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    Sport related words England Royals Chicago Cubs Softbank Nationals Continuous no hits Mariners Yankees

    • Chance [wa] 2 time…
      Certain? Well… [a] [ru] expectation… In April May 2 1 at a time total… A certain expectation… You ask, with the ~ [ma] [ji]… (Soliloquize of the [wa] tangerine is) the plain gauze which would like to go to daughter dark blue - it is the tangerine which is not to here… [te] mosquito net [tsu] [pa] latest tour [tsu] [te] Koharu's climax it is not little, is? Even in [gorotsukizu] and three [i] [wa] solo… [jiyunrin] [wa] fine emotion… Koharu [wa]? [jiyunrin] it provides to [guruguru] jump [wa] Koharu,… Koharu we would like to see more, (the ' Ω `) and as for the [tsu] [pa] the [pi]* [pi] Sunday we should insert,… However Koharu's turns being few, sufficiently, because it can rise, don't you think? (' - the ^*) ok three [i] would like to hear! When three [i] [tsu] [te] you say, the empty [a] which the [a] flies it is the [ma] it does not touch, (laughing) tangerine [wa]… [gaki] the [i] which was seen we would like to get married with the girl, is, (o^_^o) suddenly [suimasen] (>_

    • Coming flying
      [nu] [u]!? The [a] where the tadpole falls from the sky!?? That [tsu] [tsu] [tsu] of what? How, well also the fact that it is strange it is, it rubbed, you call [huahurotsukizu] phenomenon, however even phenomenon where those of the expectation which 'usually is not the sky which seems and is' fall what is a possibility of work of the tornado under meteorological conditions of that day as for the tornado the expectation which happens it was not, that so furthermore 60 kilometers it occurred at 2 places which are far it is strange, well

    • From sky tadpole
      Whether [huahurotsukizu] phenomenon tadpole disturbance of Ishikawa prefecture which is said very the nature is a humor, it is with the tadpole true cause it is obscurity still from the shank sky, but when this news, first hearing, [huu] which remembered “Kafka of the seashore” ==== [mu] how much, now, Murakami literature boom call with topic, the tadpole which the fish and is not true from the sky fell, whether, the [a]??? With, [kiina] which it tries calling to the [kiina] wind, so [kiina] of the impossible criminal investigation official which is that [kiina], as for this which is the fish where first story falls from the sky, the tornado was cause, but it is to write briefly in the past, concerning the mysterious phenomenon, Mary image which lets flow the blood, but this phenomenon after that, Mary who does not know whether how it becomes, still you probably cry??? Such phenomenon, being mysterious, it is funny, in addition also interest it is framework, but don't you think? the fact that you stop after all “to with interest” probably is the liver kidney, for example, when “various interpretation” is acquired to such phenomenon, what, it is doubtful, it is doubtful, when, it keeps entering to maze, by the fact that you say, the tadpole ahead, you do not understand yet something cause as for, but in any case as for the nature with the tea eye the shank!!!

    • [huahurotsukizu] phenomenon?
      belief , original meaning

    • Feeling well 5 percentage return! As for the sailor the mountain (Rocky) to the ^^ which is challenged
      While also voice of season end is already heard, [marinazu] persevered in 2nd and 3rd week of May and in “the team which is different from last year” and, something which sends the voice of expectation everyone beginning in better seed season, but while the team where either war potential is not prepared in start time is many it is something which as for being also good quality of good takeoff and some luck but you think that it cannot deny, the latest 5 percentage return average to the veteran who stays crawls with net win and own power rises however, as for the persevering of pitching staff becoming the foundation to here doubt will be the debt which is notIt is possible and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] seed ^^ when returns? Being able to point to ease to also pitching staff gradually, the fact that it enters into the inter- league to a good opportunity, well, 3 weeks, more and more from the San Francisco Giants game in the 2nd inter- league as for the thrust stripe not being completed from the expectation starting pitcher of opponent Colorado [rotsukizu] from tomorrow 13 days (local 12 days) ubaldo jimenez and rhp (4-6 and 3.91) as for being 25 year old vs [washiyu] opposition experiences, [buranian] (1), [chiyabesu] of 6 (1), jr of 4. Don't you think? (1), [sedeniyo] of 2 (2 0) only 4 people as for 14 at bats 3 hits however it is lonesome, those where we would like to seek the advice from past experience now, teamwork in just m's of the sale the ^^ without grudging after of 14 days is 5 percentage return which is consecutively added with total we ask (laughing) 14 days (local 13 days) jason marquis and rhp (8-4 and 3.98) 30 year old vs [bedado] 15 days (local 14 days) jason hammel and rhp (3-3 and 4.33) with 26 year old vs bar gas examples, the ~

    • Seattle at Colorado
      Because 2009 June 13th (the Saturday) anti- [kororadorotsukizu] colorado rockies ubaldo jimenez 4-6, 3.91era, 73.2ip, 31bb and 66so seattle mariners jarrod washburn 3-4, 3.07era, 70.1ip, 18bb and 50so batting order 1 [ichiro] (the light/write) 2 [buraniyan] (first) 3 [berutore] (third) 4 [ropesu] (second) 5 [chiyabesu] (center) 6 [sedeniyo] (left) 7 [betankoto] (short) 8 Johnson (the catcher) 9 [uoshiyuban] (the pitcher) there is no designated hitter, either dh where [uoshiyuban] enters into at bat there is no, because it is the ball park that game now the shank it flies with 9 people, or field Shigeru who becomes batting duelIt is the ball park which achieves the no hit no run don't you think??

    • 2009 August 24th, 5 successive wins, August monthly earned-run average 0.58 is recorded to the refrainment catcher pole [bako] partner of cliff [ri] and kind of Philadelphia which are released from spell of Victor [maruchinesu]. As for monthly most excellent pitcher prize you are not wrong.
      kanji , Japanese talking

    • Bulletin! 2nd [raundodojiyasu] unsullen =☆
      Premier position offense and defense decisive battle 2nd round of [na] league west area! Is received in the tip victory of yesterday [rotsukizu] as for the 2nd game which our [dojiyasu] carries out unsullen =☆ where this person did in the first time… [dojiyasu] invades the startup of the [jiyoshiyu] [hotsugu] pitcher of Colorado forerunner =☆ where dearly the [andore] [ishia] player [gatsutsun]!! With throwing preemptive 26 2 run home runs, it is the starting whose omen is good - the ♪ furthermore again this person… this day second shot 27 solo home run of the dearly [ishia] player - the ♪ furthermore furthermore as for attack of this time does not stop in attack of pushing in 4 times, 3 run home runs which… this year this person who has the impression condition not rising very chases and with… shock sense the [jiemusu] [roni] player who continues to be named the [ru] with the talent above the [ishia] player makes attacking were hammered!! Protecting, this uncle straddling the lead/read of these 6 points, it protected, - the ♪ so is, some days ago it introduced with the photograph of larger texture than car Shaw It is [randei] wolf uncle, - “observing to ♪・・・ everyone, don't you think?!”The [tsu] [te] it was good saying, - this uncle of the ♪ 7 times 1/3 suffering hit 5 and 5 奪 three swings, as for the present hero who with good throwing of 1 mistakes hauls victory in the team is 3 people above! As for the present [ishia] player 3 hit 3 strokes, as for the low knee player to list all stroke during team 8 hitting which is 2 hit 3 strokes with 2 people 5 hits, it means,… with this premier position decisive battle was 1 victory 1 defeat/miss 5 minutes,… finally the eye stops being able to separate in 3rd game of tomorrow and the better seed…… (the [tsu] where are just [tsu] [te] you! Don't you think?) [tsu]! If favorite this person……… such a scene is many with the article before this, although it can win, - - the ♪ [tsu] [te] you said with to do, the [yo]? As said, it became with to do, the [yo] - - - - (嬉 [chi] []) by the way the Bunchu photograph the access analysis which is not something of the present game

    • Work 1st day
      Safety, before the date which ends changes to end, only be the favorable coming out first, because… the next day which arrives did not have work, because approximately 20,000 human accommodation which does to the center Pepsi-Cola center of Denver [nagetsutsu], deca- after applying, those where it is lucky, accidentally with center [kuazuhuirudo] of Colorado [rotsukizu], were from thing 8 time which could look at the tournament of anti- Cincinnati [retsuzu], the seat victory mlb of [rotsukizu] is seen with 5-1 where they are 4 dollars, because how it was not thought because, there is no refrigerator in the lucky room, [biruonzarotsuku] was drunk, but is if it cools with the ice which becomes aware suddenly, the [ji] [ya] which can be drunk tastilyIs from tomorrow the tasty beer drinks with the foolish head which may to think, as for callous sometime the beer which is good idea in encouragement, the [tsu] which probably will persevere even from tomorrow

    • The baseball-related news which becomes here recent air
      [rotsukizu] and play off advance = American major league (yahoo! ) It leaves the victory ratio which exceeds the latter half game 6 tenth and thing and the hell ton which almost can maintain [rote] through play off advance decisive year, it is due to the revival, and supervision alternately of [touro], 喝 inserting being large, you straddled well even with [auei] of shank topic, (home: 51-30 away: 40-38) As for the play off dispute which is left now the association 2 year when becomes only the area in al, Yakult Aoki tele east Otake 佐 intellectual analog and marriage - livedoor sport Seibu Eto at limited to this season at retirement professional 21 year 2 time home run kings (cooperation communication) being excited news in the support where the Yakult castle stone which retires is warm appreciation - the baseball news nikkansports.com sport Nabi baseball|Professional baseball|News|Okamoto restraint, outside Mitsui and others war potential = professional baseball Seibu

    • [rotsukizu
      Em japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • [moriyo] [tsu] [te] who of post [atsuchi]?

    • Hindrance -
      This season 5 victories (4 defeat/miss) [jiyamano] of the software bank which lists record, with low/row and [agira] there is no name in the possession person roster which makes public on the 2nd retreating/quitting group doing has become thick, the pattern Tsunoda club representation where contract negotiation is not settled to 11 ends of the month said “(reinforcement of the supporter ended)”, but the son being the Yanagawa high entering thick with the pulling stopping failure of [jiyamano], the play in Japan is desired, the measure 65 victory right arm Jose [kontorerasu] pitcher of the Cuban graduate (fa) also the possibility of embarking on acquisition surfacing from 37= [rotsukizu]Well it is more helpless than [suponichi] which comes don't you think? when being good, it was with…

    • It wraps in the veil.
      The present [wa] (∀) long ago it seems one tired like class, (the ´∀ `) and obstinate it will stretch from one this of present commencement of work type, (the ^_^) v still with the day off it is good from Tuesday, the ~ (the ' Ω `) laughing by the way we was the person of commencement of work type from today, (the ¯ - the ¯) just commencement of work system doing, returning home, when you watch at the television, [marinazu] vs [rotsukizu] doing, it increased, it is with seeing, knowing, whether the cod the ~ it is, it seems the [ru] way and, the relief pitcher kind of appearance which is not known| Wall |д) Being completed with the pitcher of [rotsukizu], when you inquire about name, that….The [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] knowing, however the [ru] it does not come with the pin, (><;)The Japanese player directory glare from the [so] [tsu] [a] [] which the [tsu] densely (the ゜∋゜) the [so] it is with is found at last (the ゜∋゜)! [hi] ゚ [n] it solved, (the ^▽^;)Everyone it is understood?? As for hint as for the height which is in Japan 193㌢ weight 95㌔ back number 49 is from 2004 to 2006, (the `∀´) as for the Hiroshima fan it was already understood, don't you think??? (The *¯o no ¯*) coming to Japan, returning home, [tsu] [te] something which you can do with measure being enormous, the shank REPT (゚ & ゚) in the no sled ≡≡≡ [he] (*--) No marine

    • JP where the air is effective.
      New Year party dust taking pot this, the dust taking pot says with night old name [rotsukizu] of coming, it is? Well thinking as the fascine, when you eat, the hormone entering, because the [te], the [gabin] drinking at will you did, the [ro] which you drank!! When red low Gaea thing you remember, pace it does not advance even with the [te] which you think and… [atsuki] wife the [tsu] does it is it was surpassed,… “you see!! At all, it is not drunk!!!”The [ho] it is the [ma] and the night of coming, the [wa] which at all, could not be drunk… with favor, now morning, the usual way although the [wa] scale which awakes it is it is the [be] and… the [ho] is with again, the parcel of coming reached!!! jp, [dare] from viewing, to the workplace delivering inside, “whether important ones thinking,” “important ones?”“The bubble piling up, because it is written, whether important matter thinking,” as expected, jp!!!! “Sled [ya] important matter and!!!”Don't you think? “it is the vital force to tomorrow it is!!!”Coldly Osaka laughing under the sky, the [tsu],… thank you to be to a tangerine of the parents' home of [danna], to me of the northern country, bears Okinawa [miyage] the [tsu], the [wa] which is laughed the [wa] which the way of the [i] plain gauze is attached lovely it is what, warmly it was one day

    • Furthermore Takahashi the forming pitcher makes a contract with [metsutsu
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • Conference of 4/4 spring
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      the colorado rockies pounded the new york mets 11-3 in the opener of a three-game series. outfielder seth smith went two-for-five with three rbis a… As for [kororadorotsukizu]. With 5 as for 3 strokes in the commencement game of a 11-3 the [sesugemushirizu] outfielder of the opposite 2 where 3 - Smith of shelling [niyuyokumetsutsu] does

    • The Tokushima marathon, huh, already preceding day!
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • The plan which sells 10,000,000,000 dollar suitable property at [konokohuiritsupusu] 2 year
      As for [konokohuiritsupusu] of the American petroleum 3 rank for the analyst who on the 24th was opened in New York inside stock 20% of Russian petroleum company [rukuoiru] which the same company possesses in the presentation at the annual conference, as for the profit on sale which makes that it is the plan that it sells in 2 years clear it is half that 5,000,000,000 dollar (approximately 460,000,000,000 Yen) it makes the fund of the suitable corporation's own stock buying, furthermore -> ranking [konokohuiritsupusu] had announced the plan which sells 10,000,000,000 dollar suitable property in 2 years the October last year, destined for expiration of obligation, execution within year is anticipated among property sales of 10,000,000,000 dollar, concerning halfWith on the 24th it made clear, ->, the question which is the probability where equity of the pipeline of [shinkurudo] [kanadarotsukizu] express of oil sand production business is included it is well in the property which sells in ranking 2010, quarter to designate allotting as 55 cents, 10% it pulled up from former 50 cents, -> ranking As for crude oil quotation diamond of depreciation [mario] and was made with the gold [penda]… which The rare ground (the rare earth) the Brazilian petroleum property which the joint venture… bp which manages collection purchases, daily output 10… Gold reserve present condition

    • The tadpole falls from the sky?
      Now at several places of Ishikawa prefecture the tadpole suddenly has appeared on the car and in the road and the like, it seems! The w (°□°) w whirlwind which is surprise and it is not artificial…There is a strange thing in the society which is like is “[huahurotsukizu] phenomenon” even in the world where it is like cause is not recognized also the fish and the alligator etc have fallen from the sky when it is, unless the [tsu] which is I of the nailing in the television it arranges! So with

    • The [huaburotsukizu] phenomenon tadpole it falls
      [huaburotsukizu] phenomenon? The tadpole it falls? The wind which is called the [huaburotsukizu] phenomenon that has enlivened the society the tadpole fell in Ishikawa prefecture and? Mischief of person? The [ma], inspecting, and don't you think? it tries raising also the hypothesis of my appearance which it reports

    • In stop American scout [buratsushingemu] = professional baseball [sohutobanku
      The software bank announced that on the 22nd, Kent [buratsushingemu] there is scout experience with [rotsukizu] of the American major league (41) with mat [sukurumeta] of the original Daiei Inc. pitcher (37) was inaugurated as the stop American scout,

    • In stop American scout [buratsushingemu] = professional baseball [sohutobanku
      The software bank announced that on the 22nd, Kent [buratsushingemu] there is scout experience with [rotsukizu] of the American major league (41) with mat [sukurumeta] of the original Daiei Inc. pitcher (37) was inaugurated as the stop American scout,

    • In stop American scout [buratsushingemu] = professional baseball [sohutobanku
      The software bank announced that on the 22nd, Kent [buratsushingemu] there is scout experience with [rotsukizu] of the American major league (41) with mat [sukurumeta] of the original Daiei Inc. pitcher (37) was inaugurated as the stop American scout,

    • In stop American scout [buratsushingemu] = professional baseball [sohutobanku
      The software bank announced that on the 22nd, Kent [buratsushingemu] there is scout experience with [rotsukizu] of the American major league (41) with mat [sukurumeta] of the original Daiei Inc. pitcher (37) was inaugurated as the stop American scout,

    • In stop American scout [buratsushingemu] = professional baseball [sohutobanku
      The software bank announced that on the 22nd, Kent [buratsushingemu] there is scout experience with [rotsukizu] of the American major league (41) with mat [sukurumeta] of the original Daiei Inc. pitcher (37) was inaugurated as the stop American scout,

    • In stop American scout [buratsushingemu] = professional baseball [sohutobanku
      The software bank announced that on the 22nd, Kent [buratsushingemu] there is scout experience with [rotsukizu] of the American major league (41) with mat [sukurumeta] of the original Daiei Inc. pitcher (37) was inaugurated as the stop American scout,

    • In stop American scout [buratsushingemu] = professional baseball [sohutobanku
      The software bank announced that on the 22nd, Kent [buratsushingemu] there is scout experience with [rotsukizu] of the American major league (41) with mat [sukurumeta] of the original Daiei Inc. pitcher (37) was inaugurated as the stop American scout,

    • In stop American scout [buratsushingemu] = professional baseball [sohutobanku
      The software bank announced that on the 22nd, Kent [buratsushingemu] there is scout experience with [rotsukizu] of the American major league (41) with mat [sukurumeta] of the original Daiei Inc. pitcher (37) was inaugurated as the stop American scout,

    • In stop American scout [buratsushingemu] = professional baseball [sohutobanku
      The software bank announced that on the 22nd, Kent [buratsushingemu] there is scout experience with [rotsukizu] of the American major league (41) with mat [sukurumeta] of the original Daiei Inc. pitcher (37) was inaugurated as the stop American scout,

    • In stop American scout [buratsushingemu] = professional baseball [sohutobanku
      The software bank announced that on the 22nd, Kent [buratsushingemu] there is scout experience with [rotsukizu] of the American major league (41) with mat [sukurumeta] of the original Daiei Inc. pitcher (37) was inaugurated as the stop American scout,

    • In stop American scout [buratsushingemu] = professional baseball [sohutobanku
      The software bank announced that on the 22nd, Kent [buratsushingemu] there is scout experience with [rotsukizu] of the American major league (41) with mat [sukurumeta] of the original Daiei Inc. pitcher (37) was inaugurated as the stop American scout,

    • Matsui 稼, to [asutorozu] retreating/quitting group = club in way bar - American major league
      It announced [asutorozu] of the American major league that on the 19th, Matsui 稼 the head middle infielder (34) you put on the way bar,

    • Houston [asutorozu]<2010>War potential analysis
      The Houston [asutorozubatsuteingu] practice cap (black) selling agency: You look at newera [kuchikomi] [roi] [ozuwarutowandei] [rodorigesuburetsuto] [maiyazubado] [norisuburaian] Mauler [teimu] [badatsukujiehu] [huruchinosamiyueru] [gabashio] [burandon] [raionmatsuto] [rindosutoromu] 1st [sentamaikeru] bone 2nd second Matsui 稼 head middle 3rd [huasutoransu] [bakuman] 4th [rehutokarurosu] [ri] 5th [raitohanta] pence 6th [sadopedoro] [huerisu] 7th short circuit [sutotsuputomi] [manzeya] 8th [kiyatsuchiyahanberuto] [kintero] (j.r. [tauruzu]) Colorado [rotsukizu] 2007 advances to the Matsui world series where this season contract is cut off springing out, from 2008 fa it transferred in Houston, but it was the failure? Or leaving the result in last year, re-contract (or) you gain new world? 08 year = area 3 rank, 09 years =5 rank confronting, as for old home Colorado (08 years) area 3 rank (09 years) area 2 rank (the wild card) ......Seeking what, being transfer? (Doubt) Matsui 稼, it could charm also 3 feet of favorable hitting 3 in ability of the representative!! (sanspo.com) Matsui 稼 natural fitness author in head middle: Miyamoto Eizi selling agency: Baseball magazine corporation sale day:

    • [rotsukizu] club president death = American major league
      It announced [asutorozu] of the American major league that on the 19th, Matsui 稼 the head middle infielder (34) you put on the way bar,

    • Japanese weblog
      大量的日本當前主題 , for multilingual communication

    • The American major league (MLB) 2010 views!
      kanji , Japanese talking

    • Japanese Letter
      American national [hutsutoborurigu] (nfl) on the 20th, schedule of regular season of this season was announced

    • [maton] 2 hit 12 tournament continual coming out base
      The mat [maton] outfielder (28= [rotsukizu]) records multiple hit, the first time which extends the continual tournament coming out base from commencement to 12, 2 times with 1st and 2nd at bat chooses Annie Oakley together in hitting 6 time before the left, as for this day with 4 at bats 2 hit this, from commencement during 12 playing, as for the team which records 2 hits or more with 6 tournaments debt 2 and hovers with 3 successive defeats, but as for [maton] favorableness “as for physical condition good” you joke before the keeping playing, after the playing “tomorrow you would like to win absolutely don't you think?”, that,You talked strongly

    • Q4267・4268・4269
      It was led in Don [shiyura] of the name head coach and recorded season 14 game complete victories, as for the team where also play off won and advanced and controlled the 7th super bowl with non defeat/miss, achieves the only season complete conquest in nfl history in 1972 where? It is the original nba player where also [ritsuku] of the father participated in the seventies, as for with Seattle [supasonitsukusu] and [sanantonio] [supazu] with the player who participated as a shooting guard, in 1996 winning with nba [suramudankukontesuto], becoming the only white champion in conference history who? <[burento] Vally> As for the professional sport team mlb which designates the American Colorado state Denver as center as for Colorado [rotsukizu] and nba as for Denver [nagetsutsu] and nfl Denver [buronkosu], with as for nhl where?

    • 空から降ったオタマジャクシ
      It is conditional [tsu] [te] what of the small demons which subject you of this week think? July 3rd (gold) clear July 3rd ink blue The natural pigment the area of production and the output being limited, shattered the natural stone and burnt the earth and history of the pigment which can blue 15 the [ji] is did the photograph which is discovery of the synthetic pigment which enters new age in the 18th century, “20 passenger cars” =1 such a news about of month ago in newspaper… in Yamagata prefecture Shinjo city Numata Cho with garden of June 24th private house Approximately, 40 tadpoles were found, so it disperses at the 10~15cm interval which is and whether impact of falling there were also some which collapse but there was a [nu] [me] [ri] still and fell and the prompt way it was visible, so wonder it says to the vicinity where is either the rice field without,… Higuchi of the Tokyo University graduate school wide. Professor (ornithology) Because as for the principal both crow or [sagi] to designate the tadpole as the feed as for the crow in the throat sack the 50~100 as for [sagi] many ten are saved in the esophagus,… being attacked “in the hawk, and the like being surprised, because it spat out,…?” You just imagine as for fact? On the one hand the Kanazawa which does not understand that in only the bird the fog [tsu] [yo] [u] [ho] it is you hear in [tori], industrial large Aeba. The professor (electrical engineering) the phenomenon where “the theory living thing and the like where the whirlwind hoisted the tadpole” falls from the sky it is called “[huahurotsukizu] phenomenon” and from former times is reported in the world With science the fact that you cannot explain was collected, according to “super normal phenomenon large encyclopedia” that it goes back to the Greek of the 2nd century record, so in the society which is don't you think? it seems that is the times when you cannot explain still fully

    • ユキチスキー
      [tsu]… Unusually you remembered with renewal from the w management sight which is 2 day continuation, but it is so you obtain and the coconut (cururu) [burogusaito] close at [tsu] [te] November and the [chi] [ya] the [tsu] which bears you are… It moves doing, unless ahead of time, you think and solve but [sabukaru] news recently Ishikawa prefecture…The kana which is? So something the tadpole falling, the [ru] as for [yo] w love which is like from news of just a little front becoming matter of concern, however it hurt, being recorded before also the Nikkei newspaper, little boom? It has become, the ~, it does not become, the ~ the tadpole falls? Some this [ya]? With the person who thinks it is and thinks as the [tsu] and others plain gauze [ru] but as an occult news item you call [huaburotsukizu] phenomenon well enough with measure, possibly it cannot there be there where it seems and is like the mono rain when super normal phenomenon past falls to be far also the mass sardine has fallen at the inland where it is far from the sea in the foreign country someone's mischief? Those which were hoisted by the tornado and the like, fell in the place where distance is separated? It seems that is theories various, but process of a some experiment by the extraterrestrial? And so on with, kind of ↑↑love which is also the theory which is said finally [kitaka] which recommends [kore]! Because” first contact theory of the intellectual life body outside 2015 earth (own opinion)” it expects, as for w this without being some oaks and others from message of their? Someone who the mysterious incident of the [tsu] lever now spreads to all parts of the country, is touched off being mischievous, doing, there is no either dying which is not the impression the [ru] way is but the ^^; Simply, when it tries doing [iroiro] and verification, somehow, there to be a kind of trace which mono is not artificial in large quantity, puzzle it probably will put out just, because [kore] which is funny with [kore], however it is the ant, if [ne] w what you think on the other hand falls, from the tadpole, [yukichi] the kana ~ [tsu] [te] w which does not fall

    • MLB:ブルージェイズ首位!
      impressions , linked pages are Japanese

    • MLBはポストシーズン突入
      Thrusting, already several days passing, however it increases, don't you think? with the ^^ American league, Touti Ku [yankisu] and Chubu Minnesota [tsuinzu], west area [enzerusu] and the wild card lead socks presently, each 2 tournaments as for digestion [yankisu] anti- [tsuinzu] 2 victories of [yankisu], [enzerusu] and the lead socks 2 victories of [enzerusu] applying the checkmate respectively, the place where you board to the enemy country from this is with D vision on the one hand as for the national league, Touti Ku Philadelphia [huirizu] and Chubu in the funny thing where [kajinarusu] which each time and adapts, west area [dojiyazu] and the wild card is Colorado [rotsukizu] of middle area, thisThe respective foam/home team as for [huirizu] anti- [rotsukizu] which 2 victories we have done as for [huirizu] and [dojiyazu] anti- [kajinarusu] [dojiyazu] something, is funny, don't you think? it is, when as for the Japanese player, Matsui of [yankisu], 3 pitchers, [yankisu] and [dojiyazu] where Kuroda is win also [dojiyazu] to the lead socks and rise, fighting of [tori] supervision anti- old home [yankisu] it is and is funny and, the origin of [huirizu] the red ogre of the iron, the way of command of [manieru] we would like to see closely, whether many times in past post season, the cursing of babe loose of the lead socks which look at the funny tournament dissolving you saw and, [aho] of [kabusu]Well the fan taking the foul ball you saw well, this year the kana where what kind of distinctiveness play occurs?

    • 【MLB・5日】
      (The American league) [burujieizu] 10 to 6 [indeiansu] * Kobayashi elegance England 6 to 8 times of 10 to go to the mound at 6 counts, 1 innings non hit non mistake 1 奪 three swings

    • 【MLB・6日】
      belief , Japanese talking

    • 【MLB・22日】
      (Inter- league) * [yankisu] 3 to 7 [huirizu] * * as for Matsui 秀 happiness 5th with dh 4 at bats 1 hits

    • 【MLB・3日】
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon Feel free to link

    • 今季絶望
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • 【MLB・7日】
      (American league) * the Tigers 9 to 6 [enzerusu] ◇◇ [yankisu] 4 to 3 raising * * as for Matsui 秀 happiness 7th with dh forerunner participation

    • マー君の同級生が!

    • 地元で「ファフロッキーズ現象」? ~オタマ確率100%~
      Tadpole: It fell from the overhead note sky!? - - Ishikawa bird? Mischief? You call tadpole daily [supotsuhuahurotsukizu] phenomenon from the sky, as for details which seem this ↓

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