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    • In area foot
      However [kapotei] which is not attached easily compilation you bought shortly, as for the wine which does not advance easily in the thing neighborhood where the thing package where the cookie and the caramel which are received in the French gift which advances swiftly are tasty is lovely such. The forest ([morimori]) with discovering the fact that it is the cute park which is done, somehow we would like to advance one step scene to time of [ara] delightful thing Okamoto park Okamoto private house garden rain, - onyva!!

    • [pu] phosphorus
      大量的日本當前主題 , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      You find the good cow and or better shelf kana you are and as for that cow which is better than the Matsusaka which is feeling cow perhaps and is. Feature of that cow which is discovered with the name, cow, with the station premise is cheap commonly there is also 5 tenths of price which is well, in a word it being we want [kapotei] which is the second-hand book house being about it was delightful and to be, it is mixi case, perhaps, but it has made already another that is not I, is my friend name, that but the [pa] [tsu] [pa] and others [pa] which you think whether it is it is not, - with the word which is said recently to be good is very made the ear it is the word which the fool seems, the [pa] [tsu] [pa] and others [pa] which the kind of air which has reached to the knowledge of ignorance does - withTrying writing, you thought, but the forum of the letter shortage of motivation having come out, it coincides with meaning

    • DVD which this week was seen
      Obtaining - with…Because this week it was fight with the drowsiness, only 2 works seeing, that it kept writing with the notion that where you say why, whether increase it is ε- (' - the `*) the [te] -, whether that whether it is [herohero] with the lv lifting of [rine] concerning 2 works the [ma] - the person who is not the interest which is done obtained and being through, walking with go, walking, appraisal 6 - with followed to last week and in the Japanese painting whose appraisal is high shank contents that are, it is not, that - it is to be thought that it is the movie of the feeling where this cut every day and pulled out but it is good the Ozu work. Being called the wind, it viewed the [ru] appraisal column to, but if after all still proper experience value is not enough in me to seem, it was the movie of the boring feeling, the [ma] which is not inhaled - after being highlight, 20 years to have lived it can designate the form which even among those the rare Hayasi plays after all as I the [kapotei] appraisal 8 which that time is thought like for the second time well - the work which draws writer [kapotei] the genre, nonfiction which hit against the movie which is good being shelf [bota] is developed it is good, we wanted doing the human description which is and is broken more is, but when the spiritual aspect it starts too excessively, because it becomes too heavy, that the starring expressing net which you think whether it is good being this extent,The academy you took the mirror with this kana? It does not come off kana? However it is not inspected, because it becomes [netabare] which is [ichioshi] contents you cannot write,… So the [ma] - the writer shank ε- (' - the `*) was 2 works of such a can [ji] with very occupation

    • The movie & the sandstone/to grieve, the present [wa] *
      Opinion , Feel free to link

    • Grave of [maririn] Monroe's directly above, as for successful bid price of auction 400,000,000 Yen super
      Division of directly above of the [maririn] Monroe's who is exhibited to net auction grave, 4,600,000 dollar (approximately 430,000,000 Yen) with started the auction which is held at American Internet auction major eBay where it understands that it is bid successfully, from 500,000 dollar, the successful bidder who has the bid of 21 cases to 24 days of last day a certain man (the deceased) 1954 bitterly bought this grave which is not made clear, from Monroe's Motoo and jaw [deimajio], but there is Monroe's grave which decided that the wife of the man releases for housing loan repayment, was bet on auctionIn [uesutoutsudobiretsuji] [memoriarupaku] of Los Angeles, many famous people such as [natari] wood and [huara] [huosetsuto] of dean [matein] and the actress of the singer sleep with Truman [kapotei] and the actor of the writer

    • Ride spending a lot of money note January
      En japones , Japanese talking

    • The book which was read recently and the book which could not be read
      Em japones , please visit the following link

    • The cirque grandfather and the cirque uncle densely it is and others the [ru].
      When [burogu] of the friend you see, the same dvd sees thing being found, it was funny with dark [shiyuru] which is the police band' [tsu] [te] person of the morning [eran] [koririn] supervision 'lost child of the holiday which tension rises at random the recently good movie it comes out and meets and the [ru] recommendation all the way is your end of year beginning of the year spare time as for the person by all means by all means the ivy house [tsu] [te] the photograph 'even then to as for the children who live' the masterpiece!! John Woo director appealing the present condition of the boy girl of the many places of the world with the omnibus where is due to the supervision 8 of total in the head, however 1 story 1 stories which are the [ru] work it is short being made to think respectively, to be deep remaining in heart, the star five it is with next [benetsuto] mirror supervision '[kapotei]' this the highest!! Drawing the true story of the writer who continues interview in the condemned criminal, don't you think? writer [kapotei] which it increases star four later whose Phillip which is played is splendid truly don't you think? as for [wa] this the 1st recommendation may see 'sonata' supervision name for the virtue coming person of [hurorian] Henkel phone [donasumaruku] supervision tongue 噛, another it is the tear tear, from before the Berlin collapsing but east German after supervisory society stage what in change of heart heart [jin] already as for this it becomes hot work star how many the [wa] which is the masterpiece in the masterpiece which is not attaching and others well as for Shimada as usual with such feeling the favorite [nonhuiku] system andBeing recorded before the photograph, when no comment 'the earth to recommend ~ day' everyone recent times in [ru] habit, teaching, the [pu] [ri] - [zu] article url

    • Or “at the point where the [ji] [yu] [u] is”
      This day, the explanation which is seen: The picture book which is loved in the world “or the place where the [ji] [yu] [u] is” [huantaji] adventure original author [morisu] [sendatsuku] which it takes picture on the spot converts passing, ', MAX [rekozu] of the child actor the removal [te] coming MAX mother 'skill we would like to do visual of the monstrous beast where sense only of the spike Jones director which [kiyasarin] [kina] of [kapotei] plays shines in the boy who appears in the traveling of the venture where spike Jones of the hole' 'adaptation' of [marukovuitsuchi] takes the megaphone, with desire,' (cinema today) synopsis: Mischievous favorite MAX (MAX [rekozu]) the usual way the mother ([kiyasarin] [kina]) with quarrelling, it springs out outside, when you become aware suddenly, MAX which was riding in the boat crosses the sea, the monstrous beast which has lived in the island which has arrived to a certain island finds MAX, makes clothes in the king, but ......When the subtitle edition which can see at last is screened being small densely, timing was not agreeable rubbing, crith [kupa] and forest [uiteka] it participates as a dubbing artist, therefore it is, view it is not, it is wasted, it passes if subtitle edition! Though (it is dense, or MAX which you think that blowing substitution of the store manager how we would not like to hear) with, it was the cute movie, before going to the island of the [ji] [yu] [u], the eye can in that every day, it is the child which is stuttering, it is such, being and, or it crosses the [ji] [yu] [u] island, it is, but or it is arrival involving impression exposure, also the [ji] [yu] [u] completely as for the story which problem is not however you think with it was different rather, is news item in me, as for this movie whether being for the child, how is for the child to see, it is difficult because? Or or as for speech and behavior of the [ji] [yu] [u] with absurdity, to that also the adult just a little is confused arrival involving call the [ji] [yu] [u], the [chi] [yo] to be, with [guro] it does to be, this scene which walks carol and kw and the desert, it is good, the forest and the sea living, the [ru] way being drawn, it is good to the arrival involving partner where also this child actor of the weird extent whose also [ru] is good is good and is you perform, it is, it was difficult, probably will be it is the movie which many view wants

    • Sweetheart of [horihoridei
      日語句子 , linked pages are Japanese

      With Sanjo Lawson the [nainai] book, blue you find the uncle smiling face which is placed on the uncle register which purchase accidentally has been less crowded “it is 1000 Yen just meat”, you transfer, to the speech which is the heavy listener of the abrupt uncle not returning, it is, ball ky friend “k, what [n] which is bought? Being able to do, being able to do (●゜∪゜)” the uncle grinningly “[rajio] book like of [tsu] [nainai]…”“Don't you think? k so favorite what of the [yu] [u] and, the [e] (゜å゜)” thread winter it probably will conclude, my [a], in heavy listener profit gulf skier period 00 - 04 1st [jiyanetsuto] which has been heard tsubo warehouse minister of state and [be] [tsu] [chi] [kapoteipokahueisu] (the same beauty parlor as lower 條 atom) with now, several pages read but (^д^) pulled temporarily even with the [pu] [gi] [ya] red marker or, by the way, culture club took the mishearing award, it seems the well shank [a], the [o] and the [tsu] blotch (~δ~)

    • Japanese talking
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , please visit the following link

    • Good bye, dear person the R Chandler/not be disappointed to Murakami Haruki translation @ title, should read
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , original meaning

    • One [pamera] [hariman] 6 of the exhausting which obtains the mark which is not ended in ballad
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , for multilingual communication

    • Act Against AIDS 2009 [chi] [yo] - [shiawase] 1 days.
      Это мнение , linked pages are Japanese

    • Tree of night
      Tree of night (new tide library) writer: [torumankapotei] publisher/manufacturer: The Shinchosha Company sale day: 1994/03 media: With library Tiffany breakfast and in me who am shortly compilation of famous [kapotei] in the cold-bloodedness the coolness and loneliness and the instability where this flows there of one volume all shortly compilation of [ichioshi] rather than calling weirdness, after reading through, I who remember the sense of relief am falling ill, whether the [ru] while with to think because you think that today there is a part which is attracted in the person, thinking, that it was deceived, we want trying reading individual is makes good and it is short, because is, it is easy to read, is, next favorite it is short music for the compilation chameleon (the [hayakawa] epi library) the writer: [torumankapotei] publisher/manufacturer: Hayakawa Publishing, Inc. sale day: 2002/11 media: Library

    • The reading was digested
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • [pairetsu] lock
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon original meaning

    • [pairetsu] lock =The boat that rocked
      The pirate radio bureau which exists in the sixties England just a little being vulgar is the very interesting movie where you peep through the social conditions of that time in the stage it is lower news item full load, but, refined fashion such as print handle of the bosom oak which the music which flows eases well you see and the thing story rough, although it is not the case, impression, dj and the sound engineers pirate radio bureau crew is [ravu], indifferent lock [ravu] is appealed, it is [ravu] which is supervision of the “[notsuteingu] hill” and the “love actuary” with the “love actuary” it became favorite, building [naikuru]! The boss of the pirate radio bureau which the squid has been done is done, lith [ebansu] which plays the strange roommate of the protagonist Carter's apartment with the “[notsuteingu] hill”, having played sexy dj, this cool already one person, “mi: 3” the villain and “the [chiyariuirusonzu] war”” of [kapotei], [tomuhankusu] and j Roberts “it is (minor, but this part and so on was good) with, the stomach where Phillip [shimoa] [hohumangutsu] and the picture where it participates as a bi- player tighten, it is not tightened however. The lock to fully load, the pop fully loaded Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson. Even whether now, at the Tokai area where also the performer is stuffed among those of screening only 3 mansions as for Gifu prefecture, being screened with [morera] Gifu toho, the [te] the point appreciation which is lucky

    • [kapotei] and love [nochikara
      [kapotei] of Murakami Haruki translation shortly reading compilation with the going or the collar of the streetcar, this which it increases the very [bu] in the [ro] it is and, but [inosento] which comes to the chest at once the wave from rapid fire new Yokohama riding in the subway, oh with while saying, in distance, enters even at brief that much the [chi] [ya] [u], the basis where the startup of the thing abnormal play [ri] which has instantaneous power is good releasing what of boyhood of [kapotei] when friendship of the man and woman, the [tsu] [te] you say, 7 years old where there is a language 弊 with this 60 year old friendship of the old lady being center of the story, seven years old which it increasesWith those which only are visible densely after all is a world, it is it does, don't you think? or as for the grandmother of 60 years old where the part of the pure heart which the attachment where degree to animal comes off, attachment to the airplane of the model it melts and says is shared the nature [kiyara] standing, the [te] impression [bu] [inosento] way the fact that you become the adult it is beautiful however, is annoyance, social self-fulfillment and is to become far from freedom, it is, while there being also a catharsis properly in last [ochi], as a reading -, writing funny by all means perusal, yesterdayTo does, “love [nochikara]” re-broadcast was good, -, with to tell the truth it is to be impressed to that drama more the [ri] doing, the Fukatsu picture village to be too lovely the [ro] which is! Masahiko Nishimura, as for me we like!! Becoming the adult, when you insert balance to be good without the adult [ge], highest it is groovy -, and so on it is love [nochikara] three [me] which is thought, the [ze] it is the [bu] it is to see

    • i miyaの日記
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • 「サガン ‐悲しみよ こんにちは‐」観ました
      日本語 , original meaning

    • ティファニーで朝食を
      impressions , linked pages are Japanese

    • あ~力作。
      Selfishly n [purezentsu] 2009 summer library 10 selection “foppish library” sequential differences! Meaning of foppery is not recognized, that without saying! 1. With Tiffany breakfast as for Truman [kapotei] this from the movie 2. carpenters who are foppery, it lifts the beam of the roof high and the sarin jar recently 3. where it is the favorite writer it grieves, today if you mention sandstone [do] fixed turn, is [do] fixed turn, but something Haruki 4. kangaroo day harmony Murakami most to be less crowded in the short story book, how the comet illustration of 5. [mumin] valleys which probably will be is lovely and, 妖 woman cart [vuonegatsuto] something of 6. Titan whose also contents are lovely probably is the foppish [tsu] [te] cover, 7. strange Japanese Camus why this book 8. hula knee which remembers human being disqualified“The non head 鷹” in children Truman [kapotei] of [zoisarinjiyasarinjiya] favorite foppish sibling foppish [do] no.1 (in regard to imagination) 9. birthdays favorite 10. it burns, Riyoutarou sword Siba without fail, can have, being, it does, this human year of the [yo]! It is groovy,… it requires, it is the spare time person, you became tired, with the how respect which can choose also ~ [u] 100 selection Good Heavens Japanese [burogu] village

    • 「ティファニーで朝食を」
      The work famous o dolly Hepburn's 1961 it is starring work, don't you think? the eldest daughter being present vigor a little, not to read the work of [kapotei] of topic, because the [chi] [ya], with you say, temporarily, it was full quickly from the movie and the [ya] concave, with… saw with two people, yesterday it is unprecedented properly to see, how you call, it is the [ro] which, heart becomes rich, such a movie seems that is that part which is not thought other than o dolly Hepburn don't you think? the masterpiece, such ones, with you think famous “moon river” she sings in the window side the scene which, enormously favorite music and image,It comes exactly, such is movie what, that you think! If in 14 years old “the rich person” every older brother, the holy (o dolly which goes to the wife) how it does truly in one which “is done securely”, it was the everyday life which is searched out, the extent where that is painful when the house cat which cannot acquire cooking and the name which the expert which is transmitted cannot be thought at all, it becomes the party, the many people are called without distinction, free self-indulgent the everything of that, as for the late year which is her charm, activity as the UNICEF friendly ambassador, such you remember that it has become news whether it is accustomed happily, the splendid movie thank you, with preponderant it is the feeling which is saidBefore clean and cute me are born, the movie how you cannot think, the… this time, with [odori] Hepburn 31 year old something the shank

    • ティファニーで朝食を
      After 'with Tiffany breakfast' admiration at that time at all… the world where that scene of the form of [hepuban] which the work show window crossing over which is watches high-class treasure ornament store Tiffany with main of this movie does not reach with only the shank yearning… the girl the [se] which seems as for scene me where the feeling which is not expressed becoming rather the adult, 沁 seeing in the chest, the Tiffany [tsu] [te] which makes this feeling the entire world share where it increases nevertheless it is I who do not jump excessively in the enormous brand, but at the same time perhaps not to leak, as for the Tiffany color liking Palomar Picasso in the pinpoint which after all is eternal, shank “kiss” being free, boldness as for the simple lineThe two drifters OFF to see the world where also the insertion song which even now suggests of the eternal as expected Picasso house flight from this is good. there is such a lot of world to see. As the work where the man writer draws the woman in the protagonist you think that it is enormous, but several years later, being able to recommend 'the cold-bloodedness' of the same writer, to read, that it is wide, with because movie edition '[kapotei]' of the [tsu] [ke] 'cold-bloodedness which it can take hat off to journalism mind' recommendation 'Tiffany' has come out also Murakami Haruki translation we would like to read once upon a time,

    • 智者猫処の食客
      However h (original Truman [kapotei]) with says “breakfast and with Tiffany” is the novel which has not read, if the movie of [odori] Hepburn starring handling such a Tiffany brand which is not the place where Tiffany which informs Tiffany thing for the first time by this movie you have seen has a meal of course, worldwide is the famous jewel store, jewel fleur kobe (jewel fleur Kobe) just has attached Tiffany to the body, is accustomed to elegant feeling, it is, don't you think?

    • ティファニーで朝食を
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • 7月の読書メーター
      En japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • 思うつぼ、でも構わないので
      “007 - Remuneration of consolation”, it could screen at the inside ruble of circle up to 2/13 the movie which has become announcement and, anyhow, it is to presume that Daniel [kureigu] was released “007” with the favor which lists name in the series, plainness “[deihuaiansu]” the theater, but in the future this plain past the work dvd was sold with the English, TV drama “mall [hurandasu] lie and navigation of desire”, as for being broadcast before with NHK seems that is, but because very that you thought as the thing which is only overseas edition dvd, “007” ever sinceIt is the completely grateful thing where good news it ordered right away as an abrupt fan, but because with the pot which the one which sells with the [ma] and according to title is thought the shank (wry smile) it is good with the pot which is thought rather, “some voices” and “infamous” and so on either the Japanese not yet released work does not come out was the Japanese edition dvd or, especially “infamous” took Academy Award, it is like by comparison with “[kapotei]” and

    • 「遠くの声に耳を澄ませて」を読む
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • あ、か、さ行の欧米映画名INDEX
      kanji , please visit the following link

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