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    • Please settle
      The panic face discernment morning which it videotaped being quick ones, just o dolly tko possession good fortune [hurupon] Murakami you saw temporarily, the way of young impassioned performance the [tsu] cod! That [ho] it is with we fear, work of drama it comes, it is not? Don't you think? laughing possession good fortune is good being inhuman! Don't you think? feeling is good!

    • Present [tsu] [pa] [tsu] [pi] -
      Urgent large investigation 24 o'clock of [dotsukiripanitsukuhueisu] king 4 fall of 19:55 ~tbs burst of laughter problem! Riding in condition, the [ru] show biz celebrity to panish, the [chi] [ya] [u]! Large patrol sp24: 00~ sun television silver ball king

    • 1st story * laughing too much, it was happy *
      Today 1 day month beginning the [so] where air where work becomes busy is heavier than the usual - the [yu] - is limited the time, don't you think? however there is no continual mistake and a kana reason of trouble, don't you think? however also [ru] became slow at the company, the [ho] is in the [tsu] became tired with, to see the [ya] the panic face seeing in the [i], chaos you laughed and the [tsu] [te] [ho] which it sows it is with being pleasant the [a] which is happy - tomorrow the [tsu] [te] which may be able to persevere you thought, they were awful 1 days, if it ended and was good it did entirely well and they were 1 days

    • From tomorrow….
      Because everyday there is a private school from tomorrow, whether renewal everyday it is not possible,… is, (; Ω; ) Now, the panic face seeing, it increases!! The [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it is funny, is, well you think as the [ru] which I the vibration sow without fail even with the ~! Laughing such it withstands without fail and the [re] increase is (^-^;

    • * News of 麗 death *
      To the part in angle of the door the entire body and the face hard blow it is it is not painfully in our room of the darkness, this face of what becoming swollen, however the [ru] it is, cooling, however the [te] the leprosy which has it is, when it becomes the bruise, tomorrow shy…! Therefore the transferring fool although it struck, moves forward the air which fully, how you say, pushing to the door [te] excess it is terrible and it collapses in rear and with the mother and the younger brother what!? The voice which the [tsu] [te] enormously the heading is plugged it was possible, don't you think? when it is you spoke, however you burst into laughter, don't you think? however you laugh this and there is no thing don't you think? however the panic face it is funny, you laugh with it hurts, when from first you want to see (' Ω)

    • Favorite the person is in [buroga
      belief , Japanese talking

    • 'The Japanese zeal club', in addition.
      大量的日本當前主題 , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      Don't you think? the wind it is strong, (> the _ typhoon? Until now, don't you think? yesterday you do the panic face you see - funny recent times, being while various being troubled (-. -;)Well being a variety…Don't you think? it is life what, (the ´д `) the stress which would like to live easy it accumulates, (the ´~ `;)Don't you think? the hot spring we would like to go with stress cancellation, Hokkaido going at ~ today, the [a] which is 2 month what it is quick, but (+_+) as for the next the schedule which in December goes to staying in Atami (^o^)Insecurity well to be in a certain sense and the [tsu] \ ^o^/enjoy and densely - be troubled and the [ru] stop bi- bi-

    • Japanese weblog
      You bought with 100 equals which are banana I the coffee which oh,… morning drinks that and leaves…!!! Well, -… [nu] [] it is [gokugokugokugokugokugokugokugokugokugokugokugoku] (it videotaped, immediately after before being before the “panic face”, it is and seeing wailing, because it is, face copying [me] not be able to take) as for your all-inclusive drinking taste being mellow with the sweet coffee the [tsu] [te] which the banana feeling does you say, or…… the [tsu] [te] where the banana and the milk and the coffee have established by yourself respectively you said or, unexpected it becomes the kind of taste where… well in a word banana me and the coffee completely did not blend and normally inserted the coffee in banana me trivial irregular serialization: Whether or not the series which the demon poured first feature feature is second, it is undecided

    • Japanese Letter
      Opinion , linked pages are Japanese

    • There is a [ri] we fear, (T-T)
      [buroguneta]: The kappa when it is flowing, how does the river? While participating such it is fearful [wa]! Furthermore flowing, the [ru] ('; Ω; If the `) you mention the kappa, however the [tsu] [te] where the kappa is visible [dotsukiri] which is said it is set up to just the Kinoshita Yutaka tree greens with the panic face, when pitiful you did rather (t-t) we fear, [guro] it is, abhorrence ('; Ω; `)

    • It is scurvy
      Even with the panic face proverb program plan of tbs becoming the unkind treatment, the [ru]? When the child imitates, how it does?

    • Burst of laughter O (≧▽≦) O
      Em japones , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      First but sport program of [nainai] you see it is from the middle with change, before being before even, you call to the panic face of burst of laughter problem, doing with the sibling of the child, doing [dotsukiri] of the [ru] comic dialogue combination, [te] something, always the younger brother being able to set up [dotsukiri] to the older brother with this program, being the [ru] like, this time, it was the plan that it sets up [dotsukiri] to the older brother from the younger brother, but it is that fails opposite [dotsukiri] [dotsukiri] which is set up entirely, younger brother panic after all sort, the younger brother being always deceived, in with the development, [ru], at each time setting up fails expression of the younger brother moves, it isBut that tend [yo] to be, because it was funny, even with entry (laughing), there is no older brother unintentionally in the pitfall and the [te] staff catching and losing defeating when becoming, as for the face, from now when pitiful you did normally [pairetsuobukaribian] [warudoendo]…Because, something which is to look at the rescue compilation, it lets flow with no cutting, you divided in 2 weeks to seem, as for main part however you saw at the cinema, the so long [tsu] [ke]? The chaotic parenthesis it can obtain captain [barubotsusa] of the [te] or world end,

    • Well, Monday the shank,
      En japonais , linked pages are Japanese

    • original letters
      While trying to sleep… today, yesterday and it is and depends and videotapes and the panic face which is solved it sees and this large good texture [chi] [ya] which depends the [bibi] and others [se] [ru] [tsu] [te] it calls this time when you can laugh entirely with spiritual something, whether it is it was many, one the system which is said is funnier, don't you think? ~ [gakitsuka] you do not have to laugh, the [bibi] [tsu] [te] in unless it is good [dotsukiri] of [hekisagon] or the [ma] [tsu] 1 human waste hotels of [gakitsuka] the person or super favorite this time stays, whether simply Ishida of the non star also grandfather ad of the u thing construction whose crane bottle of tko is funny suitable was funny howeverSo 1st the panic face yet no one is pulled out in Kurosawa's in forest three time countryside probably will stay goes into intellectual viewing village with setting, it is the village the person of that village of the burn everyone weird no movie siren way! The [ho] it is with finally slowly beginning to crack, it finishes, is in burn me that 1st was funny, the one which you know the kana which comes? So, such it is wrapping and the [tsu] [pa] show biz celebrity thinks and [tsute] very much, be ready directly and it probably is circumstance even in the reason which is solved die, the [ze] which can be laughed rather it is

    • Japanese talking
      Yesterday it videotapes panic face king 5 now, you saw, it is, but don't you think? don't you think? what you probably will bite, the Ishida reaction God [tsu] [bibi] [ri] it passes and it is, even the [tsu] the chair the [zaa] [tsu]!! However [tsu] [te] www the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] we fear certainly, don't you think? the make-up of the [te] or Inoue laughed, <- after, as for that whose Nakamura of grandfather ad is lovely the laughing [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] don't you think? Masuko (the ¯∀¯) as for [dotsukiri] it is what very much becoming, as for me you thought, (∀)

    • weblog title
      The empty school other than the topic mathematics which starts ending, increase it is the hand other than mathematics attaching, increase it is it appears in the maneuvers which are copied desperately at present tomorrow, <- yesterday comes when you return home, the [chi] [yo] - the [do], the [yu] [tsu] and - the panic face to be too lovely the [ma] Good Heavens the ~ [ho] it is with we love, << present one word >> the [yu] [tsu] it comes and - the God yearning is with, [batsuchiyasu] (- the _☆)

    • Japanese weblog
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Feel free to link

    • [u] [o
      The television which we would like to see is many…Even in world strange because the [a] recommended in month fragrance, we should see, die really I would like to see don't you think? and the panic face…Well even if well well, when it becomes like this, the [u] which will see it is .........As for study then with…!!! <- The [tsu] which is ended!!!

    • Laughing entertainer [do] [tsu] drill throne decisive game (5/6)
      Essa opiniao , please visit the following link

    • * [hekisagon] SP information*
      Comentarios sobre este , original meaning

    • [dorima] postscript ♪
      So if you say, with postscript postscript the new article applying to the article of the [tsu] coming with something, although that it is long simply, because it attaches it was difficult, when (appearing with the ry first combination, also two groups were lovely - with the [tsu] [ke] where either one comes out first, the large bird? It is good with whichever, in any case, it is young the way, first the [kasuga] like pause trying probably to do alone, after (<- vague w), genuine Kasuga coming, when after this nice combination w of w what whose [yatsuhu] (the ↑) it is true to redo with two people, being intangible, the ^p^ [iki] [tsu] [te] [ru] [iki] [tsu] [te] [ru] - as for the ww [u] [tsu] whether well well the ww [te] and others, the www [tsu] [te] 2828 which the [wa] [yu] is done doing, with the eye which the cod and the younger sister light does not enter completely “but many [niya] [ke] [te] it is, the older sister coming it is to be, with your opposing which is what which callsPeriod, good courage shelf relations lowering as for the combination seeing truly, the [te] the panic face of delightful ^^ yesterday (the [ze] which probably will go to the old boy [shiba] coming of re-), “[zura]!!” Was the boy high school student the paste completely, white www toy house (? ) With the laughing [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is even with the [ri] and the combining to persevere, as for extent in some kettle and white…Was…Kana? Just the robe the heaven it is the time and when the umbrella and the noodle eating and when being entwined to the fearful uncle even with the umbrella, can be entwined to the punk in road surface age, it is and obtains shooting flying to the equipment and material, the [tsu] it is the time, don't you think? such not to change whenever there is a www thing, it is and obtains thing searching clinging to the shoulder, perhaps), the [ru] it does and (<- Japanese is strange although the such a friend desired [ho] is with white the back is high, it is w what, clinging 菅, the [ru] [u] - the [ji] - you remember, ^p^p^p^… my mad… By the way it is young the way, when the gargoyle hateful the reason [tsu] [te], and [tsu] [pa] Friday being done, therefore the gag which is born although it is expectation of kana postscript, the wasteful long [e] [e] [e] [e] [e

    • It is tasty! Reconfirmation
      With the “panic face” now the [ku] still in large [uke] is the raw [ro] in Masashi

    • The [chi] [ya] - [tsu] which is done (^o^)/
      Don't you think? it is the noon, [panitsukuhueisu] the person of the [tsu] resounding/affecting which is seen the metropolis and districts of the society which is kind current [ne] today remembering, but the [ru] it is, there is no amount can, as a Japanese the [do] -…But [tsu] [te] [kanji] when it comes to [tsu] here where it makes and - is and is everyone head to be too good there is today and a mathematics, the color which that teacher excessively is not taught completely there is no amount can, if it does not ask, don't you think? is, (t_t) the [a] [a] - the stomach it is painful

    • And the [tsu] [chi] it waited!!
      The panic face, you observed at that it videotaped

    • Still the cherry tree has not scattered!
      You watch at the program, now panic face king 5, but enormous thing occurred!! The senior of seminar of the university being present, instant it increased!! The [tsu] [te] where becomes Yosimoto's manager has heard the rumor which is said has become the manager of the burn and the Onishi lion with to leap!!! The [ge] which it does -* Although the [te] or the manager and name it comes out, passing, [do] [yu] thing (laughing)

    • [nonsutairudotsukiripanitsukuhueisu] king 41 /2
      [nonsutairudotsukiripanitsukuhueisu] king 42/2

    • [hurutsuponchidotsukiripanitsukuhueisu] king 4
      [hurutsuponchidotsukiripanitsukuhueisu] king 4

    • [nonsutairudotsukiripanitsukuhueisu] king 41 /2
      [nonsutairudotsukiripanitsukuhueisu] king 42/2

    • Panic face ②
      kanji , please visit the following link

    • It is funny
      The panic face it is funny, (^w^) sees with vigor comes out, -

    • The foolish guy whether MH3 still of,
      - The [i] [tsu] it does, REPT (the ´∇ `) at no yesterday 12 o'clock sleeping, first the head which is the many years when at 2 o'clock in the afternoon it occurred being painful, when it could not occur and the [te], heat measured minute heat it was, however it is with, there is no appetite, the heat which was eaten with the rammer and the boiled rice which in the beefsteak toe is the refrigerator has gone down once the head was painful, it is with [bahua]- [n] drinking is even the place so so neighborhood of the house Kojima has wandered with the panic face of the day before yesterday the ~ time resort (the person who is driven to that hot water of the bathhouse) to be as many as one minute, about the economized [ya] [u] the return [ze] [tsu] of the piano classroom after the ♡ the friend who wants it is before the dumpling house which is bought being, the water applying [tsu] you want in the flower shop of the next door of the [te] the ^^ [panitsukuhueisuomoro] shelf foolish guy!! As for the person who is not seen by all means the way, try searching with the [be] - the ^^ w now it bid successfully lastly in the auction (mh3 which is not disgusted (monster hunter try) waiting, the [ma] [u]* Because Friday it dispatched, when the time where it arrives gradually is departure outside fixed form sending, the [tsu] [ke] which is the pin pawn? Or post?

    • Japanese Letter
      Ending of [hagaren]!!!! Well well the [a] which (゜∀゜) (゜∀゜) (゜∀゜) (゜∀゜) (゜∀゜) is impressed with the rayoflight enormous good lyric (; д; The `) hunter×hunter which it is possible to be able to hear you saw, you saw, as for the next you saw and saw the panic face REPT the ´∀ `〓 [ma] 〓´∀ `no

    • Japanese talking
      When yesterday [wa] noon [chi] [yo] it is and it studied and depends distantly it becomes without self-confidence…(Laughing) be in this subject the [o] - the noon [wa] sandwich of yesterday making, the [a] which was eaten - evening [wa] east God happening coming, the pause [te] mail it falls, -…The [te] you did not eat the empty it returns from the younger sister valley copying [me] which night boiled rice making [hanbagu] was made temporarily without the present [wa] my [wa] appetite which is forgotten and present morning…The breakfast of the younger sister the eyeball it burns in remainder of [hanbagu] of yesterday which was made places and it is the rear scramble egg and the egg exhausting and it went to the younger sister [wa] valley, [huaitein] and the preparation present [wa] which goes out the grandmother who the [a] properly the shopping [tsu] Shima Jusco Co., Ltd. Shima of the food four seasons [tsu] most [te] ゙ [nshiyakosumosu] it is the [a] ~ it is shops ill-smelling Toshi shopping…Stress emission applying, inside the baggage dividing [tsu] are those of the [chi] are the majority, extent you buy (laughing) and concerning grandmother [chi]… (laughing) the grandmother thank you and the intense [uma] chow mein which the grandmother makes it is the [be] [te] just a little it will be slow, 1 people it seems in opening,…That way east God happening dvd you saw next in [akihausu] and the [ri] which is sown you increased, although it is sad, you see…Even favorite what is it is (crying) sending to the far station, it returns and opening is [sateiwan] being arrogant, happy full stomach [tsu] and [aki] the [chi] returning, east God happening seeing, evening it returned, returning, hurrying, boiled rice making pig [katsu] to which the younger sister depends the panic face of the entertainer whom it does seeing, reaches soon the east God happening… whichReturning truly, [o]…From tomorrow and… m () m somehow it perseveres?

    • Japanese talking
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

    • 事情が変わった!

    • パニックフェイスのまえだまえだ感動だったね
      日本語 , Feel free to link

    • ボーズがビョーブにジョーズにボーズのジョーズとローズの絵を描いた
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , please visit the following link

    • こんばんは(o´・ω・`o)
      It is dense, it is, it is watching the television, panic face king who was done until now with tbs it increased, it is enormous, you burst into laughter and the massage which the [chi] [ya] is you laugh and try and do not laugh it is, in the nonsense thing where the laughing [ji] [bu] inside the ~ it is with you say… with this time in the habit which bursts into laughter being dangerous, the shank* Murakami of inside [hurupon] groovy - the [te] you think, however it is,… everyone how is, laughing… well story changes from the [tsu], it is, but two lips of exile thought you could not write directly, it is with now having tried probably to write, the ~ [ho] it is with the [tsu] first and others side which is good song just a little something without the exile [po] [ku] there to be a tiamo atmosphere, - among those smartness blends and - (∀) as for laughing this Tokyo dogs← (being agreeable, whether the [ru] the [chi] [yo] is with like image and with insecure is) combination now the shank ☆← selfishly to decide the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] it increases, butTemporarily ardently it is not also tune of [dansuchiyun] of the ^^ coupling which is good being tune what of the groovy can [ji] where thinks is the pleasure* Don't you think? with, the tomorrow with infrequent school something another the [ma] - with shank laughing [oyasumi] do is after one week which is done

    • 大勢に埋もれとこう
      Noon 12: 20 passing wake-up breakfasts eating, while inquiring about the radio, also to live neatly game this week the end [wa] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u], Seichi. You degrade and then while looking at the [tamori] club of last week, lunch certain, “the droppings [do] you do and count the play” [tsu] [te] number and just the [ru] is what, don't you think? while the [so] it is with inquiring about the radio, when the game it does, inner village well - it breaks the rule which looks at the [zu] by your, it is funny in phasing out, ww after that at also calling you look [gaki] use, 邦 the righteousness, this year Tamaoki Kouji medley so well Yasushi. Disturbance they were 1 years ago while and inquiring about the radio, while the game doing, looking at [nepurigu] entering the bath, lunch possession good fortune, there is a knowledge unexpectedly, however as for Bando which then looks at the panic face first half there is no prominent figure [tsu] [te] feeling while the wwwww [so] it is with inquiring about the radio, [gemupoaro] bbs, in order for rather exciting news item to come, it became ww after that the child actor who looks at the panic face latter half

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