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    Moonlight EChigo,

    Locality related words Express Sleeper Takasaki Line 上越 Seishun 18 Ticket Revised diamond Ou - honsen Line Joetsu line Yonesakasen Moonlight nagara

    • These are talking of Japanese blogoholic.

    • Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/nasuriodd51888/29277940.html

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • http://tabechan.cocolog-nifty.com/note/2011/11/post-828e.html
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • May be linked to more detailed information..
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

    • http://do-lack.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2012/07/729-ml-7087.html
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • http://twingo.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2012-07-30
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • It offers the bloggerel of Japanese.
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • http://do-lack.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2012/05/56-ef64-1053-48.html
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • Fault in article DEG
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • Obtaining [chi] one day traveling of pass
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/toshikazu_kurata1963/35691347.html
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

    • weblog title
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , original meaning

    • It does not change from time of the child and favorite ones
      Это мнение , for multilingual communication

    • High speed “moonlight” abolition
      For a long time, it was operated, “moonlight Matsuyama Kochi” “moonlight Kyushu” limited to this summer is abolished, so it is the train which the treasure is done to the end of year beginning of the year and the tray season which are, but, the kind of passenger where abolition is decided with the passenger decrease decreasing, however you say, the ticket is the extent which is not taken, but especially you took care in “moonlight Kochi” because and it was the valuable portable expedient which ties the Kochi ⇔ Kansai with night traveling, abolition is regrettable, (: _;)Now don't you think? from Shikoku it means that the passenger car train is gone completely, “you desire” from this time and & “south wind” only are is, “the moonlight” “moonlight obtaining [chi]” “moonlight Shinshu” remains, so is

    • Moonlight
      The 1 'moonlight' the 3 'moonlight Kyushu' death of that 2 'moonlight obtaining [chi]' downgrade of downgrade

    • Large boat ~♪
      It arrives at the large boat! But safety, the reason which overtakes the streetcar before you aim from here where the [ya] [a] it does not change in being late Tokyo & Shinjuku 23: The moonlight obtaining [chi] of 10 shots the schedule which rides as for is late riding somehow improbable is being, the boiled rice the time when you eat [bi] seeing [yo] ~p (´⌒ `q) the [tsu] it is to the stomach the ~

    • The Nagoya campaign bulletin that 22
      Moonlight obtaining [chi], pond. After this it is fixed carving/moment departure, returning to Akabane once, it photographs Noto Hokuriku opening [bo], the Nagoya campaign 1st section is end

    • Wasteful wasteful wasteful wasteful wasteful [a
      Add information are with, the discernment rare [chi] [ya] [mu] [zu] [] [tsu] and the milk after the encore have come out, don't you think? don't you think? the w right milk, the right milk nipple [ru] [ru] - it was the black tank of the thing 販, but it is the [zu] - it was the [tsu] and [konnichiha] state, just the right just the nipple becoming matter of concern, the plain gauze hole it is, it is the nipple, with the nipple the moonlight obtaining [chi] with being direct in Omiya, the night traveling which returns is not in time to work [kirakira] or [uira] is not in time laughing title perhaps [jiyojiyo] laughing

    • 2009 summer the traveling 4th day eye of 18 tickets
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • It went back and forth to Aomori with the springtime of life 18 coming [tsu] [pu], (4)
      Traveling of the long streetcar where 5th day August 31st (month) also at this traveling, more and more directing to last day and Tokyo, is long starts, when coming, therefore similar, it is the route which returns to Tokyo the high speed moonlight obtaining [chi] of making use by way of Niigata if strictly you say, still there is no last day however it is, don't you think? well, as for that as for the return it appears at 14 o'clock as anyhow, because it is in time, if morning passing Aomori slowly, what that you thought whether it probably will approach to with also morning fair, before going on a journey, because, it does not go to morning fair no matter what in the family, as for the gift in order not to expect,With it is to say, but (laughing), in order that it comes to the point of the end when you thought the varieties, already probably keeping visiting a little, 8 where it is to have decided to come out of Hakodate more quickly than schedule:48 it rides in the super express of departure, it was and faced to the Hakodate station with accompanying, but because a little there was a room in time, a little just truly we have decided to keep seeing morning fair with just sight-seeing, is not to buy in what, but ...... Already when to be a little quick you had decided, the sea bright/fresh bowl you could eat, however it is, don't you think? while just a little just becoming regrettable feeling, it was to return to the station

    • As for 24.25 days
      “You see 磐 west merely and the environs lap number” Niitsu [kiha] is the schedule which it runs with 4 reams of 52, 58 and 28 Japanese National Railways color, but when it is train utilization, “the moonlight obtaining [chi]” with Niigata doing to enter early morning, merely, to see it is impossible to hold down with line section, above the American hill line this and it cries in the atrocious diamond, to see merely, if we would like to take with the line, Aizu Wakamatsu merely it is front Tomari necessary with seeing, because it is helpless, 24 days taking with 磐 west, with the Wakamatsu staying merely on the 25th. It makes the area along the railroad line?… 52, the variety rumors of Niitsu seem a certain way, but November you see truly and merely the end are with the tinted autumn leaves number and become kana…

    • Art festival number of 24 day [ho] [ku] [ho] [ku] ground
      It is the art festival number of the present ground, but because k1 where k2 formation of moonlight obtaining [chi] private formation is appropriated is in the midst of entering in Akita, as for the current moonlight k2 and t18 have entered in use kana? Because very there is no opportunity which it can ride in k formation in such a time zone don't you think? is about 15 minutes to Niitsu, but moonlight feeling was tasted, (laughing) the [tsu] lever… tomorrow t18?

    • Snow equipped northeast night traveling
      Don't you think? December 20 everyday day of the week today winter type strengthens, Joetsu night traveling seems that is control with the eaves common snow, you thought as the kana which comes rising before the evening from Nagaoka as for the freight of eh500 where, but the only rising with the Joetsu night traveling which photographs after all safely completely is useless with local end, this it is to be late, the moonlight obtaining [chi] reading time and changing, without being able to photograph and moving to [higahasu] directly and applying the outside snow of the thinking which it photographed from Cassiopeia, as for 2 [re] which were very good and are [kashi] which is passed in lag of approximately 1 hours compared to the snow was little and is as for evening and the day when you do at fixed time coming to an end it is trueBeing quick, because the shank Annaka freight was 95 traction, it went, but after already becoming sunset state, when 10 minutes it is quick, it is to be different considerably, but…

    • Japanese Letter
      After today of the work supplying, last year in the same way and also this time when we have decided to appear in traveling and arriving to Niigata which becomes care of the high speed moonlight, schedule has not been decided still for the present and within of year to become end with duty of the daytime when rather, it is haphazard in year-end party without participating to complete returning home bath time and the meal, after the preening 21: The cold which appears of the home 20 time dyeing sees in the body, but because from now on it faces to north, the customer who hurries returning home the multitude had lined up into the 埼 capital line foam/home where the person whose in the meaning which is dented today when it does not go as for consequence or the commutation passenger of the work supplying as for 485 systems of the old Japanese National Railways type paint which finally the high speed moonlight obtaining [chi] rides, recently receiving body renewal, the head mark which was painted cleanly is proud from particularly many Shinjuku and after all, photographs does not cut off after, but the high speed moonlight obtaining [chi] as for the foam/home which parks as for the seat which is another world passage sideTherefore, just you sleep, because connection from the calling and the Yamate line is received separately Shinjuku it departs in 9 minute lags, and approximately the customer rides with the following Ikebukuro and directly as for the departure present high speed moonlight, somehow full riding rather with Omiya which the seat seems, as for the vacant seat drinking can [chiyuhai] which is gone, becoming hollow becoming drunk allowance, [bochibochi] drowsy is becoming perfect don't you think? and, tomorrow when the lag which means to report the entry circumstance ahead from Niigata, it runs is grateful

    • * Iron child? *
      It tries when to change the streetcar to the return of [o] work what crowd…That first the moonlight obtaining [chi]! Because the photograph you have taken with everyone enormous spirit, the ♪ which I try taking

    • 2009-2010 the end of year beginning of the year 18 coming [tsu] [pu] it rides and walks traveling 4th day 2010/1/2
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • Moonlight obtaining [chi
      April 4th (day) during morning, just a little just field work auxiliary you must watch at Etsuko's Komiya program from 10 o'clock in the morning, it is because after that, general meeting of the embossment classroom is tomorrow, the data making and one this of binding unexpectedly time being required, oh with while saying, seeing evening the “laughing point”, bath cleaning then, after seeing “[shiyarotsukuhomuzu]” with Warner which is in the Niigata Kameda, hurrying, arriving to the Niitsu station, to the Niitsu station 0 o'clock in the morning the family, 0:6 “the moonlight obtaining [chi]” of Niitsu departure Shinjuku going withBecause you say, that it rides in a car in the train which you say you waived and you did not know that it is the train of the… Niitsu departure Tokyo Shinjuku going

    • You take let escape with 4/3 morning kneading and T18 Noto
      Morning, Noto who is the t18 formation which waives probably can be taken whether somehow you cannot take the descent of the Ueno departure, when, if night kneading it does even with the station valve, to that either but it was pika which relates to the travelling photograph, but although beforehand, lens it has grumbled just became cloudy focus does not come out, the pitch-dark night how [do] [u] it will do it is not, however (with the darkness so probably will be with any lens, focus together, somewhere it encounters the street lamp that changes the [tsu] and record setting) to that or it probably is such a distance and increasing the connected copying quantity, in the long [me] connected copying First you put away the moonlight obtaining [chi] at the just a little ton, this [tobi] condition where Noto comes after approximately 15 minutes which are difficult and are making the shutter fast in reference, it squeezed also the contraction,… becoming dim, temporary bullet train Noto t18 formation instant sinking Ξ the ~ where the contraction is not enough (the [ru] it is both) it publishes certainly just shame exposing with only the photograph which you say you could take, trial whether?& the blurring [te] [ru] it is, 3079 [re] which are taken it is to be unexpectedly perfect in the one-shot [me], when but it does with pf1054 and the cartridge, such takes and returns home and one person reflection is assembled 4th morningSleep time to kneading just is densely

    • The Hokuriku night traveling three rapid fire.
      It is night of yesterday, but three night traveling early morning good [toko] it started doing to Takasaki line direction in the aim at two o'clock in the morning starting you verified the photographing point temporarily in advance with the net, but because to be trying to rest the moonlight obtaining [chi] which is the point where the place where you stop is good accidentally the iron (pitch-dark it is, because photographing failure) which, is seen to do, still also time it is neighborhood [rokehan] doing by the car, time crushing at five o'clock to return to the first place, the tripod and the camera it waits for angle verification Noto with the setting 65 freight, because it is dark temporarily, iso is lifting with the picture is rough, is, still in but you call and feel and are dense active serviceSo we want persevering, … Because as for the next the Hokuriku iso single step lowering, it can go, being able to meet shutter speed, (laughing) the [u] ~ it is with beauty concern of the picture, as for composition ok! With the shadow of the apartment complex under (crying) as for end way the kettle of the favorite 64 opening [bo] does not become the shade of the apartment complex, prudently … [u] [tsu] [hi] [yo] ~! Just! gj! Now the speed which is attached to the return route which it can die without hesitation. Also removal sleepiness it is delightful, with the [bu] [tsu] flying, that into the [ru] the railroad crossing point of autonomous medical large south of the Utsunomiya line it returned to your [rokehan] inside quickly in the going north return, the [a] ~ which becomes tired

    • The Bick Suica card 2
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • To traveling 2nd feature (2) Murakami of springtime of life 18 coming [tsu] [pu] of 09 summer
      After the Niigata arriving, it changes to the high speed Murakami going which stopping it waits immediately in the opposite side 4: When in 54 we would like to extend a little with the departure transfer time only 3 minute Niigata stations, but to eat the pan which the last night when either that time it is not buys, when the [u] and others the [u] and others and perceives, outside the rainy [a] ~ [a], this time to see in the sun, it was released Murakami arrival 165 era although the moonlight obtaining [chi] had extended the foot to here, to here direct current section, ahead as for most passengers who become interchange section stopping to change to the Diesel car of 3 formation which it waited from here, furthermore I who aim toward north turn back here, because simply, there was a time, when just you want to try comingNever this is way it comes to a stop in the same foam/home with thinking, increases is the person who was riding in the vehicle of the rear which is increases, running, the better seed direction curtain, between the halfway half becoming “Takeda,”, but it is the train which becomes “the Yoshida” going

    • “The moonlight obtaining [chi]” riding, to Niitsu
      It visited Yamagata which several years you have taken care in 4 days of July 23~25 day and in the past, because next, it turned northeast southern part with the varieties, we would like to keep designating the pattern little by little as the article,

    • The vehicle which is happened to see with the Niigata station
      July 25th, from Aizu Wakamatsu riding in a car to last train of Niitsu going

    • The vehicle which is happened to see around the Niitsu station
      “The moonlight obtaining [chi]”, getting off, with we had decided to ride in a car on July 23rd and to photograph a certain train with the early morning Niitsu station of the following 24 days

    • When it makes 18 coming [tsu] [pu] and comparison
      Lastly, you try to try comparing with 18 coming [tsu] [pu

    • The traveling 4th feature (2) picturesque scenery of the springtime of life 18 coming [tsu] [pu] of 09 summer you see merely, line Koide -> large Shirakawa
      Traveling of the springtime of life 18 coming [tsu] [pu] August 29th of 09 4th feature, 2 it is that

    • Iron traveling INDEX of summer of 09
      Because the articles have laid scattered, because the traveling 1st feature summary ↑ article of the springtime of life 18 coming [tsu] [pu] of the story 09 summer to 26 days is many from the July 24th night which for a while designates this which made index as the top, reference “extent heuristic day becomes event Shinkansen” of the Hamamatsu factory and the Sakuma rail park it is thick from here traveling 2nd feature 583 bullet trains of the springtime of life 18 coming [tsu] [pu] of the story 09 summer multi line Taketoyo line Ida line August 12th “in the [gu] which comes” sl, it is to obtain, the story number digest edition 1. moonlight obtaining [chi] with starting 2. MurakamiTo it recovers also 3. weather! To Niitsu traveling 3rd feature high speed “summer vacation northeast running through number” of the springtime of life 18 coming [tsu] [pu] of the story 09 summer August 15th and Sendai airport railroad digest edition 4th feature still, [hi] seeing relationship of the railroad museum reference from around the left side bar center ↓ railroad [burogu

    • Everyday to September 6th and September 9th and on the 10th, between the Niigata ⇔ Shinjuku your night traveling high speed moonlight obtaining [chi] number
      Descent Shinjuku 23 where it is on stream:10 initial settings -> Niigata 4:51 end arrival rising Niigata 23:35 initial settings -> Shinjuku 5:10 with the diamond of end arrivals it drives by 6 formation all the car designated seat part green car part woman private vehicles and jr Niigata branch office pdf viewing from pc where also the moonlight obtaining [chi] number riding in a car extension [yu] [u] commodity is in the midst of selling

    • Murakami station
      The moonlight obtaining [chi] empty making connection, it came to here

    • Koide station
      The moonlight obtaining [chi] about 15 people who wait for the initial setting which comes being kana?

    • Riding, the like night traveling train “moonlight”
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

    • Today one day [anison] concentration
      When carrying it tries probably to buy, that with absence of stock after the 10 days between it is written little bit the transfer under without becoming aware, it is, it could sell entirely in consecutive holiday that with, because we want after all cheaply, you buy thousands Yen at the high place, something you become angry, it is with this time not be able to buy, the stripe it is, the varieties. Closely examining, don't you think?, you say, or that it will decide, the [so] [ro] [tsu] and carrying which is new it is like it comes out carrying or the [ro] which is the many overspeeding with the truth short span buying, being new immediately comes out when, you bought and the time when with the intention it is of returning from the [wa] by the Shinkansen, the window of green going, whether or not the moonlight obtaining [chi] it is, when you heard, the vacant seat it met, before when it is with, the moonlight obtaining [chi] modification that much it was possible slowly and becoming dark is, we would like to ride in the Shinkansen, but it is, various errands it was, consist of the moonlight next door it has been less crowded directly to do, therefore gw last day today when the vacant seat it is conspicuous well enough one day [anison] concentration, from the morning when it is highest, SakuraThe speech hearing, it became tension max, because as for the first half part the Akashita cherry tree and Ogata Emi were, negotiating cc Sakura speech being, the [wa] car which becomes [kiyunkiyun] it is even among them the radio hearing, as for the all which is the phosphorus [gu] which self-abandonment sow on the [te] and the face however you could not hear, the [wa] which is the enormously funny radio

    • Japanese weblog
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • 肥さんのー「奥の細道」の旅
      Essa opiniao , original meaning

    • …というわけで、藤沢周平
      Essa opiniao , original meaning

    • 5/9 能登・北陸・64-38あけぼの・フェアーウェイ・・
      With, it is physical strength savings zero condition from morning, but from the coconut from the bed super-express Hokuriku ef64-1053 last week which is the reverse side photographic fog ratio raising of the bullet train Noto Keihin northeast line which usually is sort the everyday way it commuted, but did not clear up with the shank, ef64-38 now of the bed super-express opening [bo] which takes the train where positive hits after a long time is morning probably everyone gw fatigue? High speed [hueauei] now 1 human rentals ardently is morning, “the moonlight obtaining [chi]” as for driving it is not to be to end, but there is [hueauei], when it is with you look at the shank dj magazine, 7th morning, the vehicle which arrives to Shinjuku the Tokyo University shrine (virtue) with, the kind of next week which 2 Tomari is done the ml obtaining [chi] there is no driving, but don't you think? there is [hueauei], 1 weekly Tokyo University shrine (virtue) Tomari? Well, returning home at one time, 1 hours going to bed, and it comes or,

    • えちご召し捕ったり
      Moonlight obtaining [chi] get! When the house we would like to arrive in morning of two days, but is, the circumstance plug full seat it seems, is standing useless? When the [tsu] [te] you hear, being useless, inhaling, because it was said well, the seat which returns to the morning of three days you took, however it is good, three days are coming-of-age ceremony from morning, because the hard scheduling night traveling train probably will be to sleep there is no [re] and, the [tsu] [te] or outside would like to see, we would not like to sleep and after the house arriving, being good from three hour rank sleeping [re] [ru], or therefore the neighboring station the station of the private railway corporation and the private railway corporation and the subway the [te], 180 Yen paying specially without jr, it went to the moonlight obtaining [chi] buying, but it is, it gets off with Niitsu, it is not to be, when it made to get off in [te] Niigata and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] made a mistake, also the person of the return is simultaneousOr also the buying [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] cancellation dying the [tsu] because two it went and returned to that station, don't you think? 720 Yen total, the 勿 body - jr handling, the [ru]. It is in addition to, but it is because today Amazon comes, the place there is no time and the [te] is helpless, is easy to know today when it does Mali seeing, even the day when 4th [korekutazuedeishiyon] 2 volume reaches thing forgetting completely, is the cartridge, however it is not seen, seeing quickly, it can and this week gantz, the [u] - is the sphere man [me] [chi] [ya] normally moving [te] [bibi] [tsu] certain probably will become, however Japanese [reika] plays back thing of the 玄 field, being the case that it becomes that the 玄 field two exists how, Kishimoto which the old boy is wanted reanimating reanimating it was not, Kato's score from the [wa] can or last week three continual publicationWith it was thing, but this week the combined number it is it is what, you bit with two weeks's amount present bgm crow/the Shonan 乃 wind

    • 18きっぷ期間中の臨時列車
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon please visit the following link

    • 首都圏への行き方
      The profit where this time when it goes back and forth to Kanagawa prefecture Kawasaki city from now on goes and returns, is “the moonlight obtaining [chi]” “the Shinkansen” your travelling commodity “[munraitomaru] profitable coming [tsu] [pu]” use [kiyosuku] earth. They are 11,000 Yen with the ticket 1,050 Yen attaching! Being cheap, when it does and the free kip “earth day coming [tsu] [pu]” which is also the intense cheaply plan which the [yo] by the way this travelling commodity, 7,000 Yen is said with the round trip moonlight it is, going. Don't you think? there is 18,000 Yen truth and various approaches with Shinkansen utilization, well, when in the future the highway is utilized, how it becomes? Therefore high-speed generation (local amount 1,000+ national capital region 500+ capital city high 500) with 2,000 Yen one way, round trip 4,000 Yen gasoline inserting the total 10,000 Yen parking zone as approximately 6,000 Yen, about 12,000 Yen… after all it is threat, high. Intense cheaply age… with being delayed rather, co2 the firewood [chi] and others the wax which is completed jr whose risk of accident and delay is little is good after all

    • Live★えちご・ながらサヨナラ乗車@えちご車内2
      The moonlight obtaining [chi] here where it is in the midst of travelling favorably, we and the new encounter every of moonlight obtaining [chi] which introduces the relation every of moonlight obtaining [chi] become vision before… approximately 15 years whichAs for we went up to the capital for the professional wrestling observation which was done at the Japanese martial arts mansion (by the way this day tournament becoming the entertainment which is one day when history of the professional wrestling boundary changes, you put away, with…) Going is to be the Shinkansen, but as for the return that it is not in time to the last, you thought, the moonlight obtaining [chi] took the designated seat, but professional wrestling view after the war, to be found that it can ride in the last Shinkansen, furthermore this. Because nose cold was caught, that the person who slept slowly at the home is good you think, the obtaining [chi] cancel and by the way this it is the meaning which becomes vision time, the time where still it has not awaked in the iron is and time passes and the moonlight obtaining [chi] as for having become to ride for the first time, that as for we which with the east Japanese pass which you think whether they were 6 years ago, awakes in the iron, you knew that the coming [tsu] [pu] which becomes New Year's Day pass is sold, to make connection the train efficiently, if rides in some train, it is good? With the train which we which was thought observes this 'moonlight obtaining [chi]' as for the inside of car of car where you board at original day 1 where is o'clock the number of customers variegation…Your most customers using 2 seats, it was the circumstance which sleeps being born and although as for we which is excited with the new night traveling train, it cannot sleep, uninformed with makes, luck with the water station. Either snooze was not possible to parking, in the circumstance which almost does not sleep you said to terminus Shinjuku…This being now, we question this traveling which is good memory as an opportunity, the [chi] the [tsu] which is the meaning where association starts! It has not become the real condition! (Wry smile) presently it is [tsu] [te] about arrives at Echigo Yuzawa promptly, to be prompt it is thrust in the Joetsu border

    • 上越線で国境の長いトンネルを抜けるには
      japanese means , linked pages are Japanese

    Moonlight EChigo, Locality,

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