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    Hardware Software related words Focal length K200D ISO sensitivity PENTAX White Balance

    • 4GB CF
      Is bought after all with 4gb of bulk cf [rekisa] which, type there of 300 time speed, it has from before with cf which of trying inspecting entry speed the test method about several dozen seconds to fire with raw, compilation after that to transfer the data to the personal computer, when running fire time and data capacity it is measured from exif, because time and capacity understands, calculation as a result, with 300 time speed has the data from 31.2mb/s and before 20mb/s certainly shortly is felt 133 time speed which theoretical value has almost put out the time to buffer release with 133 time speed which, but with 300 time speed theoretical value 45mb/sBecause is, rather than thinking, when it tries inspecting in various ways with the net which has not come out, 300 times. With the card of class it depends on also the type, but because approximately it has settled with 30 - 35mb/s, that suitable numerical value means to have come out, because well there are no times when really it fires so, if you say that there is no problem, there is no problem, therefore is, at the same price as for transfer rate you think that problem it was not even with 8gb of 30mb/s class, whether (laughing) tomorrow it clears up -…?

    • Count it is not, Sakai
      Today however it was like [kanji] which is business and Sakai arrival 15 o'clock has the wind from morning, when the really good like sea level being good, with the tide dried hunt customer being full the wind falling to the sea level which tide drying finishes hunting at last, today borrowing this test drive machine of the safe workshop and the bbq flexifoil'09 neutron 12㎡ and 4 going and returning to sx157 and the sea you do not know the wind what kind of it falls is. So with your own atom12 START difficult wax. 18 o'clock at high speed of the removal return mini the carrier car which is placed running the large quantity, also [ru] mini all the way with direction ahead the Chita peninsula the event? Marine sport popularity blog

    • The Lake Biwa museum
      data: k200d+da18-55/3.5-5.6al many degrees going, it increases, in the public facility which you think that it is the good museum where, but intellectual curiosity is satisfied natural history, unusual (?)Thinking in passion, and simultaneous, exhibition explainer side we would like to convey, now when you feel the enthusiasm that we would like to develop, it is in the midst of holding, the link which is felt the kind of exhibition where the face of the handmade impression making hand is visible in the good sense that also the plan exhibition was funny in [nakanaka]: At the time of 500,000,000 year which is cut in memory you of the 17th plan exhibition bone. Handling, as for [ru] contents, however very it is raw smell expectation with [shiyuru], such a wet as for feeling it was not,… the photograph you take, you forgot, (the ^^; Whether the [ma], this the spot goods the one which was seen is not more vivid and the [te] is good - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - outside the museum, as for this day data which no feather thing predatory birds were flying: k200d+tamron 70-300/4-5.6 you surrounded four side in the mountain, (the ^^; As the Kyoto citizen, it is unusual meaning, but being after all soon, when you see, [katsuchiyo] it is good! The hand being off-center revision being effective, whether or not it is the [ru], you do not understand, but it is certain for the air which you can feel at rest soothing to do (the ^^; ; When (the exif data you see, because 1/750 is with iso200, but excessively the strange straw it is it does the air even with the hand being off-center revision OFF)

    • As for this convenience!!
      大量的日本當前主題 , linked pages are Japanese

    • Today one
      When Sawayama you have taken, “the [tsu]!? Although it is the feeling which is good… focus is born…” also the how photograph mainly, don't you think? when from among those “like this you want to take although,” in order “when being the following photographing, like this doing, also the thing we would like to take”, it is many it is being, focus becomes sweet with 1 semi- backlights which pick up from the pin sweetly inside, such a time when either contrast does not come out, image in the head has become like this, it is looking the finder who is, like this there are no times when it is visible, but because it is the wasted picture where you throw away image of the backlight which tries processing is rubbed and it replaces to the glass and furthermore to represent backlight plus,When it is how to take at the time of the backlight which tries adding the illuminant, those which utilize the subject which the black [tsubu] [re] is done are many, is, but when I such picture the large quantity was taken with is the majority, you do not show that way, only the thing the [tsubu] [re] which cannot be taken is not enough, as the human whom the background puts away and/or [to] is with has taken from the film, “processing as a work is opposite,”, but one [katachi] recently as a pleasure of the individual, also everyone who the professional and the scene which depends on the software sees mainly processing, also those where you try enjoying become one spare time crushing by the wayIn the past as for the photograph which was processed (even with size modification) if as for the presently it has the fact that it cannot print inside the park exif information having been gone, it passes by decision criterion, printing, as for the work example which you can receive… how the combining which is? (Laughing)

    • Run Logger Ver1.5.1 rise
      kanji , please visit the following link

    • The van bull B which appears in [akiba
      When the middle you get off with work return and [akiba], van bull B and [kamaro] being promptly [pashiyari] yesterday, if the software, irfanview is used, while the exif data is kept when size of the picture can be modified after knowing that you know the case where it uploads in flickr while exif is left setting of the various photographing times when it raises being visible, being accustomed to also the how to use funny ixy 220is, being the program automatic, as for photometry system and the focusing area fixing, using automatically however the [ru], is ready iso securely, a little the dark place (in the eating-house) with per iso125 or iso160If to here where you can take so without blurring you can take low with sensitivity, however until now the digital camera you used many it is pleasant to photograph at the level which can be satisfied also the resolution impression, this the feeling which comes exactly, even in successive generations the superior transformer/[ribenjisupeshiyaru] [korekutazu] edition [blu-ray] the Paramount Motion Pictures foam/home entertainment Japan

    • The lens which becomes depending
      The lens ⇒ which even in the past is introduced inside this [burogu] (reference) ai af nikkor 50mm f1.4d it is the very cheap lens, but when agreement does not go with the other lens which becomes depending, when becoming matter of concern which is ready the camera when it tries being ready such a time, the hand being off-center revision where those where in addition you take become pleasant what we not to have completely been attached, perhaps is, what even conventional you can say, but when being decided, the wide angular [tsu] [po] it is to the feeling which is hard softly from feeling the telephoto [tsu] [po] it is from feeling and to feeling as just a little [kiritsu] where it can return to the basis also amount and the posture where revision is not effective,It was possible with the arm of [watashi] to make the warmth feel, probably will be? * exif information contraction priority automatic f/3.5 ss=1/20 iso=200 revision =-1.3ev wb=5,900k

    • Doubt
      The reason is unclear, but when to the picture of d50 it compresses converts the picture with the software of the other manufacturer in the other type of Nikon which the data of exif is lost and the type of other manufacturer as for problem nikon d50 + af-s vr zoom-nikkor ed 70-300mm f4.5-5.6g (if) which is the midst when you inspect what which is not whether there is an evasion step, iso: 200f5.31/800pentax k200d + smc pentax-da★300mm f4ed [if] sdmiso: 200f4.01/1600

    • The male be completed kana??
      Being visited by this [burogu], as for [ru] one you think that the camera lover is more, but you take and why you increase the rearrangement of the picture which is saved??? The [ma] - you think the basis that with the software which has belonged to the camera which is purchased in pc retaining & in the processing which processing a little elaborated it is the processed [tsu] [te] place with the private software (I and almost such feeling are) me the digital camera and purchasing [yu] [u] ones, quickly it is various photographing scenes such as going out with over ten years… every day and the kindred gathering and each event to be, but that? The kana which photographed even in this public??? When the [tsu] [te] thinking, “googlepicasa” being free, to introduce… there, it is the picture compilation software which can be used but I especially liking, [ru] the name tag & the GeoCities tag (information of position) scanning the picture inside the functional name tag collection, inspecting the face of each picture, recognizing the respective person, (it is also the mistake it is) acquiring individual name to that tag which draws up the tag which it divides, if it compiles, the same person being present, it can indicate the [ru] picture in easily, because (one time it scans picture everything which it appoints, considerable time is required) the GeoCities tag (information of position) There is a function which attaches the information of position to the picture of photographing with such as carrying but information of position can be attached to the picture after the photographing making use of the google earth map, (exif information is attached) in case of me, already using with the other software, it is [ru], but the town promenade and the like which does not have applying with the bicycle and the like doing, as for the picture and the like which it photographed considered as after because it stops knowing, whether somewhere it photographed taking in to pc, before forgetting, attaching the information of position it increases, if you embezzle rather, it is the convenient software, but as for function and using easiness in regard to perusal liking rather, the tag which it increases: google earth googlepicasa

    • With E-3 walking. It does and although the [yo] it is.

    • weblog title
      - That, thin ice hall you, so hurrying, the book can or the [te] it can obtain the article and - it is with something, the teacher? - You say from former times and the [ro], the pupil to do thing, loss it ordered cooking slyly depending, after that eating, to do, but [dajiyare] which the [re] it does completely and is not either the [yo] [u] ......If cooking truth if the catering lunch of the delightful first-rate restaurant probably will be good the photograph caterer of the return which delivers cooking to one power Chaya probably is to turn to Yamashina after this it seems, because () subject blurring it has perhaps done, as understood, you do not kindle the flash, however if it is, when exif is checked, the photograph which the old person where the receiving which 1/3 seconds therefore is enormous is very close takes you call somewhat hand blurring Yamashina it is not thought, if you mention built-in help and built-in help, one power Chaya Yamashina resident thing river teacher often passing to one power Chaya, it is and with also those where is probably are some edgeInstigating in each case young officer, ...... perhaps the question fish intention probably of causing even in the coup you call being the case, in addition it made between one day and time, (laughing)

    • SIGMA 18-50mm F2.8-4.5 DC OS HSM review?
      Purchasing sigma 18-50mm f2.8-4.5 dc os hsm, because about 100 it photographed, 'the appearance which the thought which the review you cannot say to either compliment temporarily' one picture started and photographing jpg taking at everything canon eos40d, the detailed photographing data where with only picture reduction did is difficult, but exif is thought viewing is not with, but because the one which the photograph before the reducing would like to see even with comment please - the ≪ appearance ≫ grandly does heavily the [iihorudo] impression… well enough liking the star hood which it increases has been attached usually, well enough convenience! Simply, because just a little it is heavy, when you attach to the kiss series, perhaps, just a little imbalance don't you think? the ・・・≪ work example ≫ After becoming dim taste by your the level which it can be satisfied because [imaichi] you do not understand, when teaching you can do, it is grateful, is,… Well enough after you think that sharp it has done to be taken, [imaichi] [wa] k (ry Being just a little the delicate feeling where both are f8 and 50mm certainly consequence of the arm (wry smile) only the lens which until now is small to 40d, partly due to the fact that attaching, but as for latest this lens as for the w dissatisfied point which it is satisfied well enough just a little being heavy, [dekai] thing so hsm which you think that it is the level which does not become pain and to put out so-so, as for os the shutter speed 4 step night scene the treasure it may do the fact that it can make partly due, because w which is until now the hand being off-center revision did not experience with single-lens reflex, the instant where the finder stops “the [ge] [e] which is done!!”With although you do not take, just the hand being off-center revision that you experience, often… the lens of w no false side it thinks the w photograph which shouts that efficiency and budget it is buying! The lens of these focus limits is lined up many, but with os and the hsm attachment. . As for cutting 30000 [ii]! In the one to which it do not possess the standard zoom digital [ii]! Because you think that it is the lens, by all means - sigma product page

    • The [ze] which takes Suisen and this Nitta residence with the digital camera -
      It does with bugle Suisen, the [yo]? Width of resolution 72 picture of height of resolution 72 picture of width of picture with respect to the model name canon eos 7d picture direction left of manufacturer name canon picture input equipment of exif camera picture input equipment and unit inch date of resolution of height/time 2010/02/2015: 10: The pixel constitution of 03 ycc (y and c position) explanatory writer name takeoka photographing literary work authority of joint sight picture picture/formation day and time 2010/02/2015 of compilation literary work authority takeoka shutter speed 1/500 s f number f/6.3 exposure program shutter precedence iso speed rate 200 field graphics data: 10: Compilation day and time 2010/02/2015 of 03 digital data: 10: Semantic y shutter speed 1/512 s contraction value 5.375000 exposure correction value of 03 each components -0.333333 the photometry system divided photometry flash flash did not radiate [off] all resolution 5808.403361 focal plane resolution unit inch custom production standard processing exposure mode automatic exposure white balance automatic white balance scene capture type standard of height of the resolution 5715.545755 focal plane of width of the [sabusetsuku] 00 color spatial information srgb effective picture width 5184 effective picture height 3456 focal planes of [sabusetsuku] 00 digital data preparation day and time of [sabusetsuku] 00 field graphics data formation day and time of lens focal length 50 mm user comment file amendment days and times exif version 2.21 corresponding flash PICS version (30,31,30,30) version of the gps tag (2,2,0,0) As for the CANON manufacturer note macro mode standard flash mode flash serial number ffffd86b-0127e of the unclear exposure mode tv precedence white balance automatic flash tendency 0 eV picture type canon eos 7d firmware version firmware version 1.0.9 camera where the continual drive mode single focusing mode 1 photographing picture size large simple photographing mode manual contrast standard chroma standard sharp Ness unclear iso unclear photometry system appraisal af point which is not used is selected

    • It renames with Excel
      You had challenged from during Golden Week holidays, but is the program which modifies the file name of the digital camera picture in the photographing day of exif is written

    • Fall enshrining
      Width of resolution 72 picture of height of resolution 72 picture of width of picture with respect to the model name canon eos kiss x2 picture direction left of manufacturer name canon picture input equipment of exif camera picture input equipment and unit inch date of resolution of height/time 2009/10/1715: 48: The pixel constitution of 37 ycc (y and c position) explanatory writer name photographing literary work authority of joint sight picture picture/formation day and time 2009/10/1715 of compilation literary work authority shutter speed 1/400 s f number f/4.5 exposure program contraction precedence iso speed rate 100 field graphics data: 48: Compilation day and time 2009/10/1715 of 37 digital data: 48: Semantic y shutter speed 1/395 s contraction value 4.375000 exposure correction value of 37 each components -0.333333 the photometry system divided photometry flash flash did not radiate [off] all resolution 4876.712329 focal plane resolution unit inch custom production standard processing exposure mode automatic exposure white balance automatic white balance scene capture type standard of height of the resolution 4865.603645 focal plane of width of the [sabusetsuku] 03 color spatial information srgb effective picture width 4272 effective picture height 2848 focal planes of [sabusetsuku] 03 digital data preparation day and time of [sabusetsuku] 03 field graphics data formation day and time of lens focal length 17 mm user comment file amendment days and times exif version 2.21 corresponding flash PICS version (30,31,30,30) the CANON manufacturer note macroAs for the mode standard flash mode flash serial number of the unclear exposure mode av precedence white balance automatic flash tendency 0 eV picture type canon eos kiss x2 firmware version firmware version 1.0.4 camera where the continual drive mode single focusing mode 1 photographing picture size large simple photographing mode manual contrast standard chroma standard sharp Ness unclear iso unclear photometry system appraisal af point which is not used is selected 7980-02162

    • weblog title
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , original meaning

    • The crescent moon is photographed with the kit lens (45-200mm) of Panasonic G1
      Это мнение , original japanese letters , translated

    • Bird of Hirose river
      Essa opiniao , linked pages are Japanese

    • original letters
      It introduced even with photobox, it is opened with the Kiryu city Agatsuma park, “the tulip to celebrate”, because there was an errand which exactly goes to Kiryu with periodic is maintenance, just a little just you tried approaching to the return, well, there is no with all over tulip [tsu] lever however, approximately, the various tulip blooming in the area, the [te], it is seen as dividing, it is it is not kana? Either weather it is not good so and, so the person increased however you thought, that it is not, this being crowded with the good sight-seeing customer, because it went to lunchtime exactly, sitting down the old age married couple in the bench, when the spectacle which the noon is eaten, the mouse is placed in the photograph which is softened very when exif information clicks is indicated, the enlargement picture is indicated

    • Japanese talking
      Hurrying the cup noodle to the noon, because eating after, after all it becomes matter of concern, when again it tries keeping having k200d it increases! Still there being about 3 eggs, because the parent continues to warm, when it is possible, don't you think? all 孵 [tsu] [te] we would like to receive, when the mouse is placed in the photograph, when exif information clicks is indicated, the enlargement picture is indicated

    • As for post rainfall frog being lazy
      Early morning when awaking, because the rain did not fall, with the camera usual walking course tech tech…Because after with deer Tayama (kingfisher & [kaitsuburi]) slowly promenading in the mountain, the kingfisher which with the pond has remained in the branch photographing something weather became enormously good with the equipment of k10d+170-500mm+manfrotto no.682, when it goes to the rock inn ruins, around the swamp of the deer river the k200d+tamron model a031 [tsu] [te] tech tech it has done again with the light dress preparation which is said, [amagaeru] is in the leaf [tsu] [pa] there over there, it is! It meets so all the way on this promenade riding, it is unprecedented…While and so on with thinking, as for the commemoration photographing typhoon the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is kana? When the mouse is placed in the photograph, when exif information clicks is indicated, the enlargement picture is indicated

    • The difference of D300s and D300 which are seen in specification
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Feel free to link

    • K10D and *istDS2
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • Cabbage butterfly
      issue , Japanese talking

    • It is, the [gu] [ji] [hu
      The [tsu] [te], it is kana - it does not need kana - well, to transfer, if it is written as an individual, but about the type or shutter speed or the exposure revision which are seen “private information” the thought of saying? Certain being like in the world, the shank - so being? Date? Place? Type of carrying? The individual that when you say whether the information which can specify “private information” can specify the individual with this which is well, perhaps it is unreasonable, but distantly already it is, if well, date and the place are recognized, stoker check the kana gps information which can do thing you attach riding, however it is difficult, don't you think? because my carrying simply can also acquire the gps information other than present location at least, as for confidence characteristic it is and extent in the first place it probably is information in order “to see”, one by one it must record exif [tsu] [te] analog age setting of the camera and photographing condition, it records the digital camera automatically by hisIt is with to do, [yo] digital camera hurray is that to want to see, saying, feeling, there is no Imai [chi] [wa] can in me, well, it should have made favorite, however it is distant another, don't you think? however with [kuchikomi] of the certain information sight, one which always attaches the photograph regardless of to the contents of entry is, that one, there is no trial which exif is, it is the kana which is not - the advice for photographing? When being even, although there is no exif, don't you think? the laughing [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] something would like to do the advertisement? When it retouches, exif out [chi] [ya] [u] application it does to cover, exif also the free software in order to compile it is and, exif turn off I who how am simple have regularly used in order resize to do, however the fence [tsu] it goes out entirely and the [chi] [ya] [u] does also “reduction exclusive use”, and it is the convenient free software, don't you think? that when you say, - why it began such a story, it does not come, is densely quietly you have written it is the [gu] which is the [gu] with link of photograph [burogupurojiekuto], you think as for exif which is empty, thinking, that the person who was seen is convenient but the [ru] it is resize doing, as for inserting exif which goes out it is difficult becoming, laughing [anbibarensu

    • Technical = fear
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • After all
      exif turning off, because as for [ru] you would not like to take apart your own photographing condition

    • 2009 My Photo entire balancing of accounts “alone selfishly grand prix!!”
      Nihongo , for multilingual communication

    • 加茂水族館
      Famous, it went to the Kamo aquarium of Yamagata prefecture Tsuruoka city with the jellyfish, the sky which like to look at the jellyfish which drifts as the [bo] [] [tsu] (the [ku] [u]) we like also to look at the penguin which you stare (the ~_~;) Because the highway usually is price, the directly general road observing also the multilayer private house of the rice field wheat 俣 travelling midway, however about 1 hour half than schedule it was the time when show of the arrival sea lion starts lately, because the stomach had been less crowded, the stomach to do first, and others to obtain, it received the jellyfish fixed food of rumor, because naturally, it can choose main those where it receives this are intended one from 4 types, spring winding to selective that, the sashimi of the jellyfish, the tofu, the boiled rice and the seeing [so] juice, the boiled rice where the coffee jelly of the dessert is attached other than the pickled vegetable, the jellyfish has entered into everything distantly! Spring as for winding, spring the jellyfish is wrapped with the skin of winding, it is not to be, the [te], tool is wrapped with the jellyfish!! Furthermore, that! It is [echizenkurage]!! The picture certainly is recorded before this [burogu] of the [ru], probably will be… The inside of the mansion overflowed [kusogaki] child like summer vacation, but that just among the just a little beginning the person to decrease unnoticed, sit down in the bench and the tank which the [bo] [] [tsu] watches [mizukurage] being dark, it is to be difficult to take, but as the space ship rendezvous done even, whether the [do] which is the jellyfish which is visible just it is it is dark, please view exif of the picture

    • 第6回乗鞍スカイラインサイクルヒルクライム
      Opinion , for multilingual communication

    • 遥かな星が故郷だ♪
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

    • 1Q84:村上春樹
      Purchasing in sale day, (seeming,) also [watakushi] which is the new publication of [murakami] which is creating the various social phenomena which now reading are concluded at last in popularity riding, right away! … Since with the notion that where you say never encountering [murakamiharuki] over 20 years ago which are not, as for the new publication as for the book which we have decided to buy in the swift attack it is to like, 1q84 book1 April which carries out the principle that, but it is [watakushi] which are poor to excavate the new writer however, the book of the writer who is liked purchases securely in sale day, displaces innumerable difficulties and reads securely, - June isbn 978-4-10-353422-8. . Classified by 1,800 (tax) 1q84 book2 July - September isbn 978-1-10-353423-5. . Classified by 1,800 (tax) ====== the picture which is taken with the camera of the k tie 2 days the ^^ which continues; So, it is and however it means that exif remains before the [tsu] [chi] [yo], when you look at that, “lens open f value 2..9, photographing f value 2.8” the [tsu] [te] [do] - it probably is [yu] [u] thing what? (Laughing ====== docomo sh906i taking, it starts,

    • 菜の花畑に…
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , linked pages are Japanese

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