ike] [ru] the character and the background bee harsh kana ...... When test it ends 互. According to the information which is term-end test from Tuesday which if resize is done with concern because it is that description D [moruto] is many, unless it studies, “circumstance, dangerous dangerous ......” the [te] becoming state, the stripe [tsu] - - - the [te] [ru] ...... already 1 weeks later! [noshi

    • Japanese Letter
      Although there is Sawayama, ([huantashi] or Lunar genesis or [shiren] 4 or [shiren] 4) renewing after all for a long time, increase the renewal news item which is done after a long time it was, (the ' A `) temporarily the [pu], the [pu] doing, [huantashi] doing, qma doing, [pokemon] doing and/or with, doing the various games cheerfully with the favor where [ru] is recent condition every game becoming vague advance speed, that [kusoge] production of reaching or rpg [tsukuru] has stopped at the place of the rear one step the [ri] every and others [ku] [merumaga] even still one is not sent you looked at [kusoanimekabutobogu] of rumor and it has become there was a [ri] or various things in the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] vogue brain whether (semantic obscurity) and probably is the coffee of present occurrence inside the university [dokimonpan] (furthermore fall the limited pan)Buying [pokemonpan] with heuristic price it is how usually not to do, but this time exceeding the speed of the light which purchases in the price air of course, you cannot transfer by purchase anyone, why high inserting shout in [pokemonpan] one so, whether it purchases you buy [pokemonpan] at the university,… there is a some value in the occurrence, it is! When it tries calling to the [tsu] [te] senior, as for that you think that even the sickness are the sickness even by your was said, for a while everyday continuing to buy [pokemonpan], like whether just it is the popular item of, fabricating, it is like

    • original letters
      Because it can substitute to the English test of graduate school admission examination, to have speaking and lighting, toefl (ibt) different from toeic which is received, not only the listening feature test time the break 10 minutes which 4 hours it exceeds truly thank you truly!! Die!! When you say from conclusion, acting playfully, the extent whether it is not [ru], you threw away 170 dollars which have acted playfully difficult perhaps truly in the ditch, “English [shiyobo] wwwwwww of the Japanese” doing, to enjoy, be no other choice but to half-day, the primary factor of the crushing defeat ...... the intention of writing there was a measure period with consequence of the last spurt of rpg [tsukuru] which is terrible cruel difference the degree of hardness which it is dangerous in purpose is not but is, don't you think? it is it is relationship, the [e] when level 20 just rises to level 21 level converts the degree of hardness of toefl, 1000

    • Japanese talking
      impressions , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      The [u] [wa] - rpg [tsukuru] ds it comes out truly, it is! Exchange of the data it is possible with delightful wi-fi, when the oak and others grandmother chooses just, [sebon] where being good at random comes out such a densely being, or &hellip which worldly desires sensor moves; … - The [te] it does gradually even in [eipamu] hatching or, -! Or &hellip which is done truly; … You do, when halfway lapse you write, because within that day several degrees there was with the following day a [tsu] lever which is born, when such of the ^^ which periodically comes to report you write it is useless what, don't you think? … … Being understood, the [ru

    • Japanese weblog
      The assignment does not end, - the background balance - 4p which passes is many, - the deadline is close, when - with… such present releasing sections later, “this 4p cartoon it finishes drawing such, news item Gaea you make complete, it is… where is” When with the [bu] and it is, in the person of the seat of next door “[akan]! Live!” With it was said… (In a word it is the thing of the death flag, seems) also postscript the [gu] is the [gu] is chat… This day, “either cartoon drawing you must be, however, there being a thing which would like to do, [mushiyakushiya] it does”, that when you say, if “mentions the thing which the [tamaki] present wants in the teacher of charge, don't you think? the rpg [tsukuru] [tsu] [te] immediately the [wa] or [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u], ((laughing))” With it was said, ((@д@ how much topic of [tsukuru] by your probably is to have done Because even the data it went out, the thing cartoon which is to like to make complete quickly how drawing, and others the [re] [tsu]? With it is we would like to say, but because it is topic, so it does not go ......嗚 call, it is dejected, ((_ _ rpg [tsukuuru]!! We would like to make!! And the funny work where we would like to make we would like to play!! Because at this time it finished to clear 2003 make the game of a certain sight, to download vx make game of the same sight from now, whether the [chi] [ya] concave the ♪ (<- as for topic!? By your would like to make quickly, - the [wa] - it is time [kudasai

    • Japanese Letter
      > 'rpg which rpg [tsukuru] ds' you imagine with [nintendo] ds becomes shape, ([huami] .com) at last continuation [kita] of portable machine [tsukuru]! If (゚ ∀ ゚) you thought well from the current game market, it probably will put out doing, it increased, the air with ds but… ds is in the operation aspect is to call, but the game which it is possible distribution probably will be completed at the point where the point which is not insecure there somehow being possible, if the [ru] there is no complaint, is

    • original letters
      belief , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      With, being the case that it is said, as for the game, military museum of [patoru] we would like to introduce the funny game where you have played from a little before as for the prayer while managing the military museum, operating the tank and the fighter plane and the ship, etc the weapon of the enemy and the living thing which is not understood well? And defeating the person, et. al you obtained the weapon, as for the weapon which you inserted in the hand which is rpg which it keeps doing if it restores, it is displayed in the museum and rides in that and it is possible also to push down the enemy, furthermore (or less quotation) Noboru. To today the tank, the aircraft, the vessels and the gun include approximately 200 types recording photograph color picture from the weapon Japanese, America, Germany, England, the Soviet Union, Italy and France etc, beginning of the 20th century, or more audio data song equipped war song of the weapon and photograph 200 of the soldier, the or more composition data weapon 30, strategy such as speech of the politician and the soldier during wartime, 130,000 letter or more (quotation end) with, just has already played furthermore this where such as explanation of the person knowledge becomes abundant and the mechanic and interview to the war experience person with rpg of the generally known one roadWithout because remaining overnight mel explains operation of the battle which with the game whose rather degree of freedom is high is also gag in the various parts something there is no problem, because with well, it is funny such feeling, furthermore one time please try playing by all means the military museum of military rpg [patoru], you play this game, rpg [tsukuru] xp rtp becomes necessary

    • weblog title
      With, some meaning this time the symphony male be completed you intend to introduce the free game being made with the software, rpg [tsukuru] generally, it is the game which is open but

    • Japanese weblog
      But after so long a time plainly once for the person where “the [tsu] it came in dream and” tried playing does not know explanation, “the [tsu] it came in dream and”, the game whose degree of freedom you search in dream either the free game especially reason which was made with rpg [tsukuru] 2003 without, is high occasionally, you do not have to search, being classified by word, with [ru] game what, color it is note… it is in sense with, me searching, it is [kuchi] which encounters with the summary sight of good word <- the [ma], it set aside such a thing and the thought which you play promptly spiritual state of the writer became… seriously worry, (the ´д `;) It probably is what, [majikanto] and moon side city of mother 2 the feeling which intently has loitered? Well, the certainly dangerous air does atmosphere the above-mentioned two or more, intently, being dark, the world and actuality in weird dream gloomily (or, psychedelic) the map in dream, if unskillfulness it does, whether the rank which is not unable to become the trauma, it comes mentally, depending upon the www place is a background and an object which considerably make weird Picasso think, is a corpse suddenly, the eyeball the racketeer racketeer has fallen the [ri] arm has grown from the land [ri] etc… And, whatever saying the color where bgm is too weird it is the rank which can be admired in sense,… delicately are weird appearing in dream, when you rival this game of foreboding w, you play, www where picture and bgm become unable to leave from the head super 鬱 wwwwww which it passes (knowing also the ending of this game in the association, the [ru] it is, but to end weirdness…The ending which www which is the handle 鬱 well, you cannot agree upon and but is not)

    • Japanese Letter
      It is rpg comment, but after all using “, the wolfrpg editor” way, the friend something the [ze] which probably will be done! Becoming [tsu] [te] story, although it is free soft it increases the [tsu] which does to be, function it is good, the sled [ya] which is, well, rpg [tsukuru] is easier to understand at all, is however with, being free, this is enormous truly, in addition to being the thinking where the head goes down ss (it is click actual size in the production person who, is because -), those which the varieties it tries fumbling by the way the dot picture this and this software it is the person whom when it is, it made with dot picture synthetic machine in order to be accustomed to function, or also the shank -, enormously the chair is dear truly, it will be, but the good handle, it could make the kind of game which it can release, it isHowever when now still while training which is frame so well project [deivua] it is sold and the better seed [wa] - I to tell the truth the just a little want am with the [me] and [pu] the [pu] because of 7 the patience [a], lastly the [hi] am my Makoto return in the [gi], - it may not become slow; It had decorated, is to be, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te], thank you! To obtaining, you could rejoice to obtaining, if, or it persevered, it is to be, -! … [tsu] [te], [ma], [ma], with [maji] second anniversary how such [a] of sight…! Such a leaving sight……! If so, with the [tsu] [te] celebrating you say, it is (to be without modesty and) as for me the [hi] if the picture of the [gi] there to be a self-abandonment and others [re] [ru] self-confidence with to any picture also if - with the ^^, with, it is to be permitted, coaction is good after all with the [ori] child fellow, is,……! (There is no modesty truly)

    • original letters
      Nihongo , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      It seems that [majikon] measure is administered to rpg [tsukuru] ds Patch -> binary →000043d0: d 9352 b 0e 4d 0e 511 e e 10 a 976 d c2 be c2 ec -> 0f 2 d e 948,009 f e 548,109 f e 548,209 f e 5,000,043 e0: af fa a9 b 730 df a 748 a5 e8 f 40 e d1 b8 e5 d9 -> 3092 e 5,010,053 e 1,000,082,112 c 209 f e 5,000,043 f0: e 72,061,464 e 965 b8 a5 d 474 d 39 d d 515 df -> 3092 e 5,010,053 e 10,000,820,862,976 f e 500,004,416: 70,473,856 d 71 e 6002 bb d0 a7 c 83,958 dc 48 -> 3092 e 5,010,053 e 10,000,820,862,976 f e 500,004,416: da c 13 f ee e 317 d 652 e 49 c 41 cb fc d0 e2 -> 3092 e 5,010,053 e 1,000,082,048 f 00 bd e 800,004,416: c9 df 32 b 90 a e 854 bd 73 af 147 e bd 2d ca b0 -> 1e ff 2f e 10,000 a0 e 38,000 a0 e 1600 d 170,200,006,656: 9f e6 f2 be 112 c e 7687 b 817 e c9 -> 18,821,002 bc 811,902 f 837,180,129,280 ea4: 1e ff 2f e1 -> 49 fd ff ea By all means only in case of backup which we do not do object please use with this operation verification

    • weblog title
      Shaun [tsu] [te] [ero] it is and is don't you think?, such a thing would like to say, it is it is not, it is the [ze] which it will try making in trial version of rpg [tsukuru] vx which is! The [tsu] lever [tsu] [te] it does

    • Japanese weblog
      Because the recruiting of the eating-house which from the house by the streetcar is in the place of approximately 20 parts was discovered it is to try to apply there, but before when lunchtime ending you apply, it is impolite, -…With, by the fact that you say time to crush with smile, something which discovers funny animated picture to be disgusted, [ya] www (*^p^*) as for rpg [tsukuru] where it has become desired rpg [tsukuru] of ps2 whether the Family Computer present you have not done, because (old [tsu] w) the [samune] picture is shocking, the space the fear which is opened poor as for the person note

    • Japanese Letter
      When rpg [tsukuru] is bought in medieval times, while “sexy QUEST” those which become have entered in the data just a little throbbing, when it began person “[ahan]” of the town and “[uhun]” only the king [tsu] [po] which is not said it spoke to well, “the [mu] you threw and” the [tsu] [te] were said and it was the ending,… you remember that at that time you burst into laughter

    • original letters
      F1' which tries doing the psp edition of [gurantsurisumo] of topic recently; You compared with 06 and real of the extent which does not become the thing with you cried unintentionally, at the place f2007 (2007 type f1 machine of Ferrari) when how you do, whether it probably will come out, there is also gt5p and it has come out the empty you can use even with the op movie, don't you think?…? Being similar expression attaching to intlude to releasing, the [ru] calls the tune which some days ago was made is different the atmosphere of tune itself completely when and, you hear in the sound source of rpg [tsukuru], as for on the other hand direction the other side which the beginning part and the air which has not been similar is done to there calling and feeling and as for that the # in the first place being similar, whether or not the [ru] judging whether natural however it is [sairehuo] what, don't you think?… The # being similar of course, when it judges as the [ru] same. Because it withdraws, however communication it probably means that the one which makes tune to become does to become what newly and is good, the regrettable air does also that this tune is designated as [botsu] when (it confesses, if you are hasty the [ri] it does) with revolution pitch it does somewhat with consequence of the material of the secondary curator, completely it becomes another impression whether and it is good even with this, the origin saying, when it makes gm pitch and fm pitch, becomes the parenthesis good, but the opening [tsu] [po] the c#m pitch which is gone it should have made, when but you feel and invincible formation it is em pitch and the bm pitch which are worn, the timbre resister change… after all while it is am pitch it is safe…? After 3 hours don't you think? it is f1, you do also 1 hour half and the [chi] [yo] to be, because it is drowsy, last week you wanted to see and was and may there is no memory fearful handle Kanto one was live program it is the [ro] which is? It is too envious, it was good, or someone crashed without fail and that relay ended that way you say, it is it is not?! (What well as for [ueba] the [tsu] lever which becomes the predicament which defaults preliminary round with the consequence which it crashes with fp3 knowing, however the [ru

    • Japanese talking
      It encountered the shocking game, “the [tsu] to come in dream”, but you knew also that, it is title and shocking contents from the time before, seeing the picture which really does the game with happy animated picture, the impact this game which breaks off not to be the game which is marketed, because with the software which can make the game, rpg [tsukuru], it is picture quality of thing rpg [tsukuru] 2003 which is produced, but it is not good, the strange background strange person who that displays the good quality of this game Mars it is the teacher protagonist which cries [munuoku] is done, “the window to be attached”, also life callingBecause as for the game window being attached which is good just in dream, the part which nothing writer side which would like to have enjoying talks is many, many interpretation is possible and with the bulletin board sight and the like argument is risen, privately, those which banter the tendency of the today when death is underestimated it makes the oiler which is interpreted for the present raw and sees and would like to have been attached you think that when at one time, trying probably to choose death however it was, the fact where the person who tastes the pain of the extent which now as for such thought that very they are thoughtless ones, you feel and of course, stops wanting to choose death isUnderstanding, it enters, because also using a word that you understand, in that also thoughtless thing feels received life, straight hanging on raw, probably to keep living downloading you try 1 day 1 day however well, always so you think, don't you think? if it is good, please try from here 1 day 1 day straight the [hi] going which lives

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      Examen, evaluation, le resume , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      Something the day when it has renewed becoming systematically, [te] [warota] the unexpected trophy!!!! [u] [hi] [yo] - Parker of [u] rusted [tsu] [chi]! Also rear is lovely!!!!! The glance [bo] [re] it did, Ω tk rear being full [yu] [u] it is not with wwwww real being hard on, “real smell does”, that when it is said, how reaction margin and ww water tree Nana [warota]!!!! nycboys interest well [warota]!!!! The [ro] which is nycboys or n ew y ork c ity boys!! How the [se]!! (The present friend writing, [te] [warota] * the postscript [te] coming, rpg [tsukuru] ds conversion there was [terawarosu] wwwwwww something and wwwwww

    • Japanese Letter
      Choice doing the animated picture of game type of the unskillful rear, saw today, well, in an orthodox way from [toresu], the fact that also those which are made in earnest with rpg [tsukuru] with rpg [tsukuru] are famous with the unskillful rear it is [romaheta], after all the story and news item God applying, as for the [ru] especially up-to-date person it is thought well when only and it forgot name that it is another recommendation, but therefore although it seems like the parallel world, the story story which is thrown still opening, but obscurity so you call scenario funny with [huantaji] and feel and it is what, with the highest to produce also the paste of the viewer, changing just a little inclination, looking at the shimYou saw, but it is… Something good quality of graphics being different from the shim which is seen until now with east,… Perhaps, this probably is new work what, being upgraded in good condition, seeing, it was softened and searching also gta next, cod… The real condition doing with obtaining, and gta riot [chito] the [ru] human oven [ji] is with www this time you try to appreciate this, although the fragment there is no strength and a degree of hardness of riot [chito], with www

    • original letters
      That spring before the going to bed the friend makes the barrage shooting game with c++, because it raged, while you being visited in the storm of astonishment and envy [tsukura] (laughing) as mj which is, the work whose quality is high surely with the programming technology of that friend and the height of motivation is completed, probably will be, it is to have expected that is, but after new term starting, when again story is heard, when it tries hearing the pattern story which collapsed somehow, graphic-related cause unclear bug came out, so rpg [tsukuru] [tsusu] which is possible to be peace, if the original work it does not do, with high quality the system to be offered, control of indication of graphicsGathering the material simply music how the necessity to make the how air without, it is the God tool that just to think of scenario it is necessary, but being accepted to the lukewarm water tool forever, you say that it is the student of the Department of Science and Engineering even temporarily, because even standpoint doubt apparent you are not unable to do the existence value as much as 2. [tsuku] 2000 which make the game complete which gradually used [dokatsu] and the one-shot original system with 1. [tsuku] 2000 compared to degree of hardness and ...... 1 and 2 where it masters the wolf rpg editor whose degree of freedom are high 挫. Because it is being completed, oh the cartridge, still [udeita] is not abandoned, therefore it is, don't you think?! Being chased as every day report in test study, therefore just there is no time what, don't you think? the [tsu]! By the way today (yesterday) with software practice naming the body measurable quantity manager administrative program, r file.txt which drew up interface such as input and indication of the data inputting, reading the data, d inputting, indication the contents ......With the place as it is called in this [tsu] [te] rpg which is the condition which is said “you release”, ““how [gu]” [ji] [yu] is” is processing of the part and it is

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      Opinion , original meaning

    • Quarrel school gang leader 43rd lap thrust
      [The wall] - the ^) as for the martial romance which is tongue language and [tazo] which you are absorbed to the martial romance gathering with [nodomo] quarrel school gang leader 4 92/100, as for tongue language 412/471 it got together, but still the tip is long,… f^_^; Seeing such as period limitation to drop, however it probably is what, because well as for here combining this week is gathered freely and easily “rpg [tsukuru] ds” comes out, it is the pleasure, but as for ps2 [samonnaitogurantezesamonnaitoshirizu] where this is the just a little pleasure you think that it is s.rpg which can enjoy the prayer of wide age because (the ¯▽+¯*) this time it is action rpg the air which is ended well enough quickly does, but because privately, the system and illustration of s rpg and night conversation of course are the feeling whose also story and [kiyara] each time are good, also the dubbing artist who is the just a little pleasure is luxurious like and with at this point DREPT (' - the `) the no ~, - it is,

    • [mazoge] or null Gaea
      As still, but when after all it becomes too [mazoge] like considerable heavily work, the prayer of one constant hanging, “[mandokuse]” it stops the fact that adjustment of the game balance which is chased in finished job of rpg [tsukuru], is done alone, becoming null Gaea over, before there is no interest as a game as for the trial version which it releases, as for adjustment end it finished and therefore postponement, with the notion that where you say it made intend null Gaea, but is, as for that this much labor of story of trial version the next being packed to the last, as for the intention of making null Gaea, it is not

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      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • RPG [tsukuru] DS production diary 1
      日本語 , for multilingual communication

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      En japones , original meaning

    • B An Desuta one year!
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

    • PS3が来たぞぉおお
      [arutoneriko] 3 [huami] where wii and xbox360 and ps3 are even with this where ps3 is introduced into the pad making provision for [arutoneriko] 3 with the review excessively already is foreboding of God from good being, music it is the pleasure which after of course also [santora] and [hiyumunosukonsato] are the reservation being completed, the purchase schedule software of the pad… [dorakue] 6 of the father, with [esutoporisu] and rpg [tsukuru] ds, in [sakurihuaisuarutoneriko] of the closed room because of me escaping Gaea we like margin either one the [tsu] - with the man target it is the software in sacrifice of the margin closed room, extending through the beginning of spring but it ended the rust window, - [kairu] where appears to per very limit where the vending machine of the bottle is removedApplication period has ended the crossword which the kind of air which looked at the first smiling face does! However it stuffed,… well being able to clear, however it is many, to be able to read development good midway, this time not to know well enough to end regrettable - no time the person of marry of the roof which you think that there was a strain may be many the medium 々 not being understood [te] failing, the person is the collection [ma] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] the [ri] doing, when… she directs the back, when is not the kana which is useless? When this being faced, when is, it is exchanged, after a long time [pon] thickness it is [netapon] thickly at March it is 6 years old, but! Buying sewing involving the gong burning which like even now to play with the toy, it is, but… playing strongly, it is delightful, however also toy destructive ratio is high, it is, don't you think?, the [dora] burning is still, persevering whether the [ru] - well enough strong, until - past [pon] it produces the cotton thickly, the pitiful toy which [kamikami] is done all the way when and take you play, when the gong burning is covered and [yodare]… shows to the father [tekisasubaga] you propose however and either the not being visible it is not, don't you think? what and it is the dog which grips Texas dog [tsu] [te] w [tekisasubaga] it seems, but

    • サクライJ雑記 とりあえず感想
      日語句子 , original meaning

    • イッスンの変わり身の速さは異常
      When from yesterday, it tries probably to open Internet when the tip of connecting which is the times when it is not connected, passes “only local” several minutes, it is to be connected suddenly but… it probably is no what, the connection becoming slower than the usual, whether [ru] what animated picture the flow calling [niko] motion, occasionally there is a thing although and… you just bought and it is broken? Already, it is hateful, when - postscript, it tries inspecting, the well enough various person happening with vista, [ru] bug it seems being, the large God which the shank the [wa] which is troubled -… we want such game and is, large God transmission, rpg [tsukuru], [inazumairebun] and [inazumairebun] 2 [inaire] we would like to do! We would like to meet to the ogre road! So now [itsusun] which large God would like to do it is lovely, [itsusun

    • PS3「ファイナルファンタジーXIII」初日で100万本を突破、他
      issue , linked pages are Japanese

    • ご無沙汰しております
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

    • 明日は採用試験
      Well, it approached to tomorrow more and more, employment test morning 8:30 it accepts from, you say or, that it is interview from 9 o'clock, first in beginning interview [tsu] [te] … … Therefore the countryside [tsu] lever [re] it is good it is bad as for something anyhow, today you must go to bed ahead of time with [maji], because it is not possible with the sleepy eye to take test don't you think? that in the personal computer the free software will ding dong be inserted it is to think, by your, cold ones where, but when it was cold, when it was drowsy with, today is the [u] which does not do yet at all - the [mu], what doing, the [ru] is, are cold, it is, the [te] with reason, as for that extent of the minimum which inserts the software in order temporarily from now to connect to itune and Internet, don't you think?? After that, if it is possible, because rpg [tsukuru], the software for picture compilation or Ichitaro and Hanako are the introduction being completed, temporarily as for composition compilation you inserted also the open office which is [otsuke] unless and the [a], you must insert either the anti virus software, don't you think? we fear the virus, because is, if mentions the virus, the influenza arriving to the small school of local end, grade closing happens being, kind of after, one person infection person is, the school that it was about it closes fearing, above doing the shank [e] connection customer, when you are infected also without forgetting toilet gargling of the basis which does not understand, whether the [tsu] [te] it is the place, with as for such a such a, tonightThe kana which the continuation of [dorakue], when probably will be done at this point

    • 実況 ゲームをうまくできないあたしがMGSを頑張ってみる12
      With rpg [tsukuru] vx small demon east project becoming [debirusamana], when the Don John search type [tsu] [po] which quarrels with the strange people and/or unites the hand it is and wants to aim toward rpg- 3 days being required for the naming of [misokatsutsun], falling in triglav of the action, rpg which falls in school days the [huokususouru] like game trying making again being troubled with a variety there being the space opening is contribution from the last time and [chi] [ya] now does and passes in to be making a mistake also the setting of video recording time, it ends at the vague place, it is dense with the [a] [hi] the [e]! - Modification point: The second look and at the damage quantity of proud skill small text the production part by the other things- As for trial version as Mr. Charles says with “the 3”, still story the tutorial for a while there is no schedule of distribution with gradual something, the current side which is and meets- The last time: sm7175223

    • なるほど
      As had teaching, doing, it was possible, the ~ thank you!! Because with the notion that where you say, rpg 'the zipangu where the introduction younger sister made animated picture of [niko] motion' as in live play part1 title, the younger sister 'the game which with rpg [tsukuru] vx' was made the older brother as for this which is the animated picture which the real condition is done those which the real condition compared to the younger sister made ww now the shank and gag sense are good with the gourd of animated picture presently only part 10 or, is long so, the dubbing artist boundary which we recommend < sparrow king > decisive game how many! Jun Fukuyama of the 1 '[kodogiasu]' [rurushiyu] part of vol.1 and 'the wolf and Koshimizu sub- flavor of seasoning' hollow part are the God 埼 [chi] [ro] of the professional sparrow loyal retainer and the dubbing artist etc mah-jongg throwing away are not seen with the animated picture which is done, but it is!! (The friend mah-jongg it begins being like from influence of certain animation, is introduced the air which) Settling, when for job bgm broadcasting raw to you who would like to work, with the back it has done in bgm the [ri] doing, it increases, it becomes drowsy and/or the person where the eye is clear rather reaches and… ww temporarily… with well in the future being able to introduce to one for job could keep

    • やりたいゲーム
      [wii] [mariokato] wii…Desired [gc] [gachiyahuosu]…The play history ant desired batten [kaitosu] the wing which is not ended is lost the sea… whichWing and pantheon of play history [aribaten] [kaitosu] II start. Child [mariotenisu] gc…Ocarina… at time of legend of desired [vc] saintly sword legendary 2 [zeruda]Mask… of legendary [mujiyura] of play history [arizeruda]Play history ant [ps] rpg [tsukuru] 3 [zenogiasu]…When the play history ant used item is bought to the middle, the inferior goods being ill-smelling, it did properly the desired [sfc] saintly sword legendary 3 play history ant where it cannot save certainly once upon a time…With vc transmission is anticipated Such a feeling now banjo & [kazui] of the box ○ which has played ff4 (gba edition) which is borrowed from [towapuri] (gc edition) and the friend the [wa] motivation which sells 2 works of 64 where we love we which does not come out it is fixed being, becoming the different thing, [te] regrettable… That the stripe Good Heavens we would like to do in complement of gold defect thinking, the game how you cannot buy for a while,… Book off extremely being cheaply, is not sold the kana… whichIt is not sold, don't you think?… The friend having, the [te] it is best to lend, but it is…It is not, probably will be…

    • 嘘みたいだろ…1面ボス戦後なんだぜ、これ
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • 18日19日パソコン買った
      Salesman and rpg [tsukuru] or the animated picture making or the original personal computer which buy the personal computer rising with topic, little friendship was born when and something there is a thing which is not understood, that it comes to hearing, we which was called 3. As for the problem which personal computer xp 320g memory 2g of younger brother 90,000 is good very and shops there is no monitor, therefore (laughing) the telephone “it is not in Shaw who is made to receive in the friend, o. Don't you think? it has”, the o hill “having, however the [ru] we or…Hearing in zeus, when you see?”zeus “well, the o hill it is it is it lifts to the house, the car probably putting out?”The o hill “basting [e] w, it is? Well when w” story is heard, when you know whether and it became the [tsu] [pa] so, what it should have done next, if morning o'clock of 8 o'clock of the [dorakue] development w following day - 10 to call, because it seems, the morning when it makes to go to that time, first the car it makes put out in order when it goes into the house of zeus,…There painfully as for we “this which has the car…Is? w” zeus “it is older brother, but any we that car of this” were the normal car different from this, after the going down of the parent who is the manual car of 2,000,000 Yen it has placing in that it seems the monitor receives goes receiving, returning, but setup painfully the car which stops in dead end of the road of residential town ending also the setup which has the strange overpowering impression of a certain kind and east installing and as for the personal computer returning from one time 1 - 2 hour libraries to one week there being a time, large. East 1 - In 2 plays end one annual study way it becomes personal computer obstacle because there is no [te] if instantly in about un installation October in the younger brother the finishing. Deciding also the time when you transfer, it is [a] Internet ......W which is not connected doing for a while, as for we as for we where perceives in buying the telephone line not to be the lan cable

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